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White is the lightest color and is achromatic (having no hue). It is the color of fresh snow, chalk, and milk, and is the opposite of black. White objects fully reflect and scatter all the visible wavelengths of light. White on television and computer screens is created by a mixture of red, blue, and green light. In everyday life, whiteness is often conferred with white pigments, especially titanium dioxide, of which is produced more than 3,000,000 tons per year.

In ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, priestesses wore white as a symbol of purity, and Romans wore white togas as symbols of citizenship. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance a white unicorn symbolized chastity, and a white lamb sacrifice and purity. It was the royal color of the kings of France, and of the monarchist movement that opposed the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War (1917–1922). Greek and Roman temples were faced with white marble, and beginning in the 18th century, with the advent of neoclassical architecture, white became the most common color of new churches, capitols and other government buildings, especially in the United States. It was also widely used in 20th century modern architecture as a symbol of modernity and simplicity.

According to surveys in Europe and the United States, white is the color most often associated with perfection, the good, honesty, cleanliness, the beginning, the new, neutrality, and exactitude. White is an important color for almost all world religions. The pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, has worn white since 1566, as a symbol of purity and sacrifice. In Islam, and in the Shinto religion of Japan, it is worn by pilgrims. In Western cultures and in Japan, white is the most common color for wedding dresses, symbolizing purity and virginity. In many Asian cultures, white is also the color of mourning.

The word white continues Old English hwīt, ultimately from a Common Germanic *χwītaz also reflected in OHG (h)wîz, ON hvítr, Goth. ƕeits. The root is ultimately from Proto-Indo-European language *kwid-, surviving also in Sanskrit śveta "to be white or bright" and Slavonic světŭ "light". The Icelandic word for white, hvítur, is directly derived from the Old Norse form of the word hvítr. Common Germanic also had the word *blankaz ("white, bright, blinding"), borrowed into Late Latin as *blancus, which provided the source for Romance words for "white" (Catalan, Occitan and French blanc, Spanish blanco, Italian bianco, Galician-Portuguese branco, etc.). The antonym of white is black.

Some non-European languages have a wide variety of terms for white. The Inuit language has seven different words for seven different nuances of white. Sanskrit has specific words for bright white, the white of teeth, the white of sandalwood, the white of the autumn moon, the white of silver, the white of cow's milk, the white of pearls, the white of a ray of sunlight, and the white of stars. Japanese has six different words, depending upon brilliance or dullness, or if the color is inert or dynamic.

White was one of the first colors used in art. The Lascaux Cave in France contains drawings of bulls and other animals drawn by paleolithic artists between 18,000 and 17,000 years ago. Paleolithic artists used calcite or chalk, sometimes as a background, sometimes as a highlight, along with charcoal and red and yellow ochre in their vivid cave paintings.

In ancient Egypt, white was connected with the goddess Isis. The priests and priestesses of Isis dressed only in white linen, and it was used to wrap mummies.

In Greece and other ancient civilizations, white was often associated with mother's milk. In Greek mythology, the chief god Zeus was nourished at the breast of the nymph Amalthea. In the Talmud, milk was one of four sacred substances, along with wine, honey, and the rose.

The ancient Greeks saw the world in terms of darkness and light, so white was a fundamental color. According to Pliny the Elder in his Natural History, Apelles (4th century BC) and the other famous painters of ancient Greece used only four colors in their paintings; white, red, yellow and black; For painting, the Greeks used the highly toxic pigment lead white, made by a long and laborious process.

A plain white toga, known as a toga virilis, was worn for ceremonial occasions by all Roman citizens over the age of 14–18. Magistrates and certain priests wore a toga praetexta, with a broad purple stripe. In the time of the Emperor Augustus, no Roman man was allowed to appear in the Roman forum without a toga.

The ancient Romans had two words for white; albus, a plain white, (the source of the word albino); and candidus, a brighter white. A man who wanted public office in Rome wore a white toga brightened with chalk, called a toga candida, the origin of the word candidate. The Latin word candere meant to shine, to be bright. It was the origin of the words candle and candid.

In ancient Rome, the priestesses of the goddess Vesta dressed in white linen robes, a white palla or shawl, and a white veil. They protected the sacred fire and the penates of Rome. White symbolized their purity, loyalty, and chastity.

Prehistoric paintings in Chauvet Cave, France (30,000 to 32,000 BC)

Painting of the goddess Isis (1380–1385 BC). The priests of her cult wore white linen.

Paintings of women in white from a tomb (1448–1422 BC).

Statue of the chief Vestal Virgin, wearing a white palla and a white veil.

The early Christian church adopted the Roman symbolism of white as the color of purity, sacrifice and virtue. It became the color worn by priests during Mass, the color worn by monks of the Cistercian Order, and, under Pope Pius V, a former monk of the Dominican Order, it became the official color worn by the pope himself. Monks of the Order of Saint Benedict dressed in the white or gray of natural undyed wool, but later changed to black, the color of humility and penitence.

Postclassical history art, the white lamb became the symbol of the sacrifice of Christ on behalf of mankind. John the Baptist described Christ as the lamb of God, who took the sins of the world upon himself. The white lamb was the center of one of the most famous paintings of the Medieval period, the Ghent Altarpiece by Jan van Eyck.

White was also the symbolic color of the transfiguration. The Gospel of Saint Mark describes Jesus' clothing in this event as "shining, exceeding white as snow." Artists such as Fra Angelico used their skill to capture the whiteness of his garments. In his painting of the transfiguration at the Convent of Saint Mark in Florence, Fra Angelico emphasized the white garment by using a light gold background, placed in an almond-shaped halo.

The white unicorn was a common subject of Postclassical history manuscripts, paintings and tapestries. It was a symbol of purity, chastity and grace, which could only be captured by a virgin. It was often portrayed in the lap of the Virgin Mary.

During the Postclassical history, painters rarely ever mixed colors; but in the Renaissance, the influential humanist and scholar Leon Battista Alberti encouraged artists to add white to their colors to make them lighter, brighter, and to add hilaritas, or gaiety. Many painters followed his advice, and the palette of the Renaissance was considerably brighter.

Until the 16th century, white was commonly worn by widows as a color of mourning. The widows of the kings of France wore white until Anne of Brittany in the 16th century. A white tunic was also worn by many knights, along with a red cloak, which showed the knights were willing to give their blood for the king or Church.

The monks of the order of Saint Benedict (circa 480–542) first dressed in undyed white or gray wool robes, here shown in painting by Sodoma on the life of Saint Benedict (1504). They later changed to black robes, the color of humility and penitence.

Under Pope Pius V (1504–1572), a former monk of the Dominican Order, white became the official color worn by the Pope.

The white lamb in the Ghent Altarpiece by Jan van Eyck. (1432)

The Transfiguration by Fra Angelico (1440–1442)

Mary Stuart wore white in mourning for her husband, King Francis II of France, who died in 1560.

White was the dominant color of architectural interiors in the Baroque period and especially the Rococo style that followed it in the 18th century. Church interiors were designed to show the power, glory and wealth of the church. They seemed to be alive, filled with curves, asymmetry, mirrors, gilding, statuary and reliefs, unified by white.

White was also a fashionable color for both men and women in the 18th century. Men in the aristocracy and upper classes wore powdered white wigs and white stockings, and women wore elaborate embroidered white and pastel gowns.

After the French Revolution, a more austere white (blanc cassé) became the most fashionable color in women's costumes which were modeled after the outfits of Ancient Greece and Republican Rome. Because of the rather revealing design of these dresses, the ladies wearing them were called les merveilleuses (the marvellous) by French men of that era. The Empire style under Emperor Napoléon I was modeled after the more conservative outfits of Ancient Imperial Rome. The dresses were high in fashion but low in warmth considering the more severe weather conditions of northern France; in 1814 the former wife of Napoleon, Joséphine de Beauharnais, caught pneumonia and died after taking a walk in the cold night air with Tsar Alexander I of Russia.

White was the universal color of both men and women's underwear and of sheets in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was unthinkable to have sheets or underwear of any other color. The reason was simple; the manner of washing linen in boiling water caused colors to fade. When linen was worn out, it was collected and turned into high-quality paper.

The 19th-century American painter James McNeill Whistler (1834–1903), working at the same time as the French impressionists, created a series of paintings with musical titles where he used color to create moods, the way composers used music. His painting Symphony in White No. 1 – The White Girl, which used his mistress Joanna Hiffernan as a model, used delicate colors to portray innocence and fragility, and a moment of uncertainty.

A highly theatrical white Rococo interior from the 18th century, at the Basilica at Ottobeuren, in Bavaria.

White gown of Marie Antoinette, painted by Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun in 1783.

President George Washington in a white powdered wig. The first five Presidents of the United States wore dark suits with powdered wigs for formal occasions.

Portrait of Joséphine de Beauharnais in a classic Empire gown, modeled after the clothing of ancient Rome. (1801), by François Gérard. (The State Hermitage Museum).

Symphony in White No. 1 – The White Girl, by James McNeill Whistler (1862).

The White movement was the opposition that formed against the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War, which followed the Russian Revolution in 1917. It was finally defeated by the Bolsheviks in 1921–22, and many of its members emigrated to Europe.

At the end of the 19th century, lead white was still the most popular pigment; but between 1916 and 1918, chemical companies in Norway and the United States began to produce titanium white, made from titanium oxide. It had first been identified in the 18th century by the German chemist Martin Klaproth, who also discovered uranium. It had twice the covering power of lead white, and was the brightest white pigment known. By 1945, 80 percent of the white pigments sold were titanium white.

The absoluteness of white appealed to modernist painters. It was used in its simplest form by the Russian suprematist painter Kazimir Malevich in his 1917 painting 'the white square,' the companion to his earlier 'black square.' It was also used by the Dutch modernist painter Piet Mondrian. His most famous paintings consisted of a pure white canvas with grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and rectangles of primary colors.

Black and white also appealed to modernist architects, such as Le Corbusier (1887–1965). He said a house was "a machine for living in" and called for a "calm and powerful architecture" built of reinforced concrete and steel, without any ornament or frills. Almost all the buildings of contemporary architect Richard Meier, such as his museum in Rome to house the ancient Roman Ara Pacis, or Altar of Peace, are stark white, in the tradition of Le Corbusier.

Poster for the White Army during the Russian Civil War (1917–22). The poster says: "for a United Russia."

The Villa Savoye (1928–31) by Le Corbusier; Le Corbusier called for a "calm and powerful" architecture built of steel and reinforced concrete, without color or ornament.

Light is perceived by the human visual system as white when the incoming light to the eye stimulates all three types of color sensitive cone cells in the eye in roughly equal amounts. Materials that do not emit light themselves appear white if their surfaces reflect back most of the light that strikes them in a diffuse way.

In the RGB color model, used to create colors on TV and computer screens, white is made by mixing red, blue and green light at full intensity.

White light refracted in a prism revealing the color components.

In 1666, Isaac Newton demonstrated that white light was composed of multiple colors by passing it through a prism to break it up into components then using a second prism to reassemble them. Before Newton, most scientists believed that white was the fundamental color of light.

White light can be generated by the sun, by stars, or by earthbound sources such as fluorescent lamps, white LEDs and incandescent bulbs. On the screen of a color television or computer, white is produced by mixing the primary colors of light: red, green and blue (RGB) at full intensity, a process called additive mixing (see image below). White light can be fabricated using light with only two wavelengths, for instance by mixing light from a red and cyan laser or yellow and blue lasers. This light will however have very few practical applications since color rendering of objects will be greatly distorted.

The fact that light sources with vastly different spectral power distributions can result in a similar sensory experience is due to the way the light is processed by the visual system. One color that arises from two different spectral power distributions is called a metamerism.

Many of the light sources that emit white light emit light at almost all visible wavelengths (sun light, incandescent lamps of various Color temperatures). This has led to the notion that white light can be defined as a mixture of "all colors" or "all visible wavelengths". This widespread idea is a misconception,[citation needed] and might originally stem from the fact that Newton discovered that sunlight is composed of light with wavelengths across the visible spectrum. Concluding that since "all colors" produce white light then white must be made up of "all colors" is a common logical error called affirming the consequent, which might be the cause of the misunderstanding.

A range of spectral distributions of light sources can be perceived as white—there is no single, unique specification of "white light". For example, when you buy a "white" light bulb, you might buy one labeled 2700K, 6000K, etc., which produce light having very different spectral distributions, and yet this will not prevent you from identifying the color of objects that they illuminate.

Color vision allows us to distinguish different objects by their color. In order to do so, color constancy can keep the perceived color of an object relatively unchanged when the illumination changes among various broad (whitish) spectral distributions of light.

The same principle is used in photography and cinematography where the choice of white point determines a transformation of all other color stimuli. Changes in or manipulation of the white point can be used to explain some optical illusions such as The dress.

While there is no single, unique specification of "white light", there is indeed a unique specification of "white object", or, more specifically, "white surface". A perfectly white surface diffusely reflects (scatters) all visible light that strikes it, without absorbing any, irrespective of the light's wavelength or spectral distribution. Since it does not absorb any of the incident light, white is the lightest possible color. If the reflection is not diffuse but rather specular, this describes a mirror rather than a white surface.

Reflection of 100% of incident light at all wavelengths is a form of uniform reflectance, so white is an achromatic color, meaning a color without hue. The color stimulus produced by the perfect diffuser is usually considered to be an achromatic stimulus for all illuminants, except for those whose light sources appear to be highly chromatic.

Color constancy is achieved by chromatic adaptation. The International Commission on Illumination defines white (adapted) as "a color stimulus that an observer who is [chromatically] adapted to the viewing environment would judge to be perfectly achromatic and to have a luminance factor of unity. The color stimulus that is considered to be the adapted white may be different at different locations within a scene.

Snow is composed of ice and air; it scatters or reflects sunlight without absorbing other colors of the spectrum.

Cumulus clouds look white because the water droplets reflect and scatter the sunlight without absorbing other colors.

The White Cliffs of Dover, made of limestone

Hyams Beach, New South Wales appears white because the sunlight is reflected or scattered by the quartz or limestone sand

Beaches with sand containing high amounts of quartz or eroded limestone also appear white, since quartz and limestone reflect or scatter sunlight, rather than absorbing it. Tropical white sand beaches may also have a high quantity of white calcium carbonate from tiny bits of seashells ground to fine sand by the action of the waves.

The White Cliffs of Dover take their white color from the large amount of chalk, made of limestone, which they contain, which reflects the sunlight.

Snow is a mixture of air and tiny ice crystals. When white sunlight enters snow, very little of the spectrum is absorbed; almost all of the light is reflected or scattered by the air and water molecules, so the snow appears to be the color of sunlight, white. Sometimes the light bounces around inside the ice crystals before being scattered, making the snow seem to sparkle.

In the case of glaciers, the ice is more tightly pressed together and contains little air. As sunlight enters the ice, more light of the red spectrum is absorbed, so the light scattered will be bluish.

Clouds are white for the same reason as ice. They are composed of water droplets or ice crystals mixed with air, very little light that strikes them is absorbed, and most of the light is scattered, appearing to the eye as white. Shadows of other clouds above can make clouds look gray, and some clouds have their own shadow on the bottom of the cloud.

Many mountains with winter or year-round snow cover are named accordingly: Mauna Kea means white mountain in Hawaiian, Mont Blanc means white mountain in French. Changbai Mountains literally meaning perpetually white mountains, marks the border between China and Korea.

Titanium white, made with titanium dioxide, is the brightest white paint available. It also colors most toothpaste and sunscreen.

Zinc white is made from zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is used in paints, suntan lotion, and some foods.

Chalk is a kind of limestone, made of the mineral calcite, or calcium carbonate. It was originally deposited under the sea as the scales or plates of tiny micro-organisms called Coccolithophore. It was the first white pigment used by prehistoric artists in cave paintings. The chalk used on blackboards today is usually made of gypsum or calcium sulphate, a powder pressed into sticks.

Bianco di San Giovanni is a pigment used in the Renaissance, which was described by the painter Cennino Cennini in the 15th century. It is similar to chalk, made of calcium carbonate with calcium hydroxide. It was made of dried lime which was made into a powder, then soaked in water for eight days, with the water changed each day. It was then made into cakes and dried in the sun.

Lead white was being produced during the 4th century BC; the process is described is Pliny the Elder, Vitruvius and the ancient Greek author Theophrastus. Pieces of lead were put into clay pots which had a separate compartment filled with vinegar. The pots in turn were piled on shelves close to cow dung. The combined fumes of the vinegar and the cow dung caused the lead to corrode into lead carbonate. It was a slow process which could take a month or more. It made an excellent white and was used by artists for centuries, but it was also toxic. It was replaced in the 19th century by zinc white and titanium white.

Titanium white is the most popular white for artists today; it is the brightest available white pigment, and has twice the coverage of lead white. It first became commercially available in 1921. It is made out of titanium dioxide, from the minerals brookite, anatase, rutile, or ilmenite, currently the major source. Because of its brilliant whiteness, it is used as a colorant for most toothpaste and sunscreen.

Zinc white is made from zinc oxide. It is similar to but not as opaque as titanium white. It is added to some foods to enrich them with zinc, an important nutrient. Chinese white is a variety of zinc white made for artists.

Some materials can be made to look "whiter than white", this is achieved using optical brightener agents (OBA). These are chemical compounds that absorb light in the ultraviolet and violet region (usually 340–370 nm) of the electromagnetic spectrum, and re-emit light in the blue region (typically 420–470 nm). OBAs are often used in paper and clothing to create an impression of very bright white. This is due to the fact that the materials actually send out more visible light than they receive.

Bleaching is a process for whitening fabrics which has been practiced for thousands of years. Sometimes it was simply a matter of leaving the fabric in the sun, to be faded by the bright light. In the 18th century several scientists developed varieties of chlorine bleach, including sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite (bleaching powder). Bleaching agents that do not contain chlorine most often are based on peroxides, such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate. While most bleaches are oxidizing agents, a fewer number are reducing agents such as sodium dithionite.

Bleaches attack the chromophores, the part of a molecule which absorbs light and causes fabrics to have different colors. An oxidizing bleach works by breaking the chemical bonds that make up the chromophore. This changes the molecule into a different substance that either does not contain a chromophore, or contains a chromophore that does not absorb visible light. A reducing bleach works by converting double bonds in the chromophore into single bonds. This eliminates the ability of the chromophore to absorb visible light.

Sunlight acts as a bleach through a similar process. High energy photons of light, often in the violet or ultraviolet range, can disrupt the bonds in the chromophore, rendering the resulting substance colorless.

Some detergents go one step further; they contain fluorescent chemicals which glow, making the fabric look literally whiter than white.

A white dwarf is a stellar remnant composed mostly of electron-degenerate matter. They are very dense; a white dwarf's mass is comparable to that of the Sun and its volume is comparable to that of the Earth. Its faint luminosity comes from the emission of stored thermal energy. A white dwarf is very hot when it is formed, but since it has no source of energy, it will gradually radiate away its energy and cool down. This means that its radiation, which initially has a high color temperature, will lessen and redden with time. Over a very long time, a white dwarf will cool to temperatures at which it will no longer emit significant heat or light, and it will become a cold black dwarf. However, since no white dwarf can be older than the Age of the universe (approximately 13.8 billion years), even the oldest white dwarfs still radiate at temperatures of a few thousand kelvins, and no black dwarfs are thought to exist yet.

An A-type main-sequence star (A V) or A dwarf star is a main-sequence (hydrogen-burning) star of spectral type A and luminosity class V. These stars have spectra which are defined by strong hydrogen Balmer absorption lines. They have masses from 1.4 to 2.1 times the mass of the Sun and surface temperatures between 7600 and 11 500  K.

White animals use their color as a form of camouflage in winter.

The dove is an international symbol of peace.

The ermine, or stoat. Once considered the most noble of animals because it would rather die than dirty its fur.

The Beluga whale lives in Arctic and sub-arctic waters, where its color is an effective camouflage

A Polar Bear in Alaska. Its color is a form of camouflage

Thousands of pilgrims in white gather in Mecca for the beginning of their pilgrimage, or Hajj.

Pope Francis at the Vatican. Popes have traditionally worn white since 1566.

A pilgrim in Japan.

In the Shinto religion of Japan brides traditionally wear a white wedding kimono.

The Buddhist deity Tara is often depicted with white skin.

White is an important symbolic color in most religions and cultures, usually because of its association with purity.

In the Roman Catholic Church, white is associated with Jesus Christ, innocence and sacrifice. Since the Middle Ages, priests wear a white cassock in many of the most important ceremonies and religious services connected with events in the life of Christ. White is worn by priests at Christmas, during Easter, and during celebrations connected with the other events of the life of Christ, such as Corpus Christi Sunday, and Trinity Sunday. It is also worn at the services dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and to those Saints who were not martyred, as well as other special occasions, such as the ordination of priests and the installation of new bishops. Within the hierarchy of the church, the lighter the color, the higher the rank. Ordinary priests wear black; bishops wear violet, cardinals wear red, and outside a church, only the Pope will wear white. Popes occasionally wore white in the Middle Ages, but usually wore red. Popes have worn white regularly since 1566, when Pope Pius V, a member of the Dominican Order, began the practice. White is the color of the Dominican Order.

In Islam, white clothing is worn during required pilgrimage to Mecca, or Ihram pilgrimage (Hajj).Hajj. Called Ihram clothing, men's garments often consist of two white un-hemmed sheets (usually towelling material). The top (the riḍā) is draped over the torso and the bottom (the izār) is secured by a belt; plus a pair of sandals. Women's clothing varies considerably and reflects regional as well as religious influences. Ihram is typically worn during Dhu al-Hijjah, the last month in the Islamic calendar.

White also has a long history of use as a religious and political symbol in Islam, beginning with the white banner that tradition ascribes to the Quraysh, the tribe to which Muhammad belonged. The Umayyad dynasty also used white as its dynastic color, following the personal banner of its founder, Mu'awiya I, while the Shi'ite Fatimids also chose white to highlight their opposition to the Sunni Abbasid Caliphate, whose color was black.

In Judaism, during the rituals of Yom Kippur, the ceremony of atonement, the rabbi dresses in white, as do the members of the congregation, to restore the bonds between God and his followers.

In the traditional Japanese religion of Shinto, an area of white gravel or stones marks a sacred place, called a niwa. These places were dedicated to the kami, spirits which had descended from the heavens or had come across the sea. Later, temples of Zen Buddhism in Japan often featured a Zen garden, where white sand or gravel was carefully raked to resemble rivers or streams, designed as objects of meditation.

In the temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church or also known as Mormon), White clothing is worn inside once they have been officially dedicated, due to white symbolizing purity.

Many religions symbolize heaven by using a sky with white clouds. This phenomenon is not limited to western culture; in Yoruba religion, the orisha Obatala in the Ifá tradition is represented by white. Obatala is associated with calmness, morality, old age, and purity.

In Theosophy and similar religions, the deities called the Great White Brotherhood are said to have white auras.

In some Asian and Slavic cultures, white is considered to be a color that represents death. White also represented death in ancient Egypt, representing the lifeless desert that covered much of the country; black was held to be the color of life, representing the mud-covered fertile lands created by the flooding of the Nile and giving the country its name (Kemet, or "black land").

In China, Korea, and some other Asian countries, white, or more precisely, the whitish color of undyed linen, is the color of mourning and funerals.

In traditional China, undyed linen clothing is worn at funerals. As time passes, the bereaved can gradually wear clothing dyed with colors, then with darker colors. Small sacks of quicklime, one for each year of the life of the deceased are placed around the body to protect it against impurity in the next world, and white paper flowers are placed around the body.

In China and other Asian countries, white is the color of reincarnation, showing that death is not a permanent separation from the world.

In China, white is associated with the masculine (the yang of the yin and yang); with the unicorn and tiger; with the fur of an animal; with the direction of west; with the element metal; and with the autumn season.

In Japan, undyed linen white robes are worn by pilgrims for rituals of purification, and bathing in sacred rivers. In the mountains, pilgrims wear costumes of undyed jute to symbolize purity. A white kimono is often placed in the casket with the deceased for the journey to the other world, as white represents death sometimes. Condolence gifts, or kooden, are tied with black and white ribbons and wrapped in white paper, protecting the contents from the impurities of the other world.

In India, it is the color of purity, divinity, detachment and serenity. In Hindi, the name Sweta means white.

In Tibetan Buddhism, white robes were reserved for the lama of a monastery.

In the Bedouin and some other pastoral cultures, there is a strong connection between milk and white, which is considered the color of gratitude, esteem, joy, good fortune and fertility.

In Paganism, it is used for peace, innocence, illumination, and purity. It can also be used to stand for any color. White is also associated with cleansing, a Pagan practice that cleans something using the elements.

White is often associated with monarchism. The association originally came from the white flag of the Bourbon dynasty of France. White became the banner of the royalist rebellions against the French Revolution (see Revolt in the Vendée).

During the Civil War which followed the Russian Revolution of 1917, the White Army, a coalition of monarchists, nationalists and liberals, fought unsuccessfully against the Red Army of the Bolsheviks. A similar battle between reds and whites took place during the Civil War in Finland in the same period.

The Ku Klux Klan is a racist and anti-immigrant organization which flourished in the Southern United States after the American Civil War. They wore white robes and hoods, burned crosses and violently attacked and murdered black Americans.

In Iran, the White Revolution was a series of social and political reforms launched in 1963 by the last Shah of Iran before his downfall.

White is also associated with peace and passive resistance. The white ribbon is worn by movements denouncing violence against women and the White Rose was a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany.

White is a common color in national flags, though its symbolism varies widely. The white in the flag of the United States and flag of the United Kingdom comes from traditional red St George's Cross on a white background of the historic flag of England. The white in the flag of France represents either the monarchy or "white, the ancient French color" according to the Marquis de Lafayette.

Many flags in the Arab world use the colors of the flag of the Arab Revolt of 1916; red, white, green and black. These include the flags of Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait and Iraq.

Philippines also use white as their symbol for unity in their flag.

Flag of the Bourbons, royal family of France until the French Revolution and during the restoration of the monarchy afterwards.

The Flag of Vatican City (1929). The white and gold colors symbolize the colors of the keys to heaven given by Jesus Christ to Saint Peter: the gold of spiritual power, the white of worldly power. The keys have been the Papal symbol since the 13th century.

The flag of the Netherlands (1572) was the first red, white and blue national flag. Peter the Great adopted the colors for the flag of Russia.

The flag of India (1947). White represents "light, the path of truth".

The flag of Ireland. According to the Irish government press office, "The green represents the older Gaelic tradition while the orange represents the supporters of William of Orange. The white in the centre signifies a lasting truce between the 'Orange' and the 'Green'. "

In Western culture, white is the color most often associated with innocence, or purity. In the Bible and in Temple Judaism, white animals such as lambs were sacrificed to expiate sins. The white lily is considered the flower of purity and innocence, and is often associated with the Virgin Mary.

White is the color in Western culture most often associated with beginnings. In Christianity, children are baptized and first take communion wearing white. Christ after the Resurrection is traditionally portrayed dressed in white.

Queen Elizabeth II wears white when she opens each session of British Parliament. In high society, debutantes traditionally wear white for their first ball.

White has long been the traditional color worn by brides at royal weddings, but the white wedding gown for ordinary people appeared in the 19th century. Before that time, most brides wore their best Sunday clothing, of whatever color. The white lace wedding gown of Queen Victoria in 1840 had a large impact on the color and fashion of wedding dresses in both Europe and America down to the present day.

The wedding dress of Queen Victoria (1840) set the fashion for wedding dresses of the Victorian era and for the 20th century.

The Barong Tagalog is a traditional folk costume of the Philippines; this attire is worn on formal gatherings and weddings.

White is the color most associated with cleanliness. Objects which are expected to be clean, such as refrigerators and dishes, toilets and sinks, bed linen and towels, are traditionally white. White was the traditional color of the coats of doctors, nurses, scientists and laboratory technicians, though nowadays a pale blue or green is often used. White is also the color most often worn by chefs, bakers, and butchers, and the color of the aprons of waiters in French restaurants.

White is the color associated with ghosts and phantoms. In the past the dead were traditionally buried in a white shroud. Ghosts are said to be the spirits of the dead who, for various reasons, are unable to rest or enter heaven, and so walk the earth in their white shrouds. White is also connected with the paleness of death. A common expression in English is "pale as a ghost."

The woman in white, Weiße Frau, or dame blanche is a familiar figure in English, German and French ghost stories. She is a spectral apparition of a female clad in white, in most cases the ghost of an ancestor, sometimes giving warning about death and disaster. The most notable Weiße Frau is the legendary ghost of the German Hohenzollern dynasty.

Seeing a white horse in a dream is said to be presentiment of death. In the Book of Revelation, the last book in the New Testament of the Bible, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are supposed to announce the Apocalypse before the Last Judgement. The man on a white horse with a bow and arrow, according to different interpretations, represents either War and Conquest, the Antichrist, or Christ himself, cleansing the world of sin. Death rides a horse whose color is described in ancient Greek as khlōros (χλωρός) in the original Koine Greek, which can mean either green/greenish-yellow or pale/pallid.

Black and white often represent the contrast between light and darkness, day and night, male and female, good and evil.

In taoism, the two complementary natures of the universe, yin and yang, are often symbolized in black and white, Ancient games of strategy, such as go and chess, use black and white to represent the two sides.

In the French monarchy, white symbolized the King and his power par la grâce de Dieu ("by the grace of God") and in contrast black was the color of the queen who according to the Salic Law which excluded women from the throne (and thus from power) could never become the ruling monarch.

Black and white also often represent formality and seriousness, as in the costumes of judges and priests, business suits, of formal evening dress. Monks of the Dominican Order wear a black cloak over a white habit. Until 1972, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation were informally required by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to wear white shirts with their suits, to project the correct image of the FBI.

White is the source of more names for women in western countries than any other color. Names taken from white include Alba, Albine (Latin). Blandine, Blanche and Blanchette (French); Bianca (Italian); Jennifer (Celt); Genevieve, Candice (from Latin Candida); Fenela, Fiona and Finola (Irish); Gwendoline, Gwenael, Nol(g)wen (white woman) (Celt), Nives (Spanish) and Zuria (Basque).

In addition many names come from white flowers: Camille, Daisy, Lily, Lili, Magnolie, Jasmine, Yasemine, Leila, Marguerite, Rosalba, and others.

Other names come from the white pearl; Pearl, Margarita (Latin), Margaret, Margarethe, Marga, Grete, Rita, Gitta, Marjorie, Margot.

Since ancient times, temples, churches, and many government buildings in many countries have traditionally been white, the color associated with religious and civic virtue. The Parthenon and other ancient temples of Greece, and the buildings of the Roman Forum were mostly made of or clad in white marble, though it is now known that some of these ancient buildings were actually brightly painted. The Roman tradition of using white stone for government buildings and churches was revived in the Renaissance and especially in the neoclassic style of the 18th and 19th centuries. White stone became the material of choice for government buildings in Washington D.C. and other American cities. European cathedrals were also usually built of white or light-colored stone, though many darkened over the centuries from smoke and soot.

The Renaissance architect and scholar Leon Battista Alberti wrote in 1452 that churches should be plastered white on the inside, since white was the only appropriate color for reflection and meditation. After the Reformation, Calvinist churches in the Netherlands were whitewashed and sober inside, a tradition that was also followed in the Protestant churches of New England, such as Old North Church in Boston.

Although the Parthenon in Athens (5th century BC) is white today, it was originally painted with many colors

The Cathedral of Milan (1386–1965)

Dutch Reformed Church interior in Delft, the Netherlands (16th century)

Interior of Old North Church, Boston (1723)

The White House (1801), Washington D.C.

People of the Caucasian race are often referred to simply as white. The United States Census Bureau defines white people as those "having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. It includes people who reported "white" or wrote in entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Near Easterner, Arab, or Polish." White people constitute the majority of the U.S. population, with a total of 223,553,265 or 72% of the population in the 2010 United States Census.

A white flag has long been used to represent either surrender or a request for a truce. It is believed to have originated in the 15th century, during the Hundred Years' War between France and England, when multicolored flags, as well as firearms, came into common use by European armies. The white flag was officially recognized as a request to cease hostilities by the Geneva Convention of 1949.

In English heraldry, white or silver signified brightness, purity, virtue, and innocence.

Two Resolutions need to be presented to Congress. One would state that the 2020 Presidential election was not stole…
I didn't move my office out of fear. I moved my office because I’m here to do a job for the people of St. Louis.…
Philly gave a 22-year-old white graduate student in psychology, with a startup and no healthcare experience, thousa…
Woke up on a Saturday and didn’t have to respond to a mean tweet from the White House. Feels weird but good. I’m go…
Imagine thinking that ‘healthcare is a human right’ vs white supremacist conspiracy theories are two views “just as…
RT @MaryLTrump: I'm ecstatic that Champ and Major (who are very good boys) have moved into the White House. But where's the cat?
Awooga white man
RT @Travon: Reminder: White people killed a cop three weeks ago, in the name of a sitting American president, on federal property, in the c…
@IMSARadio why do the Porsche and corvette have white head lights if the GT category has to have yellow. Is it another category?
@KokuRyu_0w0_ なぜだ😭ツイッターはiPadで見るわ… 目が忙しい(笑)
RT @TSWorId: 👑 11 years ago, Taylor Swift won 4 awards at the 2010 #GRAMMYs: 🏆 Album of the Year (Fearless) * 🏆 Best Female Country Vocal…
RT @AOC: Imagine thinking that ‘healthcare is a human right’ vs white supremacist conspiracy theories are two views “just as extreme” as th…
@Paula_White Amen
RT @LesegoTlhabi: White people live different lives. They would’ve tackled him if he was black. This is why the entitlement is so high... b…
@snst0020 かしこまりました!2:3での交換となりますが可能でしょうか?💦
RT @mtracey: Interesting how freely the term "insurrection" is thrown around nowadays when if you observed last summer that avowed anarchis…
RT @AOC: Imagine thinking that ‘healthcare is a human right’ vs white supremacist conspiracy theories are two views “just as extreme” as th…
RT @yatsuzo: 残り2日! ザクッと新食感!八ッ橋入りのクランチチョコ #バレンタイン限定チョコ八ッ橋 をプレゼント 🉐ネットショップ限定「京のお楽しみセット」 送料無料 ¥1,310お得なのは今だけ。  ✨応募方法 @yatsuzo をフォロー、本ツイートをR…
@SandiJaftaRSA @khanya_nolz Since you are fan of Google. Go check what is listed as white meat
RT @chuarethewan: In this world that I made with you I wake up alone x2 Like a habit checking your empty space again Frozen in the winter t…
@RaWatanababes Blu,purple,white,black TREASURE AT SMA #TREASURE_at_SMA @treasuremembers #TREASURE #트레저
RT @FuckYugi: Blue Eyes White Dragon 🐉 statue
BREAKING: NYC releases, for first time, data on race/ethnicity of those who have been vaccinated so far. As feared…
White politicians have to stop saying "lynch mobs" are coming for them. It's not angry violent crowds with actual n…
RT @eraxtrana: every white girl that act like this look like george washington.
Full castration of a white Boi just looks soooo sexy. No sack, just beautifully smooth back to his boipussy. Just s…
RT @GeorgeTakei: White politicians have to stop saying "lynch mobs" are coming for them. It's not angry violent crowds with actual nooses,…
@BethLynch2020 if you want to see white people use the n word with impunity you could just go anywhere in new york…
RT @satinnist_: 나도 성인용품점 간적 있는데 젤에 대한 알바행의 열정적인 지구본식 설명이 인상깊었다.. 손님 이건 홍콩 급행 가실 수 있고요 이제품은 홍콩까진 못가시지만 그래도 국경은 건너십니다 아 그리고 저 제품은 벌써 홍콩 가기 좀…
RT @wokal_distance: 1/ For those attacking @ConceptualJames, here's what he's talking about: Jenny Peto, who is Jewish, wrote a thesis "Vi…
The White Buffalo - Come Join The Murder
RT @kurteichenwald: The only time we've seen Biden come out of White House is for church (since he's busy working). We saw Trump come out e…
Generations of white men, do you know what holds them down? Hedge fund firms. Taking their millions of inheritance…
This job is high af if they think I'm gonna keep this long sleeve shirt white and bus wine glasses all night
RT @eraxtrana: every white girl that act like this look like george washington.
RT @JesseKellyDC: Republicans should be lining up demanding Joe Biden denounce pedophilia. The Lincoln Project supported Joe Biden. Donald…
RT @Black_Action: I’ve heard numerous white, hispanic and asian people talk about how difficult and horrible their lives have been during t…
RT @eraxtrana: every white girl that act like this look like george washington.
RT @FOmoigui: ‘little white lies’ Vinyls available for pre order #lwl #AISSATA_IS_COMING #littlewhitelies look forward to the best release…
@princessjahadd Can we stop inserting ourselves in this? Let the white girls thirst over them. If black men are mad then they can say sumn.
RT @thedigitaldash_: thin rich white women can dress like doodlebop rejects and land major modeling contracts lol
A l'écoute sur #GénérationsTubes : Barry White - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe (1999) .
RT @adamdavidson: Until they met Trump. The Trump Org, like the White House, did have some good lawyers. They wouldn't touch these deals.…
RT @candacern59217: To NH conservatives, “defunding the police” = bad. Defunding education = good. Ass backwards priorities or white suprem…
@zero_dragliver おはよ、ゼロしゃ✨✨✨
RT @itsJeffTiedrich: what a relief to have a president who doesn't demand to know why we don't have a White History Month
@_White_Stig Οκ συμφωνώ.
RT @robreiner: Make no mistake. 45 Republican Senators chose White Supremacy, Sedition, and a deadly Insurrection to overthrow the United S…
RT @MaryAReed: Here's part of the bombshell NY Times story this morning - proving on Nov. 12, Republicans decided to overthrow the U.S. gov…
@sajerttarius Yesss we did do analysis at my high school (Project based learning STEM school called new tech academ…
RT @BBforUT: Better Boundaries issued the following statement regarding today's appointments to the Utah Independent Redistricting Commissi…
RT @3adboy1: The white twink ignored safety precautions and didn't secure the entrances of his house despite the growing Turkish bear attac…
RT @FredTJoseph: Sometimes I gaze out my window and think about the fact that thousands of white people tried to violently overthrow the go…
RT @aaronnarraph: nonsensical article about bernie’s white privilege in wearing a coat (?) and mittens (??) written by a white woman (???)…
RT @aproko_doctor: Treat your facemask like your white pant. Wear a new one everyday please. Don't treat it like black boxers or bras.
RT @Forbes: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed today that the Biden Administration is weighing whether to strip former Preside…
@HeatherMoria @dogeson_of_doge @ConceptualJames I mean the same argument works. There is white privileged and male…
RT @kylegriffin1: Politico: Rep. Jackie Speier wants Biden and the Defense Department to start screening the social media accounts of servi…
Ivanka and Jared worked "for free" in the White House last year. They made up to $120 million on the side at the s…
Capitol Hill rioters were hunted by the feds, charged with felonies carrying decades-long prison sentences, publicl…
@coreygrundstein @zzzikaikazzz @cd_2k @CNN @smerconish Best case for him -- they decline to terminate him, but also…
A former employer of mine has enough money to open theaters in Vegas, but no money to pay any employees. *Blair Whi…
@White_Kid_Jash stop sharing fortnite and putting it on my timeline
@arfurwedge @BBCNews There aren't many white working class boys at the top either Mr Phillips! @BBCNews What oppor…
White tee- Summer walker, NO1-NOAH
Wisconsin Lafayette County 1910 Township of Shullsburg & White Oak Springs Q2#01 #ebay #antiques #antique
RT @quilts_more: Red, White, Blue Pinwheel Centerpiece, Dresden Plate Focal Point, Patriotic Home Decor, Fabric Placemat, Table Runner Memo…
RT @Writing_To_Live: Step 2 Appropriation: Westerners and White people look at these religions and reinvent them. A perfect example of this…
@makertater @loyalmoses Yep, dent pullers work wonders. 🤣
RT @TweeterReprise: There’s a whole group of white dads in their late 30s/early 40s who haven’t seen a Wilco show in almost a year. Check o…
@mando_white @projo Who is arguing? I’m sharing history and facts. Not my problem you can’t deal. Hey man, I’ve bee…
@zellieimani Jackson one of those brainedead blacks, really a embarrassment to the Black Race. Why would any black…
RT @hate_jayla01: @raxson23 Then It’s so ironic how white people think they paw paws and mam maws in heaven like baby they is in hell hell 😩
NG+ merciless no Persona 5 é fácil demais que porra é essa
RT @canadiangirls99: “White privilege” is trending again. I checked my privilege. It looks a lot like good choices and hard work.
RT @EricBoehlert: “The briefing room kerfuffle seems more like Beltway journalists frantically trying to find a way to ding the Biden White…
RT @EricBoehlert: my latest—surprise! DC press suddenly awakens from 4-year slumber!
On a day in which #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett is trending, please never forget the time that @AOC staged a photo shoo…
Here are more photos of @AOC and the staged protest in front of fence in which she falsely claimed children were in…
In 2018, Rep Greene approvingly shared a white supremacist video claiming that “an unholy alliance of leftists, cap…
NEW A movie was shown at the Ellipse on 1/6. It's escaped attention. Until now. We asked a top expert on propagan…
Do a lesbian period drama about two black lesbians who meet and fall in love during the Harlem Renaissance instead…
@blackgirldating @nateandco_ @Add_A_Straw @GoblinNick @SincerityDestnd @DecaireRobert @SousLeRadar @Chase_Hend…
RT @CallaWalsh: More importantly, white people do NOT run either
@Paula_White Amen🙏
RT @bethanyshondark: Saw a car with three bumper stickers: Dismantle white supremacy, Black Lives Matter and Warren. And I guessed it was…
RT @johnpavlovitz: I don’t want a tent big enough for conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and violent insurrectionists, thanks.
@MariposadeOro_4 @bella3177 @captain_krypton @RokuUltra @AOC I’m sick of people calling other racist or white supre…
RT @CreeWarrior2010: White Canadians view the world as either left-wing or right-wing. As an Indigenous person I do not see the difference…
RT @prafxis: why do i always think about this receipt for a white guy who demanded extra spicy thai food
RT @CutePetsLA: Hey there! My name is Kufi and I am an unaltered male, tan and white Mixed b…
RT @_missxoxo: Today a white boy REMOVED his mask to spit on MY DAUGHTER, GUESS who is bringing HELL FIRE to Pure Fitness-Seaford 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
RT @twnty2two: @rico56st white on white crime during black history month...
@Sarahluvshkey77 White
@Angry_Staffer I remember checking The Liars White House schedule daily. Many days there would be nothing schedule…
RT @CarolLeonnig: Judge Sullivan - who famously held Michael Flynn to account for his admission of lies and held fed prosecutors to accoun…
I wish i was a bird in the sky. I don't care much for flying. I just wanna cum all over people while they think it's white shit.
RT @IRPropaganda: White bitch know how to serve her master #rimjob #blacked #bbcslut
To my Republican colleagues who have refused to condemn white supremacy: does your silence speak to your agreement?
@NeonRoss_ White
you wanna know whats privilege? A white woman that releases a movie that offended a group of people but still got…
RT @TimothyDSnyder: When Trump came to the White House, he whined that everything was a wreck, though it wasn’t. When Biden arrived at the…
RT @musicdote: ¿Quieres que BLACK & WHITE @NiallOfficial llegue a lo más alto del TOP 3️⃣0️⃣ de MUSICDOTE? ¡VOTA! RT= 5 votos MG= 2 votos…
RT @abbygov: Emily in Paris was originally about an Indian girl who moves to Paris but when I pitched it, the network executives spit in my…
@skydavidblevins I always thought the old grey landrovers look alot friendlier than the white and rusty current fleet
RT @frstldly23: White people said TURN THAT SHIT UP 😭
RT @JamesSa45384133: Women guess what? It'll never ever be ok or acceptable. Period. Stop. Fof the Love of God white women stop.
RT @snkr_twitr: Larger sizes selling out: WMNS Nike Air Force 1 ‘07 LX ‘White/Rage Green’ #AD
Meet Alexandria White, #Democratic candidate for Ward 3 Alderman! Her community involvement includes Leadership Laf…
RT @CNN: The White House plans to bring back presidential addresses directly to the American people this weekend, continuing in the traditi…
@itsgebher L'ho pensato anche la scorsa puntata 😂
RT @washingtonpost: White House signals willingness to consider executive action on student debt cancellation
RT @ukmedicx: Morning all, everyone well ? I’ve been thinking about the incident yesterday with the racist reverend and I have a question f…
@mtgreenee You are a complete Fascist, White Supremacist, propagandist, anti-semitic, conspiracy theorist, radicali…
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@morgan_steady @angelmknzi @realmandyrain you’re white as hell. song lyric or not, still isnt your right. the word…
I worked with the Secret Service in the Clinton White House. It's unimaginable that agents with VP Pence would not…
As I have watched this impeachment, I just keep thinking of those sham lynching trials of old where white juries wo…
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but this whole Impeachment is really just a referendum on whether white suprem…
“Back the Blue” Senators voted to acquit the former president after they helped incite a white supremacist insurrec…
RT @CoriBush: “Back the Blue” Senators voted to acquit the former president after they helped incite a white supremacist insurrection that…
@Cinnamon305 @CounterRacism_ You mean the billions that have benefited white people, in particular, white women?
RT @JudgeJeanine: White House Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo threated to quote "destroy" a Politico reporter who was working on a story a…
RT @WayneAllenJones: What happened on January 6th, and the subsequent refusal to hold Trump accountable, is not a new phenomenon in America…
RT @ProfessorCrunk: As I have watched this impeachment, I just keep thinking of those sham lynching trials of old where white juries would…
RT @JoeNBC: Donald Trump destroyed the Republican majority in the House, Senate, and their control of the White House. The vote to turn a b…
RT @venusqueenx:
RT @zoro8: #WhiteHouse warns #WHO not to be influenced by #China virus origin probe - - @washtimes
@heso_White へへへへ〜鼻からうどんだしちゃう🥸
White is not always light and black is not always dark.
the white pants and knee high boots... as you wish here we come 😍
RT @BooksLafayette: Episode 3 now online: Melody Jackson vs. The Message from Space Read it in full // online for #FREE:
RT @Auto_Porn: white on black R8
@dladudals___ The power of white chocolate😆
Gefühlt werden fast täglich irgendwelche Remakes oder Reboots angekündigt. Aber wie kann es sein, dass noch niemand…
So Wandavision is staged as a old black and white show?
RT @nypost: White House lawyers tell Meena Harris to stop using aunt Kamala to build brand: report
RT @Aurora_Destiny0: It’s late at night... You’re horny and feeling weak... She hates your tiny white dick... I don’t mind I’ll help you…
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RT @ABC: JUST IN: Pres. Joe Biden calls on Congress to take action on gun reform on 3rd anniversary of Parkland shooting: "This Administrat…
Like white noise, Ari recites #random facts. History. Geography. On occasion, the future. Once, he reeled off test…
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RT @FaithELiu: 1999 - Los Angeles resident Joseph Ileto is shot and killed by a white supremacist, who later went on to shoot five more peo…
It's always the white man having to feed the hordes of coons lmao
that is it funny. this is why I never have sex with white men bc I psychologically think that they are women.
RT @b_scenezone: green white black
RT @t_o_a_s_t_ylol: white man boss battle
RT @PokemonArtFacts: In Pokemon Red and Blue, a Picknicker (named Carol in both remakes) on Route 10, says that there should be a pink Poke…
@py11xxn เดมๆ
@KDawn___ I know why! We’ve had for years of hatred and a family with no love in the White House. It’s so great to…
@KolfNoah Noah, don’t you want to breach my Lilly white ass? Last nite in Cherry Hill? Where to next? I CRAVE the dark stuff!
Look! It's a White-Lime SunStreak swimming in a river!
C Comme Crush #6 : les box beauté DIY Joli'Essence - C by Clemence / box beauté / joli'essence / cosmétiques #boxbeauté #aromathérapie #cosmétiquesmaison #beauté #cosmétiquesbio #crush #cbyclemence #diy / www.cbyclemence.com @cbyclemence
25+ Incredibly stylish black and white bathroom ideas to inspire
How to Texture a Ceiling - Stucco Texture
This design is influenced by the baroque era. Although the colour scheme may not be completely correct, the elaborate damask furnishings are amazing. This image is inspiring becauss although it is completely one shade of white, it still loos beautiful because of all the intricate detailing.
Journey through wonderland in white! For the guys attending #whitewonderland, check out these cool LED shoelaces from raveready.com they've got good selection on colors. As seen on @Sue Goldberg Christianson TREASURES Pinterest board !
navy blue and white bedroom pillows
White sands and wooden stairs - beach vacation
White Christmas Cupcakes | "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and it will certainly taste like it too with these moist and dreamy cupcakes." #allrecipes #christmas #christmasrecipes #christmasmeal #holidays #holidayrecipes
Silence by Brian Powers visual artist
Hecker Guthrie design Australia clean white rustic kitchen #rustic #kitchen #design #wood #stone
Rezept für weiße Schokoladen Cookies, weiche amerikanische White Chocolate Chip Kekse wie von Subway schnell und einfach selber backen. Super saftig mit cremigen Schokostückchen! #Kekse #Cookies #Subway #Schoko
Die Details. Ich kratz ab. Edel. Wunderschön. Keine Worte
bastelideen für Fenster Weihnachten weiß rot deko süß
....mit Eukalyptus, Kerzen und einigen wenigen Sternen, das ist unser Adventskranz dieses Jahr. Ich wünsche euch allen einen schönen ersten Adventssonntag.
kuscheligste Schlafecke, Deko, schöne helle Einrichtung
Weihnachtsdinner, Festtagstafel für Weihnachten & Christmas Table Decoration: Für das perfekte Weihnachtsfest gibt es eigentlich zwei grundsätzlich sehr verschiedene Ansätze: Tradition vs. Moderne. Während die einen sich fragen, wie sie das diesjährige Festessen besonders lecker und einfallsreich gestalten können, antworten die anderen ganz selbstbewusst: „Mit Kartoffelsalat und Würstchen!“
Dekosamstag: Die 5 schönsten Living Trends aus Juli 2019!
our new DIY bathroom. Renovation on a budget is finished!;) i like the combination of cold elements like white walls and grey floor with warm elements like wood and plants designdots.de I Badezimmer selbst renovieren. So sieht unser Badezimmer jetzt aus, graue Fliesen, weiße Wände ohne Fliesen, selbstgebauter Waschtisch mit einer Holzplatte aus alten Eisenbahnschwellen und viele Pflanzen;) mehr dazu auf designdots.de
Wenig Fliesen, dazu ein bisschen Holz, Schwarz und viel Weiß - unser Badezimmer! #bathroom #Badezimmer #ewraumdetails
Zenker Mini-Törtchen Backblech Cupcake Backform Kuchen rund 8.5 x 7.5 – Spar King
2018 AD100: Steven Harris Architects
White as snow.
"stroke of midnight" look book from the dreslyn
Grid Wallpaper, Unison Home, $115 per roll; Neon Cloud Sign by Desung, Amazon, $185
How cute is this white polar cub? Check out all the best tips and tricks for eBay sellers on ResellingRevealed.com The best eBay blog on the net for BOLO lists, eBay How-To Guides, and more!
8 Inspirierende nichtweiße Küchen - #copperfarmhousesink #farmhousesinkkitchen... 8 Inspirierende nichtweiße Küchen - #copperfarmhousesink #farmhousesinkkitchen #Inspirierende #Küchen... #copperfarmhousesink #farmhousesinkkitchen #Inspirierende
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color- i chose this pciture because white is my second favorite color and it matches with every other color. !
Gray kitchen backsplash with white cabinets, #allwhitekitchen #antiquewhitekitchen #backsplash #beautifulwhitekitchen #bestwhitekitchen #bigwhitekitchen #blackandwhitekitchen #cabinets #classicwhitekitchen #coastalwhitekitchen #elegantwhitekitchen #gray #kitchen #largewhitekitchen #luxurywhitekitchen #rusticwhitekitchen #simplewhitekitchen #smallwhitekitchen #traditionalwhitekitchen...
The perfect set-up for next to your range! A round woven tray holds most-used utensils in a pretty marble holder, a hand towel, and white patterned bowls! #kitchen #kitchens #kitchenrenovation #kitchenreno #kitchenremodel #kitchendesign #kitchenideas
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Jun 18, 2020 18:49
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Jun 18, 2020 18:49
BLUE x WHITE x GOLD DECORATIVE DESSERT TABLE 💛🤍💙👑 #DessertTable #ClevelandParties #BLUE #GOLD #WHITE #CROWN #DecoratedTable #ClevelandBabyShower #CLEVELAND #ThePartyPlayground
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Jun 18, 2020 18:49
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