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Cruising into the weekend like 🏄‍♀️ Video by: @fliteboard Ft. @moonawhyte  Tag someone who'd want to try this 💙
The water was peaking through the rocks to give a glossy reflection where it could. The multi coloured bushes were patterned through the stream creating a beautiful dynamic with the early alpine glow. Mornings like this are my absolute favourite 🏞 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ photo by @ryanresatka ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Edit by me
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Do you like to spend yout mornings in Bali: Scootering around the cliffs of Uluwatu 🛴 and appreciating the beautiful ocean views? ⛰🌴🌊 Photo by: @alec_basanec #earthhotspots
All I want for Christmas is my next adventure exploring the world
Who would ride through winter wonderland in this?🤤😍 📷: @tom_juenemann  Tag #moodnation to be featured!
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Crazy lenticular clouds over Mount Fuji ⛰☁️✨ Tag the person who would love to see this 😍 Photo by @planetx44 #earthhotspots
This Little one is so cute😍🐒 . Dm for credit | #discoverwildlife
Caucasian Iceland ☘️. I like it when something beautiful is not obvious and hidden from the eyes of most. Usually the most favorite photographs are taken from such places. So this inconspicuous river flowing into Kezenoyam became a favorite place on the lake 🏞😍 And what country did this photograph remind you of? 😉 Photo by: @alexskalin  #earthhotspots
My favourite thing about autumn: sunrise is way later than summer, so you can do it every day on a photo trip 🍁😍 Photo by @stevint #earthhotspots
Would you like to visit this place? Comment below👇😱 📷 via @king_roberto ____________________________  Follow 👉 @wondertravellers 👈 Follow 👉 @wondertravellers 👈 Follow 👉 @wondertravellers 👈 ____________________________ . 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Join the fam: @wondertravellers ✨Get featured: Tag us and use #wondertravellers 📷𝙲𝚛𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚝: @ . #lovetravel #beautifulplaces #nature_lovers #global_hotshotz #dametraveler #naturephoto #exploretheworld #natureshots #travelphotographer #discoverglobe #worldtravel #travelandlife #nakedplanet #theglobewanderer #travelblog #naturephotography #travelgram #passionpassport #traveladdict #travelbug #landscapelovers #wanderlust #travelphotography #instatravel #globetrotter #trip
If you visited a different Australian beach every single day, it would take over 29 years to see them all. I was absolutely blown away by the size of this country and how diverse it is, but I think my favorite place was the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. This stretch of coastline has a super eerie, mysterious feel that’s similar to the Oregon Coast or Jurassic Coast of England. It feels like the perfect setting for a horror movie or an episode of Scooby Doo. The Twelve Apostles is a must see when exploring this road, and an old Aussie lady here told me that at night, you can often see bioluminescence and penguins swimming onto the beach. This area is so peaceful, and I could’ve easily fallen asleep on these cliffs just listening to crashing waves and seagulls. In a busy, fast paced world, it’s places like this that make you just slow down and appreciate living. Thanks to @hertzaustralia for turning my dream of driving down this coast into a reality. 🇦🇺
(English Below) Mientras esperaba a que se sirviera la cena en el lodge, decidí dar un paseo rápido por los jardines. No tuvimos que ir muy lejos para disfrutar de una gran variedad de criaturas nocturnas emergiendo de sus escondites. Preparé mi equipo cerca de un pequeño estanque con la esperanza de fotografiar algunas bellas ranas de árbol residentes (Callimedusa tomopterna), pero terminé capturando este increíble momento. Unos instantes antes estaba observando a esta ranita arbórea (Dendropsophus cf. minutus) que cantaba vigorosamente buscando una pareja. Pude presenciar el momento exacto en que esta rana tomó la decisión fatal de saltar directamente al rango de ataque de esta Tarántula peruana de patas rosadas (Avicularia juruensis). Pasó de tratar de transmitir sus genes a formar parte de la cadena alimenticia. ¡Naturaleza en su estado puro!  Acompáñanos en la expedición del próximo año con @otorongo_expeditions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While waiting for dinner to be served at the lodge I decided to take a quick stroll around the gardens. We didn't have to go far to stumble upon a vast array of night dwelling creatures emerging from their hiding spots. I set up my gear near a small pond with hopes of photographing some resident Tiger-striped leaf frogs (Callimedusa tomopterna) but ended up shooting this amazing moment instead. Just moments before I was observing this healthy male Lesser tree frog (Dendropsophus cf. minutus) calling vigorously for a mate. I was able to witness the exact moment this frog took the fatal decision of jumping right into this Peruvian pink-toe tarantula's (Avicularia juruensis) strike range. Went from trying to pass his genes on to being parto of the food chain. Now that's nature right there!  Join us on next year's expedition with @otorongo_expeditions
When a pod of Humpbacks surprise you with a big feeding right in front of your boat 🐋 Video by: @clementbrouste  Tag someone who'd love to experience this 💙
@theglobewanderers Mexico is home to so many beautiful cenotes! We made it our mission to hunt down as many as possible during our week there. This was one of our favourites! With only one other couple there, we felt like we had this magical place all to ourselves! —
# AD | Some of my favorite photography moments ever have been during rainy conditions. There's just something so mystical about it, especially in the Northwest, watching those swirling clouds of fog bringing life to the forests. In Botswana the word "Pula!" means rain. It also has other meanings and is used as a greeting to say welcome, farewell, blessing, and cheers. Rain is so important and valuable to Botswana that its currency is also called Pula as well. After being one of the poorest countries in the world at independence in 1966, Botswana rapidly became one of the world's development success stories.Good governance and revenues from De Beers Group diamonds have played a pivotal role in this development, helping to drastically improve the quality of life for the people of Botswana. It is now an upper-middle-income country and has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with a GDP that has grown 500x since 1960. #buildingforever #diamondsdogood #botswana @DeBeersGroup #debeersgrouppartner
Nightlight in Jasper 🌝⭐️ A journey to the Rockies. After a few days of stormy weather the clouds finally cleared. The fresh snow, the bright moon, the cold temperatures and the beautiful scenery came together to create an amazing night. Capturing nights in the mountains doesn’t work out for me to often between the weather & fact that they are a full days drive away from home,  so I really cherish moments like this that make me say “how is this even real” after each shot .. 💙 Someday I will be back to hopefully catch the Northern Lights!  It was so great to get away for a few days to focus on photography and have fun exploring Jasper with @thewanderlustbrunette 😊 Already can’t wait for the next adventure ✌🏼 #jaspernationalpark #nightscape #nightphotography #jasper
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Want to visit Moscow? Follow @Visit_Moscow and feel its enchanting vibe ❤️ . Dreams do come true and they do in the winter wonderland of Moscow!  Subscribe to learn more: @Visit_Moscow
🐯 Photo by @sid.rls | #discoverwildlife
“Crested Butte Milky Way” I finally got to editing the vertical series I took at this spot in October. I had done a landscape oriented shot edit but never touched the vertical. I really had a blast leafing in the Butte area. I’m glad I could end my Milky Way season with this shot this year and I’m so thankful for everyone I have met along the way. 🙏 Tell me what you think in the comments!👇👇=>==>>>=>=> > @nikonusa > @manfrottoimaginemore tripod > @fstopgear backpack >Edited using @Lightroom @Photoshop =>===
🌊 Sea Smoke season, photo by @bbrunfelt
Squad photo 😜 Looks like we are about to drop an album 🙊
Throwback to an awesome afternoon in Canada. Hope everyone is having an awesome week🙌🏻