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When it comes to performing in front of an audience this one doesn't have a great track history and today's Nativity was no different 🙈 she knew every single word, every single action but performing in front of a room full of grown ups is a no. She's the most sensitive and sweetest girl I know (don't get me wrong she is fiesty and stubborn too 🙌🏻) and I couldn't be more proud of her. She literally brings joy to my life everyday (as well as whinging, because you know 4 year olds 🙄😂) My beautiful Edith ❤️ (The best Camel there ever was 🐪😉) #editholiviarae
when the thought of doing something feels heavy and the thought of not doing it feels even heavier  #31july #momentsofmine #stuttgartblick #igersstuttgart #daysofsmallthings #documentyourdays #slowliving #posttheordinary #simpleandstill #savourtheseasonalshift #iphone8 #shotoniphone
Christmas wreaths | Koser meg med juleforberedelser i drivhuset 🌲✂️⭐️ . .
I’ve been really struggling the past 24 hours with a migraine that left me shaking on the bathroom floor and laid up in bed for the day BUT since I was too ill to put out a video yesterday that means two came out today- yay! ♥️🎄✨ Make sure you head to my YouTube channel to watch Day 10’s ‘What’s the Difference Between the United Kingdom and Great Britain?’ and Day 11’s ‘A Deaf Girl and an American Attempt British Accents’! The second one is with @stevieboebi and it’s hilarious because we are... um... not great! 🙉🙈🙊 Let me know what you think... . . . 📸: @kittywshaw  #thesearethedays #momentsofmine #choosejoy #stanmerhouse #christmasstyle #vintagechristmas #vintageholidays #holidaystyle #cozyseason #tistheseason #christmasjoy #festiveseason #christmascountdown #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear #daysofsmallthings
Ромашковий чай mood ✨
🌿КАК ПОЛЮБИТЬ СЕБЯ НА ФОТОГРАФИЯХ🌿 ⠀ До занятия блогом я мало фотографировалась и всегда старалась ускользнуть из-под прицела объектива телефона или камеры📸 ⠀ А если друзьям удавалось подговорить меня на совместный кадр, то мной овладевал дискомфорт из-за амплуа модели. ⠀ Со временем фобия прошла, но самое главное, что я уяснила для себя: ⠀ ▪️Все страхи берутся из головы Если заранее настраиваться на провальный результат, собирать воедино свои комплексы и страхи, то эти негативные мысли обязательно проявятся на кадрах. Поэтому важно иметь хорошее настроение ☕️и позитивный заряд на легкую съемку🕊. ⠀ ▪️Необходимо готовиться к любой съемке Продумать идею. Составить примерные образы🥼, собрать необходимый реквизит и выбрать место. ⠀ ▪️Не расстраиваться из-за неудачных кадров Первое время я очень переживала по поводу бракованных снимков. Кривой ноги, серьезного лица, что уж говорить про совсем косые кадры. Но сейчас это больше повод посмеяться над богиней позинга💯, а не переживать из-за различий ожидания и реальности. ⠀ А вам нравится фотографироваться? Испытывали
A lot of procrastination going on here with regards to jobs I need to be doing, can you tell? 😂🙈........any suggestions of little gifts for teenagers ranging from 13-18  greatly appreciated! 🙏🏻have a relaxing evening lovelies . . . . . .  #creative_cups#coffeeinframes#coffeeandseasons#petitejoys#tv_neatly_#flatlaytoday#coffeetime#momentsofmine#9vaga_shabbysoft9#tv_fadingbeauty#flatlayforever#inspiredbypetals#lovelydeadcrap#tv_stilllife#jj_coffeetime#creative_cups#jj_coffeetime##myseasonalstory#christmascountdown#myquietbeauty#christmasiscoming#embracingtheseasons#aseasonalshift#seasonspoetry# . .
Uh oh, somebody’s got a sweet tooth!
Nu måste jag dela med mig av ett eget hemgjort pepparkaksrecept som går på 10 minuter att göra. Anta utmaningen att göra din egen pepparkaksdeg och inte köpa❤️ Den här är dessutom så smidig för barnen att lyfta från bakbänk till plåt! Kanske känner ni redan till Tant Harriets pepparkakor annars har ni receptet här. Spara genom att klicka på vimpeln till höger under bilden❤️ 300 g smör 5 dl socker 1 dl ljus eller mörk sirap 1 msk malen ingefära 2 msk malen kanel 1 msk malen kryddnejlika 2 tsk hel eller malen kardemumma 1 msk bikarbonat  2 dl vatten 1.5 liter vetemjöl  Rör fett, socker och sirap smidigt, gärna i matberedare. Rör först ner kryddorna (stöt kardemumman i en mortel om den är hel) och bikarbonaten, sedan vattnet och sist det mesta av mjölet. Arbeta in resten av mjölet på bakbordet. Låt degen ligga övertäckt i kylskåp minst ett dygn.  Ta fram en bit av degen i taget. Arbeta degen smidig på mjölat bakbord och kavla den tunt. Ta ut kakor med mått och lägg dem på kalla plåtar med bakplåtspapper.  Grädda i mitten av ugnen 4-5 minuter. Förvara pepparkakorna i burkar med lock i rumsvärme.  #pepparkakor #pepparkaka #pepparkaksdeg #gingerbread #gingerbreadcookies #gingerbreads #foodie #food #cookies #cookie
#ad Do you ever wonder what the world will be like when our babies parents? I wonder if Instagram will still exist!? So much of how we parent comes from how we were raised.  So much has changed since then. Our “villages” are online as well as playgroups. There’s A LOT more advice (online forums I’m looking at you!) ! And even down to the fact that Dad’s can change nappies, I know what a shock (we are very much a team over here!) I wonder how much of how we raise the girls they will take on board? What pressures they will feel as parents? @JohnsonsBabyUK asked us at the #johnsonsambassadors day what Gentle Parenting means to the next generation. What do you think?
I can't help but enjoy this day. I mean, how can I not when there are plates of candy canes and ferrero rocher on nearly every desk and upbeat, cheerful Christmas carols greet me everywhere I go. I went to the post office to pick up a package and the lovely lady there gave me gingerbread cookies which cheered me up way more than you know! It was so unexpected and so sweet I practically skipped all the way back. What's your favourite thing about this time of year? Food is my happy place so I love all the free sweets.  I hope this week is treating you well 💕#showusyourhygge #cupsinframe #currentlyreading #culturetripbooks  #momentsofmine
⠀ ★ Photo by: @aleksandra_potachyts ⠀ Congratulations! ⠀ ➙  Follow us @still_life_gallery_ ➙  To be featured, please tag: ⠀⠀#still_life_gallery or #stilllifegallery ⠀ ➙  Selected by: 🍒 @agusmascitti __________________________________________ ⠀ #slg__aleksandra_potachyts ⠀ #tv_soft#floralstories#shotwithlove#iheartnature#blooooms#flatlayforever#loves_vscolifestyle#astilllifestyle#curatednature#lifeandthyme#slowdownwithstills#creativeflatlays#stilllifeart#simpleandstill#momentsofmine#seekthesimplicity#thekitchn#thatauthenticfeeling#stillswithstories
Can you remember the excitement of a school disco? Well that frenzy of “what shall I wear?” “Shall I curl or crimp my hair?” “Can I borrow your dress?” Is going on right now upstairs in my house between my daughter and her friends. I can remember so well at her age (10) going to the disco in the village hall with my best friend Rachel. We had spent hours decorating t-shirts with those “iron-on” crayons-  so 1980’s. My Mum had to buy a special roll of greaseproof paper so we could iron on our designs- mainly pop bands such as Madness ( little Hat on the M) , Dexys Midnight Runners ( my all time favourites ), Altered Images and Bananarama ( cool girls) and probably some drawings of dogs and ponies and flowers (???) we would also have worn our jeans much to my mothers horror. I also probably spent half the time we were eating our fish fingers and chips for tea trying to persuade my Mum to let us roller skate to the village hall where the disco was to be held - Rachel and I rarely left the house without our roller skates all through the -1980’s. When we were a bit older the Roller Disco in Rhodes Centre Bishops Stortford was our weekly destination to zoom round and round weaving in and out of everyone and even going backwards.... My daughter is right now on outfit number 3 and some more friends have just arrived so the hair do’s can begin. Oh to be ten again and looking forward to an hour and a half of pure hedonism and to still be in bed by 9.30! #theschooldisco #momentsofmine #livethelittlethings #littlestoriesofmylife #nothingisordinary #bishopsstortford #rhodescentre #thehappynow #rakuhouses #ceramics #raku #1980s #everydaymagic
hello from bangkok! :) i’m so sorry for the lack of updates. i’m currently on holiday with my family and it’s been so lovely🧡 there’s so much to do and eat and see here✨ . i haven’t had the time to do any blogging related things but i have so many ideas! i’ll make sure to catch up with all the blog posts when i get back this thursday☺️ . do you guys have any plans for december?✨
(Anzeige) In den letzten Tagen hat sich hier was verändert... und drei Mal dürft ihr raten, was! Ich kann tatsächlich abends besser einschlafen. Und das nicht zuletzt dank eurer zahlreichen Tipps und Ideen, die dabei helfen, abends das Gedankenkarussel auszustellen. Was ich anders mache? Ich lege das Handy mindestens eine Stunde vorm Schlafengehen weg, ins Schlafzimmer kommt es auch nur selten. Ich lese wieder mehr. Und wenn es Abende gibt, wo meine Gedanken besonders heftig kreisen, schreibe ich sie einfach auf. Außerdem helfen mir Atemübungen super gut.  Und auch die 12-Tageskur von @samina.night hat mich abends besser müde werden lassen. Es ist ein kleines Ritual geworden, den leckeren Drink abends einzunehmen, mir ein warmes Körnerkissen zu machen und mich mit einem Buch ins Bett zu kuscheln. Die natürlichen, zuckerfreien Zutaten können einfacheres Einschlafen unterstützen. Wenn ihr das mal testen wollt: Mit dem Code SaminaNight6+ bekommt ihr noch 48 Stunden lang 15% Rabatt.  Und jetzt: Gute Nacht! 💤🌙 . . . . . #samina #mynightwithsamina #ofhumans #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleblogger_de #verilymoment #theartofslowliving  #livethelittlethings #feelfreefeed #thehappynow #makeitblissful #memyselfandportrait #softdreamyphotography #momentsofmine #pursuepretty #seekinspirecreate #forthedreamers #girlscreating #moodyports #wesoulfood  #prettylittleiiinspo #prettylittleiiinspo #livemoremagic #nowhereeverywhere #seekthesimplicity #myeverydaymagic
#ad One of Sean’s favorite things in the Armor All® Ultimate Car Care Gift Pack is the Extreme Wheel and Tire Cleaner. Sean is the type of guy that ALWAYS notices the tires on other vehicles. So it’s important for him to keep ours clean. This cleaner did a perfect job of getting rid of the dirt & grime and making our tires look like new! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This Wheel and Tire Cleaner is just one of the 10 items that you’ll receive in your Ultimate Care Care Gift Pack! Head to Walmart to snag yours! http://bit.ly/33pgKp2 #deckthehallswitharmorall @ArmorAllUSA
Good morning. This is the same background I used for the peony photo a few weeks ago. I simply placed a piece of tissue paper over it and added these ranunculus. I really like the texture and the tones here. Sometimes it is just a simple addition that makes a difference. . Have a beautiful day friends.
Ça commence à sentir le sapin chez nous, et il était grand temps surtout d'après les réclamations d'une petite Demoiselle... Plaisir de m'accorder enfin une après-midi avec elle et prendre un peu de temps pour la maison. Au programme sapin, couronne, contes à la bibliothèque  et biscuits de Noël. 🎄 Vous pouvez apercevoir ici les bougies LED de chez @bloolands que j'ai découverte cette année.  Une révélation, et moi qui pourtant ne jure que par les vraies flammes je peux vous assurer que celles-ci sont d'une qualité et finesse à s'y méprendre! Et je le dis sans sponsoring ou autre, qui ne sont pas du tout mon genre,  mais  simplement pour partager les bonnes découvertes que j'aime en ce temps de l'Avent. Et quand c'est pour une marque française qui le mérite c'est encore mieux! Doux mercredi après-midi à tous. . It's beginning to look a lot like +mas at home... We finally decorate the tree today! . . #noel #christmas #christmastree  #christmasspirit🎄 #espritdenoel  #noelinspiration #fetes #holidays #hiver2019 #ange #avent #bougies #candle #momentsofmine #vintagestyle #noeltraditionnel #traditional #atmosphere #merveilleux
ad I love taking the time to create something, I find it relaxing and it distracts me from my busy life for a while. Baking is no exception, but with a very obvious bonus at the end! 🧁🍰🎂 I made this cake using @bettycrockeruk Velvety Vanilla cake mix, filled with @bettycrockeruk vanilla butter cream and jam, with a quick coating of butter cream around the outside, a drizzle of melted chocolate and some pretty festive things on the top! This really didn't take very long to make at all, it rose perfectly and tastes amazing. And now I have my very own festive showstopper 😊  Theres loads of great recipes for all occasions on www.bettycrocker.co.uk #ad
Однажды куплю пленку для Зенита, покрашу волосы в любимый цвет и поеду фотографировать Санкт-Петербург 😌✨ . . . . . . #theflatlaysquad#flatlaytoday#alliseeispretty#seekthesimplicity#simplethingsmadebeautiful#stilllifegallery#myeverydaymagic#hugge#theflatlaysquad#cozytime#igrussia#cozyliving#smallmomentsofcalm#momentsofmine#slowlivingforlife#flatlay_russia#flatlayjournal#инстаграмнедели#ilove_simplebeyond#thenoisetier#parisiangirl#neutralshades
Пухнасті лапки втомились бігати за м‘ячиком🐾
Arrived Porto just in time for a beautiful sunset! We have an unobstructed view of Porto from across the river on board our floating home for the week! @vikingcruises #myvikingstory #porto #portugal🇵🇹
1,2,3 или 4...? Вечный вопрос😅😘
[werbjng / verlinkung] APPLEJAM Ich weiß nicht was ich kochen soll. Ich weiß nicht was ich schreiben soll. In diesem Sinne: einen wunderschönen Abend euch 💜😂 • 🇬🇧 no idea what to cook and no idea what to tell you 🤣 only left to wish you a nice evening. 💜😅 • P.S.: Ah... forgot something: this particular wallcolors is mixed for me. If you like it contact my friends from @kolorat and tell them about it. I loved their really high pigmented colors so much. • • • #kolorat#colorsarebeautiful #colorsarefun #pinkinterior #colorfulliving#andtradition#colorfulwalls#atmine#solebich#howwelive #momentsofmine#calminteriors
Introducing the new, head-turning Mustang Mach-E - I’m excited to finally share what I saw in Detroit with @Ford - the #mustangmache is a sleek, all-electric SUV that combines the powerful performance of a Mustang with innovative green technology. I loved going behind-the-scenes to the top-secret Ford design lab to meet some the team who created the Mustang Mach-E #electricanduntamed #ad
I want to tell you a little bit about mountain biking today, though this isn’t really about bikes at all. ⁣ ⁣ I’ve never thought of myself as an athletic person. In high school I avoided team sports at all costs and I even found a loophole to avoid taking physical education. In the four years of my undergrad I probably swam a total of five times and went for ten runs. And. That. Was. It. ⁣ ⁣ Since then I’ve been slowly trying to break out of that shell - the narrative that I’m not, and cannot be, good at anything athletic. It’s a story I’ve been telling myself my whole life. ⁣ ⁣ I’ve forced myself to run, but I hate running. I’ve done lots of yoga, which I love but ultimately I find doesn’t push me far enough. I spent a couple of years indoor rock climbing, but I kept getting injured. I have felt strong and fit for short periods of time throughout this journey, but it’s always felt a bit half-hearted - like I don’t fully believe it. ⁣ ⁣ In the past five months, I’ve fallen in love with mountain biking. I have pushed myself harder than I ever have physically. I never thought I would say the words “I’m proud of myself” when it comes to physical fitness. But I really am proud of myself. ⁣ ⁣ The other day my sister said, “This is a whole new athletic version of you”. Athletic? Me? Those two concepts don’t belong in a sentence together. But then, I realized. Now, they just might. ⁣ ⁣ All this to say, whatever story you are defining yourself by right now, you can change it. A year ago, I never thought it would be possible for me to pedal up a mountain and bomb down, to climb hundreds of meters in a day. I never thought I’d be able to crash alone in the woods, and then just get up and keep going. I never thought I’d be able to actually feel celebratory and proud after a ride. ⁣ ⁣ Change can happen if we let it. Sometimes we just need to keep trying over and over again to find the right medicine. ⁣ ⁣
[Ad] I wasn't sure what to expect from Reading, but I was so pleasantly surprised! I'd recommend visiting if you're in the UK and still need to do some Christmas shopping! 🎁 There are loads of shops, bars and restaurants, and some quite charming architecture too as you can see 😍 - We stayed in @pentahotelreading which is only 5 minutes walk into the town centre, making it a great base to relax and drop off some shopping bags! The Disco balls in the lobby are pretty iconic too! ❤️ - Don't forget that you can get 20% off at all European @pentahotels if you book before the end of this year, and that includes breakfast! 🥞 just use code PENTASIX when booking. The code is valid on stays up until March 2020! - - #pentahotels #pentalovesyou -  #cutelittleplaces #prettylittletrips #reading #readingberkshire #passionpassport #theprettycities #openmyworld #roamtheplanet #weneedtogohere #welivetoexplore #mytinyatlas #darlingescapes #momentsofmine #topeuropephoto #living_europe #suitcasetravels #chasing_facades #photosofbritain #genuinebritain
Впервые это случилось в 19 лет. Я была не уверена в себе и неопытна. Он был напорист и требователен. Нас познакомил мой парень. Я отмахивалась, не хотела иметь с ним ничего общего, зачем мне этот любовный треугольник. Да и к тому же, мне было страшно. ⠀ Следующая встреча состоялась в 20 лет. ⠀ За год многое поменялось, я перестала шарахаться собственной тени и решилась. Пора. Я выросла, стала смелее. ⠀ Инициатива исходила от нас обоих. Я приятно удивилась, насколько он был спокоен. Совсем не похож на себя. В первую встречу он был угрюм и вечно ворчал о чём-то своём. Тогда от его холода мурашки бегали даже по подушечкам пальцев. ⠀ Теперь же он был ласков и вёл себя как старый добрый друг. Наслушавшись его убаюкивающих речей, я глубоко вздохнула и приступила к решительным действиям. ⠀ Первое прикосновение было мягким и тёплым. Я даже вздрогнула от того, как это было приятно. Почувствовав его поддержку, я выпрямила спину. Но сделать ещё один шаг навстречу не могла. Всё-таки немного побаивалась. ⠀ На выручку пришёл мой парень. Взяв меня за руку, он сказал: ⠀ — Ну же, вперёд. Просто расслабься.
• Dear Santa, Just Leave Your Credit Card Under the Tree 🎁😜🎄 • #littlestoriesofmylife #london #christmasdecor