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Sometimes Friday can feel like a relief of a week ending & a new beginning, but other times, it can feel like the mark of a week taking everything out of you - leaving you drained. No matter if you’re feeling proud of the week you’re about to leave behind or if you’re feeling like you have zero spoons left for the weekend ahead, take time to reflect on accomplishments big & small this week. Did you try something new new? Get even one step closer to a goal? Make it to your appointments? Spend time with a friend? Don’t forget the little successes - they’re important too! Celebrate your strength not only when you’re feeling strong, but also when you’re feeling defeated. When you’re at a low point, you’re fighting your hardest! Don’t forget your strength, we sure haven’t! #fightlikeawarrior #sickfightsback 💪 • ⬇️ What is one of your little successes from this past week? 🎊 • 📸: warrior @claricebc • • • • • #chronicillness #chronicpain #fatigue #spoonie #invisibleillness #autoimmunedisease #invisibledisability #inclusion #thefutureisaccessible #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #anxietyawareness #cancerwarrior #cancersurvivor #childhoodcancerawareness #patientadvocate #thepatientvoicematters
😂😂😂 Happens all the time!  Follow @chronicallycranky for more content like this 💛
Fatigue - I’ve experienced this so many times when speaking about my illnesses people respond with “yeah I get tired you know fatigued”. - Fatigue and being tired are very different; fatigue is complete exhaustion, weakness and unless if you know then you know!  Being tired is rubbish but it is not the same as fatigue. •• #spoonie #chronicpain #fibromyalgia #anxietyproblems #chronicillness #fatigue #chronicfatigueawareness #hypermobility #potssyndrome #ibs #intracranialhypertension
😂🥶😂 Sounds about right!  Whenever I feel things might just be going alright I fall straight back down on my arse and have to start again.  But that's ok and I'm starting to realise that 💛 because each time I do I'm stronger and more prepared than before ( well that's what I'm telling myself 😂) Follow @chronicallycranky for more content like this 💛
On the scale from 0 to 14+ how much in pain are you today? When you have #lupus and feel #chronicallyill all the time there’s no mental and physical energy left to do everyday things and take care of yourself in the way you otherwise would... Being in #chronicpain poses many life challenges including learning how to deal with people who don’t understand what you are going through and unfortunately... they are everywhere... It can be your co-workers, relatives, other people you know or meet in public places and even sometimes your friends. You may reach the point that you are too #sickandtired to explain to everyone your disease and how it affects you, just don’t want to talk about it anymore and pretend that it is not there but... #sle let’s you know through pain and many other symptoms that it didn’t go away and is a huge part of your life that you cannot ignore. Chronic pain doesn’t go away... but can you learn to get used to it? P. S. I’d like to let you know that a reputable holistic health company is giving FREE probiotic and high quality premium protein. People who have impaired digestion, low energy #fatigue #brainfog, depression, thyroid problems #autoimmunedisease and low immunity often have protein deficiency and impaired digestion and gut health due to nutrients maldigestion and malabsorption and not having enough good bacteria in their digestive tract. This free high quality premium protein can provide nutrients that are often lacking in people with lupus and autoimmune disorders. And the best part is that it provides 10-fold absorption bypassing digestive issues. Free live potent probiotic can help repopulate your gut with good bacteria. It’s truly free, no strings attached, worldwide shipping. You can get it via my website https://lupusselfhelp.com/free or just click the link in my instagram profile @lupusselfhelp
PSA: YOUR TSH DOES NOT TELL THE WHOLE STORY! . . When I first start coaching a new client, I’m not surprised to find out that their doctor only tested their TSH levels. . . This is often why women go misdiagnosed  with Hashimotos for so long and feel incredibly frustrated when they are told that everything is “normal” when they feel like 💩. . . In order to know if you have Hashimotos, you NEED to test for TPO antibodies. Elevated TPO antibodies are what diagnose you with Hashimotos disease. (Not just imbalances in  freeT3 + freeT4) . . You also need to have your Free T3 + Free T4 tested. (Many doctors don’t run the free T3! (conversion of the inactive form of T4 into the active form of T3 is required for proper thyroid health! . . Ladies, a huge part of healing is advocating for yourself! (More on this in #hashimotos101) If your doctor refuses to run these tests, please make a different choice. Your health depends on it. ❤️🦋 . . Have you had a full thyroid panel ran?
It’s so hard to find that balance! I seem to swing between going at 100 miles an hour, or having to spend a week in bed recovering 🤦🏼‍♀️maybe one day I’ll learn.. Art @flow.days  #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicpainwarrior #chronicfatigue #fatigue #invisibleillness #autoimmunedisease #butyoudontlooksick #spoonie #spooniestrong #spooniesupport #spoonieproblems #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness
Fatigue 🖤 . . . .  On m’a souvent demandé comment j’allais, et à chaque fois, c’est cet adjectif qui revient : fatiguée.  Un tout petit mot, pour tout ce qui m’épuise. . . Je crois que je ne suis pas seulement épuisée par ces nuits sans sommeil à me demander si ma vie est réellement la mienne, ou ces journées de cours interminables et ennuyeuses. . . Je crois que je suis surtout épuisée par le monde, épuisée par la haine, le mépris, l’indifférence, épuisée de vivre dans un désert glacé de fantômes où je ne vois rien qui me ressemble,  rien qui me transcende. . . Je crois que ce qui m’épuise c’est d’essayer ; d’essayer en permanence de faire assez, de faire bien,  de faire mieux aujourd’hui qu’hier. . . D’essayer de nous sauver, moi et mon cœur épuisé, du monde avide de la moindre parcelle de vie qu’il nous reste. . . Oui, je suis fatiguée parfois, fatiguée du monde entier : il me faudrait plus de nuits que je n’aie eu de fous rires pour enfin retourner à la paix. . . . . #citation #citations #texte #textes #pensee #fatigue #chargementale #sommeil #insomnie #mood #pensee #fatiguee #manquedesommeil #monde #avide #energie #ennuie #haine #mepris #art #oeuvre #ecrit #ecriture #philosophie #reflexion #humeurdujour #beaucouptropde#
Today was Lidocaine Infusion day! 🎈🎉 I was a bit late booking this one in so I’m super happy to finally have it in my system 🙃 . I was meant to do a video diary of the day but I was tired out and felt nauseous so I had a nap instead 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m sorry - I will be sure to get the info to you one way or another, starting with the below: . ⭐️ Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic, commonly used in dentistry . ⭐️ Its use for nerve pain is still very new. Experts are not 100% sure how it works but the understanding is it calms down oversensitive nerves and minimises the pain signals they fire off . ⭐️ Infusions are administered via a drip so the Lidocaine can circulate round the body in the blood stream. I have them every 3 / 4 months, Lidocaine stays in your system for about 24 hours but it’s pain relieving benefits can be felt for up to three months . ⭐️ During the infusion the only side effects I get are tiredness and a metallic / medical taste in my mouth. For 24 hours afterwards I’m totally fine, between 24 and 72 hours I experience quite an intense pins and needles type pain and then 72 hours onwards this goes and I feel the pain relieving effects . ⭐️ This is prescribed on the NHS by a Neurology and Pain Management clinic. The Rheumatologist I saw didn’t have access to this treatment and, as it’s fairly new and niche, most GPs I’ve spoken to haven’t heard of it yet. If you’re interested I’d research Pain Management clinics in your area, understand exactly what they offer and how it could help you and then discuss with your GP . ⭐️ I use a combo of Lidocaine and Pregabalin for pain management. Pregabalin especially has its own side effects but in comparison to the amount of ‘traditional’ painkillers (morphine, codeine, naproxen etc.) I was taking beforehand I judged this the best option for me . I hope this is useful, any questions let me know. Tomorrow I will post about my top infusion tips! 💕🌸
😂😂😂 As if by magic.... I HATE it when people say this to me. I have conditions that mean it sometimes hurts to smile so just know that when you say that to me or any other patronising variation , I mentally punch you in the face.  So be warned depending on how bad of mood I am in you may just be told to piss off. So here's a thought don't say it to people it doesn't work.  Nobody has ever been cheered up by someone just saying cheer up.  Follow @chronicallycranky for more content like this 💛
GIVEAWAY time 🌟🎄 I’ve been told by so many people how perfect my little book would be for a Christmas present, either to give to someone else or to put on your own list. So to get into the Christmas spirit I thought I’d do another giveaway of my book, “Within These Four Walls”, which you could give to someone else as a present (if you already have a copy) or keep it for yourself if you don’t! ~ Rules for the giveaway are very simple: 1. Make sure you’re following me @mindfullyevie 2. Tag a friend in the comments section below for an entry, each comment will count as a separate entry. You can enter as many times as you like, so feel free to get tagging! 3. Any shares of this post via re-post or on your story will count as an extra entry (make sure you tag me so I can see it). 4. Entries will close midnight Sunday 15th December, and I’ll announce the winner very soon after that.  The giveaway is available for everyone worldwide - good luck ❤️ ~ p.s. If you want to just go ahead and buy my book, it is available to purchase now worldwide through the link in my bio and Amazon (UK, USA, EU, CA). p.p.s. Any reviews of my book on Amazon/Goodreads would mean so so much to me!! 🤗 xx
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Fatigue 💤💤. Whenever doctors or anyone asks what my worst symptom is...I say it is always the chronic fatigue. - I could sleep for 20+ hours and still feel exhausted. I just can’t ever shake it. Some things help a little but nothing makes it go away completely or ever let me feel “rested”. - I also wake up with sore and stiff joints. It takes me a few mins to snap-crackle-pop and get myself out of bed. Ouch. Mornings are rough. - I’m going on a few weeks of a “normal business” schedule and I’m still having trouble adjusting. Changing from almost 7 years of shift work is not easy. - Anyone else think fatigue and mornings can be the worst?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ - - #chronicfatigue #exhaustion #chronicillness #eds #ehlersdanlossyndrome #pots #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #mcas #mastcellactivationsyndrome #lupus #sjogrens #fatigue #dysautonomia
😂😂😂 Truth!  It doesn't matter how many times you tell people that your illness is invisible they still want to see it.  Well just because I may look ok on the outside, I feel like a broken crumbled biscuit on the inside.  Follow @chronicallycranky for more content like this 💛
The idea that anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it is an inspiring idea in theory, but when it comes to the chronically ill, the saying doesn’t necessarily apply.  We all want and hope to achieve so much in our lifetime but when you are chronically ill, sometimes those big dreams don’t always come true. This is not meant to be a downer, but rather we are here to tell you that what you are able to accomplish is ENOUGH.  To achieve success and happiness you don’t have to be a millionaire, a ceo, a business owner or have multiple houses. To us, success means that at the end of the day you can feel proud of yourself. Just remember that you DO enough and you ARE enough - never let anyone tell you otherwise. Comment below if you can relate. Please share/tag a friend who needs to read this today.  Follow us @how.u.feeling for more post about living with a chronic or mental illness. Our DMs are always open. Come introduce yourself to us and if you ever need to chat or vent we are always avail. You are not alone in your fight ❤️
JE SUIS CREVÉ , PAS VOUS ?  Sans rire, Avec ce temps, les grèves, les obligations professionnelles, la vie familiale, vous n'êtes pas fatigué ? Je veux dire, vraiment fatigué ? C'est difficile de se lever le matin, non ?  Parce que moi, même sans tout cela, je suis crevé. Je n'en peux plus... Vous y avez cru ?  Si c'est le cas, ca tombe bien, car j'ai les solutions. Je vous le dis tout de suite, ce n'est pas celle que vous croyez (Le contraire vous aurait étonné, je sais) Mais ce sont celles que je m'applique et que je vous recommande. Je vous explique TOUT dans mon NOUVEAU LEADERCAST sur https://www.leadercast.fr/fatigue/ Ca devrait vous aider si vous pensez être fatigué.
Most people suffer for years before being accurately diagnosed with Dysautonomia. Not having answers doesn't make what you're going through any less real. 💙💙💙💙💙💙 #thedysautonomiaproject #dysautonomia #fatigue #education #chronicpain #ehlersdanlossyndrome #mcas #chronicillness #emotional #pots #spoonie #undertheumbrella  #dysautonomiaawareness #inspiration #invisibleillness #autoimmunedisease #turn6into15 #brave #warrior #knowledgeispower 💙💙💙💙💙💙 Repost @tickbootcamp  Art credit @colourblind_zebra
We all deserve Oscars for being able to act like we are totally fine when we’re really not. Comment below if you agree. Share/tag people who can relate to this.  Follow us @how.u.feeling for more post about living with a chronic or mental illness. Our DMs are always open. Come introduce yourself to us and if you ever need to chat or vent we are always avail. You are not alone in your fight ❤️
😂😂😂 True!  I feel a weather a change before the weather 🥶  Follow @chronicallycranky for more content like this 💛
🤯🤯🤯 Me right now!  I get this often but I can guarantee that every morning for about half and hour, if you ask me anything you make my mind fry 🍳  I struggle with getting up anyway but until I figure out what day/month/year it is, silence is the only option 😂  Follow @chronicallycranky for more content like this 💛
🤣🤣🤣 Every morning!  Might be an idea to get one of those Do Not Disturb signs for my head 🤣  Follow  @chronicallycranky for more content like this 💛
Thank you all so much for your love on yesterday’s post, it’s so appreciated and I’m so glad to be part of such honest conversation about living with pain and our treatment regimes! 🥰 . As promised, some practical Infusion tips from my experience are: . ✨ Don’t eat for six hours beforehand and sip water only. Infusions can cause nausea so it’s much easier if you have an empty tummy! Take snacks with you as you should be able to eat and drink about an hour in as long as you’re feeling okay 🥳 . ✨ Wear loose, thin, comfy clothes. You’ll likely end up with monitors for observations all over the place and no one wants to end up in a hospital gown because their clothes aren’t accessible! . ✨ In cold weather your veins are more difficult to find. Staying nice and cosy helps the nurses put your cannula in first time and in a place that’s comfortable for you (not just wherever they can find a vein) . ✨Take stuff to keep you occupied (magazines, Netflix etc.) but also anything you might need to get comfy (I always take a hot water bottle) because there’s a good chance you’ll end up asleep 😴 . ✨ Always arrange for someone to escort you home - preferably someone who isn’t freaked out in hospitals / by needles and blood! Have I ever told you all the story about Mark seeing my cannula being removed?!? 😂 . ✨ Infusions lower blood pressure for a little while. If you naturally have low blood pressure let the nurses know so they can tweak the infusion duration to suit your body . ✨ If there’s a chance you could be pregnant let the nurses know just in case this may cause any problems / you need special observations. I always do a pregnancy test while I’m there to be sure. . ✨ Don’t wear jewellery / take valuables with you. You can’t guarantee you’ll be with them all the time so better so be safe and leave them at home! . I hope this helps, any questions let me know 💕🌸
Who relates?😂😂😂 Follow us @how.u.feeling. Our DMs are always open. Come introduce yourself to us and if you ever need to chat or vent we are always avail. You are not alone in your fight ❤️
Debilitating #fatigue is probably one of the most devastating consequences of lupus, #thyroid disease and many #autoimmunediseases . But did you know that probiotic and protein can help with your #lupus #hypothyroid #hashimotosdisease and #autoimmune symptoms including #hairloss fatigue and #brainfog ? Here's why you should consider to give it a try:  1. Maldigestion and malabsorption of protein that is so common in people with #autoimmunedisease #chronicfatigue #hypothyroidism #hashimotos and #sle affects your energy levels. As a result, lack of protein is one of leading causes of feeling #sickandtired in these particular groups of patients. Improving absorption of protein can make a huge difference and you may notice more energy within days.  2. Potent live probiotics are generally beneficial gut bacteria that are vital for development and support of your #immunesystem. Particularly, they help to decrease flare ups frequency and extend the lupus remission length, improve T4 to T3 #thyroid #hormones conversion and help to eliminate the waste more efficiently when you suffer from constipation. As a result your energy and many other symptoms like depression, brain fog and #hairloss improve.  You can get more probiotics with your diet by consuming cultured and fermented foods such as yogurt with live cultures, kefir, acidophilus milk, miso, sauerkraut, and tempeh because they are naturally high in probiotics.⁣⠀ Another option is to take high quality probiotic supplements. ⁣⠀ I would like to let you know that right now everyone who would like to try and experience the benefits can get a FREE bottle of live potent probiotic (50 billion of good bacteria which is substantially more than in probiotic containing foods and has 6 probiotic strains) and a FREE container of high quality protein that provides 10-fold absorption. Both probiotic and protein are truly free, no strings attached, worldwide shipping. You can get it through my website
😂😂😂 Feeling about a 9 today!  Follow @chronicallycranky for more content like this 💛
The attitude of “disability isn’t important because it won’t happen to people like me” needs challenging. A car accident can change your ability, you can get a virus and never fully recover, an accident can happen whilst working in a flourishing career.⁣ ⁣ I am educated, had career plans and essentially had all the indication life would be “normal”, full of my choice, except I got ill at 17 & never recovered, I never saw it coming. I never expected to be nearly 30 still feeling it’s effect and fighting for the basics to be as independent as possible. The view that’s shared so often lately is we are separate people, a drain, unworthy of real support and should be expected to be grateful for the bare minimum, that hoping for help and support to make life that small bit easier is greedy or somehow excessive. ⁣ ⁣ I’d like to think that people are rational enough to see that when your world changes or is extremely difficult because of disability, deciding to make things the smallest bit easier for people is not only compassionate but the human thing to do. Instead I worry the world is turning its back on the most vulnerable, exploiting them knowing their voices won’t be heard and using that to get away with it, and is instead punishing them for needing some help to be independent and feel human again. ⁣ ⁣ Disability doesn’t discriminate against anyone, there is no one type of person who becomes disabled. There is however a type of person who discriminates against disability, those who believe it “doesn’t happen to people like me”. I challenge that say it could, if not you, then maybe your family, and as much as I would never wish it on anyone, should your life or the life of a loved one be turned on it’s head through sudden disability, would you not want there to be support for them, or for you? The system isn’t just there to help disabled people now, it should be a safety net for all of us, because no one knows what might