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“Don't act like you're not impressed” Ron Burgundy. What’s your favorite quote of his? Haha one of my favorite moves. Thanks to my client for flying out from Atlanta. He sat like a champ for his first tattoo. About 12 hours. Theses two pictures are two different camera set ups. What do you prefer? @blackanchorworldwide
As far as we got on this fun Tattoo tonight! @blackanchorworldwide
Who wants to see this all done? Lol
Friday the 13th at Black Anchor!!
Merry Christmas Y'all
Always great catching up with @imseanakhavan can’t wait till @musink_tatfest this year bro. Till next time brother.
Worked on this one a little more. One more quick sitting and I think it will be done. 8x10 oil on wood. Can’t wait to get a frame for this one.
Added this inuyasha piece to @scusguen animated sleeve. We are getting close to completing his arm. Can’t wait to post pics of it done.  Would love to do more pieces like this. Dm or email me to make an appt mathurtadoart@gmail.com
And another joins the Sad girls club. Love doing these!!! I have time next week.
Started to block this one in today. The power rangers was my jam when I was a kid.  Green ranger was my fav until he became the white ranger.  I remember my mom getting me the action figure for Christmas and getting the saba sword. 8x10 oil on wood. Can’t wait to add another layer and finish it up. Who else loved power rangers? Which one was your favorite?
I did a painting of bananas once.  It’s funny to see all the posts about that duct tape banana at art basel.  Anyways here’s “monkey business” 12x12 oil on acm in the collection of @kimsaigh & @shawndbarber
I have time the last week before Christmas! Discounted rate if you set up an appointment that week! DM me to do more information!
Now booking February / March . For appointments text (323)898-5192 OR DM ME!!!
Been working on this the last 2 days. It’s been super fun! #wip
Last minute Openings this month Hesperia location  Come get ridiculous  Flat rates on my pre drawn flash Also... don’t forget to hydrate
“Vegan blue I use only. The best it is.” Baby Yoda . It is the way!  The mind of @mathurtado @veganblue. Baby Yoda asks if you have ordered yet?
If you could identify as a super hero who would you be? In my mind I would be Wolverine but I think I’m more like Leonardo from TMNT. Fun #spiderman from last week. @marvel @marvelstudios @sony @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @fusion_ink @bishoprotary
Who wants to challenge me to a snow ball fight? I have an arm like Elf. The desert 🌵shop is looking nice this morning in Hesperia, Ca. Snow days. Thanks for the rad pic @umbrellaface
Just in time for the holidays! Really fun colors to play with. @blackanchorworldwide
Started this 90’s skateboarding/video game mash up piece today. So much fun. Thanks @mikestrada ! Can’t wait to add the aku aku mask and more. To make an appt with me Dm or email me mathurtadoart@gmail.com
A.S.M.R.  Who likes this shit?
Got to add dr robotnik to this sonic the hedging leg sleeve I’ve been working on. The tails was originally done by someone else but my client wasn’t happy with it. So I re did it and made it better. Stoked to continue on his leg. The sonic and knuckles are fully healed. Would love to do bigger projects like this. Dm or email me to make an appt. mathurtadoart@gmail.com
"If I weren't crazy, I'd be insane!" - Batman: Dark Detective I love tattooing comic related stuff! @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
A little swollen #fridakahlo can’t wait to finish this been 10 years in the making lol. Done on @raine_fit
Childhood memories today on @gameprepba Thank you for making the trip!! #grateful
Who uses only the best on their clients? @stencilanchored let’s go let’s get it!
“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” #fridakahlo this is a tattoo I started 9 years ago and never finished. Glad my client finally returned one more sitting to bring it life. Done on @raine_fit
Lines and black healed/color fresh
I always have time for Skulls and roses. BOOKING NOW  Contact links located in my bio
Cara Mia. Chipping away at this Morticia Addams. #addamsfamily on a really nice client. Swipe to see it in color. Half healed half fresh. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored thanks for looking.
@guttermouse at it again
From my predrawn designs. Swipe to see more  Skulls and roses Always welcome
I have openings this month I’d love fill.  Offering a great rate on these predrawn designs
I have these five original oil paintings for sale! Check the prices below and DM me to grab one!  #1 5x7 Skull $125 #2 6x8 Skull $150 #3 4x6 Eight ball $100 #4 5x7 Cat skull $100 #5 6x8 Halloween $200
Time available this month
Now booking for January / February . For appointments text (323)898-5192 OR DM ME!
😁The 1.5 hour drive was so worth it! @umbrellaface created an amazing piece!! Cannot wait to get color on it! 🎨 #inked #freshlyinked
Opening today hit me up. Great deal for filling the spot last min
Finished up Thanos today! Who is your favorite villian? #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #tattooartist #tattooart #victorville #hesperia #applevalley #highdesert #hidesert #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoo #blackandgreytattoos #blackandgreyportrait #thanos #thanostattoo #marvel #marvelcomics #marveltattoo #marveltattoos @blackanchorworldwide @bishoprotary @fusion_ink @stencilanchored @nerdytattoosdaily
Fun mandala mash up with the circle of life..
Who is your favorite villain from the Marvel cinematic universe? Did this #hela on @yoyo_thepinstar cannot wait to continue will be finished up next sitting. #slowandsteady @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @fusion_ink @bishoprotary
Wait for it. Turn the sound up. @rampagethemovie I will post healed photos soon. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored done on @majesty_jm
So stoked on this frame from @thebatican for “The Dance” thanks dude shipping it out ASAP collection of @c4rpe.noctem
Rampage! A little cover up action of some laser removal. Over some scars and keloids I will hopefully get some healed pictures for you soon. Half healed half fresh. @rampagethemovie #george done on @majesty_jm
Thanks @lolahgeepers Some healed some fresh  Swipe for the video... or don’t
Yesterday was Dia De Los Muerto’s and I figured I would post some tattoos And art work I’ve made over the years of this special Mexican holiday that is now celebrated all over the world. Remembering your past loved ones on this day. 🙏🏼 @blackanchorworldwide #sugarskull #diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead I used to do so many of these. I started a new Dia De Los Muertos painting too! 1/4/6 are original designs by @sylviaji
Got some healed pics of a sleeve I finished up a while back. Super fun and I love the way it’s settling in!
Would love to do more marvel tattoos.  I’m now booking for end of December and January.  Email or Dm me to make an appt. mathurtadoart@gmail.com @blackanchorworldwide @fusion_ink @secondskintac
Crying hearts always welcome Flat rate on these
What one is your favorite? Happy Halloween! Here are a few costume ideas. Happy haunting. Watch out for the kids on the road. @blackanchorworldwide
Worked more on @nyalist68 leg yesterday. Added the color to the wolverine. Originals drawing by @jfabok. Really enjoyed working on this one.  @blackanchorworldwide @fusion_ink @secondskintac
Knocked out this lil Link from the new Zelda links awakening.  8x10 oil on wood.  Did anyone else play the new one for switch? It was so great. Zelda is one of my all time fav games.