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I'm no expert but I strongly support the correlation of kids having sweet treats and then mommy going a little crazy. It can be hard when the kiddos have a sweet tooth (especially around this time of year) and you don't want to completely deprive them of sugar and tasty desserts and snacks. Today on The Everymom, we are sharing 12 delicious treats to make at home that have a bit less sugar than their typical store-bought alternatives. Head to the link in our bio for yummy and healthy recipes like these almond butter cups! || photo & recipe by @pinchofyum #theeverymom #sharetheeverymom
Well, it's a good thing we have a whole section in our budget-friendly gift guide dedicated to gift ideas for yourself this year. Head to www.theeverymom.com/instagram or click the link in our bio and search "The Everymom’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide" on the site to find the full guide of nearly 150 items. There's still plenty of time to order these gifts. Happy shopping! (P.S. Don't miss the exclusive offers and discount codes located in the guide!) || photo by @tinygirlgang #theeverymom #theeverymomholiday
Alright friends ... don’t miss my Christmas House Tour in my stories!! Go see if I ever found my Christmas 🎄 & no it wasn’t hidden in the mess I call my Guest Bedroom ... like so many of you asked! 🥴🤦🏼‍♀️🤣 You still have a chance to win one of three target gift cards by following along with all my friends who also did the Tour! So don’t miss out!! So ps ... how cute is this branch decor! I cut it down from my front yard yesterday so I would have something in this space! I got the idea from my sweet friend Yuni @loveyourabode ... I kept telling her to send me hers but she never did so I had to make my own!! 🤪  #christmas  #scandinavianchristmas  #diy  #diychristmas  #diychristmasdecor  #branches  #branchout  #wreathsofinstagram  #diywreath  #vintage  #vintagechristmas  #hangingdecor  #hangingdecoration  #renomyhome #homestyle  #bhghome  #interiordesign  #homedecor  #diyhomedecor  #hgtvhome  #havenhouse  #havenshere  #homebody  #targethreshold  #renovation  #apartmenttherapy  #howyouhome  #theeverymom  #theeverygirlathome
Feelin’ the Miami heat 🌴
Crawling is correct. Goodnight y'all 😴|| meme by @mytherapistsays
When the person who doesn’t have kids gives you parenting advice 🙄 tell us below: what’s the worst piece of “advice” you’ve been given? #thanksbutnothanks #mamaknowsbest 📷: @saraaemiliee
Christmas jammies all day kind of day ❤️
On the way to a Christmas pajama brunch! 🍳🥓 Made some blueberry french toast bake, and cinnamon rolls. And I’m pretty sure there will be mimosas there. 🥂💕 On a more random note, do you think my hair looks better curly or straight? I’ve been breaking out my straightener here lately for a change. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #momlife #motherhood #ltkfamily
spending my days planting kisses all over this little fella, from head to dang toes, all ten of ‘em, because I just can’t help myself. if i’m being honest, these last few weeks, have been my favorite so far. i’m really starting to see Townes and the beginnings of his sweet person, a whole person living inside of this teeny little body. he has started catching my eyes with his and his smiles now follow mine, and those sweet, intentional coos - his little dialogue with me, good grief kid, it’s like music to ears. huckleberry boy, my eyes are wide open and my heart is terribly full, i see you now and am soaking it all in, minute by minute
Basically I have a new calling in life...birdhouse ornaments. I made three, and may or may not have two more to make. I blame @jordandunaway 🌲
“To the mama who feels lonely and isolated... ⁣  When I first became a mom, one thing I didn’t expect, was to ever feel lonely. ⁣I mean, how could I possibly feel that with a baby glued to me? ⁣I didn’t realize how isolated and overwhelmed I could feel, even when I was never truly alone. ⁣ ⁣ Mama, I know these isolating feelings can often lead to guilt. ⁣I know it can be discouraging, and at times depressing. In the moments where everything seems to be going wrong, and it feels like no one understands, you sometimes wish that you could take a break from being a mom.⁣ I know, because I’ve felt all of this. ⁣And when I do, I have to take a second to remind myself something important. ⁣ ⁣ This season of life isn’t going to last...⁣ These precious moments, of our children being glued to our hips 24/7 isn’t going to last forever. ⁣Going to the store won’t always mean packing up the whole house, and aching arms full of things.⁣ One day the kisses after the tantrums, and the tiny giggles won’t fill our homes.⁣ The nights of tucking in our babies at night, while feeling extremely drained will pass. The piles of laundry filled with tiny clothes will shrink and eventually disappear. ⁣The messes will be gone, and our houses will be sparkling, and perfectly... ⁣ ⁣ quiet. ⁣ ⁣ Mama please remember that in this season of life, you are loved so fiercely and needed so badly. As lonely, and exhausting as it feels right now, don’t let it take away from what’s right in front of you. Soak in the days of being stuck in the house with your children. Savor every second of it, because one day we will miss it so badly, and will give anything to have even one of these moments back.” — @tori.mccain  #thisismamahood #fourthtrimester #babiesdontkeep | 📷: @mummyuniverse
It has been YEARS since I have gotten my nails done at a nail salon.. in hopes to keep me from picking my lips and thumbs (I know.. yucky habit.. or more like a nervous habit I don’t realizing I’m doing) I got my nails did... and I am loving them! Something about having pretty nails just makes you feel more put together. So.. here are my festive holiday nails... ) color is OPI Big Apple. . . . Do you get your nails done at the salon or paint them at home? . . .  You can instantly shop my looks by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it shopping app http://liketk.it/2I8h4 #liketkit @liketoknow.it #ltkunder50 #ltkholidaystyle #ltkstyletip . . . . .  #momstylelife #momstyleblogger #legitmomstyle #whatimwearingnow #budgetfashionista #realoutfit #mystylediary #momuniform #wearingtoday #stylevibes #theeverymom #streetstyleblogger #everydaystyle #lookforless #rewardstyle #rewardstyleblogger #liketoknowit #founditonamazon #targetstyle #holidaystyle #holidayfashion #liketoknowitunder50
my girl at her 6 month check up. she doesn’t have any teeth, doesn’t say any words, & has yet to clap her hands.  i couldn’t be more proud of her if i tried.
♡ You know what’s always on the back burner in my head?! It’s so bad...but making a menu and ordering groceries😅 (#ad) and right when I thought we’d have to pull the good ole frozen pizza out, I got home to this GLORIOUS GREEN BOX! @greenchef sent us two delicious meals right to our door and saving our tummies!  Get $80 off and free shipping with code: THECURLYQMOM, or just check link in bio and the discount is already applied! ♡  #greenchefpartner #mygreenchef #slowmotherhood #authenticmotherhood #joyfulmama #theeverymom #hotmessmama #honestmom #ellarunstheshow #childrenseemagic #christmastime #thecurlyqmom #raisingthefuture #mommylifestyle #uniteinmotherhood #motherhoodrising #childhoodunplugged #our_everyday_moments #nurturenaturally #holidaystress #raisegoodhumans #vamomtribe #vamom #mymotherhood #realmomlife #blessedmama #thisismotherhood #honestlyparents #momcommunity
Two of my little elf’s. Starting to feel so Christmassy and they are loving it. Not sure how many more times I can bribe them with Father Christmas though, maybe we shouldn’t of started in November!...✨
Well, shit. 😂😂😂😂
One year ago today we met with a MFM specialist because we were told this little girl may have a heart defect. All these things were thrown at us in a matter of seconds. “open heart surgery first week after being born”— “high risk pregnancy”— “high risk delivery”... I’ll never forget that gut wrenching feeling. —  BUT LOOK AT HER!! Almost 9 months old of pure perfection. She’s thriving more and more everyday. I thank god for this beautiful healthy baby every day.
"One reason we decided to really limit the gifts this year is because our son has no idea what Christmas actually is. He doesn’t understand the meaning of the holiday, the reason behind the gift, or that it is in fact even a gift that came from someone he loves." Today on The Everymom, one mom is sharing why she's asking her family not to buy presents for her baby's first Christmas and three things she's asking them to keep in mind instead. Read the full story at the link in our bio! || photo by @sweeeetdee via #sharetheeverymom #theeverymom #theeverymomholiday
I went all out decorating last year to distract myself from thinking about our impending fertility treatment results and this year I barely decorated because we have a newborn “distracting” us. What a difference a year can make ❤️❤️❤️
Stella-Bella rolled from back to tummy for the first time today 🙌 After rolling tummy to back around 3 months, she just sort of... stopped. Any rolling, at all. By 6 month with my big twins, both were rolling and both were sitting unsupported. Beau rolls all over the place and is fully determined to motor around asap, whereas Stella kind of stalled. Even though all babies are different, it’s hard not to compare (especially when your kids are so close in age). Super proud of our little Stellar and I have no doubt she’ll catch right up with all her brothers.
“Hey Ellie, did you have a fun time at your Christmas party?”⁣ “Yeah! I ate like, the WHOLE time!” 🎄⁣ ⁣ Party goals, am i right? 🤣 What do y’all think makes for a great party— is it the food, the music, the location, the people, all the above? 😍 let me know in the comments!
This is a great reminder as we go into Thanksgiving week! The little things that are easy to complain about are actually signs of the big things that we are so fortunate to have. We hope everyone has a safe, fun, and grateful filled weekend! ! || photo by @mops_international
It’s Christmas Market season! 🎄🎄🎄⠀ ⠀  Since moving to Germany in December 2016, Christmas Markets have pretty much become our favorite holiday activity in our Deutschland home away from home. ⠀  I’m all about enjoying a mug of glüwein (which is basically hot spiced wine, and sounds kind of gross but is actually delish, but can and WILL give you a nasty hangover if you indulge too much...so I’ve heard...), and getting my sugar fix with a delicious treat or two, AKA anything filled to the brim with Nutella. ⠀ *As a side note, please direct your attention to the adoring gaze Emmy is giving to my mug of wine...😂😂😂 Same girl, same.* ⠀  For families like ours, holiday traditions can change every few years, but its been pretty amazing to call authentic Christmas markets part of our holiday tradition while we live abroad. ⠀ ⠀ So, wherever you’re located on the globe, I’d love to know — what holiday activities do you enjoy in your neck of the woods?⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #sharetheeverymom #adventuresinparenting #adventuresinmotherhood #raisingdaughters #realmotherhood #therealparenthood #lifeasmama #theeverymom #thisismotherhood #justmomlife #stopdropandmom #parentswhowander #travelingwithkids #uniteinmotherhood #wanderlustfamily #christmasmarkets #livingabroad #expatmom #holidaytraditions #militaryfamily #momtribe #milspouse #livingineurope
After almost 2 years together, and one baby later we finally have a place to call home! 🥳❤️⁣ ⁣ I feel so blessed that we get to make this house our first home. Extremely grateful for the kind and helpful messages you’ve been sending me since we started the moving process! You all are so amazing and I consider you all my friends. ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ If you want to see what the inside of our house looks like, I saved a highlight  called “home tour” to my profile. 🏠✨
Well, this looks like a December dream. Let's all cross our fingers for a snowy Christmas (for those of use that even get snow!) Do you prefer to have a white Christmas or to have a beach vacation this time of year? Let's talk holiday preferences in the comments. || photo by @jlgarvin #theeverymom #theeverymomholiday
BABY UPDATE: . It’s still in my belly 🙃 . Monday will be 41 weeks, so we’ll have another doc appt then to make sure baby is still happy in there and if so, continue the waiting game. I feel great so can’t complain there and I am grateful for that. I’ll be totally honest and say the constant texts asking “is baby here yet?!” stress me out a little but we are so lucky to have so many people cheering on this little babe’s arrival 😊 . We have a day date planned today, we’re gonna head downtown and eat Mexican (y’all know it’s been my number one craving!) and then drive around on the cobblestone streets to see if that shakes things up in there 😂 I’m trying things like drinking red raspberry leaf tea, lots of walking and squats and find the other suggestions from y’all helpful/ interesting or just friggin funny! . Mamas: what were some things people told you to try once your due date rolled around? . . . . . . . Photo by: @carolineroro  #40weeks #40weekspregnant #41weeks #41weekspregnant #comeonoutbaby #duedate #duedatemonth #charlestonmom #charlestonmoms #maternityphotos #maternityphotoshoot #minimcdonnell  #pregnancyjourney #theeverymom #decemberbaby #sharetheeverymom #wtebabies #thisismotherhood #honestlyparents #motherhoodintheraw #simplymamahood #rainbowbaby🌈 #ourrainbowbaby #tpphotooftheday #thirdtrimester #pregnancyblogger #babybump #shoppinkblush  #pregnancyphotos #pregnancyphotoshoot
"How in the world could I ever love another child as much as I love my first? Is there really enough room in my heart?" Today on The Everymom, one mom is opening up on the thoughts and fears she had while pregnant with her second child and how she fell in love with this baby differently than with her first. Head to the link in our bio to read the full story. || words by @lizsgreene #theeverymom #sharetheeverymom