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What you do when no one is watching determines who you really are!! You must be self motivated because following your dreams often means standing alone. It‘s a lot of hours spend in the darkness, you‘re not gonna wake up „feeling good“ every day! Still get after it, those are the days that really make the difference 🔥 Be the person who decided to go for it, it‘s the way you grow!! . . . . . #bethebestyou#mindset#focused#spartanrace#stronggirl#spartanwomen#winterrace#ocrathlete#ocr#eliteathlete#aroo#spartanstrong#hyroxathlete#trailrunner#runninggirl#outdoorsports#ninjawarrior#ninjagirl
I’m happiest when I’m dirty 😜.
It’s only been 10 days since the start of my off season and I miss it already! 😩It’s a struggle to slow down and take it easy sometimes, but I know it’s necessary 🙄 .... Can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store!  #spartanrace #spartan #aroo #ocr #dunkwall #bringonthemud #runnerprobs
When training I like to include work on my focus and coordination 🏹💪🏼 • • #aroo #battle611 #irun4thomas #strongmom #spartanmom #ocr #fitness #gritfitness #gritfitnessproteam #savage #savagerace #longbow #traditionalarchery #trainsavage @savagerace
2019 #ocr season has come to an end and I wrapped it up with a 3x @spartan Trifecta (missing a medal since they ran out of 3x medals😡) - It got off to a rocky start with me having shoulder surgery last December and having a little delay in healing. I had my 1st DNF this year, by trying to jump into competitive Age Group in Ohio before my shoulder was completely ready. - Once I slowed down and listened to my body (I preach that better than I practice it!🤷‍♀️) I started picking up steam! I earned a top 10 finish in Austin which secured me a spot in the North American Championship in West Va (which was also a brutal, but amazing Trifecta weekend!) In WV, I also squeaked out a berth to the World Championship in Tahoe (but wasn't able to attend this year). - When I wasn't running competitively, I was with my amazing team (family), Team Scarlet Moxie! Coaching this team has been my passion for 3 years now. I am so thankful to @khill0715 and Russell for helping me hold the team together after my move to Augusta. Some big ideas are in the works to continue growing the team. If you're looking for a team to join, contact me! I have the most awesome and supportive group of people to connect you with! - I also want to thank @theoriginalwarriorpak for the huge honor of being an #teamwarriorpak Athlete for another year! I love being on the course in their @legendborne jersey and climbing ropes with their awesome gloves! I love the ladies who own this company & am truly grateful to be connected with them! - Lastly, I am already working on my 2020 season. I have hired @brucejackson.ocr as a Running Coach (even coaches need coaching!). The last couple of years have plagued me with injuries (from a broken foot to a trashed shoulder), but I am finally healthy and ready to put forth an #honesteffort at bringing the very best me I can bring to the courses next year! ❤💙💚 #aroo
Looks like it’s gonna be chilly but excited to run the Castaic @spartan race this weekend during my last bit of ninja off season! 🙌🥶 This was my fav obstacle in my very 1st OCR race a couple years back at the @goliathonocc w some of the east coast ninjas! 🙃🐒
Okres bez startów więc czas na wspomnienia 🤷‍♀️ Ujęcie na trasie Mistrzostw Europy we włoskich Dolomitach 😍 ajjj tam to było cudownie!  W tym roku spędziłam setki kilometrów na trasach Spartan, co oznacza, że ten rok zaliczam do jak NAJBARDZIEJ udanych❤️ Każdy kilometr pozwalał mi bardziej poznawać siebie.  W kwestii fizycznej poprzez bieganie poznajemy swoje ciało, wiemy jak rozpoznać zmęczenie od zniechęcenia, wyznaczamy swoje granice i tym samym możemy lepiej rozłożyć siły, aby w pewnym momencie nie powiedzieć sobie STOP. Co więcej bieganie to często walka z samym z sobą, co uwielbiam!  Wtedy też mamy możliwość  poznawania swoich myśli, ktore w natłoku codziennych spraw często zostają zagłuszone🤷‍♀️ Biegi Spartan to rodzaj sportu, który odmienia życie w wielu aspektach oraz to szereg nieograniczonych korzyści 👍 Jako trener Spartan oraz globalny ambasador polecam, polecam, polecam jak najbardziej polecam! 😁😊 . . @spartanpoland @spartanraceeurope @spartan #spartanpoland #spartanraceeurope #spartans#aroo #athlete #biegacz #spartan #spartanlife #pasja#motywacja #ocr #biegizprzeszkodami #biegiprzeszkodowe#bieganie #dolomiti #spartanrace #biegacz #biegampogórach
Anyone who saw me on this obstacle DAY 1 saw I fell here from very high up so DAY 2 all I could tell myself was DON'T FALL DON'T FALL!!!! . By @rscott_ocrmomma . #ocraddict #ocrrunner #obstacleracer #ocrlife #obstaclecourse #spartanglory #spartanwomen #spartanup #aroo #ocr
Come to @spartanrace Carolinas ....it will be warm and sunny 😂 🙄 I have learned not to trust the weather after the month of August .... As brutal as these bad weather races are and as much as I whine before the start of it, I love how much they challenge me, physically and mentally. It makes crossing that finish line is much more rewarding!  #spartanrace #spartan #spartanwomen #spartancarolinas #aroo #bleggmitt #dunkwallwednesday
I don’t know what it is with me and twisting my ankle during races, but I did it again this past weekend. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and I was able to get back into the race within a few minutes. I was able to work my way back into first and win the race. • • • • •#spartan #spartanrace #aroo #ocr #obstaclecourseracing #running #vjshoeusa #thebestgripontheplanet #flowstoneclimbing #platinumocr #evolveoutsidethegym #hshive #honeystinger #stingorbeestung #fuelmadesimple #sweetentheburn
Back To Mad Trainning!! 1km 10 muscle ups intervals Total: 9km 90 muscle ups #muscleups #muscleup
A very special #medalmonday dedicated to a rising star @ashleylorrainec  @spartanrace  Got her first elite win this Sunday...something she has been working for all year. Even more impressive, her race didn’t go perfect. She failed an obstacle early and fell back to fourth place. She stayed focused and composed, got back in her pace and hunted them down. 💪  I’m incredibly proud of Ashley and wanted to share her success today. She not only is consistent, but takes initiative when it comes to recovery, mobility, and nutrition. She makes sure she’s ready to take on the training, and that’s really half the battle...and she has a full time desk job and a commute, which makes it even more crucial to work on that stuff.  Congrats @ashleylorrainec  Enjoy Disney World with @evansumners 😂
Tú dudando de ti misma, y otros asustados por tu potencial... 🦗 . . A disfrutar de las mini vacaciones, ¿aprovechas para entrenar o solo fiesta? 🏋️‍♀️🎉 . . . 📸 @kayah_j
My very first Spartan. Can’t believe it’s over, but it actually is the start to something much bigger than I ever could have dreamed of.  2019 started off as the worst year of my life. I set a crazy goal to try to get myself back to the person I knew I could be. @melissarupp18 who is my trainer and one of my best friends, not only decided to do the Spartan race with me, she decided to spend half a year pouring so much love and energy into me and pushing me to my limits. She didn’t give up on me when I had given up on myself. We even found out she was pregnant midway through and she still was able to compete competitively in the race! I will never be able to thank her enough for getting me back on my feet.  A special thank you to @msv0915 who decided to do this race too (he crushed it), @kidderific & @swtbabyjo for joining us on our crazy weird outdoor workouts. To @meegierex & @pat_rickcollins for letting me steal your spouses and your unwavering support. To @b_ez4 for never showing your annoyance with my daily questions and for all your encouragement. To @kait_blakey & @likelisawithan_a for helping me nail my spear toss. To my new gym for rolling with all my weird requests, numerous questions, and honing in on techniques @headstrongfit and to @revslofitness for getting me started on my journey! To all my family and friends for your nonstop support. It really does mean the world to me.  I was completely shocked I missed the top ten by two spots and had a lot left in the tank. There are so many things I can improve on, and am excited to keep learning.  I decided to continue this journey- and will be racing in the Sprint and Stadion series for the 2020 season so if you want to come join me, I’ll be doing some trips to some cool cities and stadiums! 💪🏼❤️ #spartan #spartanrace #oraclepark #workhard #limitless #spartanwomen  #spartanstadion #bye2019 #aroo #hello2020 #quittingisntanoption #workharder #grit #nowbacktowork #timetowork
Why do I still work? Why did I start Spartan in the first place? I could’ve easily retired after Wall Street. I started @spartan because I wanted to change a million lives for the better. After seeing millions of people have life changing transformations I increased the number to 100 million because why not?  Changing peoples lives for the better is the greatest feeling. I keep doing it for that reason. I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon because every time I get a life changing email or DM it reminds me why I started this in the first place. Makes me want to keep going and reach more people. That’s why I do it.
#repost @thiagobarbabruta ・・・ Nos juntamos para Fazer o que gostamos e gostamos mesmo é de nos desafiar. . Bandeiras diferentes + objetivos similares = resultado . . OCR Team Junto e Misturado  @aureawilke do @team_despreparados  @deborah_nahkur  do @mahalo.ar  @xyko_lk_ocr do @templarius_br  Campeões da Itú Giants Challenge 🏆 . . Parabéns guerreiros @adrianosmeagol @raissadias._  e equipe 🏆🥉👏🏼👏🏼 . . . #tmj #wearethechampions #ocrteam #ocr #juntossomosmaisfortes #letsgo #templarios #ituchallenge #itugiantschallenge #itu #ocrbrasil #desafioocr #bravusrace #spartan #aroo  A união de loucos que vestem bandeiras diferentes para se desafiarem e se divertirem juntaram hoje para enfrentar a ITÚ GIANTS CHALLENGE.  4 km + 30 obstáculos  Prova com vários obstáculos exigindo a força dos atletas 👌🏼💥 . . Gratidão por aceitarem o convite 🙏🏽 @deborah_nahkur do @mahalo.ar , @aureawilke do @team_despreparados , @xyko_lk_ocr do @templarius_br #tmj 👊🏼 Equipe campeão do 3 Itú Challenge 🏆 . .
We don’t realize how big of an impact our thoughts have on our body. Just by saying you’re tired you can convince yourself that you are.  People literally convince themselves that they’re tired when in reality they have another gear. Change the narrative, don’t tell yourself that you’re tired. Watch what you tell yourself, especially if it’s the easy way out. It’s a trap.
Už sa zvianočnieva! 😊🎄A takáto sladká odmena čaká všetkých na tréningu v @stgsenica 💪🏻🤩 #mysmespartan #spartanslovakia #spartankids #spartanchristmas #aroo #sweets #spartan #spartantraining #spartanrace @spartan @spartanraceeurope
💥Rebel Pops - Letter O💥 . OCR - Obstacle Course Race . To know the level I am on and the toll these races take on me physically as well as mentally, the amount of respect I have for the Spartan Ultra World Championship competitors is off the charts.  After watching them race trying to obtain 100+ miles up and down the mountains of Åre, Sweden for 24 hours straight in temperatures below zero, with a 20,000+ feet elevation gain, all along having to successfully complete obstacles that include swinging from metal bars (imagine how that feels on bare hands); running up and down mountains that are a sheet of ice, carrying buckets of rocks, weighted sandbags, and giant logs in parts of it; doing burpees or penalty laps for failed obstacles (one competitor was up to almost 700 burpees); climbing walls; etc., I’m still trying to wrap my head around how any human body can endure that kind of test. In my eyes there are no finer athletes alive. .  #ru_lettero_19 #rebelpops #rebels_united #spartanrace #wearespartan #aroo #ocr #obstaclecourserace #flippintires
We were nominated by @muddy_scrubs - 10 days of running / ocr photos with no explanation showing the positive impact it has had on us, the sport and community. We couldn’t be more proud to be part of the #spartanfam  We will nominate someone to keep it going. Today we nominate our friends over @teambarbozzi congrats on all the hard work you guys put in this year!! Nominate someone and keep it going! #spartanlife #spartancouple #powercouple #ocrlife #spartanrace #running #aroo #ocr #dayone
Tešíte sa na túto krásnu zimnú medailu a finišerské tričko? 🔜 Spartan Winter Sprint Banská Bystrica!  #spartanslovakia #spartanbanskabystrica #winterspartan #winterrace #spartan #aroo #obstacles #mysmespartan #winter #wintermedal
Habits are the compound interest of self improvement. Keep grinding 💪💪 . . . . #endurelite #familyoffast #manukasport #manukahoney #fitpro #energygel #beefit #rebelrunnerpro #spartanpro #engineeredforendurance #manukafan
I’m not training right now, I’m just living the way I like to🤙🏽. • When I got frostbite on my toes in April I couldn’t walk or run for a month. When that month was up my best friend @morgan.elisabeth used her PT skills to help me recover fast, and get back on my feet. • Since then running feels like a gift, not a chore. I crave the chance to get outside and cover ground. To feel like I’m a small part of something bigger. Breathing the air, turning up dirt, and watching the sun rise. Out there I have a pretty clear picture of my strengths, limits, and created purpose. Out there I learn the lessons that only pain and thirst can teach you. I might be onto something deeper and poetic here...or I’m just a restless guy dying to get back out there😎.
T H E | B O X . It came down to Ultras helping Ultras when we hit The Box obstacle. No one left behind. . AROO to you this fine day! Keep grinding! . #spartancoloradorockies #spartan #spartanrace #teamironhorse #ocr #spartanultra #spartanultra2019 #aroo #spartanglory #fitover40 #spartansnowmass #strongertogether #spartanbox #nooneleftbehind #keepgrinding
I often get asked what my go-to exercises are so I broke it down into two videos. Here are my first 15 and tomorrow I’ll be releasing another 7. I do these everyday, 50 reps each and if I have a race coming up I’ll do 100 each about 3-4 weeks out.  You can choose your total number of reps. Enjoy #aroo  P.S Let me know what your favorite exercise is in the comments below.
S P A R T A N | S A N T A . He’s real! Do you think you’re on his naughty or nice list? . #spartanlaughlin #spartan #spartanrace #spartansprint #spartanglory #teamironhorse #aroo #atlascarry #santa #santaslist #spartansanta #naughtyornicelist #noburpeesforchristmas
⚔️ SPARTA▪️GREECE 🇬🇷 🌍TRIFECTA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 Consapevole di partire non proprio al top della forma a causa dell'intenso carico di lavoro sostenuto durante tutto l'anno e con qualche fastidio qua e là che, nelle ultime settimane, non mi ha permesso di allenarmi come avrei voluto; partito quindi senza grandi ambizioni ma con la semplice voglia di mettermi in gioco, dare il massimo in gara e godermi al meglio questo evento unico nel suo genere!  Tre gare: Sprint❤️, Super💙 e Beast💚, suddivise in due giorni di altissima intensità, dove atleti provenienti da ogni parte del mondo erano pronti a fronteggiarsi e a darsi battaglia senza esclusione di colpi.  I chilometri corsi sono stati davvero tanti e numerosi gli ostacoli da superare, molti dei quali ci han messo veramente a dura prova ma in fin dei conti si è trattato di un mondiale e quindi ritengo giusto che il livello di difficoltà fosse così. Nonostante tutto posso ritenermi più che soddisfatto di come sia riuscito ad affrontare tutte e tre le gare; ho corso al massimo delle mie capacità e il risultato finale è andato ben oltre le mie aspettative.. ° ° 🔺Overall Ranking: ⏱️6h 30' 51" ⚔️22/63 AG 25-29 ⚔️115/549 AG All ❌150 Total Burpees 🏃🏼‍♂️50Km, 1600m D+ Total Distance ° ° Non potevo sperare di chiudere la stagione in una maniera migliore, fiero del risultato che ho ottenuto perché è stata la prova che col duro lavoro e la costanza i risultati prima o poi arrivano. Questo non vuol dire che ho raggiunto il mio obiettivo ma che piano piano mi ci sto avvicinando. 🔥🔥🔥AROO SPARTANS🔥🔥🔥 ° Follow my team🔺@ocr_team_italy_lwt 🇮🇹 ° Training by🔺@tawomar 🔥👊🏼 ° My wear🔺@done_sportwear 🎽 ° ° 🔺@spartan 🔺@spartanrace 🔺@spartanraceeurope 🔺@spartanraceitaly 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #spartanglobalba19 #spartanambassador #spartanrace #spartan
What is stoicism?  Stoicism is basically a philosophy that comes from Ancient Greece about how you perceive the world.  The emotions you feel are an interpretation not reality.  They practice cognitive distancing. What you’re feeling is not you, it’s a temporary interpretation of an external event.  There are many principles and ideas to the philosophy but in a nut shell this is the main theme.  Don’t let everything rattle you, be more stoic, know who you are and don’t let temporary emotions take you over!