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SKP Medical Academy | 適啟醫療學院


Provides courses, workshops & sharing on topics in physiotherapy and many more. 📩 [email protected] Check us out on facebook for more!👇🏻

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If you have viewed our video to decide which courses to take for the betterment of your career, you know that SKPMA has your study plan covered in 2020!  Here comes the first course in 2020, *drum roll* The Modern Cupping Method Workshop!  With the modern cupping method, treatment of soft tissue-related problems is easier on the hands of therapists and more effective on patients. You can also combine the usage of cups with exercise for a good active treatment regime. - Apply now and learn more about the method: http://bit.ly/MCM_Feb_2020
Full version on facebook. 推廣物理治療,進德修業,歡迎轉閱。  #大physio主義 #skpmedicalacademy  #adammeakins  #dmaclinicalpilates  #mckenzieinstituteinternational  #moderncuppingmethod  #omttraining8989  #kinesiologytaping
Its been a while since our last Kinesiology taping course.  Check on our fb page for the workshop on 28-29 December.  #return_december #skpma #taping #kinesiologytape
Manipulation course by @omttraining8989 will be back to Hong Kong at end of Nov. Details on fb link in bio.
Trapeze Table and upper limb exercise.  #dmaclinicalpilates #unitb
How abt some video during assessment. #dmaclinicalpilates #unitb
Treasure the chance when we can have expert around the whole come over to share their knowledge.  We have: #mckenzieinstituteinternational  #dmaclinicalpilates  #manipulation #dryneedling  #adammeakins  #kt_taping #moderncuppingmethod #feldenkraismethod  #omttraining8989
Lots of discussion this long weekend.  #dmaclinicalpilates  #unitb
We are hosting the Kinesiology Taping workshop in December for our fellow physiotherapists‼️ . Kinesiology taping is a great rehabilitation tool for pain reduction and encouragement of movement when it's used correctly with sound clinical reasoning and accurate knowledge. =================================== Come learn more about this tool and APPLY NOW:  http://bit.ly/KT_Taping_2019
All parts of The McKenzie Method will be hosted in Hong Kong in 2020, which is the FIRST TIME EVER in the City‼️ . Learn about this method of assessment and diagnosis to understand patients' condition through sound and detailed clinical reasoning and give appropriate treatment regime and education. . Credential examination will be held in 2021 for our fellow physiotherapists who has completed all 4 parts too‼️ ========================================== Check it out and APPLY NOW:  http://bit.ly/McKenzie_ABCD_2020
When speaker introduce himself.  #mckenzie_partc  #mckenzieinstitute  #skpma
We have a reminder for all of you that the McKenzie Part C course is coming to Hong Kong in September 2019 and Part D will be in town in 2020‼️Seats are selling fast so grasp the chance and register ASAP‼️ ===================================== Application: http://bit.ly/McKenzie_CD_2019_2020
Jimmy from the OMT Training is going to be back in November this year to deliver the basic spinal manipulation workshop once again due to the excellent feedback! . Come and enjoy two days of informative, detailed and humourous teaching from Jimmy on the topics of spinal manipulation with us! ===================================== Application: http://bit.ly/omt_manip_Nov_2019
Thank you to our dedicated colleagues for coming to the OMT Spinal Manipulation Workshop!  Once again we had great fun and informative training from Jimmy.  We will have another workshop coming for you guys, stay tuned!  Posted @withrepost • @omttraining8989 Great  2 days in #hongkong see you in 2020 Look at the most up to date research on HVLA Techniques.... Journal of Integrative Medicine - Review 2019 “Spinal manipulation therapy: Is it all about the brain? A current review of the neurophysiological effects of manipulation”  by Giles GYER & Jimmy MICHAEL  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.joim.2019.05.004 ➡️OMT Training - Giles GYER and Jimmy Michael are Internationally published authors, scientific writers in manual therapy, teaching advanced and adaptive techniques worldwide... .  #injury #massoterapia #chiropracticadjustment #mobility #jointhealth #chiropractic #sportsmassage #physiotherapy  #osteopathy #acupuncture #chiropractor #quiropractica #osteopatia  #fisoterapia #fisoterapiaesportiva #fisioterapeuta #osteópata #quiropráctico #physiotherapeut #adjustment #physicaltherapy #sportsinjury #オステオパシー
今個暑假,強勢回歸。 Modern Cupping Method Workshop  詳見Fb skpmedicalacademy  #skpma #mcm
Great speaker for this weekend 🇭🇰 #shouldercomplex  #skpma
‼️📣ANNOUNCEMENT 📣‼️ - Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. • As physiotherapists, working in various settings makes our working days differ from others'. Because of those differences we have distinct perspective of the job, thus affecting our career path. • In this career sharing, Kenny Yu, the director of SKP Medical Academy and co-founder of SKP Medical group, will talk about the physiotherapy market trends, characteristics of successful physiotherapists, how to evaluate a company/boss and many more practical tips as living with your profession. • This fruitful sharing is provided to you for FREE‼️Apply now and get some tips on career development‼️ ===================================== Application link➡️http://bit.ly/career_talk_2019
Serious discussion on health care system reforming.  #dmaclinicalpilates  #skpma
Meet the Legend: Robin McKenzie.  #mckenzieinstitute  #skpma
Staying at home and looking at courses would be a good idea for a groomy Saturday afternoon, so we are here to announce that The McKenzie Method® in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® course Part A is full but Part B is still open for application, so do Part C and D! . We also have another reminder for our physio colleagues: According to the McKenzie Institute International, after taking the Part A course, you can take Part B, C and D in ANY ORDER, so you can choose to finish any part of the course any time as long as you completed Part A. . For more details of each course, please refer to the previous posts. ===================================== Apply for Part B here: http://bit.ly/McKenzie_AB_2019 . Poster details: https://www.facebook.com/SKPMedicalAcademy/posts/2869564096390796 . Apply for Part C and D here: http://bit.ly/McKenzie_CD_2019_2020 . Poster details: https://www.facebook.com/SKPMedicalAcademy/posts/3014257195254818
Modern Cupping Method is back again on 24th and 25th August, 2019! . Combining the power of suction effect inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and anatomy and physiology knowledge from Western Medicine, Modern Cupping Method is a powerful and safe tool in physiotherapy for management of disorders from musculoskeletal pain to scar management. Restoring range of motion in a few minutes. . Apply NOW and learn more about this East meet West approach for physiotherapy! ===================================== Application link: http://bit.ly/MCM_Aug_2019
1 minute introduction of TMS workshop
Adam Meakins -  一位網上紅人,言論出位的火爆物理治療師,他的文章講話既誇張又真實。看透physio而又高舉用運動作治療的旗幟,觀其言行教人又愛又恨。  好了,以上只是主觀看法,好subjective;  渠嘅objective marker 係:Shoulder workshop 瘋魔歐美亞澳,近乎場場爆滿(reference: https://thesports.physio/courses/) 有見及此,請他到香港一遊,六月首次踏足香港。聽聞他的課程好笑過棟篤笑,歡迎攜帶爆谷進場,謹請保持地方清潔。  #adammeakins  #skpma
Thank you everyone to sacrifice their weekend to make themselves a better physio for our patients. #skpma  #omttraining  #dryneedling
After part A and B, we are proud to present you the Part C and D of The McKenzie method now! These two courses will be held in late September 2019 and April 2020, learn to apply this method of assessment and treatment on upper and lower extremity, and learn more about the advanced application of the method on the spine ‼️‼️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• APPLY NOW ➡️http://bit.ly/McKenzie_CD_2019_2020
After presenting the Part A and B course of The McKenzie Method, we have received overwhelming responses and seat number was expanded to cater for the demand. Limited seats are still available so act fast to secure a seat for yourself ‼️‼️ ===================================== Application Link ➡️https://www.facebook.com/1596240243723194/posts/2869564096390796/
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)係一項治療中風、帕金森氏症的新科技。 TMS透過磁場,去刺激或抑制大腦皮質不同部分的活動,以改善由神經問題引起的症狀。今年三月,我地好高興邀請到Matthias 同我地分享TMS既基本操作同臨床應用。 有興趣就入以下網址報名啦‼️ ===================================== Application:http://bit.ly/TMS_2019
The Journal Club 係新一年再度回歸‼️ .  將會打頭陣既主題係Feldenkrais Method in Physiotherapy ,有興趣既同事們要快啲報名啦‼️ ============================== Application: http://bit.ly/The_Journal_Club_Jan19
If you missed to apply for the course, you may still come over for patient demonstration.  #modercuppingmethod #mcm #skpma
SKPMA’s 🎁 for 2019  Jan: Modern Cupping Method🇭🇰 March: OMT Dry Needling🇬🇧 April: McKenzie Part A 🇳🇿 April: DMA Clinical Pilates Unit B 🇦🇺 June: The Shoulder by Adam Meakins 🇬🇧 July: McKenzie Part B 🇳🇿 September: McKenzie Part C 🇳🇿 April 2020: McKenzie Part D  And more... Course link can be found on the our fb page.  #skpma #mckenziemdt #dmaclinicalpilates #omttraining #adammeakins #mcm
The Modern Cupping Method Workshop 將會係2019年再度回歸‼️受傳統中醫拔罐的啟發,現代拔罐結合西方解剖學和生理學知識,提供一種安全,簡便,有效的軟組織和筋膜放鬆方法。是次workshop反應熱烈,有興趣的同事們要把握機會報名啦‼️ ===================================== Application link ➡️ http://bit.ly/MCM_Jan_2019
Next weekend Feldrenkarsis workshop. Talk abt how to fall! #feldenkrais #skpma
再談 Feldrenkarsis Method Upcoming Workshop in Nov now available: facebook.com/skpmedicalacademy #skpmedicalacademy #skpma #feldenkrais