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James Wright


Love wood working and all that comes with it! Come see what I do in my ALL HAND TOOL shop

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Bob officially has more hair than James now, not that it's that hard... #chichichia #chiapet #handtools #woodbywright
Check out today's video on how to sharpen freehand. #sharpeningtools #sharpeningchisels #sharpeningfreehand #woodworking #handtools
New mascot for the shop. What do ya think? #bobross #chiapet
Due to schedules and general cruddiness in our household, tonight's live is postponed til tomorrow night at 8pm CST. Thanks for understanding, we'll see you then.
Just a little something new James picked up. #handtoolfind #whatisit
The only thing better than making things with hand tools is playing with fire. We're working on the 3rd video in our making a moulding plane series. Tune in tonight on YouTube at 8pm CST to find out more. #mouldingplane #handtoolswoodworking
James is finally getting back to working on the bed again. Hoping to have another video update this next  Saturday 🤞This week he will be working on the main stretchers that connect headboard to footboard. #handtools #missionstylebed #missionstylefurniture #woodworking
Not sure if James is actually working or just screwing around. Check out today's videos to find out. Go to WoodbyWright on YouTube for the artistic version and WoodbyWright 2 for the detailed how to video. #woodscrewclamp #clamps #handmadeclamps #woodworking #handtools #hybridshop #clampscrew
Any guesses what tomorrow's video will be? #chisels #handtoolsonly #handtools #woodworking
Come check out the live tonight @ 8pm CST on YouTube. We will be cutting out the escapement for the moulding plane and bedding the iron in place. Don't forget you can also ask questions whether related to the project or not. See you tonight! #mouldingplane #handtools #handmade #handtoolsonly #handtoolswoodworking #youtubelive  #woodworking #handplane
Clogs may be great footwear for the shop, not so much for the dance floor.  #clogs #clogsandsocks #clogdancing  #woodworking #dancefever
One of my favorite things in the shop, besides tools, has to be the sticker wall. Who doesn't like stickers? Also, the people/channels behind those stickers are pretty cool too. Don't see yours? Send me one and I'll be sure to add it to the collection. #stickers #stickerswap #handtools #woodworking
Discussing ideas on how to make WoodbyWright better and more engaging for everyone. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Thank you for all your encouragement so far. We couldn't ask for a better group of supporters. #wood #woodworking #handtools #makingplans
Tonight we're going to be starting work on a molding plane. Doing it all live on the channel over the course in a couple weeks. tonight will be working on the body and getting the shape closer to what we want. Come join us at 8:00 p.m. Central Time tonight.
What is this. Are we actually doing another podcast? The podcast it was supposed to be once a month that has been done in 2 months. Come join us in just a few minutes or listen to us on your favorite podcast app. If you would like to join in live you can go to craters collective YouTube channel and have fun with us in the live chat.
Three different ways to scarf a board. tonight in alive will be looking at how to do these with just hand tools. As well as probably looking a few other joints and answering all your questions. So come join us at 8:00 p.m. Central Time in the wood by right channel.
This was so much fun to make with @black_beard_projects The handle is made from curly white oak Paducah and Ebony. Going to have to make something like this again in the future.
Tonight for the live video we will be doing houndstooth dovetails live. we'll also be changing the time from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time. So come join us for the fun and watch me make a fool of myself.