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DECEMBER CHALLENGE 2019 ⛄️ Tales of the moment by talented  @sofia_sitnikiene  #totm_sofia_sitnikiene  Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your amazing moment with us! Tag #talesofthemoment or #totm_decemberchallenge2019 to be featured! . Featured by @taniadelyphotographie . . . #cameramama #galleryoflightfeature #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #click_vision #infinity_children #mom_hub #dearphotographer  #clickinmoms #thesincerestoryteller #documentyourdays #magicofchildhood #kidsforreal #simplychildren #atdiff_kids #celebrate_childhood #let_there_be_delight #runwildmychild #simplymothers #memoirsofmotherhood #cameramama #theeverydayproject #boldemotionalcolorful #hellostoryteller #theilluminatedartist #clickmagazine #lookslikefilmkids
Yesterday marked two weeks post op for Felix. His healing is nothing short of remarkable. It took about a week for me to feel like his signature twinkle was back in his eyes but now that it’s back, I’m recognizing him more and more each day. The relative smoothness of the past two weeks has given us a lot of hope for the same outcome with his next major surgery to close his palate in June. What a wild, wild ride. 🕊💜🦁 PS Felix’s onesie is by @ittybittybeanco which is the sweetest mama run small shop and code FELIX will get you 10% off!
Quick🎄what’s your favourite Christmas Song? Casper has been going hard for Elton Johns ‘Step Into Christmas’ this year which he enjoys shout singing the lyrics to in the car with about a 5 second delay much to my actual delight. My favourite since I was a little girl is Mud’s ‘Lonely This Christmas’ which is such a wonderfully morose 70s choice for a child that it really thrills me (it’s English does anybody know it? Look it up on Spotify and you’ll be crooning in no time). Ok you go 🎼🥁.
Decided to try out this super fun & easy holiday project with Kamila and it did not disappoint!  Big thank you to the beautiful mama @alysha.gabrielle for sharing! Make sure to check her page out to find out how simple it is to make this dried orange garland 🍊 Up next is @elysendean’s ornament handprint project!
🧚🏼‍♀️Tales of the moment🧚🏼‍♀️ by talented  @familyroots.photo  #totm_familyroots_photo Congratulations and Thank you so much for sharing your amazing moments with us! Tag #talesofthemoment to be featured! . Featured by @birdandbumblebee . . . . #thedocumentarymovement #loveourbigkids #kidsforreal #momtogs #thebloomforum #documentyourdays #galleryoflightfeature  #wildandbravelittles #thesincerestoryteller  #the_camera_clique #honestlydocumented #embracingtheveryday #lifewellcaptured #fantasticallyflawed #treasuringlittlememories  #follow_this_light #ourmagicallight #theartofchildhood #simplychildren #click_vision #hellostoryteller #let_there_be_delight #snapfromtheheart #emotionalstorytelling #deeplyauthentic #unraveledacademy #childhoodwonders #clickinmoms
More lists to Santa 🎅
One of the biggest things I dread? Picking out meals for the week. I would literally rather not eat than have to brainstorm weekly dinners. #notbeingdramaticatall⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ Easy to make dinners where I don’t have to figure out what to cook is THE DREAM — @everyplate makes that possible. Use my code freckledmomma30 to get 18 meals for just $3.33, which gives you 6 free meals. Click the link in my bio to sign up! #myeveryplate #everyplatepartner
Crew seems to love our new Advent calendar, one where we fill the pockets ourselves, and he races to it as soon as we pop in the door each afternoon. Though according to him, all the little crafts and activities and things are just a bit better with a chocolate too. Here, here! ‘Tis the season to make paper snowflakes and be sure to eat a chocolate while doing so. 🎄⭐️🕯
We all want what's best for our babes, I remember never sleeping because I was constantly checking on Solomon, and wondering if the temperature was right for him. You guys, this @cubobabymonitor is a GAME CHANGER, the quality is the best I’ve ever seen, it has roll over and face covered alerts, you can play back ANY TIME of day, and you can record or take a photo of cute moments you want to look back on over and over again😍 It even has a temperature and humidity sensor so you don’t have to wonder if baby is comfy or not. It also grows with them! So I know we’ll use it beyond his baby years.  The best part: you can use code CUBOLAURA for $10 off, making the original $299 price only $189 after their huge Christmas discount! Run!!!
We’ve always dreamed about one day building a house for the experience of it. After renovating so many old houses (which we also love!), we loved the idea of getting to design one from scratch and we knew that would be such a fun adventure! But we also always dreamed of it for the literal experience it would give us to up our contracting and design skills. And it hasn’t disappointed...we’ve had a blast and have learned so much. I love seeing how these two have 100% bought in to this adventure. I don’t guess they have a choice growing up in a family of flippers. Construction and reimagining spaces is in their blood, it seems. But they are HERE FOR IT, y’all. They ask to go over to the new house so often and they sweep and “help” for as long as we’ll let them!  It’s moving so fast and we’re trying to slow a bit for the next few weeks to really savor Christmas, but come January, it’s on 👊🏻 The living room fireplace is really starting to take shape and I love it even more than I thought I would. I’m talking through the details of it in stories today and giving you a little glimpse of some other happenings over at #thebuffaloburrow .
DECEMBER CHALLENGE 2019 ⛄️ Tales of the moment by talented  @luv_luluuu  #totm_luv_luluu  Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your amazing moment with us! Tag #talesofthemoment or #totm_decemberchallenge2019 to be featured! . Featured by @matriarcafragoso . . . #cameramama #galleryoflightfeature #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #click_vision #infinity_children #mom_hub #dearphotographer  #clickinmoms #thesincerestoryteller #documentyourdays #magicofchildhood #kidsforreal #simplychildren #atdiff_kids #celebrate_childhood #let_there_be_delight #runwildmychild #simplymothers #memoirsofmotherhood #cameramama #theeverydayproject #boldemotionalcolorful #hellostoryteller #theilluminatedartist #clickmagazine #lookslikefilmkids
*Theme Feature* This magical moment was captured by: @smittenandswoon  Chosen by: @corihenderson off the tag #mmm_holidaymagic  Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo with us!! . . Follow  @my_magical_moments and tag #my_magical_moments for a chance to be featured! . . . .#candidchildhood #magicofchildhood #enchantedchildhood #dearestviewfinder #let_there_be_delight #letthemexplore #wildandbravelittles #the_sugar_jar #ourcandidlife #documentyourdays #momtogs #mom_hub #kindredmemories #childhoodunplugged#infinity_children
Going through my camera roll as I’m out of space (not surprising with the amount of photos I take of my child 😂) and found this little gem 🥰😍 Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!!
Had an epic birthday today with these three Rugrats, maybe Fin will love me next birthday 🤣 32 was a challenging year but I have every faith the year ahead will be the best yet 🙌🏼 #happybirthdaytome
sweating my buns off in 90+ degrees in the » DFW sounds pretty good right about now 😏💗 #latergram #texasroadtrip #itscoldnow
Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to be an “instamom”. She read all the tips on how to grow her following. She did giveaways, took pictures for companies, bought everything color coordinated to have that “insta-worthy” feed. And it worked. Over the years she gained her 10k, got that notorious swipe up feature, got tons of free products, and even got paid a few times here and there. But it wasn’t enough. She wanted more. More followers, more money, more popularity. So she tried harder. In those 3 years she tried so hard. She cried tears behind closed doors. Felt like a loser, not cool enough, not pretty enough, not funny enough, or deep enough. She felt inadequate seeing other accounts like hers grow and grow. She felt lost as her insecurities washed over her.  And then one day she woke up. It wasn’t immediate and all at once, and some days the insecurities still come, but slowly she began to realize that life isn’t about reaching a peak. It’s never going to be “enough”. Even her wildest dream won’t come true, because once she reaches that, she will dream up something wilder. Life...the BEST life...is about appreciating it. It sounds redundant, but it’s true. We will never truly be happy with what we have until we are happy with what we have. Read that again.  So if you’re like her...If you’ve ever cried in a closet because you felt like a loser, if you’ve ever been just honest to goodness exhausted of comparing yourself to peoples “highlight reels”, if you’ve ever wanted to be cooler and prettier and skinnier and just plain happier with your life...know this: YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING. You just have to believe that.
DECEMBER CHALLENGE 2019 ⛄️ Tales of the moment by talented  @corihenderson  #totm_corihenderson  Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your amazing moment with us! Tag #talesofthemoment or #totm_decemberchallenge2019 to be featured! . Featured by @matriarcafragoso . . . #cameramama #galleryoflightfeature #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #click_vision #infinity_children #mom_hub #dearphotographer  #clickinmoms #thesincerestoryteller #documentyourdays #magicofchildhood #kidsforreal #simplychildren #atdiff_kids #celebrate_childhood #let_there_be_delight #runwildmychild #simplymothers #memoirsofmotherhood #cameramama #theeverydayproject #boldemotionalcolorful #hellostoryteller #theilluminatedartist #clickmagazine #lookslikefilmkids
Leo since getting ear tubes placed has been a completely different kid. Within an hour of getting home his language was different, his responsiveness was different, his appetite was different, his energy did a 180 and he wakes up H A P P Y every morning. Also, super gross, but he had lots of dark, thick, brown, nasty drainage for nearly a whole week post tube placement. All that was in his poor little head! You only know what you know, so I’m giving myself a lot of grace in not taking on the guilt of not knowing he was suffering from chronic inflammation causing constant pressure, hearing loss, irritability and a slow decline in his language. We made cookies first thing this morning just because and good grief, am I thankful for little moments like this. Happy Friday friends. 🕊💜🦁
Did you really have a snack or drink if your kid didn’t ask to share it with you? 🤪 Sophia and Bruno suddenly appeared when I sat down for some hot cocoa. Sophia told me “sharing is caring” which apparently applies to everyone but her. I love drinking hot chocolate around Christmas time. It is my weakness but at least it’s sugar free. As far as the marshmallows though...It’s all about balance right? What is your favorite holiday treat? 🎄
“Imagine all the orange juice we’d be drinking”— musings in valencia
my monstrous monstera
Era il 10 novembre e Ludovica Daria mi dettava questa letterina per la Santa Lucia. La prima finalmente "scritta da lei" (anche se quando sceglievo io i regali era più semplice ma questa è un'altra storia). . Oggi è il giorno - l'emozione è palpabile nell'aria. Stamattina c'era una stradina di soldini di cioccolata che portava le bimbe a scoprire la tavola imbandita... Nina si è fermata per 20 minuti alla cioccolata in realtà (senza mangiarla). . E da voi si festeggia Santa Lucia? Scrivetemi nei commenti anche di dove siete così ripasso un po' di geografia!
✨Theme feature✨ . Twirling by the tree is the best place to be🎄❤️ . Please help me congratulate: . @angelawilsonphotography #sj_angelawilsonphotography . . Visit her gallery and share some J🎄Y! . Selected by Mod: Blakely @crescentmoonphotographysc #sjmod_blakely . . Thank you for tagging #shared_joy and our weekly theme #sj_holidaybokeh. . . Artists tags:  #clickinmoms #lookslikefilm #lookslikefilmkids #childhoodmagic #magicofchildhood #letthembelittle #kidsforreal #dearestviewfinder #documentyourdays #thesincerestoryteller #allkindsofmagic #galleryoflightfeature
My little model ❤️ . . Almost missed this sunset! My camera battery died , but luckily I was a quarter mile down the road from home. Ran back and charged it for a few minutes and made it back to this 😍
🎄ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS....🎄 Little Brian's Art Station! 🎨  This is a must have for every child! (and adult!). Arya has been poorly this week 😭 and we are currently stuck inside the house but... We were kindly #gifted this @littlebrianpaintsticks art station to test through @wire_pr and Arya absolutely loves it and so do I! It's helped so much to keep boredom at bay!  We always use paint sticks in almost every activity we do, mainly because it's mess free! This art board is double sided, one side is a chalk board, the other is a whiteboard that you can also clip paper on to. It comes with 6 paint sticks and 6 chalk pens and a handy little duster to clean up after. You also get paper. It literally comes with everything you need.  It also collapses down and has a little carry handle for on the go and you can store all of your paint sticks, chalk pens and paper underneath the whiteboard too!  What isn't to love?! Arya is well and truly happy with this product and I have no mess to clear up!  Happy mama, happy baby! 💞🎨 #wirepr #toddlersofinsta #photography #mumswithcameras #motherhoodreality #capturingthemoment #toddlermodel #mumbloggersuk #bloggermom #letthembelittle #dailymotivation #dailyparenting #igdaily #instaeveryday #agencyrepresented #letkidsbekids #documentyourdays #childhoodmemories #makingmemories #mumssupportingmums #discoverunder10k #dailyactivity #artsandcrafts #xcrimbotag #mxlxmas
What you can’t see are the tears in my eyes for feeling so freaking grateful. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What you can see is her hair pinned back because of her scissor job earlier this week. 🤣
#ad ANDDDDDD RELAX. This has to be my favourite time of the day and I actually don’t stop thinking about bath time from the second I wake up in the morning! 🛁 Since having a baby I’ve really struggled to get a good nights sleep and I try every thing possible to get a better nights sleep and the best solution I’ve found is to soak yourself in a bath full of Radox just before bed! 🛌 Becky (Tommy’s mummy) loves bath (and her sleep) just as much as I do so guess what will be going in her Christmas stocking this year? And many of them!!! 💤  @radoxuk @sainsburys #radoxreadyforbed #radox
This week has been so hectic.  I’ve been trying to keep up with the house, get Christmas stuff done, and dealing with tantrums and cranky babes...but then this.  Sometimes I just need to sit and breathe.  Thankful for this sweet reminder and this slow moment with my girl ✨ #candidslumber #teammotherly