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Wenee Yap


"The straight line will lead you only to death." - a very stable genius. Catmosphere Sydney Co-founder | SurviveLaw Founder | Law Lecturer & Marketer

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“Stop trying to make coal happen! It’s never going to happen. (Not like ‘fetch’...) #climatestrikesydney #sydneyisburning
What is this, a shelf for cats (cans)? ...life after the cat cafe and mafia bar is wild. No cats to elude you. No patrons to stiff a bill. It’s shelfy bliss in this sweet 9to5 hereafter. #canshelves #notcatshelves #adulting #grownuplego #imadethis
The proto-Xmas carol!
Not a bad commute! Back from Melbourne’s LEAP 2x launch plus a full profile of possibly the happiest law firm I’ve ever seen, Legalite. Voted by clients as Australia’s best law firm in the NAB Professional Services Awards, Legalite lives in a hip dog-friendly co-working hub in the city fringe; LEAP lets the practice manager work from home on the Great Ocean Road! Meditation Mondays kickoff busy weeks, and gratitude circles see in the weekend. It’s a brave NewLaw world out there! I’m delighted we had the chance to profile it. #futureoflaw #newlaw #officedog #happylawyers #seethesun
Takoyaki scored to Handel’s ‘Messiah’, battling Tekken in actual Japanese arcade (v meta), restaurants for sumos, foot-face men in the love hotel district, the bear showing Tommy Lee Jones who is REALLY the Suntory Boss of Them ALL...plus, obligatory Glico man photo (which I didn’t know was obligatory until I arrived. Glico man - the energy drink that makes you run 100m faster. Or probably a more direct Japanese translation: Glico man run fast, like missile! ~assorted owls swoon from shock~) #lostintranslation#merdujapon #nocturnalosaka #anowlofatime #fasterandwithmoreintensity #suntoryboss
You know that time you represented Australia as the national light heavyweight sumo champion (and, er, doctor)? Yep. Brought to you from Sakai’s magical sumo park, also home to a surprise monkey enclosure, and a dash of heavy industry and freeway overpasses. (Please also enjoy the American sumo rapping, Eminem 8 mile style, to psych up for a fight.) #typhoonhagibis #justsayno #sakaimonkeysumopark #osakaworldsumocomp
Not bad for a penal colony, Sydney. #nofilter
Eleven years ago, I left Japan charged with youth, ready to write the project that would launch my oddball alternative legal career, Survive Law. A month away, and I’d crossed the country from Tokyo to Fukuoka, discovered cat cafes (on which Catmosphere would be modelled), and returned filled with the ineffable knowledge the next stage of life would be tough.  I ended a 7 year relationship. Launched an online startup into the global financial crisis. Started tutoring and marketing to pay for my ill-considered decisions. Watched peers and friends ascend sensible career paths, making good use of good grades. While I, with my first class honours in law, did...what, exactly?  At 33, I marvel at this 22 year old’s audacity. I don’t know why I thought any of it was possible. Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune have left me cautious, but no less audacious.  After all, that 22 year old was right. I’ll soon marry a man who makes every hour an adventure. I’m fortunate in all my friendships. I’ve renewed deep family ties. I work in all the jobs 22 year old me hoped for - teacher, writer, entrepreneur. I own a confusingly awesome city apartment. And yes, gym junkies, I DO even lift.  None of it could be mapped at 22. For a life like this, you can only live it.  Typhoon Hagibis: done. Next stop, sumo Sunday!  #streetsofosaka #inpraiseoflightanddark #belost #getfound #stayhungry #stayfoolish #doyoureallywanttoknow #howtheydointokyo
These schoolchildren led us to Tennōji Zoo! Skipping hand in hand, two by two, they sang their way through the subterranean railway network, white capped so teachers didn’t lose their brood. It was 100% Japanese wholesome. Hooray for zoo day! #timesbeforetyphoonhagibis #tennojizoo #countdowntosumo
Say no to doping! Say yes to clean sports! Team Australia’s athletic and medical contingent preserving the integrity of sumo while Typhoon Hagibis drizzles outside. All domestic flights have been grounded. Shinkansen between Osaka and Tokyo stopped since 11am. While waiting, we befriended the German team, who in turn met the US Rugby team in our hotel! Ah typhoons, the great equaliser. #doyouevensumo #officiallyaus #meanwhileinjapan #typhoonhagibisgoaway
Team Australia represent! Partying like there’s no super typhoon tomorrow! #hagibisrising #worldsumo2019
Can you even sumo? Sumo posters say, sure. If not, try tagging along as team doctor! Waa! Sugoi desu ne! #teamaus #accidentalsumo #sumomeyourid
Sumo-sized problems in Osaka hostels! Thomas is so friendly, loud and too large. He wrote SUMO on his immigration card and needed to mime SUMO for customs. We were stuck for 10mins! We then left to get mildly lost for 2 hours, navigating labyrinthine Japanese railways on nothing but a smile and a dime. (Full credit goes to Thomas’s surprising command of subway Japanese!) #sumosizedproblems #countdowntoworldsumo #amateursumochamp #teamaus #theaccidentalsumo
Sydney trolling at its finest. #fakenews #realfacts #saveyourself #serveyourself
If you ever needed proof where privilege, luck and (some) hard work might take you #boatlife #legaltech #notquite #startuplife #teamglobal #kicksback
Here’s democracy you couldn’t freely enjoy elsewhere. UTS has established a ‘poster wall’ for political debate on campus. When I walked by, a security guard was reviewing posters, marking only one ‘for review.’ The wall is dominated by pro-HK vs pro-China rhetoric. Both sides sound like propaganda. As an Asian-Australian, this flashpoint is as divisive as Israel-Palestine, or the American Civil War. You feel compelled to declare allegiance to one side or another. Choose poorly and risk being vilified as a race traitor (by the Chinese side) or as a betrayer of British colonial democracy (which I am literally lecturing about at UTS today). Of course, now that HK has spiralled into violence, there are no good sides. And as many Asian-Australians would know, our best - and perhaps only - peaceful way forward is to find common goals and common ground. Yes, it’s intimidating that China looks keen to take over the South China Sea. And runs its government without recourse to judicial review or accountability through elections or free media. These are the strengths of Western democracy. China’s strength lies in its ability to get great things done quickly - like leading the world on climate change, for example. (Read more below.) In my experience, both cultures have admirable strengths and significant weaknesses. We need to be honest about this. And find a way forward. http://theconversation.com/china-is-positioned-to-lead-on-climate-change-as-the-us-rolls-back-its-policies-114897
And this, kids, is why you study law (alongside arts). For truth, justice, the rule of law and the Magna Carta. Because law is the language of power. Wield it well, and you can drive enormous change (and impressive double helix staircases.) This is in the new home of UTS: Law. #almostalawyer #lawyerup #uts #justgotlittup
Strolling down Elizabeth St, having an owl of a time. (Also pictured: paparazzi photo of celebrity in running gear and baseball cap, harassed by a fan.) #city2surf #paparazzi #spottedinsydney