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You were such a good boy 💔
Proof that I have always been so core #first45 #shauncassidy #jenniwithani #vinyl #notspinning
dm me for credit and/or to be my new best friend #roasted
This should be an easy decision to make 😑 #goinggray #kicktotheswatch #remodelista
There isn’t a single AS song that isn’t...problematic in 2019, but that’s the punk rock for you #angrysamoans #liveatrhinorecords #myoldmansafatso #commando #robertfripp #nowspinning
This new @themenzingers record has a deep bench #themenzingers #helloexile #strainyourmemory #couldadiamondintherougheverbeenough #nowspinning
Finally got my act together to frame and hang this @jaredgainesva flash sheet Minor Threat tribute art. I am crushing so hard on these. Not enough to get another tattoo but still hard. Sorry there’s no filter for fixing what a garbage photographer I am 🤷🏻‍♀️ #andthatsapromise
It’s not a secret I’ve been feeling a little fragile lately. I mean, tbh if it’s to the point where I’m admitting I am capable of fragility I’m probably close to a nervous breakdown. Even so, when I spun up this Dogmatics 7”, their first new recorded music in 30 years, I did not expect to basically just burst into tears. It’s not a sad song. It’s a fun song, a great song, and so perfectly 100% the Dogmatics. The tears aren’t just for the obvious and tragic losses since the band last recorded, but also for the Boston of my youth, and probably my own youth. Such an amazing gift from these guys, words can’t really convey my gratitude #thedogmatics #thayerstreet #shestheone @rumbarrecords
Elmet had moments of crafted brilliance. The writing at times was transcendent. The narrative and themes kind of wandered between really subtle and blunt af. Price was a two dimensional villain reminiscent of Boss Hogg tbh. To me, the most important thing in a book is I believe in the world the author created. I was 90% of the way there with Elmet, but would I recommend it to anyone? Unclear, but I’m in a garbage mood so #elmet #manbooker2017
So, I think we can all agree I’m terrible at instagram. I saw eight bands over the weekend. Not counting the one I don’t like, that’s seven extremely rad sets I could have shared with you. Instead I got like, one blurry 15 second story and a bunch of off kilter, random clips with no tags. Well this isn’t much better but at least I can describe what it is with words. I love words. @comebackkid_hc just crushed at @mideastclub on Saturday and I picked up this 7” of their cover of Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil with Little Soldier on the B side. If I had to guess the wax color I’d call it party vinyl 🤷🏻‍♀️ #infortyfivedegrees #phantomarm #nowspinning
This pretty much sums it up. Four punk/hardcore bands and dogs and stuffed animals. Am I a grown woman? No way of knowing #bettybadass #cuteaf
Silver Age on clear vinyl. I guess silver vinyl would have been trying too hard. #bobmould #silverage #clearvinyl #sayacheapprayertomyprettyface
It’s #nationaldogday and this is allegedly a dog #bugsford #geriatricdogsofinstagram
I don’t think it’s a secret that I listen to more punk than hardcore, mostly because I’m of an age where I remember the scene in Boston changing from a political counterculture to jocks in flight jackets and then ugh. But bands like @terminalnationhc and @neckbearddeathcamp_official are straight up speaking truth to power in a time where a lot of punks can’t write songs about shit except how much anxiety they have. Anyway, this 7” split One Party System is fucking fire. They are also some well mannered mf who threw in a few stickers and a handwritten thank you note #chingalamigra #nowspinning #onepartysystem #tolivealierecords
Grabbed a bagel and a beverage in NBPT this morning and brought it down to the water. It was absolutely beautiful out. This picture doesn’t even begin to cover it. @caseyelizzabeth I’m sorry if I embarrassed you by shouting “WHAT IS THIS A GODDAMN DOG PARADE I LOVE THEM ❤️” because dogs 🐕 #fellowship #dogparade #nauticaltheme #breakfastonabench
So I normally don’t make posts about vinyl in the summer because it’s unbearable in this room w/o air conditioning and the AC is right between the speakers. But I bore it today, despite it being a heat index of like 100F. Because this super sick re-issue of Sugar’s Copper Blue and Beaster showed up.  Both albums are remastered, pressed on v. limited edition blue marble vinyl, and include Sugar-era interviews with Bob Mould. I’m nerding out REAL HARD RN #bobmould #sugar #hüskerdü #copperblue #beaster #theactweact #jcauto #mergerecords #vinyl #nowspinning #worstphotographeroninstagram
I know it’s uncool to post about your dinner, but I have to say about this corn. It’s the only corn on the cob I will eat. It’s grown in Ipswich and I buy it on the side of the road in Boxford and I only eat corn the same day it was picked, so the stars really only align once or twice a year. Which is fine, because it’s fucking sublime #cornporn #shucks #cobsnob