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"You are the light of consciousness and also the witness of this light. You are pure awareness." ~ Mooji  Picture by #lawoflight • • • #salahealer9 #consciousness #higherconsciousness #esoteric #spiritual #enlightenment #wisdom #awakening #higherself #spirituality #spiritualawakening #meditation #knowthyself #mindfullness #infinite #alchemy #alchemist #divine #light #esoterism #starseed #healing  #lightworker #ascension #sacredknowledge #chakra #5d #infinite #quotes
In my own healing journey this phase hit me like a truck.  I was this social person. I loved being out. I loved being around people. Then suddenly, it was the last thing I wanted.  This is the isolation part of healing. It’s when we allow the world and it’s business to break from our reality. It’s when our soul is calling us to come home, to pay attention, to finally listen.  For me this period lasted almost a year. It was difficult to explain to friends and family.  It’s hard to go through something you can’t put words to.  This is an incredibly transformative part of the journey where we reconnect with ourselves.  We need this to re-emerge as our future self.  We need this silence. We need this rest. We need to finally break from the stream of thoughts of others we have internalized and learn our own.  But it’s scary. And we live in a culture that doesn’t speak to it.  I hope to normalize this process because I didn’t have that on my spiritual path.  If you’re there, I see you.  You are becoming #selfhealers
Layer by layer, we wear various emotions, which form our identity. In order to remember who we think we are, we have to re-create the same experiences to reaffirm our personality and the corresponding emotions. As an identity, we become attached to our external world by identifying with everyone and everything, in order to remind us of how we want to project ourselves to the world.⁣ ⁣ How we appear becomes the facade of the personality, which relies on the external world to remember who it is as a “somebody.”⁣ ⁣ But that is different from who we are-how we feel-without the stimulation of our outer reality: Feelings of shame and anger, fear of death and uncertainty related to the loss of a loved one or even a pet. A preoccupation with thoughts of not having the right body type in order to look a certain way to the world. These kinds of feelings are what we want to conceal.⁣ ⁣ Who we truly are, the real self, is hiding behind the image we are projecting. We can’t face exposing that self to the world, so we pretend to be someone else. We create a set of memorized automatic programs that work to cover the vulnerable parts of us. Essentially, we lie about who we are because we know that societal norms do not have room for that person. That is the “nobody.” That is the person whom we doubt others will like and accept...
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Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world💭⠀ #chakra #ourchakras
Why it makes sense to "follow your heart", literally... "To be a good scientist you must think with your heart because that's where the information comes first" – Nassim Haramein  #heart #heartmath #heartresonance #resonance #resonancescience #unifiedscience #heartbeat #hearts #heartdata #mind #brain #consciousness #followyourheart
Drop a “❤️” and TAG 2 people who need to see this!  I have personally struggled with this for most of my life because I was very numb. I was cutoff to my heart because I had closed my heart as a result of all of the trauma I experienced.  When I started healing myself, my heart slowly began opening back up. It was a slow and grueling process but very worth it.  What has been your experience with emotionally unavailable people? Leave a comment below!  Sending you infinite love! ♥️🙌
“True healing is not the fixing of the broken, but the rediscovery of the Unbroken.” — Jeff Foster.  Artwork by @tasyavanree
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Leave a 🙌🏽 if you receive this. 2020 will be a year of manifestation and clarity. Believe that.
I think we’re too hard on ourselves. We think we’ve wasted time, or think if only we’d known sooner. But the truth is, it couldn’t be any other way. It had to take this time for a lesson within to be learned, for an internal growth to have formed. So don’t worry, everything is right on time. Love Phoebe 🙏🏼 ps. I’ve had a few questions about shipping this late close to Christmas- to my UK folks- it’s stil possible as I’m based in the Uk! Everywhere else is not possible anymore unless express shipping. 💕😘🙈 Check out the link in my @lost_nowhere bio for more or dm me with any questions! #lostnowhere
We sometimes have to be reminded that we possess the pen to write the story of our life.... not others ,not society, but you. Write your life in a way that feels like home to you. Namaste 🙏🏼 💖💫. #affirmations #inspirationalquotes  #artistsoninstagram #grace #gratitude #lifecoach #lifestyle #mindfulness #growth #meditation #healing #motivation #consciousness #thestruggleisreal #selfcare #selflove #writersofinstagram #writing #namaste #positivevibes #positivethinking  #lawofattraction #knowyourworth #healthylifestyle #fitness  #love #fight #yogi #yoga #writer
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Selflessness makes you happier than selfishness. Don't believe in me? Try it! I guarantee you will notice a difference.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #spirituality #spiritual #loveeveryone #loveothers #serveothers #consciousness #higherconsciousness #globalconsciousness #vibratehigher
Mindset determines everything. As @DeepakChopra says, we are co-creators of our reality. The world around us is what we perceive and how we perceive it. 🙃⁠ ⁠ 👁️ If the lens through which we see the world is narrowed by small thoughts, clouded by negativity, and shortened by limiting beliefs, so will our reality be. The world outside is a reflection of the world within. When our approach is open, broad, driven by curiosity, hope, and joy, the universe responds to the energy we bring to it. ⁠ ⁠ 〰️ By reframing the way we see the world–and ourselves in it–we can transform our experience. A closed approach refuses to see the potential the universe has to offer. Too often the blinders we place on our vision keep us from seeing the possibilities that exist for us. But when we expand our gaze, looking with optimism and hope at our lives, others, and the world around us, the universe becomes a place of boundless opportunity and unceasing love. ⁠ ⁠ 👉 Join us as we expand our vision for the new year to set ourselves up for a profound perspective shift (link in bio).⁠ ⁠ #2020visionboard #december #2020 #2020intentions #fortune #manifest #intentions #goals #vision #spiritual #universe #ayurveda #meditation #mindfulness #spirit #balance #harmony #light #love #joy #happiness #motivation #life #consciousness #consciousliving #deepakchopra #chopracenter #quote #personalgrowth #mentalhealth
Because most of us were raised with in codependency (lack of clear boundaries, lack of true autonomy) our conditioning leads us to abandon ourselves to receive love.  We dismiss our needs, + our true nature because we believe we are responsible for the emotional states of those around us.  And, because most of us were never fully seen or heard for who we truly are, on an unconscious level we do not believe we deserve this from the people in our lives.  We feel unworthy of being loved as our whole self. We fear that if someone sees our shadow, meets our ego, or sees the child-like part of us, they’ll run.  Our panic programming comes up, so we become a version of ourselves we believe we need to be. And it’s this adaptation, that blocks us from authentic love.  Authentic love, a love where there is no self betrayal is messy. It’s disappointing. Egos flare up. Triggers happen. We feel selfish and unsure of what’s “yours” and what’s “mine.” And we mourn the loss of the idea that this human being can save us from ourselves.  Authentic love takes courage to allow a person to explore, to do them, to unravel their own conditioning while patiently holding a safe space to return to. It requires trust. And an inner knowing that we can fully express all the parts of self even if this makes someone uncomfortable, unsure, or fearful.  Authentic love is not about completion. Or a “better half.” Or undying devotion. It’s a peaceful energy that says: I want you as you are. I want to raise my own level of consciousness so I can allow you to reclaim your true self.  This is the greatest gift we can give another person #selfhealers
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Are you working with one or both?! ✨🌿 Many of us are working with crystals energetically.  To protect. Transmute. Elevate. Clear. Guide. Set intentions. And so on... and as the collective consciousness evolves, many of us are aligning with the profound power of working with plant essences as well - and holy shift, the transformations & realignments of energy are potent!  ___  In connection with yesterday’s Full Moon reading post, the metaphysical power of Melissa essential oil comes to mind as a supercharged tool to shed stubborn blockages & step into higher vibrational living.  ___  HERE’S WHY:  Melissa Officinalis, aka Lemon Balm is recognized as the essential oil of light and the elixir of life. ✨ As an energetic tool of transformation, Melissa is one of the most sought after essential oils for soul level work, support & guidance 🌿 Bound to the Moon & water, vibrates at a high light frequency 🌿 Invites you to release misaligned energy in your life path to make space for your true self 🌿 Awakens the soul & guides you to embody who you truly are & why you came to this Earth 🌿 Sparks wisdom & reminds you to step into your highest vibrational self by being open to receive soul level guidance 🌿 Facilitates energetic upgrades to fuel your inner spark, inviting you to let go of depression & any other lower vibrations 🌿 Bridges you you to higher realms of living and dreaming 🌿 Empowers you to stay committed & connected to your spiritual practices  Ultimately, Melissa empowers & attunes your vibration to welcome radical self love & the release of misaligned energies, creating space for deep soul level growth, expansion & harmony.  ___  Harnessing this energy to do some really big things in 2020, if you want to join me, send me a message 💚  ___ wearing | @cobaltswim x @tinydevotions  photo | @bodhisunn