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Mental Toughness is a quality that👇 . Every Warrior Has... . It carries through in business and in life. . This my brother is what will separate you from average men. . Time to step up. . . Follow @manofwarr . . Reserve your seats now for the most empowering event of the year! . Go to www.conclaveofwarriors.com / @conclaveofwarriors (305) 777-8955
Don’t mistake kindness for weakness. Sometimes the kindest women are the fiercest warriors 🖤 @7fiveclothing @petronetraining @cleanjuiceturkeycreek @supps2go_official #pitbull #athlete #strength #bekind #passion #grit #grind #inspire #motivation #empower #thrive #strongwomen
The excitement is overwhelming! 🎊 What is everyone looking forward to most in 2020?  Photo: @jacklue
Show up and go to work.  157/185 no misses.  WE READY . . . . @cal_strength
[Please take 30sec to read this whole caption. It would mean everything to me]. . The question isn’t whether or not you’ll stay motivated. . You won’t. . Not because you don’t want to. . But because it’s impossible to stay motivated for anything (regardless of how much you want it). . In the same way it’s unrealistic to expect to be happy all day, every day...it’s equally unrealistic to expect to be motivated all day, every day. . Motivation is a feeling. . An emotion. . The more you search for it and try to find it hiding in unsuspecting places...the more it will evade you. . You might have moments in which you think you finally trapped it. . But just like trapping water in your cupped hands...motivation will slip between the cracks in your fingers until, once again, your hands are empty. . The question isn’t whether or not you’ll stay motivated. . The question is whether or not you’ll do what you say you want to do regardless of whether or not you’re motivated. . That’s not a feeling or emotion. . That’s your word. . Your truth. . Your honesty. . Your bond. . You will not stay forever motivated to do everything you want. . None of us will. . But the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t lies in who is willing to hold up their end of the bargain... . Who is willing to make the decision... . Who is willing to do what is right rather than what is easy... . Who is willing to make the harder decision that will make you proud rather than the easier decision that will make you comfortable. . The question isn’t whether or not you’ll stay motivated. . You won’t. . So stop looking for motivation. . Start asking yourself if you’re ready to commit to doing what you say you want to do regardless of whether or not you’re motivated. . Because when you can truthfully agree to doing that...in that moment you will start succeeding far beyond your wildest dreams. . Love you. . #motivation #motivationmonday #inspiration
Are you preparing yourself? . Are you improving daily? . If not... . Why? . Here, I will help you out on that... . Fear . Laziness . Confusion . BS Excuses . Lack of motivation . No purpose . No accountability . Zero discipline . Cheapo . Disorganized... . Did I hit you with a few? . You bet your ass I did. . So here is the deal. . Over the next few weeks everyone will be talking about their new year's resolution for 2020. . 99.999% are full of crap. . They talk a big game but don't do anything about it. . 3 months into 2020 they will be back into the the loser's groove... . Warrior minded men think differently. . There is no "new year resolution". . They focus on completing the mission and are constantly training and learning to be better. . All year long...Every day... . Constant improvement "Kaizen" should be at the center of your life. . That's the bottom line... . You are either in or out? . If you are ready to make a change go to www.conclaveofwarriors.com or link on bio 👆and grab your tickets for the most empowering event of the year. . You can also call my team at (305) 777-8955 .
Play time at Extremfabriken. Have to practise spinning hub cap more often untill I can spin at least a whole lap. Or should we call it "never ending nun-chucks"? ~ At least me and Salmon is still best friends🥰. I hope Toughest don''t remove Salmon from their fast lanes when they introduce 10 new obatscles. I hope they just add, don't remove! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #salmonladder #spinningwheel #nunchucks #hinderbana #obstaclerun #ocr #strength #fitness #crossfit #ninja #grit #warrior #sasuke #obstacle #fastlane #running #toughviking #spartanrace #trifectatribe #spartanelite #toughest #toughestelite #ocrwc #ocrec #hamstringtendinos #medialepikondylit #pro #ocrfriends #ocrathlete #extremfabriken
"I give it 3 months, tops". 🙄 . . Have you ever been told you couldn't stick to something? Or succeed when starting a new activity, exercise, business, etc? It can be very frustrating to hear discouraging "advice" from people. Especially when it comes from those whom you trust and know well, like friends and family. . . As hard as it can be, try to filter out these - often unsolicited- opinions. You do you. Go after the things that YOU want to achieve and forget about what other people think. . . It can be immensely liberating to know that you have the power and strength to achieve your own goals and that nobody can stop you! ❤️👊🏻 . . . . . #motivation #goalsetter #goals #gym #gymaddict #fitchicks #chickswholift #fitfamuk #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #believeinyourself #selfreflection #selfmotivation #strongwomen #thiccmas #redleggings #latina #fitness #fitnessgirl #brunette #confidentwomen #thickwhitegirl #slimthicc #strength #drive #disciplinaefoco #grit
We don’t get to teach together very often but when we do it’s always a fun time! 👊🏼💚 . CANNOT wait time launch BC 82 in January! Just love everything about this release 😍🙌🏻 it hits every part of the body and has banging sounds! What’s not to like 🤷🏻‍♀️😉 . #lesmills #bodycombat #release82 #teamteach #jordangordon #scottishchicks #kickboxing #tkd
Today is my Tomorrow. It’s up to Me to Shape it, to take Control & Seize EVERY  Opportunity. ☝️The Power is in the choices I make Each day. I Eat Well. I Live Well... 🙏I Shape Me. Not my circumstances, Not my Excuses🤨 photo: @luisx_com_2 #tgif #lamaquina #determination #discipline
#repost @aliciavigil  We just got the new 2020 Guitar Girl Magazine Calendar featuring our girls @aliciavigil & @kikiwongo 🎸👩🏻‍✈️ All shots by @jacklue 📸 Order yours now (link in Alicia’s bio!)
Waiting patiently...😎🤙🏻pc @joswaldos
One month ago today we started this crazy #75hard journey. Celebrated by annihilating my legs before an outdoor bike ride in 36 degree weather. It’s hard to describe the changes that have taken place over the last 31 days but all I’ll say is, this is hands down the best thing I have ever done for ME. Not because somehow I have a 26inch waist now or because I’ve transformed into someone who actually runs and kind of sort of enjoys it now, but because I feel a sense of confidence in myself and my ability to absolutely crush my future that I’ve never felt before. And that’s a pretty damn good feeling and worth every ounce of hard work it takes. . . . #75hardchallenge #75harddominators #fitness #goals #nysc #elite #templ #gym #legday #workout #life #crushit #gainz #push #otf #grit #mfceo #andyfrisella #nyc #nycfitness
Sometimes not the outstanding experiences make you happy but just enjoying the home trail you did so many times❄️ Have you ever regretted having been outside no matter which conditions? I can't remember a single time • • • @gorewear #alwaysevolve #teamhypoxicum #skyrunning #trailrunning #ultrarunning #runningismypassion #instarunner #running #thankfulness #mentaltraining #ultralauf #mindset #grit #runningismypassion #beinghappyiseasy #gooutside #stayhealthy -Werbung-
What is stoicism?  Stoicism is basically a philosophy that comes from Ancient Greece about how you perceive the world.  The emotions you feel are an interpretation not reality.  They practice cognitive distancing. What you’re feeling is not you, it’s a temporary interpretation of an external event.  There are many principles and ideas to the philosophy but in a nut shell this is the main theme.  Don’t let everything rattle you, be more stoic, know who you are and don’t let temporary emotions take you over!
•Because you’re a dreamer among realists, you hope when all hope is lost, you love when the love is gone, you dig deeper when no one even wants to scratch the surface, you give when everyone takes. You try to find meaning in an empty world, you try to find the best of both worlds and fuse them together and even though most of the time it feels like a struggle, at the end of the day, I do believe you’ll win. I believe you’ll prevail because you don’t give up. You don’t settle. You keep fighting. You keep dreaming. You believe that somehow you’ll find the truth. You’ll find the home you’re looking for. You’ll find where you belong.• #tbt #thursdayvibes #keepgoing #grit #clutch
Sometimes all it takes is the smallest shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reflection, or a new route to start to see new possibilities. ⁣ ⁣ For me, all it took was a glimmer of hope—the 1% chance that doctors gave me of saving my leg from amputation was all I needed to keep pushing forward. The human spirit is stronger than we can ever imagine.⁣ ⁣ I had the honor of being a guest on #definingmoments with @suzannequast and we laughed, we cried, and we shared our hearts.⁣ ⁣ TAKEAWAYS:⁣ ⭐️You are stronger than you think. We can rise up again and again.⁣ ⭐️A morning routine to set your intentions for the day.⁣ ⭐️Why I’m only wearing one sock🙈⁣ ⭐️The greatest lessons that my pain has taught me.⁣ ⭐️Gratitude is alchemy⁣ ⭐️My husband says, “She just won’t die!”💪🏻⁣ ⭐️Yes, I still have pain, and fear, and sometimes even feel like giving up.  But I don’t because of one thing—RESILIENCE.  We ALL have it.⁣ ⁣ ⭐️Link in bio 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻@amberlylagomotivation to see the interview!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ @evertalktv @truegritandgrace #fearlesslyownyourstory #crpswarrior #shiftyourperspective #resilience #truegritandgrace #scarstoyourbeautiful #scars #hopequotes #nevergiveupquotes #strongerthanyouthink #godsgrace #grit #healing #traumabonding #crps #chronicpainwarrior #empowermentspeaker #motorcycleaccidentsurvivor #pacer
POST EXAM FEELS.  I overheard my twinnie doing a zoom call with some of her key ppl while I was upstairs studying for a micro exam a few weeks ago. My brain hurt. Like literally I had a headache and was just done with studying~  I know there are a ton of you who can relate, so no, I’m not throwing myself an exclusive, 1-invite-only-mini pity partay. 🥳  Anyways, Megs told her team “you can DO so much more mentally than you realize.” I sat there listening and got a new little spark of energy. 💥 I kept on studying and aced that sucker.  PRACTICE BEING MENTALLY TOUGH- ITS GOOD FOR YA. 💃🏼 . . . . #mentaltoughness #mindset #glam #blondehair #discipline #designyourlife #energy #grit
It’s simple for me: I refuse to go out for anything less than what I want in order to spend 26.2 miles being comfortable. I don’t do any of this so that I can be comfortable. I went out for the time I wanted and trained for even tho I knew the humidity and temps were not where I perform well. First half felt good and 6:45 pace didn’t feel like I was pushing... and then, well, everything went to shit and I SUFFERED for the last 12 miles. That’s how it goes. RACE DAY OWES YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Ya just owe it to yourself to have some guts, be true to you, and take the defeats along with the wins. I’m mad as hell and if you know me, you know that defeat just makes me want to work even harder. PS: I’m glad this photo captured the moment that I’ve never been so happy to press stop on my watch and go find my ❤️ @whydoirun who is always there for me at the finish for the good and the bad. #gritnotquit #coyote #fuelforthefire #relentless #cim #marathon #ateshit #likeactuallydied #cuzofthepizzapin #nopukethistime #youarewelcomeneil
Me trying to get a flex pose going. Come on Kathryn. Get it together! . In all seriousness these pics are a great example of how posing and lighting can make such a difference.  Whether the flash is on or off, how I’m standing, how my hip is popped out or not. . In some pics my waist looks thicker than it actually is and in others my waist looks smaller than it is.  And my abs and legs are different if flexed or not. . Point is. Don’t trust all these #fitspo pics. . Second point.. I need to learn to pose better. 😅 . Third point. My flex pic at the end... it’s ok if you don’t like it 😗 . 📷 @theladyavery . . #posesohard #felxonem #gettingit #strongwomen #strengthisbeauty #strongher #poser😎 #toneitup #strongbodystrongmind #truths #lifestyle #lifecoachingforwomen #lifecoach #findyourangle #thisis43 #nottooshabby #donttakeyourselftooseriously
This is my excited face. This is also my face of gratitude for all that has transpired and all that is to come.  My Arbonne team did almost 2 MILLION in sales in November! We added our 10th NVP to our group, and have so much happening. My leaders are life-breathing, servant-hearted people that are on a mission to do and be more. I’m one month away from earning the NVP bonus that I have worked all year to get. God is so faithful and good to me, and to my team.
To the Oldest & the Coldest Fraternity known to mankind, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Happy Founders’ Day from the Pretty Girls of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Congrats on 113 years! 💗💚💛🖤. #lylelove #aphia #1906 #1908 #aka1908 #foundersday #grit #alphaphialpha #alphakappaalpha #pham #phirst #phirstpham #pinkysup #thatpinkthatgreen #skeephi #akasnaturalhair
Be careful about the unwanted habits you build in December - these will carryover to next year - LET’S DO WORK - blessings! 💪🙏🏼💯🇩🇴
I was like BRAAP... and then the front end tucked!!!😂👌🎥 @adivandermerwe
In times of stress...search for serenity. . It is a state of mind. . A state of calmness . A state of supreme awareness. . This is the state where true transformations occur and you can clearly see what matters to you. . Open your eyes... . . Follow @manofwarr . .
What would you do if you were in a car accident and were told you had a 1% chance of saving your leg?  Most people would hear that and go down a rabbit hole of despair but not @amberlylagomotivation.  She heard that and heard a glimmer of hope. 1% meant there was a chance, a chance she would bet on.  This woman’s story is beyond inspiring, hell I cried during the interview 😬. Amberly shares her tragic accident and what it’s like living with chronic pain (CRPS). She emphasizes the importance of community in dealing with tragedy and shares all that this experience has taught her ❤️✨ Click in the link above (in my bio) to hear the interview 🔝 . . . #fearlesslyownyourstory #definingmoments #crps #tedtalk #truegritandgrace #grace #grit #perspective #healing #pacer
It’s my birthday week! Let’s party in the saddle room... I have 1 extra class this week,  let’s rage 🎉 🎂 • • •  MONARCH BEACH • Tuesday 5:30 pm • Thursday 5:30 pm • Friday 4:15pm  Karma ride for Compass & Special Projects • • • HUNTINGTON BEACH • Saturday 9:30 am