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Victoria's Secret


Lingerie made to be seen.

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Average Likes 179.051
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Average Comments 361
We’ll take one of each under the tree, please!
Your holiday plans are looking Incredible.
“The perfect gift is something that the person didn’t know they needed—or didn’t know that you knew they needed,” says Angel @leomieanderson
THIS WEEK’S MOST LOVED: GIFT GUIDE EDITION. ‘Tis the season for lounging at home with friends. Cozy up in a pair of comfy, plush slippers, then share the love by snagging a matching pair for a special someone.
Sheer glam.
Soft, cozy, sensual knits. It’s like wearing a hug.
TFW you’re late to the party because getting ready is too much fun.
All of them, for me? Yes, you should have…
Ready to paint the town red?
Countdown to New Year’s Eve: ON. What’re you wearing!?
Playful slippers = the ultimate merry-makers.
Chic marks the spot. Treat yourself to our luxe loungewear in feminine prints & colors.