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Kit Harington


━ fanpage for Kit Harington. Kit has NO social media accounts.

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What country are you from?
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! ❤️
Follow @thewitcherofficial if you’re excited for it to premiere on Dec. 20th!
❤️ via @thewitcherofficial
Follow @thewitcherofficial if you like The Witcher! Coming to Netflix December 20th.
House of the Dragon coming to HBO. Follow @houseofdragonshbo!
Emilia’s birthday! @emilia_clarke @prideofgypsies via @lotrscns
Happy birthday to Emilia Clarke! ♥️
If you like Lord of the Rings, follow @lotrscns! @lotrscns  @lotrscns  @lotrscns  @lotrscns
Kit & Sophie ❤️
Kit & Emilia ❤️