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Vrutti |The Passionate Pursuer


Fashion is food for my soul🌼. Nature lover❤🌵🌿 Love and embrace for almost anything and everything. Desserts:A happily ever after to my supper❤💗🍩

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Just glowin with the flow💫
Happiness is only a hairflip away🌸
India is the most depressed country in the world. Only 10-12% of the people get the help that they need. So on this day lets break the stigma around mental health together and lets learn a little more about mental health everyday than yesterday.  Also dont forget to laugh with all your heart. Bad days will come in life. You will feel a certain way. But trust me it gets over. DONT GIVE UP JUST YET. HAPPY MENTAL HEALTH DAY🌸 #mentalhealthawareness #tlll #selflove #selfcare #mentalhealthday
Festive Glow aka sweat😂😂
Navratri 2019❤
As a kid i was so fond of makeup and dressing up. I clearly remember always crying to my mom for letting me apply a lipstick. I was so fond of it that i'd carry it in my bag all the time😂. She was so fed up of my obsession for lipsticks that she stopped applying one herself in a hope that id finally stop asking her for it🙈. I think this thing has pretty much remained the same. I am still so fond of makeup and dressing up that i decided "Hey, why not become a blogger". #throwbackthursdayvibes
Blazer or no blazer. Which look do you prefer more?
But I love FALL most of ALL 🍁
Though this picture is quite dark but I had to post it as I really loved how this outfit turned out to be😍😍 Comment down below on how much you'd rate this outfit out of 10.
This is me without any makeup, any filters, any photo angles to make me look taller and I love myself with all my flaws❤. #selflove
Just like the flower she's glowing and growing🌼💛
Pocket full of sunshine🌻
I got it from my mama💛🌻
Princess Feels👑 Throwback to this GORGEOUS GORGEOUS Bridal Makeup Look created by my mami @popatmeena.  P.S.- It was just a bridal shoot. Don't think too much🙊
Tried pairing basics with pearl hair accessories. I think it turned out pretty well.  Tag a person who is a sucker for accessories💛
Id rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck🌻🌼🌸
NO girl is me. She may be cute but she's not Me🌻 P.S. Happy Sunday Everyone💙