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🌎 Chef / Consultant / Organic Retail Specialist / Recipe Development / Pop Ups/ Events / Private Hire / 🌱 / πŸ“πŸŒ πŸ“§ [email protected]

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FESTIVE PIZZA “That’s beautiful” . Pizza game was on point yesterday and the festive pizza was a firm favourite. Homemade cashew mozzarella base, spiced berry and miso marinated brussel sprouts, red onion and homemade soy bacon crumble . Check out the melt on the Margharita pizza, Organic tomatoes topped with @followyourheart mozzarella shreds . finally the wonderfully light pillow pizza dumplings topped with organic tomatoes and homemade cashew mozzarella . Thank you all for coming and for your support πŸ’š
Sunday’s with Monk . Breakfast never sound better. Cast iron charred sourdough, topped with scrambled tofu, variety of cherry tomatoes, carrot tops and avocado served with home roast single origin Ethiopian coffee
I’ll be firing up the pizza oven next Tuesday @kauzundkiebitz for street food Tuesday to bring Berlin some fine vegan pizza! We will be using both homemade vegan cheese and @followyourheart cheese designed for pizza . Menu - GNOCCHETTI DI PIZZA - DEEP FRIED PIZZA BALLS TOPPED WITH TOMATO SAUCE AND VEGAN CHEESE - MARGHERITA PIZZA - TOMATO, BASIL, VEGAN MOZZERELLA - 8.5 EURO - FESTIVE PIZZA - (WHITE PIZZA) CHEESE BASE, MARINATED BRUSSELS SPROUTS, RED ONIONS, VEGAN BACON BITS
PIZZA EXPO LONDON 2019 . It’s an intimidating setting, up in amongst some of the best pizza chefs in Europe. We held our own and couldn’t be prouder to have served these pizzas. Pumped with air, like @jumpman23 and topped with the best plant base pizza cheese out there by @followyourheart  Margherita Pizza - organic tomato’s, Basil, salt, @followyourheart cheese and olive oil  Pizza Bianca Fungi - @followyourheart garlic aioli vegenaise, wild oregano, @followyourheart Parmesan style Italian cheese, wild mushrooms and olive oil  Dough 48hr maturation, 70% hydration, natural leaven
A short trip to Philadelphia and a stop at @blackbirdpizza to try the Philly Cheesesteak. One bite and we had to do our take on this classic sandwich! Also it’s her favourite sandwich 😏 Come get your vegan Berlin Cheesesteak style sandwich ✌🏽 . Repost @brammibalsdonuts It’s Pop Up time again! πŸ₯³ Chef @proofsplace will be back at our Potsdamer Platz location Thursday til Sunday to bring you vegan Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches. His version includes housemade seitan steak, thinly sliced and pan fried, pickled peppers, fried onions and @followyourheart cheese on a housemade toasted bread roll with garlic mayo. πŸ₯– See you there! πŸ‘‹
Flying to the next pizza expo, this one is in Atlantic City. Can’t wait to be working with the @followyourheart making plants centre of plate with their cheese. I am honoured to be representing them on such a stage . Above are some pictures of some late night baking with the @gozney roccbox, been working on a new recipe, trying to get that melt down. Getting closer, using ingredients and techniques I picked up while in Japan.
If it wasn’t hot enough already! πŸ”₯ . Tonight @brammibalsdonuts team dinner, homemade wings with some homemade sauces. Kind of looking forward to it πŸ˜…
Lettuce & Natto Fried Rice . Perfect weather for a dish like this, and a great way to use up left over rice and veg . Spiked with a touch of @clearspringuk tamari and fresh chilli πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ could eat this daily! . . . πŸ“· by @yuifujiyama
BEYOND MEAT SAUSAGE 🌭 . We’ve teamed up with @brammibalsdonuts to bring you another Pop Up at their Potsdamer Platz location this weekend: @beyondmeat sausage Hot Dogs!🌭 The beyond sausages have just recently become available in Germany, and we’re excited to be one of the firsts to give you the opportunity to try them! There will be two different options: . Kraut Dog - housemade sauerkraut, @followyourheart cheese melt, @beyondmeat Sausage, homemade baked sourdough breadcrumbs, mustard and Ketchup . Pickle Dog - fried onions, cheese melt, @beyondmeat sausage, homemade pickle and onion relish, mustard and ketchup πŸ’« All Hot Dogs will be served in house made buttery sweet rolls 🀀
Miso Peanut Butter on Sourdough . A new breakfast addiction, peanut butter with @clearspringuk brown rice miso on homemade sourdough (chilli flakes optional) with Ethiopian coffee by @fiveelephant . Sourdough is 20% rye, 20% Spelt, 60% Wheat, 80% hydration . . . Photo and coffee poured by @yuifujiyama
UMAMI PUNCH PASTA . Fallen in love with this miso cream. Previously featured on the UMAMI PUNCH PIZZA, this time in a pasta . Miso cream over pasta, with pan fried garlic and herb wild mushrooms, slow roast cherry tomatoes topped with toasted sourdough bread crumbs and lemon zest
NO FRIED CHICKEN WITH COFFEE INFUSED BUFFALO HOT SAUCE πŸ”₯ . Homemade soy and sietan NOT CHICKEN, coated and fried with a side of homemade buffalo hot sauce infused with Brazilian coffee from @populus_coffee . One of those days when you jump in the test kitchen to make it all from scratch
Volume 2 “The best Beyond I’ve ever had” . Thanks to everyone who came out to our burger pop up V2, and to @brammibalsdonuts for the collaboration and support from the awesome team. We couldn’t have asked for more with the feedback we received but then we got several repeat orders and customers coming again the next day too! You guys rock! πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ . @beyondmeat patty served in either a @brammibalsdonuts glazed donut 🍩 or homemade sesame bun, topped with @followyourheart cheese, homemade burger sauce, rice paper bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mustard . Photo by @chrissi_veganbarista
IT’S BACK! 🍩 πŸ” πŸ₯“ . #repost @brammibalsdonuts ・・・ Due to popular demand and many many requests, our beyond meat donut burgers with @followyourheart Cheese will make a comeback at our Potsdamer Platz location this weekend! If a burger in a donut is too freaky for you, we’ll also have some house made burger buns available! Chef @proofsplace will be flipping burgers for you from Friday til Sunday starting at 12 til 8 or sold out. πŸ”β€οΈπŸ©
SUNDAYS . . . #vegan #organic #travelingchef #followthefood
YELLOW TOMATOES . It’s the season and these ones were sweeter than I’ve had in the past. It’s so versatile and I love the colour. You’ll find it on pizzas, pasta and last night I topped a focaccia with it then baked it and that reminded me of @superiorityburger in NYC . . . #vegan #organic #yellow #yellowtomatoes #season #cookseasonally #fresh #pasta #pizza #focaccia #travelingchef #followthefood
HAPPY SUNDAY! . Last week, it was 31oC β˜€οΈ but there was nowhere else I’d rather have been than in front of a hot oven making pizzas! Some people say I’m crazy, but it’s just an act of love. So LOVE WHAT YOU DO! I’m blessed that I get to daily!