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Chocolate milk & Oreos. From a few thousand feet up the world looks very different. At times different enough to possibly even change the way you think & feel this planet of ours. .  Excited to be sharing this body of work all next week through slideshows & my new book during my west coast tour. Monday night in San Diego at @roarksandiego & Tuesday @albumsurf . Food, Drinks, Fun & best of all.. Free 👌🏼 details in bio.
I was asked by @Montblanc Fragrances to think of one of my favorite places to reconnect with myself when I feel the need for it. Without hesitation, this place has to be Iceland. A land of contrasts in all its forms. Every year I make a point to return to the land of ice and fire at least once, sometimes even twice a year. — Iceland has gain a lot of attention in the past years, and because of this some might think this would be the last place they’d travel to in order to find inspiration. To me this is quite the opposite actually. Iceland is a place where I really can reconnect with myself and the nature, whether I’m traveling alone or with friends. It’s a place where I constantly have to challenge myself with a new creativity approach. Earlier this year I had the chance to return to a place that have haunted my dreams since I visited it in 2017. But this time, I was there to witness the first snowfall of the season. What a surreal and unique landscape this was! — Iceland really has it all. Whether you’re after snow-caped mountains, beautiful fjords, volcanoes, waterfalls, unreal colourful mountain ranges or pristine coastline with waves that you will remember for the rest of your life, it’s a country that has changed the lives of many that I know, and that might just change yours too if you know the right places to go. #montblancfragrances #ad #commissionedwork #reconnect
An inside look at my new self published book ‘At Glaciers End’. This project was 7 years in the making and took a lot of people to bring to life.  Especially my co-author @63mph. Designer Tom Adler & @evanbackes. Icelandic ministry of the environment who we worked hand in hand with. My entire studio team who has been handling all the fulfillment, emails & marketing... and last but not least all the pilots. @volcanopilot @super_cubbin @stol_iceland & more.  This is what it’s like to self publish a book... you call on folks for a lot of favors, spend a ton of money and pray that it’s successful & people appreciate it. Thanks to everyone for supporting this project.  You can get a copy in my shop at www.ChrisBurkardshop.com or I’ll see you on my west coast tour starting Monday in San Diego! 🎥 @dbob .  Also- shoutout to my weird mustache! 👨🏻
Simplicity.  One of the nice things about the last month I spent working on my printshop is that I found old unpublished photos I had totally forgotten about, like this one that I took on my very first time in Iceland, almost 4 years ago.  If you want to enjoy -20% discount on all prints, the launch offer ends tomorrow. Just use code LOVE at checkout. Free shipping worldwide :)
- Holiday Sale! - Last Day - This photograph, also from Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska, is available as a signed 6x9” archival print through today. Order link in profile. I shared a charter flight with some hunters while on assignment for National Geographic Magazine, documenting several legs of a 6-month trek, ski and packraft journey around Alaska. We passed through this section, the Arrigetch Peaks of the Brooks Range, in August fall color before I returned to photograph sections of the route.
Just glow with the flow ☀️ | Over the past 2 years, I’ve hosted 9 adventure photography workshops. Each one is so different, but my recent workshops in Yosemite were definitely a highlight for me. There’s something so magical about seeing this park in a sea of yellow that makes it that much more impressive. If you’d like to join me on my next workshop, sign up at the link in my bio to be the first to hear about my workshops for 2020. Can’t wait to share where we’ll be going next! . . . #tlpicks #awesomeearth #aroundtheworldpix #beautifuldestinations #wanderout #wonderful_places #tourtheplanet #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #alphacollective #discoverglobe #wildernessculture #bealpha #fantastic_earth #places_wow #earthfocus #voyaged #awesome_globepix #bestvacations #awesome_photographers #awesome_earthpix #ourplanetdaily #earthpix
West Coast Book Tour starts Monday! San Diego, San Clemente, LA, SF, Berkeley, Portland & Seattle - we are coming for you! My co-author @63mph and I will be touring our new book ‘At Glaciers End’ with a signing/slideshow/ food/ drinks and general good times!  For locations & times check out www.ChrisBurkard.com/events or my bio link! Hope to see you. . PS - every photograph in this book is 100% real . No photoshop EVER. 🌱
Hey you, yes you! You’re doing great. No, better than great. You’re doing awesome. It’s hard not to open this app and feel like less than. But you can’t compare your inside to someone else’s outside. Nobody’s life is perfect. Nobody is more worth being than you.  I have to remember this often. It’s hard not to feel like I should never be stressed, have bad days, or be less than perfect when that’s all I see on social media. If you feel that way too, know that we all do.  Also, you’re beautiful just the way you are.
- Holiday Sale! - This aerial image over Gates of the Arctic National Park is available as a signed 6x9” archival print through December 7th. Order link in profile. I shared a charter flight with some hunters while on assignment for National Geographic Magazine, documenting several legs of a 6-month trek, ski and packraft journey around Alaska. This particular section, through the Brooks Range in August fall color, was for me the most beautiful and grandiose.
Friends! Many of you have been supporting me for years now by ordering my annual wall calendar. For some reasons, I didn't release one last year (sorry for those who missed it, the house renovations kept me too busy), but thought I'd bring back what has been an annual tradition for 6 years now :) . The first batch of orders will be shipped in a couple of days, so if you want to make sure you get your calendar on time for Christmas, now is the best time to order it. Did I mention I'm also offering free shipping to anywhere in Belgium? :) . Last but not least, I’ve finally released my printshop! So if you’re after a fine art print for your home or office, or if you’re running out of gift ideas for the holidays, then check out my selection of prints, as I'm offering a 20% discount and free worldwide shipping this week only as a launch offer for my new webshop. . Again, THANK YOU for your support! . Link to the webshop in bio :) https://shop.johanlolos.com . Cheers!
Netflix ✔️ Hot cocoa ✔️ Board games by the fire ✔️ 📷: @sonyalpha a7R III, 16-35mm f2.8
Holiday Sale! This image from the Democratic Republic of the Congo is available on my website as a signed 6x9” archival print through December 7th. Order link in profile. I spent the night just a few steps from this scene, where lava glow from the world's largest lava lake mixes with moonlit clouds above the caldera of Mount Nyiragongo, an active stratovolcano. Located inside Virunga National Park, Nyiragongo and nearby Nyamuragira are together responsible for 40% of Africa’s historical volcanic eruptions. Since 1882, Nyiragongo has erupted at least 34 times.
Even the harshest environments can at times be peaceful, playful and downright pleasant. It’s these rare slivers of beauty that are so incredibly rewarding to seek out & document. They can feel almost like a gift after being witness to such defeating weather. This moment felt like a distant dream... not a breath of wind, almost surreal. An Aleutian volcano dressed in its spring coating.
- Holiday Sale - This aerial image from Province Orientale, Democratic Republic of the Congo, made near the borders of CAR, South Sudan and Uganda, is available as a signed 6x9” archival print until December 7th. Visit link in profile to order. The photograph was made while aboard an unmarked U.S. military plane, on assignment for The New York Times Magazine, documenting the persons and landscapes involved in Operation Observant Compass. At the time, the U.S. Special Operation Forces led a 4-nation partnership which included South Sudan, Uganda, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in combatting the LRA. The U.S. supplied training, airlift, logistics, communications, intelligence support, and other funding over an area of operations the size of California. Though the leader of the LRA, Joseph Kony, was not captured, the $780 million operation largely came to an end in 2017 as “the operation has essentially taken that group off the battlefield,” said General Thomas Waldhauser, head of the U.S. Africa Command. The LRA killed and estimated more than 100,000 people and kidnapped 60,000 children in a three-decade-long rebellion spanning northern Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Walking on a dream ⛰ | Instagram has become such an important community to me and a huge source of inspiration when traveling, but it’s only a highlight reel of our lives. My recent trip to Iceland was one of the most humbling experiences. With wind speeds up to 111 mph and winter snow storms hitting many parts of the island, it forced us to change our plans almost everyday. It’s these types of trips that make me realize how unpredictable and powerful Mother Nature can be. It definitely gives me a greater appreciation for the world we live in. @lexarmemory #shotonlexar #lexarambassador
- Holiday Sale - This image of the Northern Lights, taken at a hunting outfitters ranch in British Columbia, Canada, is available now as a signed 6x9” archival print through December 7th. Visit link in profile to order. The photograph was made while on assignment for National Geographic Magazine, documenting a month-long horse trip through the Muskwa-Kechika, a 25,000 square mile mixed-use preserve stretching southeastward from the Yukon-B.C. Canadian border and enfolding Canada’s northern Rockies. Encompassing mountains, meadows, rivers and forests, this sprawling wilderness is the largest unbroken wildlife habitat in the Rocky Mountain chain. Six times the size of Yellowstone, and only slightly smaller than the State of Maine, the M-K contains fifty pristine watersheds and the greatest combined abundance and diversity of large wild mammals in North America.
Boulder CO! I’ll be seeing you this Wednesday evening 6-9pm for my first book signing of ‘AT GLACIERS END’ at @arcticfox_boulder store on Pearl St. Come hang for food, drinks, books & a short slideshow & presentation about my journey to photograph these rivers! ~Free event~ *If you bought online- books are shipping today! Get yours at www.ChrisBurkardshop.com .  I’ll also be presenting at the @roam Awards on Thursday! See you there.
- Holiday Sale - This image from Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania, is available now as a signed 6x9” archival print through December 7th. Visit link in profile to order. The photograph was made while on assignment for National Geographic Magazine, documenting the current state of fishing as related to climate on Lake Tanganyika. In this scene, Tanzanian men young and old net fish for silver cyprinid, a small freshwater fish known locally as Dagaa, near the village of Kazinga. Once the Dagaa is spotted near the surface, the fishing begins. When a boy from Kazinga turns age 4 or 5 he may begin riding along in the boat, helping to scare fish into the net as well as learning from the older men. Kazinga is like many other villages along the lake in that its population relies almost completely on the fish for sustenance.
Holiday sale through December 7th! Link in profile. Signed 6x9” archival prints made in LA. Free domestic and $15 international shipping.  Image details:  1: Kabul, Afghanistan 2: Sakhalin Island, Russia 3: Orientale Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo 4: British Columbia, Canada 5: British Columbia, Canada 6: Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo 7: Gates of the Arctic, United States 8: Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania 9: Brooks Range, United States
Photographic composition is such an awesome form of expression. Walking up to a subject or landscape & finding your own way of interpreting it. For me, the confluence of these two waterfalls felt impossible to leave out. I loved the way they join together in this glacially fed canyon. Although a frame looking straight down the canyon was incredible & probably visually stronger, it was something I had seen many times before. It was still worth taking & being excited about, but I felt drawn to certain details in the image that give you a little greater sense of place & scale. Love seeing how different lenses interpret these landscpapes .  My biggest print sale of the year is happen now. 30% off all sizes & finishes using code: GIVING30 at checkout. 👉🏼 www.ChrisBurkard.com
Can I do that? Am I ready? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I want to say I know that you can do it because I was in the same position and I did it, and I know there are times when you acted before you felt you were ready, too. And now I wonder how often I’m holding myself back by wondering if I can do it - if I’m really ready. It’s like tomorrow is a dreamland where everything happens when in reality, everything really just happens when it’s today. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For my bloggers and aspiring Instagrammers out there, my course is 30% off today - link in bio. I teach you everything I know about photography and growing on Instagram. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And if you have big dreams, to see the world, or to make a big change in your life, just picture yourself on the other side of it standing on top of that mountain.
Taking a moment to appreciate the simple things in life 🏞 | I love seeing brands that are so passionate and committed to conserving our environment. @debeersgroup protects 500,000 acres across southern Africa for conservation - that's the equivalent of two thirds of Yosemite. Botswana has one of the highest conservation land ratios in Africa with more than 25% of the land area set aside for parks and reserves to conserve the national heritage. #debeersgrouppartner #buildingforever #diamondsdogood #ad
No greater joy as an artist than to see your work on someone’s wall. This weekend is my largest print sale of the year. 30% all sizes & mediums.  Use code GIVING30 at checkout on www.ChrisBurkard.com - sale Ends Monday! .  If you decide to gift this holiday season, consider support the arts.
Ever had a friend that was kind of obsessive? One track mind sorta person? For me that is @benweiland and for as long as I have known him he has been talking about THIS wave. Its what fueled his original posts on Arctic Surf blog. But despite 10 years of working together & our best efforts to score it we have always managed to just narrowly miss out. This trip was different.. thanks to willing surfers, a dedicated crew and a bad ass captain we made it happen. Cheers to you Ben for keeping this one alive.  I figured rather than saying how grateful I am for just about everything in my life.. I would hone in on one specific thing. For me that is friendship... from the people that love you at your worst & champion you at your best. Thanks Ben for being a good reminder of that for me. 📷 @benweiland
Planet eARTh.  I took those images last May, during an epic flight with @volcanopilot, and for some reason I never shared any of the 600 images I brought back from that day.  I’ve been working nights and days on my laptop for the last couple of weeks, but barely found the time to edit any photos though. I’ll soon finally be able to share with you what I’ve been up to.  Browsing through that photo session felt incredibly refreshing, and after a few weeks at home, I’m seriously starting to get itchy feet!
The view from the Mesa will always be my favorite perspective of Monument Valley. Amazing how a bit of distance, some elevation & a compressed lens changes the landscape (70-200mm). It was a dream to work here with a talented crew on my last commercial assignment.  I currently am having my largest print sale of the year. 30% off all all sizes & mediums... just use the code GIVING30 at checkout. 🤙www.ChrisBurkard.com
It's easy to feel like you're on a different planet in Iceland. The landscapes here are some of the most unique and out of this world I’ve ever seen. With constantly changing and unpredictable weather conditions, you never know what you're going to encounter. 10 days wasn’t nearly enough time to explore this island, but our @campeasyiceland van made it easy to get around and see as much as possible with the limited time we had here. There's no doubt I'll be back sooner rather than later! Who's explored this epic country before?
updated website - link in profile - 📸 (thank you @mert_bert)
It has been 7 years in the making, documenting Iceland’s fragile glacial river systems from above. I never envisioned a enviro book being the end goal as it started as just a personal project with the goal of learning more about this threatened landscape. But today is it finally here and im overjoyed to shared my new book ‘AT GLACIERS END’ a 145 page book with over 8,000 words of text discussing the importance of a national park to protect these rivers.  The book is available now for pre-order in two hardcover formats. Standard with a slip cover & limited edition with a hard case & small print included. Only 200 signed & numbered limited editions available. We also have included 3 golden tickets into the first preorder copies for a special large custom print.  Book starts shipping next weeks. To get yours check my bio link or here: https://bit.ly/35AQucP .  A massive thank you to my co author Matt McDonald for his beautiful words @63mph as well as @volcanopilot for the years of friendship. Thanks for the Icelandic ministry of environment for the support as well.
election flyers #kabul 2009
Is it almost that time of year again? I’m so ready for cozy A frame vibes with good friends and hot toddies by the fire ☕️ @lexarmemory #shotonlexar #lexarambassador
SOUTH GEORGIA! 🐧  We just spent 4 amazing days visiting this wild & remote place.  The final resting place of famous Antarctic explorer Earnest Shackleton, the mountainous & glacier-covered island is home to massive colonies of King Penguins, one of which contains 250,000 breeding pairs.  We watched elephant seals fight, baby penguins being fed, glaciers calving into the sea, and icebergs the size of small islands float by.  I’m still buzzing from all the excitement — every day was a sensory overload!  Next stop, Antarctica. 🇦🇶 #southgeorgia #penguins #kingpenguin #grytviken #antarctica
I’ve been home for just over a day after spending the last 2 weeks in one of my favorite places. Alaska’s remote Aleutian chain. It also happens to be one of the more remote and challenging places to access. We decided to gamble this time and go late in the season. Most days hovered below freezing with winds gusting up to 50+ knots regularly. I felt prepared for the conditions mentally & physically but it still wrecked my body and my equipment massively. We walked away from the trip with an overwhelming near 30,000 images.  I’ve found the hardest part of being in this place is leaving... and I don’t mean because it’s so beautiful but because the weather get so bad that being stuck there for 2+ weeks with limited food is a common problem. This place is notorious for grounded flights. Half our crew had to wait out the bad weather for 4 extra days and is just finally departing tonight.  @_ryanhill_ @benweiland @parkercoffin @natezoller @harrisonsan @mikey_rangel @roark @sonyalpha @blackdiamond @gomacro
Glow for days in one of my favorite places on earth ☀ | I’m partnering with @DeBeersGroup to raise awareness about their conservation efforts in Botswana. De Beers Group protects around 500,000 acres of southern Africa for conservation, which is the equivalent of two thirds the size of Yosemite. Africa is a place that I’ve always dreamed of visiting and it’s important to protect these places that mean so much to people around the world. #debeersgrouppartner #buildingforever #diamondsdogood #ad
liberia with @conservationorg
If you really wanna get to know a place you gotta see it from a locals perspective. Preferably the four footed kind.
And it was all yellow 🍂
I heard a rumor that there’s only a day or two left before the @secondhome_la Pavilion closes at La Brea Tar Pits here in Los Angeles. So if it’s something you’ve seen or heard about and you were waiting to go to, don’t wait anymore. I recently had the chance to see it when my dear friends @mumhad1ofthose & @descurran were visiting from London, and I was relieved to find it is free to enter. I’m always a fan of art that’s free for all to experience because it’s one of the most beautiful things in life. And while I understand it can’t always be free, when it is, it removes that barrier to entry and gives everyone the chance to be inspired in the way art can be inspiring and entertaining. . Anyway, the #secondhomela pop up “tent-like” structure designed by SelgasCano known as an art sculpture is part of Second Home which is a socially responsible British business with a belief that diversity makes creativity stronger. They create spaces that bring diverse groups of people together and that’s something I admire. While it has been here in LA, it has hosted live music, performance art, talks, dances and screenings. Their hashtag is #lovelettertola but they might as well say it’s a love letter to humanity and what can happen when we come together in a safe space where differences are celebrated and community is valued. . That being said, the co-working and private offices spaces that Second Home offers which are permanent are not exactly affordable. But this is a feed about travel and that’s another conversation for another day. If you’re traveling around Los Angeles this weekend, stop by the Pavilion before it closes and let me know what you think of it.... 😉💛 . . . #kaguidela #discoverla #publicartwork #publicartinstallation #selgascano
Hello from the #falklandislands (Malvinas)! The first stop on our Antarctic expedition cruise with @quarkexpeditions.  We’ve already seen soooo much wildlife & the trip has just started.  From kissing King Penguins, to funny looking Rockhoppers. And the very large Black-browed Albatross.  The rule for engaging wildlife is to stay 15 feet away, but it’s ok for the animals to approach you. And if you sit still for a while, they often do!  There’s basic wifi on board our ship, so I’ll try to share photos occasionally. 👍🏼 #antarctica #antarcticadventure
As a travel photographer, what really drives me is to document and explore other people’s passions. Then only, all filters suddenly diseappear and the people I meet and photograph truly open their heart to me.  Here’s a short series that I took last month in Morocco for @Montblanc Explorer, a fragrance that inspires to be driven by his passion.  #montblancfragrances #ad #commissionedwork #travel #morocco #passion
Kicking it in one of the most colorful cities  around 🌆 | When I'm constantly on the go traveling, I need a pair of shoes that will be comfortable enough for any situation. My favorite part about the @Rothys Sneaker is that they're made from recycled water bottles. I love supporting environmentally conscious brands and Rothy's does an incredible job to make our world a better place. I really admire their mission statement and commitment to sustainability. The stylish and comfortable design makes it a staple in my wardrobe for any time of year. See the link in my bio for all of the new color ways! #rothyspartner
I have some exciting new stuff and projects coming up in the next few days. I’ve been working on all of that for the last week and I’m so excited to share this with you all soon! So definitely keep an eye on this place!  In the meantime, for y’all interested in an epic safari workshop, there are still a couple of spots available. Hit the link in bio to know more. I’m bringing 6 of you with @georgetheexplorer and I to Kenya’s Maasai Mara next March, and let me tell you already that it’s going to be a trip you won’t forget.  Talk soon!
Didn’t sleep well last night after seeing my dear friend @neumarc’s Stories from a Venezia where there is a flooding event occurring, bringing high tides just shy of the devastating record-high “aqua alta” of 1966. St Mark’s Basilica is flooded. Which, before 2018, had happened only 4 times in more than 900 years. Or only 6 times total in 1,200 years depending on what and where you read online. 🙀 Because Marco is my friend, I worried for his safety and I still worry as the danger is not passed. . It’s stamped a much more personal note on a crisis that I’ve already been aware of and have been trying to do my part to combat. We can try to ignore it, we can choose to believe it’s not as bad as some say or even that we can’t do much to change things. But we can. And we must. . We all have hundreds of choices a day that, made the right way - can help make a difference. We can try to eliminate all single use plastic from our lives. We can fly less and take cleaner transportation when we do travel. ✈️ We can donate to organizations that plant trees which absorb co2 or even more importantly, give to organizations that protect old trees from being cut down since older trees absorb co2 more rapidly than younger trees. 🌳 We can vote in representatives and leaders that believe there is a climate crisis and that will fight to make laws and processes that will combat the problems. You can request that your energy supplier only use clean energy - something Danté & I have done here in California. 💡 We can unplug or power off our tech when we’re not using it. 🔌 We can choose not to waste food, grow our own food, eat less meat and buy local whenever possible. 🥬🥕 We can choose to walk, ride bikes or take public transportation instead of an Uber or Lyft. 🚲 We can choose to buy less and consume less. And so. much. more. . I know it’s not always easy to see how these actions might directly have a positive effect on lessening the
I just got back from spending two weeks on the road taking photos of structures and interviewing people for a new book.  I saw some amazing buildings and had some great conversations with the likes of @lloyd.kahn ,  @sirjosephdirt ,  @jay and @salmon_creek_farm.  Here are some of my favorite dojos from the trip.  If you live in a Cabin, Yurt, Earthship, Hobbit Home, Bus or flying saucer and want to be in the book send me a DM.  @bdlev
Like I said yesterday, I partnered with @Ford and @LonelyPlanet to discover greater Los Angeles. #ad A map, that was painted on a wall just off Melrose, acted as the springboard for my adventures into the history and culture of Los Angeles. 🌴 My first stop was the mural which then led to Olvera Street, created in 1930 “to preserve and present the customs and trades of early California." Today the area boasts many vendors who are second or third generation sellers as well as museums dedicated to Chinese, Italian & Mexican heritage. 🇲🇽 Next I visited downtown’s Central Library, home of LA’s written history, beautiful rotundas and (when I was there) an exhibition of Ansel Adams photographs. 📚 Then Highland Park Bowl, home of LA’s oldest bowling lanes and a dynamic spot to just hang out. It has a bar area with a steampunk-meets-vintage-sports vibe. The restored lanes are backed by a stunning mural that looks like it depicts California’s iconic Redwood and Sequoia trees. 🎳 I was happy to see the Original Farmer’s Market was part of this map-based exploration since it is one of my favorite places to go where the French store Monsieur Marcel is usually my first stop if I am planning a picnic or want a bottle of wine for a special occasion. It’s also a great choice if you’re craving multiple cuisines and want to share lots of small plates with friends. There are grocery vendors, a toy shop, a stall with the largest selection of hot sauces that I have ever seen and more. 🇫🇷 Ending closest to our home at El Capitan theatre, I watched a movie from a balcony seat which took me back to the days of going to plays and musicals with my mom when I was a kid. 🎭 After perusing all the classic black and white Hollywood photos in the hallways, I was pretty much the last one to leave before seating for the next showing started and what was happening outside? Of course, setup for a movie premiere! 📽 Check out my Stories for video from all these
I’m excited to bring you two posts telling the story of how I partnered with @Ford and @LonelyPlanet to discover greater Los Angeles. #ad A map, that was painted as a mural on a wall just off Melrose, acted as the springboard for my exploration of the history and culture of my city. I traveled around from Highland Park to Hollywood to Downtown Los Angeles to discover and document five total spots represented on the map. Have you ever wanted to know more about the Mexican culture of Los Angeles or the historic theaters that often host the premieres for the movies crafted in and outside of Hollywood? Then you will enjoy what I have to share! I’m looking forward to sharing more tomorrow and here is a teaser from my journey, an image captured in an area that’s dedicated to celebrating, preserving and protecting the city’s past. Check out my Stories today and tomorrow for a deeper look into the whole journey with videos from the spots I found on the mural. #everydayexplorations
ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW PHOTO WORKSHOP!! KENYA 2020.  If you have been following my recent adventures, you know that I spent last summer road tripping across South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Two months of great joy, mainly focusing on spending as much time as I could with the wildlife. A trip of a lifetime that truly changed my life and vision of photography.  This is why, my good friend + professional wildlife photographer @georgetheexplorer and I have teamed up to offer a super exclusive 6-day adventure next March in George’s favorite place in Kenya: the Mara Naboisho Conservancy, a private reserve in the Maasai Mara.  We’ll stay in an @asiliaafrica luxury bush camp, and we’ll go out every day on multiple safari in private vehicles with no more than 3 guests in it.  The workshop is actually almost sold out already, there are just 2 spots left. We’re offering an early bird price of 4,200€ (instead of 4,700€) until November 15.  This workshop WILL sell out, so if you’re interested to join us and learn all we know about photography and how to bring back home those incredible wildlife images, just have a look at my website - link in bio / swipe up in the stories - and apply fast.  Tl;dr: • March 16-21, 2020 • 6-day safari photo workshop in Kenya’s Maasai Mara • Up to 6 participants, 3 max per vehicle • Asilia Africa’s Encounter Mara luxury bush camp • Everything is included in the price, minus international flights, visa, insurance and gratuities.
Thrilled to announce I’m partnering with @passionpassport for their latest Instagram Challenge with @hoteltonight. The big question is - what role does spontaneity play in your travels? . Are you a “fly by the seat of your pants” traveler or do you like to plan ahead? ✈️ Do you prefer your days to be all scheduled out? 📝 Or do you like to have the freedom of unplanned discovery that can lead to pleasant surprises? 🤔 . I believe not every journey should have a planned itinerary and I’ve come to think that way because most of my best travel memories were made in the space that a lack of planning provided. That’s why I was so happy to find out the theme for this particular challenge. 😍 . Head on over to the #passionpassport feed to see the instructions for how to enter and possibly win up to $2,500 in #hoteltonight booking coupons. I’m looking forward to seeing all your entries and picking a winner with my fellow judges. 🎉 You have until November 19th at 11:59 EST to show us your #ppspontaneity 😉🤩 Good luck! 🤞🏼
BABY TRAVEL TIPS!  @dylanthetraveler may only be 7-months old, but he’s already got two passports, is working on a 3rd, has boarded 27 flights and traveled to 6 countries so far.  Check out my latest blog post to see how we manage to travel with him.  LINK IN BIO ⤴️ #familytravel #babytravel
All you need is love folks... That and a Promaster. ❤️🚐
Floating up into a solid ball of fish - surreal is the closest word I can find. Spending time in such well preserved places like the Galapagos helps me to appreciate how important it is to care about our planet. Sometimes in big cities we forget where we came from - the sea. And time is really of the essence. Time to only eat sustainably caught fish, to eat less meat overall, and I’m speaking to myself here, to fly less, but also to demand the cleaner technology that undoubtedly already exists and is lobbied out of production, so that we don’t have to go backwards in progress. I know we can move forward to something cleaner and more sustainable. We all just have to insist on it.
Living in California has given me a new perspective on nature. Both its majesty and inherent wonder but also its capacity for destruction as I’ve watched communities and lives all around our own home, affected by fire. When I took this photo many people assumed that’s what this was. In fact, it’s the effect of a 20 second exposure that captured the lights of cars as they drove through marine layer fog in Malibu Canyon. . Yet just after I posted this, the same hills were engulfed in flames and a year later, it’s happening again not far from where I stood to take this and in many other places around California. . I’ve watched my friends displaced from their homes and can’t help but feel grateful to our public servants like firefighters and first responders who walk right into danger to ensure the rest of us go to sleep safely at night and wake up safe the next morning. I know that by choosing to live here it’s probably not a matter of if but just when, I will have need of the same protection. And that’s ok. Living here has taught me the value of gratefulness and the importance of cherishing each and every day when it’s happening. . If you’re a firefighter or first responder or anyone who helps keep others safe, thank you. If you know one, be extra kind to them, don’t take them for granted. And thank you too for supporting them because being their support isn’t always easy either. ❤️
Another perspective. This is the same spot as the last photo, but from my favorite place - under the blue. Im realizing now that I want 2020 to be all about water. Tell me where your favorite place is for amazing sea creatures. I’m making an adventure list.  _______________________________ Taken by @jfur07 on day two of #bmtmadventures Galápagos. This week we’ve swam with tons of turtles, sharks, seahorses, sea lions, and climbed volcanoes. It’s been magical. I love these tours and the people they allow me to share these experiences with.
Some accomplishments will never be bested @guyfieri #flavortown #flavorsaver
Happy Halloween! 🎃🔮 My treat, not trick, for the holiday is this last photo from picturesque Franconia in Germany. As delectable as the wines were, the half timbered-homes, towns and villages were almost enough to steal the show during my press trip with @germanytourism. . From Bürgstadt to Miltenberg to Volkach to Iphofen and Königsberg, there was no shortage of picturesque vistas and charming facades to capture so even if [gasp! 🙀] wine isn’t your thing, Franconia still has much to inspire and thrill with its towns, food, people and history. I’ll be publishing a full photo essay on my site before the weekend showing more. But for now, Stories will continue to go live and there’s already an article on every winery we visited live on kirstenalanaphotography dot com. Link in profile of course! #visitfranconia . . . . #prettycities #halftimbered #halftimberedhouse #königsberg #königsberginbayern #germanytourism #germanytravel #visitgermany #culturetrip #living_destinations #prettylittletrips #europestyle_ #europestyle_germany
Memory from Paris.  #ad. Last September, along with 9 other explorers, I was invited in Paris by @Montblanc Fragrances to become one of the 10 new global ambassadors of the brand.  During those 3 days spent in the French capital, it was mainly about getting to know each other, catch up with old friends or finally get to meet up guys who had been inspiring me for a long time or guys I've been following since the early days of Instagram, like my friend @jarradseng (who took some of those BTS photos). It took us 6 years to finally meet in person!  As part of our new mission as ambassadors, we've all been asked what it means to us to leave our mark in 2019. As a photographer, leaving a mark with my work and images is obviously something that is important to me. Publishing my first book was a real milestone in my career, yet it was one of the most difficult tasks I've ever had to do. Of course I hope to achieve more major milestones like this in the future, by pushing my limits again and again, but to me, leaving my mark in 2019 comes first with a big responsibility. Whether you want it or not, every one leaves a mark nowadays. Doing so in an environmental friendly way, or at least trying the best you can, shouldn't be a choice but a necessity in today's major environmental crisis the world is facing. This is what leaving my mark really means to me in 2019.  Anyway, I'm super stoked to be part of this new #montblancfragrances family and truly honoured to have been chosen by prestigious brand Montblanc as one of its ten new ambassadors!
Let the #bmtmadventures begin! This week I’ve welcomed 14 women to join me on an adventure around the Galapagos and our adventure began here in Las Grietas. The brackish water is super clear and such an intense blue.  Floating here with women who have joined past tours or are coming for the first time was, as it always is, surreal. What an honor to get to share the world with a few of you guys from time to time. It’s a literal dream come true. We have an amazing week ahead of sea lions, sea turtles, sharks and volcano hikes. Bring it on!
Here’s the thing about vans. They’ll force you to rethink your personal hygiene standards, and they’ll force you to cut your wardrobe in half. They’ll break apart, and you’ll have to use your best wood glue skills to mend your little bathroom-sized home back together. They’ll eat up all of the space in your camera roll with photos and videos of them, and you won’t complain. They’ll also take you to some of the most amazing places. And the best part is, you don’t have to leave when the sun goes down. #homeiswhereyouparkit
Recently, @huaweimobilefr challenged me to take photos on my #huaweip30pro using Pro Mode, in order to show you guys how useful it can be.  Allowing me to manually choose the shutter speed and the ISO for my exposition, I thought a picture would say more than words.  I’m not a big fan of long exposure shots, yet sometimes I find them to be helpful. This is what I did on this image, taken at the famous Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland. It was during blue hour, the sun hadn’t risen yet, so it was the perfect time to take a long exposure shot.  ISO 100, 2 second exposure, and that’s it.  I then edited the photo directly on my phone, taking advantage of the RAW file that Pro mode allows. As you can see if you swipe left, I was able to get all those highlight details in the sky back, which I probably wouldn’t have if I had used the normal mode :) #huaweishot #ad
Fall in the Eastern Sierra with @backcountry. A cozy night in the van followed by sunrise on gorgeous peaks. This is my third time coming to this part of the country and I love it more and more each time! From world-class cragging, to epic alpine, this place is my dream (and if you’ve watched my stories recently you might have seen that I recently purchased a little bit of land here)! - Of course, coming here in the fall means that temps are all over the place depending on where you are. Warm down low, chilly at night, and cold up high means that I’m using all the layers daily! - For this month’s Backcountry partnership, I wanted to highlight this @Backcountry Wolverine Cirque Jacket and my other favorite layers for fall (more in today’s IG story). And of course, I’m always excited to be able to share my discount code “ELISE15” for 15% off your first order at Backcountry.com! *Some exclusions apply* #findyourbackcountry #backcountry #sponsored
My guide, Sylvia, warned us that this would be an experiment. She said it was possible that we would see nothing, but then, there was a possibility that it could be amazing. So we rolled the dice. On the remote island of Española, on the last day of my week sailing with @andando_tours, we jumped into the water to find a school of spotted eagle rays, flying gently through the clear blue. Swipe to see my view swimming down amongst them. I was already overjoyed, until I saw hammerheads swimming below them, followed by Galapagos sharks (you’ll see that footage on my YouTube in a couple weeks - link in bio). I didn’t know it could be this good all within 30 minutes. There’s nothing like the ocean. It truly feels like home. (📷: @jfur07)
Climbed the East Buttress of Mt. Whitney today and reached the conclusion that 5.7 is truly where I shine the brightest. ✨🌀🌈 #easyclimbingismyjam
Learning all I can from the locals 🤙🏻 @andando_tours #visitgalapagos #galapagoswildlife
VEHICLES I’ve Seen, known and loved Summer/fall 19 Edition.  In order of appearance but not importance.  #1 DESIEL SUZUKI SAMURAI. #23  1964 Chevy 4x4 custy. #4 Jake’s 1987 Toyota truck stuck in Mex. #5 my 2005 118 Sprinter in the land of Hayduke. #6 unknown redneck on i5. #7 Ford Rs200 dream car at Larry’s shop. #8 early dodge Sports mobile and custy bike Mt. Hood. #9 @andrewaller’s surf shaq. #10 fisherman’s rattle canned Astro in the gorge.
BACKPACKING CHECKLIST 🏕  What do I pack for overnight hiking & camping trips? I’ve put together a gear guide just for you!  See exactly what I bring into the mountains. Shelter, sleeping bag, water filter, outerwear, and more. My #backpacking essentials.  Check it out (video too!) ⤴️ LINK IN BIO  #hikinggear #campinghacks
The ocean I grew up knowing was cold and dark, with big waves and strong undertow. As a kid I didn’t care. Swimming took precedence over everything else. I don’t know where that innate love of water came from, but I’m so damn grateful. It made me care about the planet, the animals, and keeping it all clean. now I realize the ocean can be clear and so full of visible life! In the Galapagos, swimming with penguins, sea lions, schools of eagle rays, and even hammerheads, with just a mask and snorkel, - no tank needed - blew my mind. I’ve never seen such abundance under the water. People told me that the snorkeling could be even better than the scuba in the Galapagos and I totally believe them now (catch @jfur07 on the cover and at the end with the sea lions!) what an amazing week of sailing with @andando_tours.
Hola Chica. First take away after a week in the Galapagos: I’m obsessed with sea lions. They hang out almost everywhere, and they remind me so much of dogs, so no wonder I’m so delighted by them! The best part is right now is the season when they give birth, so there are tiny pups everywhere too. Stay tuned, I’ve got lots of footage of swimming with them. It’s magical! Massive love to the SS Mary Anne for such a stellar week at sea. What a fantastic itinerary you guys created.
Painted dunes of Namibia.  Gosh, this place is such a dream, it doesn’t even look real.  Shot on @lexarmemory  #lexarambassador #shotonlexar
Franconia Wine Region in Germany is a bit of an underdog in the landscape of European wines [in my experience]. Even working in travel now where wine is a significant part of so many stories, having grown up in a family where wine was always important in celebration, and having worked in a wine store in Brooklyn with my dear friend @joeybear85 where we often sold German white wines… I departed for this trip thinking, “Franconia? Have I even had any wine from Franconia?” 🍷 Did you know there was a German wine region called Franconia? Or Franken? 🍷 Obviously, there is - I’ve been there now and wow is it ever a great example of how we should never bet against the underdog. Like other regions in the country, Franconia boasts some incredible white wines with the Silvaner heavily featuring in many winery lineups. It was sometimes referred to, during my visit, as THE grape of Franconia. But the region also boasts other award-winning White wines and a slew of notable Red wines. The changing climate has enabled the region to diversify production which has also been helped by the generational shifts that naturally occur in so many industries where children take over from parents. Some Franconia wineries are only on their 2nd generation of ownership but are already producing wines that should get far more recognition worldwide than they do. Some families, like Fürst [VDP] who own the land pictured in this image, have been making wine since the 1600s.. But more recent generations have been the ones to truly innovate & facilitate change. For instance, it was Paul Fürst & his son who actually undid some of the modernization that had occurred in the family’s system of making wine and returned many processes back to an older way of doing things. When we visited, grapes were being stomped by foot ala ‘I Love Lucy.’ And a photo from that moment is one of my favorites that I took during the trip. As were, the Fürst wines. I brought a bottle home with me that
Just home from drinking all the wine and wandering all the most absurdly picturesque streets I’ve ever wandered in @germanytourism and now that I’ve finally gone through the thousands of photos I took during my press trip, I’m looking forward to sharing the stories of the adventure, starting tomorrow. . But it would mean the world to me if you’d head to @bryanminear’s profile or @wethecreatorspod and listen to Bryan’s latest podcast episode where he and I discuss the ups and downs of a life on social media, what drives me as a travel photographer, why Ansel Adams is the bomb and what countries I always end up saying are my favorite even though I really have a dozen favorites.... . Podcasts are having a moment again and I’m grateful Bryan took the time to feature me on his. I’d so appreciate if you all show him some love and also let me know what you think of the episode. 🙏🏼💛
Things are getting busy for me at this time of the year, as usual, and it’s hard to find time to edit some photos from past trips.  Because of that, I tend to forget what I recently photographed. So every time I go through old photos, one of my biggest joys is to actually fall in love again with some amazing sceneries I had to chance to witness in real, like this S shaped dune at sunrise, in Namibia.  Looking forward to sharing more with you soon. I literally have thousands of images sitting on a hard drive, that only wish to be shared to the world.  On another note, I’m seriously considering hiring interns for 2020, so if you feel like this might be a good fit for you in your training, don’t hesitate to send me an email ✌🏻
We’ve been spending the last few weekends working on a off grid cabin in central Washington.  Hammering nails,  smashing thumbs,  sipping 4 locos (not really but was consumed as a form of communal sacrament, peep the after taste photo a few swipes to the right), cooking on a camp fire, watching a family of black bears in the distant hills and avoiding rain showers. Doing it on the cheap or selves. I’m working on a new photobook documenting alternative living spaces that will feature this cabin and plenty of others.  If you’ve built a cabin, shack, shipping container, etc send me a dm if you’d like to be in the book.
Which do you pick? Red (one post back), yellow (four posts back), or orange? 🍁 🍂 #quebecoriginal #laurentians #sponsored
Not pictured: Me over here with my lens all up in the tree enthusiastically repeating “it’s the leaf from the flag!” like a dork 🤪 I’m kind of in love with 🇨🇦 #quebecoriginal #laurentians #parcmonttremblant #sponsored
We submitted PUKE to @sundanceorg and @sxsw this week.  When I started filming @alfasenturion and his friends’ meandering trips collecting barn owl pellets,  going to raves and bullshitting about life,  I never thought it would turn into an hour and twenty minute documentary.  Well, a year and half later,  here we are.  Regardless of what comes of it,  Puke is my favorite project I've ever worked on, and something I'm proud of.  With any luck,  the film will premiere this winter and make its way into the either sometime next year. Here's a lil sneak peak into the feel of the film and some of my favorite moments from production.  @samosier @palex33 @jgsour @timothytickle @andrewaller @moviemountain
Crossing an old swinging suspension bridge in the #dolomites as clouds move in... ☁️ This is the Ivano Dibona #viaferrata Route.  Bad weather (and near zero visibility) forced me to turn back eventually, but the parts I did hike were a lot of fun! 😎
Morning fog is nothing but cotton candy for photographers.  #theratelafricatour
The perfect place to watch a sunrise. 😍🌄 Swipe to see the full moon setting as first light hits the Tetons! I love this place so much, and I’m so excited to be supported by local @jacksonhole brand @stiomountain! Not only only is their clothing designed and developed right here in Jackson, but they constantly strive to source environmentally friendly textiles, many of which contain high levels of recycled content. I haven’t replaced my puffy jacket in a few years, and with my last one falling apart, I’m stoked to now be rocking this Pinion Down Jacket from @stiomountain! Check them out support local! Also, I’m linking the other items I’m wearing from them in today’s IG story. #sponsored #jhdreaming
If you’ve ever heard an elk bugle, you might agree that it’s among the most hauntingly beautiful sounds in nature. The night I took this photo, I found myself in the middle of a field with two angry bull elk on either side of me. They were stomping the ground, screaming (bugling) at each other, and gradually closing the gap between them to prepare for a fight. I snuck in a few long exposure shots and then high tailed it back to the van, but not before grabbing a quick recording on my phone! Swipe right and turn the volume all the way up! @jacksonhole #jhdreaming
A year ago, I was strolling the streets of Tallinn and enjoying autumn in Europe with my dear friends @mumhad1ofthose, @neumarc & @monicasuma. . We’d opted to skip the included shore excursion on our @vikingcruises itinerary in favor of simply walking around, taking photos and getting to know one another better. It was a wonderful day of fellowship and creativity. Though we each have different styles when it comes to the pictures we take and the things we notice, we all found things to love about Tallinn. With a darling historic centre as well as modern areas home to shipping container restaurants and futuristic architecture, there’s something for almost every type of traveler. Monica’s suggestion of lunch at Rataskaevu 16 followed by drinks at @botaanikbar, added the cherry on top. If you visit Tallinn, please make sure you don’t skip either business. . And if Europe at this time of year is your thing, today on Twitter at 9 AM PST you can get even more ideas on where to go in Sep/Oct/Nov because the theme of today’s #travelskills chat is Fall/Autumn in Europe. There are always so many great ideas shared in this chat, that I struggle with how not to just buy a new plane ticket every week 😝 But Europe is the part of the globe I love most and where I never need any extra convincing to travel to. Are you like that as well? . . . #tallinn_city #tallinnoldtown #tallinnestonia #tallinncity #visittallinn #estonia🇪🇪 #myvikingstory #myvikingjourney #autumnineurope #europeinfall #europeinautumn #travelgramm #travelgrammers #wheretotravel #darlingtravels
Does this photo remind you of every #vanlife photo you’ve ever seen? It may be trendy, but I don’t care! I never post about my van, so here’s the scoop. @ryan_burke11 and I have been traveling in this built out Promaster (her name is Daisy 🚐) for the last four months, and it’s been just as awesome as those van life instagram accounts make it out to be! Sure, it was a big up front investment and certainly came with headaches during the build out process, but it was so worth it and has made travel so much easier! ——————————————————————— This month, @backcountry asked me to share some of what I use in the van that’s useful for both van life as well as car camping. I’ll be highlighting a few of those items in today’s story, and if you have any other questions about living in a van, please leave me a comment on this post! And as always, if you’re in need of any gear for getting out during the last remaining warm days, feel free to use code “ELISE15” for 15% off your first order at Backcountry.com! *some exclusions apply* #findyourbackcountry #sponsored
I'm working on a new photo book documenting alternative dwellings like tree houses, Earth Ships, boats, vans,  cabins and yurts ETC and am looking for people to feature in the book. Have built your own tiny living space or know someone that does? please send me a message 🥋🚚⛵️🏕🏠🌲
HIKING GUIDE!  Mount Whitney is the tallest mountain in the lower 48 at 14,505 feet. Last spring I reached the summit via the notorious "mountaineer's route”, the same trail blazed by #johnmuir back in 1873. ⛏  It can be difficult to get a permit to hike #mtwhitney in the summer, due to its popularity and strict limits on visitors. But going in the late winter/early spring means no waiting for a lottery. However hiking in the snow is even more challenging! 🏔  Check out my trip report (with video too!) ⤴️ LINK IN BIO  #california #easternsierra
WILDERNESS SHAVING!  Yes, I even shave my head when I go camping, too! Not every day, but usually every 2-3 days, like last week during a week-long wilderness canoe adventure in the Minnesota Boundary Waters.  If you’re bald like me, remember to sign up for @schickxtreme’s elite #bip Club for bald guys that offers once-in-a-lifetime perks and experiences, giving #baldimportantpeople the chance to live life on the edge of their comfort zone. Learn more at BaldImportantPeople.com ⤴️ LINK IN BIO! #baldhead #ad
I’ve been AFK, editing PUkE, a feature length documentary following @alfasenturion and a group of friends on their quest for Barn Owl Pellets.  I’m getting it ready to submit to film festivals this fall.  More info coming soon 🤮🦉💰
I just love my life. All I want is what I already have and I hope I never take it for granted! 💙
Maybe you’ve been out on a walkabout and noticed these beautiful flowers (they’re called Fireweed!), and thought to yourself, “My, those look delicious!” And you’d be right, because they’re edible! That’s right. Just pluck one of those pretty pink flowers off and pop the whole thing in your mouth. They’re usually a little bitter, but if you can get them at just the right time in their life cycle then they can be a real tasty trail snack! #themoreyouknow
This is @ryan_burke11, but I’ve found that he also responds to ropegun boyfriend, bambino, man candy, love biscuit, most handsome, muffin cake, and bambi deer. So grateful he’s here. ☺️🌀⭐️ ——————————————————————— Swipe to see a few iPhone videos from this day. Also, more photos from the Bugaboos in today’s story! One of my new favorite places!
CLIFFHANGER! — Are you afraid of heights? This is a “via ferrata” route in the Italian #dolomites. Like a mix between hiking & rock climbing. You tether yourself to steel cables for safety. — Many of these routes were created during WW1, when Austro-Hungarian and Italian forces moved soldiers & weapons through the mountains. — FUN FACT: This bridge was used in the 90’s movie “Cliffhanger” with @officialslystallone! 😆 — #italy #dolomitiamo
GREENLAND 🔥 — So sad to hear that one of my favorite hiking destinations is on fire right now. Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail has been burning uncontrollably, forcing some hikers to evacuate. — Many parts of the Arctic are on fire at the moment, due to unseasonably hot & dry conditions on the tundra. Not only that, but scientists reported that Greenland reached ice-loss levels last week that weren’t predicted for another 50 years!!! — It’s just yet another glaring reminder that Climate Change is a very real & serious problem that humanity needs to address NOW. Hopefully it’s not too late to save ourselves and the planet. 🌎 — VISIT MY BLOG ⤴️ to read about my 10 day, 100 mile trekking adventure in Greenland a few years ago. There’s a video too! — #greenland #climatechange #arcticcircletrail
DAY 2-4 in search of the grey gold, aka owl pellets, through Idaho and Utah.  Found in barns and cliffs, these pellets are sold to distributers and then to schools around North America for dissection in biology class.
DAY ONE OF A multi WEEK TRIP IN search of GREY GOLD AKA BARN OWL PELLETS filming for a doc on @alfasenturion and his friends that collect owl pellets for $$$ 🦉🤮
Channeling STAN KUBY: MOON LANDING + A CLOCKWORK ORANGE + 2001 + FULL METAL JACKET. I met up with a friend of mine that’s in the military, @garand_thumb, one night a few weeks back and strapped a night vision goggle to the front of my camera and was pretty blown away by the results.  #noidontactuallythinkkubrickfakedthemoonlanding. #myfavoritekubrickmovieisdrstrangelove
I just saw that five years ago,  the first edition of Home Is Where You Park It came out.  TS Eliot once said that, "between the idea and the reality falls the shadow." Anyone thats dreamed up something and then made it knows that sometimes you get what you want and some times you miss. Here's one of my favorite photos from the project of some old road amigos.  To date,  Home Is Where You Park IT is one of the projects that I've done that I'm the most proud of the process and happy with result.  Creatively,  I've been channeling some of the themes from the  book into the scifi project that we've been working on in the studio.  The basic question of the film is that when people have the ability to live for ever and do anything what will we do to pass the time?  Spoiler alert: we're going to go on decade long road trips through the cosmos in bitchen space ships.  Anyways, I digress, Time flies.  If you havent seen Home Is Where You Park It in person or want another copy,  use the code FIVEYEARS in the link in my profile to get 25% off.
One of my favorite parts of living in van is the freedom of traveling around with everything you need to live.  That spontaneity of being able to pick up and head to a new place at a moments notice is hard to explain to someone that hasnt done it.  Now days, I spend my time working on films in the studio @moviemountain and have a lot less time to live like that.  To capture some of that same feeling, I've been escaping into the woods behind my dojo on this electric 2x2 bike.  Here's a little tour of how i have mine set up for camping. #microselfcontainedcapsule @ubcobikes
Momijigari literally means "autumn leaves hunting" in japanese. Sometimes locals find their perfect branch and just enjoy it's short lasting perfection. I guess this visit I found my perfect branch in Nara!  Danielkordan.com photography workshop in Japan 🇯🇵 #japan #photoworkshop #nikonz7 #nikon #ilovejapan #kyoto #nara #osaka #tokyo
Well, throughout my 6 years of guiding photography tours in Japan, I was struggling only with this amazing spot in Hakone. Somehow it was always cloudy and mount Fujisan never show up while I was staying here. As Japanese say you always will return back if you didn't see Fuji for the first time. Now I can say it's true! 😀 Danielkordan.com
Series of images about Japanese torii gates. Torii literally means "bird perch" mark the transition from the mundane to the sacred. Well, no wonder the eagle sit on these gates while I was shooting long exposures.  On the third image is an icon of Japan second only perhaps to Mount Fuji, the floating torii of Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima. Currently it's under construction, but you can find thousands of beautiful torii all over Japan 🇯🇵 #japan #ilovejapan #nikonz7 #nikon #madewithluminar #gitzoinspires
Strange alien cloud has landed on top of Mount Fuji San. Last rays of light barely touching the top of beautiful mountain.  #japan #fujisan #fujikawaguchiko #mountfuji
Join unforgettable photography adventure to Kyrgyzstan in July next year! Check link in bio to sign up! Surrounded by the spectacular snow capped Tien Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan has unique potential for landscape photography, with its wonderful combination of rugged, natural beauty, hospitality and authentic cultural traditions. The tour will be led by talented photographers and teachers Albert Dros and Anton Agarkov Photos by me and Albert. Link in bio to check dates and join. Photos by me and @albertdrosphotography #photographytour #photoworkshop #link_in_bio
It was my third time visiting Japan this year. Starting from snowy villages in January, then fireflies project in June and now I'm back home after wonderful autumn photography workshop. What's next? I'm planning a winter tour in Hokkaido! Japan has certainly a lot of places to discover.  Danielkordan.com #japan #ilovejapan #nikon #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar #fireflies
Iconic Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. That's pretty busy place in the daytime, but off the season it's still very quiet. Thousands of vermilion torii gates lead up the mountain, which straddle a network of trails behind the shrine main buildings. These trails lead into the vast forest of the sacred Mount Inari. It stands at 233 meters and belongs to the shrine grounds. Danielkordan.com  #japan #kyoto #ilovejapan #nikon #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar
One of the quiet beautiful temples in Kyoto with explosion of autumn colors. Kyoto is a home for hundreds of temples, and it's very easy to find yourself off the beaten path in a corner like this.  Danielkordan.com photography workshop in Japan 🇯🇵
A path in the woods to the shrine... Kyushu island is definitely still a hidden gem in Japan. Would you like to take a walk up on this path?  Danielkordan.com #japan #kyushu
Series with Mount Fuji San framed by autumn foliage. This week in Japan so far was wonderful and packed with memorable events for my photography workshop group.  Danielkordan.com #japan
Walking inside some quiet rural villages in Japan is an unforgettable experience. You feel like being 2-3 centuries back in time... Danielkordan.com workshop in Japan 🇯🇵 just a few spots left to sign up for next year's workshop - check link in bio.  #japan #photoworkshop #photographytour
Autumn is my most favorite season in Japan 🇯🇵 Everywhere you look in Kyoto is decorated with red and golden firework of colors.  Danielkordan.com workshop in Japan
The biggest fish in the sea 🐟 | Thailand was one of the first international trips I went on as a kid with my family. I remember spending all day swimming in the warm water of the Andaman Sea and eating amazing Thai food. Coming back to Thailand this time around I definitely found a new appreciation for this incredible country - warm, welcoming people, fresh food with bold flavors, epic landscapes, and rich culture. I definitely saw a much different perspective of Thailand this time around and I can’t wait until I can return again. . . . #tlpicks #awesomeearth #aroundtheworldpix #beautifuldestinations #wanderout #wonderful_places #tourtheplanet #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #alphacollective #discoverglobe #wildernessculture #bealpha #fantastic_earth #places_wow #earthfocus #voyaged #awesome_globepix #bestvacations #awesome_photographers #awesome_earthpix #ourplanetdaily #earthpix
THE GREAT ESCAPE! - Penguin VS Orcas in Antarctica 🐧🐳 —  SWIPE TO WATCH 👈🏼 —  One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen! Watch as a lone Gentoo penguin miraculously escapes a pod of hungry orcas (AKA Killer Whales) by jumping into a boat full of people off the coast of Antarctica. It was amazing to witness!  Shot November 29th, 2019 in the Gerlache Straight on a @quarkexpeditions Antarctica Cruise.  SPECIAL THANKS: Jimmy Zakreski Fabrice Genevois Johann Ruiz  Footage shot by @expertvagabond & @anna.everywhere. —  #antarctica #wildlife #penguins #orcas #quarkexpeditions
Hot off the press! Snagged the cover of @freeskiermagazine with this shot I took of @o_leeps and @juliancarr last winter. The glossy pages of Freeskier Mag have served as inspiration for me since I was a young teen, so I can only imagine what 16 year old me would think if she could see this! Stoked!
Catch me if you can 🚇 | Great Britain is easily one of the most accessible places I’ve been to. The public transportation system there makes it so easy to explore different places. In just a few days we were able to travel from the heart of London where we took in all of the city’s history all the way to the countryside for wine tasting in Rathfinny. The diversity here is just incredible and I feel like there’s so much more left to explore! @lovegreatbritain #lovegreatbritain
Don’t stop be-leaf-ing 🍁
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Sensitive Content : Image 4, 6. a few years back i shared on instagram some images from my 2016 book ‘libyan sugar.’ have shared more in recent weeks and this is the last of the libya posts. 8 years ago last month muammar gaddafi was killed, and shortly after the first libyan civil war officially came to an end. though fighting continues today. some years the memories of that year and the cumulative 7 months i spent in country are more present than others, but after receiving a message regarding the war from my mother (see several insta posts back) last month, libya was brought into renewed focus. what may be interesting to some of you is that all the nearly 300 images in the book, besides one, were taken with an iphone. but at that time, the iphone did not have an instantaneous ‘shutter’ so i used iphone apps that did, like hipstamatic. but with hipstamatic i could take just one image every 15 seconds, and often the app would crash, especially in the desert heat, and id lose all the images that were processing in cache. but among other reasons i wanted to use the same tool, the mobile phone, that was being used to begin, sustain and further these ‘arab spring’ uprisings and revolutions. 1: SIRTE. October 29, 2011. 13:30:05. Celebrating the end of the war. 2: BENGHAZI. April 15, 2011. 13:03:37. Youth guarding the courthouse. 3: BENGHAZI. MARCH 2, 2011. Citizens from Benghazi came to burn Gaddafi's Green Book. 4: SIRTE. October 20, 2011. 16:02:24. Accused Government sniper.  5: SIRTE. October 21, 2011. 09:27:24. Over 100 of Gaddafi's fighters and/or supporters were killed during an October 20 NATO strike and ensuing Revolutionary firefight on Gaddafi’s convoy, which led to his capture. 6: MISRATA. October 22, 2011. 12:11:28. Thousands wait in line to visit gaddafi, dead on the floor of a meat locker.  7: MISRATA. October 22, 2011. 11:51:30. Gaddafi, dead on the floor of a meat locker. The guards would not let us see the left side of his head. 8:
Sensitive Content : images 5, 6. continuation from previous posts: just over 8 years ago last month muammar gaddafi was killed, and shortly after the first libyan civil war officially came to an end. though fighting continues today. some years the memories of that year and the cumulative 7 months i spent in country are more present than others, but after receiving a message from my mother the other week, libya was brought into renewed focus. a few years back i shared on instagram some images from my 2016 book ‘libyan sugar’ and will share more in these next posts. the images are sequenced differently in the book, and are accompanied by texts. what may be interesting to some of you is that all the nearly 300 images in the book, besides one, were taken with an iphone. but at that time, the iphone did not have an instantaneous ‘shutter’ so i used iphone apps that did, like hipstamatic. but with hipstamatic i could take just one image every 15 seconds, and often the app would crash, especially in the desert heat, and id lose all the images that were processing in cache. but among other reasons i wanted to use the same tool, the mobile phone, that was being used to begin, sustain and further these ‘arab spring’ uprisings and revolutions. 1 - TRIPOLI. September 19, 2011. 16:35:41. Lion at the Zoo.  2 - TRIPOLI. Al-Razi Psychiatric Hospital. September 17, 2011. 14:06:50. This patient was beaten while held at Abu Salim Prison. 3 - TRIPOLI. Al-Razi Psychiatric Hospital. September 6, 2011. 15:57:25. 4 - TRIPOLI. September 1, 2011. 11:45:37. Paint splashed on a giant building mural of Gaddafi.  5 - SIRTE. October 14, 2011. 14:50:51. Failed surgery at a field hospital. 6 - TRIPOLI. August 28, 2011. 12:56:48. Remains of a body, following a massacre at Abu Salim Hospital.  7 - AL-KHOMS. September 7, 2011. 17:41:51. Blindfold used by Government fighters on Revolutionaries. 8 - NORTH OF WADDAN. October 26, 2011. 15:21:06. Unguarded weapons depot. 9 - SIRTE. October
Unless memory fails me, I don’t think I‘ve been in a wine region during harvest. What a special time it was to be in Franconia! The region is large enough, the soil diverse enough and the physical landscape changes in such a way that harvest was just completed in some of the towns we visited with @germanytourism while in other locales it was still occurring. I noticed that harvesting by hand was more common than I’ve heard of in the industry at a larger scale, as were more traditional ways of processing grapes such as stomping them physically instead of using machines. The first image was taken in @hassbergetourismus where we went for a long walk in the rolling hills covered with vineyards, overlooking a valley punctuated by picturesque villages, and were able to see harvest taking place by hand before sitting down for a picnic lunch amongst the vines. What a magical experience, which I truly hope anyone who loves wine can have at minimum once in their life. To see the vines that grew the grapes that were in the wine we were drinking while talking with the people who harvested and made the wine, had an effect on the taste [for me] that is challenging to quantify. Though I’m realizing that as a photographer and storyteller, I value the connection to local people most of all while traveling. Now wine harvest is something I want to experience elsewhere to see how it might differ from place to place. After all, the same grapes can be used to make wines with such variety, the landscapes of wine areas can differ so much and yet the culture of the people who make wine can also have so many similarities.  I think it’s like humanity as a whole, in that we have more in common than we like to think and I wish we concentrated more often on what unites us rather than what divides us. Speaking of that, the group I did this press trip with was made up of people from Sweden, the Netherlands, China, Slovakia and the USA. Many have already begun to publish their articles
From my recent trip to Patagonia. Oops. I mean California! 😍
RAINBOW ISLAND 🌈 — This is #burano. A small island outside of Venice. Residents have painted their homes all sorts of colors! We spent hours wandering the streets getting completely lost. 🤗
Do you like traveling to wine regions? Tasting wine when you travel, at wineries and in vineyards? I certainly do and yet, as I said before, I was surprised when I was invited by @germanytourism to #visitfranconia that not only did I not even know about this wine region but also that it's not exactly "new." Instead, just like in other wine areas around the world, there is a tradition of wine making in Franconia that goes back to at least the 1800s (even though some newer wineries were only formed in the 1970s, there's variety for sure, still it) means there are beautiful cellars and dramatic underground spaces all around the region. I showed a few, like the one pictured here at Zur Schwane in Volkach, in Stories already and those are saved as a permanent highlight in my profile. Another thing I was happy to learn while on this press trip is that Franconia has its own wine bottle in a shape that's quite unexpected. See the second photo to understand what I mean. There are many stories from many different residents that might explain its history but I think the most likely is that it's meant to symbolize the shape that was created when parts of animals were once used as the vessels to carry around liquid. When hung from a belt or trousers, the vessel bulged at the bottom and had a longer neck. It makes sense! Though doesn't exactly make me thirsty. Still, it's another fun piece of history and trivia for a region that has much to surprise and delight already. And I always love a good story. . Both images were taken with my #pixel3 which has been impressing me with it's low light capability. I've always loved experimenting with smartphones of all kinds for photography and now that I have the 3, I can understand why so many of my photo colleagues are firmly #teampixel
14,505 FT — This is the summit of Mt Whitney, the highest mountain in California & the lower 48. 🏔 — I climbed it in 2 days via the “mountaineers route” in April last year. It was an exhilarating experience! — Just published a new YouTube video of the hike, go check it out! LINK IN BIO ⤴️ — #mountwhitney #sierranevadas