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SUPER SERIOUS SELFIE • (See that alliteration, my English teacher would be proud 😆) In all seriousness though I’m really nervous rn 😬😬 For those of you who don’t know I have a chronic illness called Rheumatoid Arthritis. Tomorrow is the day I start my new medication which is in drip form, it’s called Tocilizumab. •  Tocilizumab is a biologic drug for rheumatoid arthritis and normally works for 2 out of 3 people who take them for RA. It  actually slows the progression of joint damage, and  may even push RA into remission (IN SHAA ALLAH)🤲🏼. They cost around £10-12 Grand a year, they’re only given to those who hit a certain pain/swelling threshold (you have to literally be dying of pain to get this) 🙄😩 •  Why am I telling you this?  Well RA effects 1% of the UK population, it’s more common in women than men and I’m in that 1%. Therefore it’s my duty to raise awareness that this disease is not just an “old persons” problem, I’m fighting day and night and I want people to know about it. Most people don’t know that having a chronic illness can literally turn your life upside down, even more so when it’s invisible and when other illnesses come with it 🙄. Countless people think you’re making it up 🤦🏻‍♀️ and will not even bother to do a little research to find out what you’re going through 🤷🏻‍♀️ •  I hope this post has given a little insight into RA and medication.  Please keep me in your prayers that tomorrow goes well and share this post it only takes 2 seconds 🙌🏼🤗 •  #rheumatoidarthritis #chronicillness #chronicpain #invisibleillness @rheumatoid_arthritis_awareness @rheumatoidarthritissupport @versusarthritis
It’s lovely to see an increase in my following, hello all newcomers!! 😊🙌🏼 For those who haven’t followed from day dot; my name is Eleanor and this is my private “health” account. I didn’t allow anyone I knew to follow me as I used it as a blog to document the real highs and lows and I preferred to remain anonymous when I was posting depressive things.  I created this account aged 19 when I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis after becoming very sick as a student. I had never in my life come across anyone who had arthritis before; let alone someone my age! So I created this page to connect with others and ask for advice as I was a “newbie” to hospitals, medications and all the fun shit surrounding chronic illness.  Along the way I have picked up some of my closest friends as well as over 6,000 followers; the majority of whom have chronic illnesses!  The support, guidance, friendships and understanding I have received from being on Instagram has been absolutely phenomenal and I would urge anyone struggling to reach out to the #spoonie community because everyone is amazing!! After a very long, tiring and destructive battle with medications (and a left total hip replacement!); I am now pleased to say that I am in remission thanks to a drug called Rituximab which is most well known for treating lymphoma.  Despite no longer struggling with pain, I maintain this account to try and provide help and support to people who were once in my position; struggling, afraid and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have since been asked to be a young people’s ambassador for @nras_uk so please give this page a follow if you’re an arthritis sufferer as it may provide some help and guidance for you 💚💙 Well, that’s a (very) brief summary of my story!! But I’ve got some time to kill this afternoon so if you have any worries or concerns or just need some advice or support then I will respond to any questions posted below.  I look
I'm doing the #painnofilter for @versusarthritis .  A tired Mum is nothing unusual. I'm feeling guilty having missed a weekend with Caleb & also one filled with cancelled plans.  I've been beaten by fatigue & pain this weekend & it's topped off with a kidney infection.  Thankful for my wee boy for giving me the get up on go & for my Hubby & Mum who step up when I'm needing the extra support.  #versusarthritis #arthritis #psoriaticarthritis #autoimmunedisease #spoonie
Just hanging out in a vintage silver biker jacket and a sapphire ‘Valentina’ dress from @wildling.woman. How else does one say fxck you to the Monday Blues? * * Image by @rebeccalindon #bluedress #silverjacket #vintagestyle #mondayblues💙  #greyhair #grayhair #silversisters #grombre #whitehair #whitehothair #greyhairdontcare #naturalhair #naturalgrey #greyhairmovement #instagrey #over50 #classicmodel #over50model #naturalhealing #autoimmunedisease #versusarthritis #rheumatoidarthritis #uveitis  #silversisters2000 #womenempoweringwomen
Happy Sunday you gorgeous lot 💖 I'm so tired today i just can't function properly but I've managed to get dressed and done some washing and cleaned 3 bathrooms and changed 2 beds but I've pushed myself enough for today. I was going to do the shopping but the hubby is going after he's finished up the new house. I got my mri appointment yesterday and it's on the 30th of this month which is a massive surprise as there's a 3 month waiting list so I'm thankful for that 😊. What's everyone else doing today?  Outfit is all old apart from the coat  @newlook coat and jeans @zara jumper  @glamorousuk boots #ootd #ootdshare #dailyoutfit #highstreetfashion #zara #fashionover30 #sharemystyle #simplefashion #mystylediary #autumnwinterfashmagic #sharemystyle #lookoftheday #mumdresscode #mumfashion #over30fashion #newlook #thisisnewlook #glamorous #versusarthritis #sundaystylevibe #whatweworethisweekend #sundaystyleedit #realfashion #everydaystyle #wiwt #ootdoldwithnew #wearyourclothes #shoppingmywardrobe #rewearfashion
Curve Fashion Festival 2019.  I met so many people that I admire. I’ve just had an amazing time in Liverpool in general; everyone is so nice! We’ve been to most of the museums and walked around being tourists. My favourite stalls walking round were @pinkcloveuk @snagtights (Obviously I love them and they had cupcakes too) @allbodyuk @curvissa @princesslaceboutique  because the people there took the time to chat to me and each person/people were so proud of their brand/collaboration. I’ve had @stuartmacquire @emily_louise_swain & @leoaustin_ around me the whole time and it’s just been non stop laughter. 💛💛💛 (Image Description: Oyinda is stood in front of a purple satin backdrop with a purple neon sign above her head that reads ‘Glorious just as I am’ She has purple hair and is wearing a purple leopard printed maxi dress with ruffles. There’s a black belt round her waist and she’s using two mental grey crutches.)
P R O G R E S S  This time 2 weeks ago I had just been wheeled from recover to the ward after my latest (i've lost count how many times I've had this done now) jaw surgery, today was my first day back at work, a little later than I wanted but I'm super grateful that the surgery was a lot safer and went better this time, I still have swelling and pain but work is something that keeps me going mentally so it felt good to get back at it.  Also, @crystal.taylorhair turned me back into a firecracker 😘😜 . . . . . . . . . . . . #versusarthritis #arthritis #mua #makeupartist #leedsmua #leedsmakeupartist #urbandecay #motd #fotd #wakeupandmakeup #undiscoveredmuas #prettydifferent
Currently on the train to Liverpool for @curvefashionfes on Saturday. It’s my first one and I’m so excited!!! This is a throwback from the day I modelled for @whatlydiamade I don’t often mention it but I often need the support of crutches. I get stared at a lot, I could feel the eyes on me on the bus, on the underground. I may not look ill but trust me; I am ill at every moment of every day. Most times I struggle in silence so I’m not seen as an inconvenience. I don’t think people realise how inaccessible the world can be. I’ve already experienced difficulties; I’m hoping it’ll all be worth it. I’m excited to be going back to Liverpool. Who am I seeing on Saturday? Have you ever been to Liverpool? What are your plans? Let me know in the comments! (Image Description: Oyinda is standing in front of a white backdrop. She is wearing a leopard print jumper underneath an orange v neck sleeveless dress. Her hair is short, black and wavy. She has cream coloured socks on and both arms are slotted into two grey crutches.)
4 marathons in the bag and now it looks like I’ll be running my 5th AND 6th next year (despite everything I said after NYC 🤣). Plus my 3rd @wmmajors Star ⭐️! . Hoping to improve my times next year! I’ve aimed for 4:15 4 times now, it’s getting old! . 2018 @londonmarathon 5:27 @run4wales Newport Marathon 4:50 . 2019 @manchestermarathon 4:26 @nycmarathon 4:28 . 2020 @manchestermarathon 😊 @chimarathon 🎉 . . With my #psoriaticarthritis maybe 4:26 is the best I’ll ever get, but there’s only one way to find out 😁 . Ironically I received news of my place whilst I was at hospital having steroid injections in my knees 🙈. . . So pleased that @instarunnerswales buddy @rockeyroberts will be running @chimarathon too! Maybe we can actually run it together knowingly this time 😉 . . .  #sherunscardiff #maehiynrhedegcaerdydd #forthejoyofrunning #rhedabyddhapus  #marathontraining #lovetorun #loverunning #runmummyrun #instarunnerswales #2020goals #runninggoals #runningtherapy #shebelievedshecouldsoshedid  #runhappy  #versusarthritis #inspiringwomenrunners #womensrunningcommunity #runningbuddies #runningfriendsarethebest #marathonrunner #running #rhedegcymru #rhedeg #movedme #iranthenycmarathon #manchestermatathon #nyrrvirtualtraining #mumswhorun #chicagomarathon
Long post alert ⚠️ I rarely post about personal issues however, I hope others reading this will benefit.  We’re at the tribunal courts. First time I’ve represented someone in 8 years since leaving the Bar, my mother who lives with chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis since she came to this country 30 years ago. She lives with excruciating pain every day, to the point where she has had multiple operations, inserting metal pins in her joints just so she is able to move. We’ve only known our mother to be in and out of hospital growing up and she is unable to work, this has inevitably impacted her mental health over the years.  The government is trying to take away my mother’s only financial freedom, her disability allowance which is a measily £22-80 weekly, whilst I continue to pay this govnt 40% of my earnings in taxes. The same shambolic Govnt who caused Brexit, closed down our car industry in Coventry, and as a result depleted many jobs in our community, continue to rob the most disadvantaged people in society.  Tories introduced the #pipassessment which is cruel and completely flawed. Appeals are being won at alarmingly high rates with 70% of assessments overturned.  After a year of battling with the DWP, my mother’s condition deteriorating in the process, collecting medical reports with the help of an incredible case worker via #citizensadvice, we filed our Appeal and won. I am proud of my mum for not taking any BS, demonstrating her strength, savvyness, courage and intelligence to challenge the council’s decision.  I hope others reading this with immigrant parents (English not being their first language), and disabled family members who have been crippled by this so called welfare system that is meant to enable us; will not overlook their needs during those  crucial times. #versusarthritis 🌹
Hello, and a slightly unusual Instagram picture from the fantastic Borders General Hospital. Lots of people know that I have rheumatoid arthritis along with thousands of others in the UK. I never let it dictate my life with work and family always coming first. Today I’m having a new treatment. Life isn’t always a bowl of 🍒 #versusarthritis #rheumatoidarthritis #hospital
We'd like to say a huge congratulations and thank you to Melissa who has now completed her phenomenal challenge of swimming the entire length of the #riversevern! 💪🏊‍♀️ Melissa, who was diagnosed with #osteoarthritis in her knee at 34, chose to swim for us after we funded a stem cell treatment that helped to treat her knee. She batled through low tides and some terrible weather conditions all while raising nearly £3000. We're so grateful. You can find out more about her INCREDIBLE challenge and donate via the link in our bio #versusarthritis #inspirational #fundraising
“It’s tough for my kids to see me in pain. They don’t fully understand the condition yet, but they worry about me and ask things like ‘what’s daddy doing, why can’t he join in’. It can be hard to remain positive when you’re in a lot of pain, but try to tell people how you’re feeling and why you are taking time off. That’s definitely where I’ve gone wrong before. I’ve not bothered to communicate my needs properly, but then you’re grouchy and nobody understands. Give yourself a chance and be realistic and honest with the people around you.” Nathan, 32, found out he had early onset osteoarthritis, when his wife was pregnant. He tells us how he's had to step away from his career and how having open and honest conversations with his family and friends has helped him move forward. Check out the link in our bio to read Nathan’s full story.
"You don't hear about arthritis - that's the problem." Despite its huge impact, arthritis isn't talked about. It's not understood, it's dismissed. Join Gogglebox's Jenny and Lee by speaking up and showing you are #versusarthritis
Today is #worldarthritisday and I’ve joined up with @versusarthritis to share their #painnofilter campaign to remove the mask so many of us wear to appear ‘fine’ when truthfully we are not. In the past few months I’ve started a new job and a new relationship...but I stayed in my last job too long, unhappy and denying myself opportunity because I was fearful I’d get sick during my probation period in a new company; a liability, a let down and my professional reputation wouldn’t be established enough to balance out what my body might do. I stayed single because I felt inadequate, unloveable, undesirable. As ugly on the outside as I felt on the inside; twisted up, old before my time, gnarly. Arthritis can be unsexy, unpredictable, unreliable, unattractive and understandably hard to hide. Arthritis doesn’t just render you immobile physically, it can also do so emotionally and mentally. So what do we do? Well, in my case I disguise these insecurities behind self-deprecating humour, kick-ass wearing shoes and bantering bravado. But swipe to see that hidden by those heels are toes made crooked by arthritis, swollen feet, enlarged joints; pain. Yes, I have orthopaedic shoes, should I wear them? Of course. Do I wear them? Do I hell. Is that sensible? No. But holding on to fashion & fun are all part of the daily compromises I make to feel like my true ‘self’ behind the limitations arthritis sometimes forces me to accept. Styling out the twisty uglies is part of me holding on to an identity that can be subsumed behind pain, fear and embarrassment. I am not defined by my arthritis, but I am re-designed by it. I have to adapt who I want to be to what I need to be sometimes. Letting new colleagues and new partner glimpse the #painnofilter is bloody scary. The fear of rejection is as crippling as the disease can be. But sometimes you just have to take off the colourful shoes and waggle your feet at the world. #painnofiltercampaign #versusarthritis #nomask
Channeled my inner Elle Woods and graduated as a master in law 🎓  Uni hasn’t been the easiest of rides, my masters year alone I’ve had another big op and a few failed medications BUT I completed it and I couldn’t be prouder of myself!  Now onto the next adventure ✨ • • • • • • • #graduation #mmugraduation #manchester #ellewoodsforever  #enteropathicarthritis #spondylitis #arthritis #ibd #versusarthritis #jointpain #inflammatoryboweldisease #ibdwarriors #ulcerativecolitis  #chronicillness #spoonie #reallifeandstyle #theuncoolclub #blogandbeyond #noteverydisabilityisvisible #positivevibes #spooniesupport #chronicallylivinglife #chronicfatigue #positivity #anxiety #fatigue #chronicfatigue
yesterday’s plan of having my tests & scans for bile acid malabsorption did NOT go to plan... you had to take a capsule of radioactive salt  substance thingy however I can’t swallow tablets at all  you’d think that living with a chronic illness for 7 years, I’d have figured it out but I just can’t. When I’ve been in hospital, and at home, I’ve tried literally every tip and trick possible but I can’t so it’s back to the drawing board of how to get this test done 😅  I have real anxiety about swallowing (I know, it sounds stupid!) but I actually struggle a lot with it and for some reason got really worked up about not being able to do it. Legit, nearly cried over this yesterday, so if you’ve ever been in the same boat - you’re not alone (also, pls let me know I’m not the only one this has happened to!!) PS if medical professionals could just believe you when you tell them no, I can’t do that it would save A LOT of time! trust me, I’m not making it up and I know that it makes it harder for everyone if I can’t take it 💜 • • • • •  #enteropathicarthritis #spondylitis #arthritis #ibd #versusarthritis #jointpain #inflammatoryboweldisease #ibdwarriors #ulcerativecolitis #crohns #crohnsdisease #inflammation #chronicillness #spoonie #reallifeandstyle #theuncoolclub #blogandbeyond #noteverydisabilityisvisible #positivevibes #mentalhealth #spooniesupport #chronicpain #chronicallylivinglife #chronicfatigue #positivity #anxiety #fatigue #chronicfatigue #fibromyalgia #malabsorption
My happy place ☀️ This year has been hard. It still IS hard. There is still so much uncertainty and life stress. Being a mother adds to all that and makes things even more difficult, but in all honesty some times I don’t know how I would have got through it all without her. As cheesy as it is, she brings light to my darkest moments, and joy to my saddest ones. Harper Cecelia you are such a bloody blessing ❤️ . . . . #psawarrior #getintheframemama #littlesnippetsofus #discoverunder10k #cotswoldlife #cotswoldmama #ourchildhoodsummer #thecreativemonth #happinessinmysquare #wondermore #aseasonalyear #mybeautifulstories #thewildgardenofchildhood #treasurethistime #thelocalwayfarer #ourcandiddays #mybritainwithlove #getthemoutside #letthembelittle #motherhoodisdarling #xoctsup #motherhoodintheraw #lifegivingsquares #thesincerestoryteller #momentsinmotherhood  #versusarthritis #anyoneanyage #raaw #snaphappybritmums
Since my diagnosis I went to my first big “group event” today. Walking into a room full of glamorous successful women was really daunting. It was strange, in some ways I wanted a scarlet letter branded on me that I have a disability so that people would understand why I need to sit down sometimes, why I might struggle to open things, why I don’t always turn to face someone when they are speaking to me. But at the same time, I don’t want to be defined by my condition. I don’t want to be “the girl with the disability”. I want to just be me. And I know this is a part of me, but that is all it is - a part. I am so much more 💕 . . . #thatsdarlingmovement #mymotherhood #cotswolds #cotswoldbloggers #rawarrior #psawarrior #rheumatoidarthritis #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior #spoonielife #spoonielove #spooniesisterhood #xthemumcom #versusarthritis #autoimmunedisease #lovelikethemamas #chronicillnesswarriors #chronicillness #livingwellunwell
On Thursday evening I was told I was a finalist in the @britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards in the category Inspire. I was told there had been 50,000 nominations and I had been shortlisted. I honestly cannot explain how overwhelmed and honoured I felt. I have always written candidly about the highs and lows of life, in particular my motherhood journey. My life took an unexpected and terrifying turn at the beginning of the year when I was bedbound and in debilitating pain, eventually being diagnosed with a progressive lifelong illness that has no cure. Adjusting to life wit a disability has been a journey, one that I know I am very much at the beginning of. This community on Instagram honestly helped me to navigate those very early months, I met a number of incredible warrior women (and a few men!) who inspired me and gave me strength.  If I can use these little squares to raise awareness for autoimmune diseases, and continue building a safe space and community for others then that is exactly my goal. Thank you so much if you nominated me, and if you’d like to vote for me then the link is in bio. I honestly cannot put into words what this means to me - you guys are awesome. . . . #snaphappybritmums #rawarrior #psawarrior #rheumatoidarthritis #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior #spoonielife #spoonielove #spooniesisterhood  #psoriaticarthritis #versusarthritis #xkidssup #autoimmunedisease #lovelikethemamas #chronicillnesswarriors #chronicillness #livingwellunwell #anyoneanyage #raaw #wearearthritis  #littlesnippetsofus #discoverunder10k #cotswoldlife #stronggirlsclub #cotswoldmama #ourchildhoodsummer #happinessinmysquare #wondermore
Hooray for Friday! Harper and I have had a lovely few days together. Here we are with Jack at our friend’s farm🐴  I’ve been struggling with my neck the last few days, it’s getting stiffer again and my lymph nodes are still angry. I still feel a little perplexed as to what is causing it, as the MRI did not show inflammation in my spine. I have a rheumatology appointment mid September so I’m hoping this provides some answers and suggestions as my GP still believes it is connected to the psoriatic arthritis. We are so blessed to have the NHS, but waiting on appointment is so tough - I last saw my consultant in May, so it’s been really hard not being able to ask any questions in this time. Here’s to hoping she has some ideas to help me get some mobility back and reduce my daily pain 👌🏼 . . . . #rawarrior #psawarrior #rheumatoidarthritis #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior #spoonielife #spoonielove #spooniesisterhood  #psoriaticarthritis #versusarthritis #autoimmunedisease #chronicillnesswarriors #chronicillness #livingwellunwell #anyoneanyage #raaw  #cotswoldlife #cotswoldmama #ourchildhoodsummer #wondermore #aseasonalyear #septkidsnow #treasurethistime #thelocalwayfarer #ourcandiddays #mybritainwithlove #getthemoutside #letthembelittle #lifegivingsquares #thesincerestoryteller #snaphappybritmums
All of us #versusarthritis.  It's not just a bit of arthritis, it's not hopeless and it can and does affect every one of us. We've done so much great work as Arthritis Care and Arthritis Research UK. Now as one big arthritis community, we're going to make sure there's always someone to listen, always someone to give you strength when you need it and always someone to stand alongside everyone who lives with the pain and fatigue of arthritis.  A new name, a new movement, but as always the most ground-breaking research and campaigning - and the very best support. Together we can defy arthritis ✋
So this is a bit of a different post for me, no i haven’t just turned 21 again if that’s what you’re thinking😅  I am 21 years old and on Monday I had my 20th and 21st steroid joint injections. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at the age of 1. My first steroid joint injection took place when I was 7 years old and over the past 14 years I’ve had 12 hospital visits to drain my knees and ankles of excess fluid and injected with a steroid to relieve the pain. I was told throughout my childhood that the majority of young people grow out of this disease and the chances are I would be fine once I hit adulthood. My last major flare up and hospital day procedure unit visit was 3 years ago and I thought that would be the last considering I was 18. However, about 6 weeks ago completely out of the blue my knees became sore and swollen again. I was struggling to drive, struggling to sit at my desk at work for long periods of time, struggling to ‘dance’ on nights out and just struggling to be a normal 21 year old.  Unfortunately for me I don’t think I will ever grow out of this disease and currently there is no cure. I’ve taken medication weekly for 9 years to control it but even sometimes thats not enough. Millions of people worldwide are living with an invisible illness such as arthritis, so be kind, you never know who might be fighting one. Arthritis steals from millions of people every single day and I want to spread awareness that it’s not just a disease that affects the elderly, but that is also affects 1 in 1000 children. I was and still am one of them and I am #versusarthritis