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Precision Dosed Hemp Wellness Products. Functional Formulas Compounding PharmDr cGMP+FDA Reg Facility 3rd Party Tested. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Made in USA. COMING SOON

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Troche : Pronounced “troh-key,” is a sublingual dissolving dosage form. πŸ‘…  The sublingual route of administration skips the GI, for rapid effect onset
Sublingual Troches, by @vitaglobalbrands  By blending the best of nutraceutical science, pharmaceutical dosage design, and literature backed blends, Troches ensure quick onset while using less dosage in a variety of functional formulas, developed by compounding pharmacists.  Troche’s dissolving solid dosage form encourages optimal placement near capillary rich tissues of the oral mucosa and sublingual region. By skipping the GI and 1st pass metabolism, Troches exhibit remarkable bioavailability supporting quick onset.  Don’t be left waiting for your product to kick in.  Coming to market this winter!  Quick Onset.  Superior Absorption.  Less Dosage.  Made in a GMP and FDA Registered Facility. 3rd Party tested for purity and safety. Made in the USA. #troches #sublingual  #vitaglobal #vgb #hemp
What is a Troche?  Pronounced “Troh-Key,” these rapid dissolve lozenges absorb directly into the bloodstream for remarkable onset speed & dosage efficacy.  The Troche sublingual dosage form simplifies and encourages optimal dosage absorption while dissolving solid characteristics mimics a liquid tincture in function, without the compromises involved with liquid dosaging.  Troches are all natural without PEG, and designed to sit and stay under the tongue, encouraging a set it and forget it dosage routine.  The quick dissolve
Troches - pronounced “troh key” is a sublingual dosage form.  Tinctures for example, are another sublingual dosage form. However, patients and consumers are expected to hold a significant volume of liquid stationary without movement for ideal absorption.  By creating a dissolving solid, Troches present a dosage form that sits and stays where it needs to across the oral mucosa, without consumer compromises in product interaction.  Rapid dissolve
Crush your personal bests this summer with our Performance Sublingual Troches designed to optimize energy production, reduce oxidative stress, maximize endurance and inflammation.  Our rapid dissolve quick onset Troche sits under the tongue and dissolves under 5min, for full onset in 3-5min, compared to traditional swallowed tincture or supplements which take 30-90 minute, and are subject to diet, malabsorption, and 1st pass metabolism.  Demanding athletes need their boost now! πŸ‹ Lemon Lime Flavored 1mL Troche.  #comingsoon !  #vitaglobal #troche #performance #athlete #sports #science #activehemp #records #best #supplements #boost #active #summer
Our Recovery Troche blends key ingredients in a Sublingual lozenge designed to absorb quickly with enhanced bioavailability. Recovery Troche supports anti-inflammation, stress relief, a calm mood, and ultimately promotes quick un-winding following physical/athletic exertion.  Recovery 1mL Troche for #athletes πŸ’ͺ. . . . . . #vitaglobal #troches #recovery #selfcare #hemp #healthylifestyle #sports #relax #quick
Living with discomfort is #optional. Enhance your well-being with a variety of easy-to-use products, both with standard and optimized bioavailable routes of administration, developed by compounding pharmacists. ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... #vitaglobal #quadtested #capsules #troches #treats #drops #skincare #topicals #selfcare #mindfulness #education #marketing #nature #mentalhealth #friday #usa #feelbetter
Approved by Doctors & Pharmacists πŸ‘¨πŸ»‍βš•οΈπŸ‘©‍πŸ”¬ Loved by people. πŸ’™  Topicals & Skincare, by @vitaglobalbrands.  #vitaglobal #skincare #topical #relief #hemp #usa #world #care #selfcare #usa #soon
Did you know cats have 500 skeletal muscles, and dogs with 700 muscles? They too can pull muscles, and benefit greatly from the inflammation support offered by Hemp!  Pets love us! πŸ•πŸˆ Approved by Vets. πŸ‘©‍βš•οΈ Developed by compounding pharmacists in the USA. πŸ‘¨‍πŸ”¬ Produced in a FDA Registered Facility + Certified GMP.  #pets #usa #animals #treats #hemp #natural #veterinarian #approved #relief #calm #anxiety #vitaglobal
Distribution refers to the #movement of a drug to and from the #blood and various tissues of the body and relative proportions of drug in the tissues. Once a drug enters into systemic #circulation by #absorption or direct administration (IV), it must be distributed into interstitial (fluid outside cells) and intracellular fluids (inside the cell). Depending on vascular permeability, regional blood flow, cardiac output and #perfusion rate, and ability of drug to bind tissue and plasma proteins, and its lipid #solubility affect distribution of a drug between tissues.  Data supporting distribution pharmacology of CBD in tissues of living humans is limited, but will be the area of focus as the industry utilizes complex formulation and design to optimize pharmacokinetics behind CBD and the endocannabinoid system.  Read more on Distribution, at Merck Manual -  https://www.merckmanuals.com/professional/clinical-pharmacology/pharmacokinetics/overview-of-pharmacokinetics?query=Introduction%20to%20Administration%20and%20Kinetics%20of%20Drugs  Developed by Compounding Pharmacists. πŸ‘¨‍πŸ”¬ Approved by MDs πŸ‘©‍βš•οΈ Approved by Vets πŸ‘¨πŸ»‍βš•οΈ Approved by Patients πŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️ Approved by Athletes πŸ’ͺ  #comingsoon !  Vita = Life β˜€οΈ Proudly manufactured in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, in a GMP Certified and FDA Registered Facility.  #vitaglobal #truthinscience #distribution #troches #capsules #gummies #drops #veterinary #cosmetics #natural #cgmp #usa #cbd #hemp #life
Absorption refers to the movement of drug or substance from the site of administration, to bloodstream. For absorption to occur, drugs passively diffuse through areas of high concentration to low; this type of movement does not require any energy expenditure and is influenced by the size and solubility of drug.  A drug product, is the actual dosage form - a tablet, capsule, transdermal patch, solution. It consists of the active ingredient, responsive for producing the desired effect, and excipients (inactive ingredients such as diluents, stabilizers, disintegrates, and lubricant). Together, a form is designed to aid the particular route of administration, optimizing how a consumer interacts with a product type.  #absorption is a subcategory of bioavailability and a topic of interest in the #hemp space, as phytocannabinoids are lipid soluble, but insoluble in water. To increase the bioavailability of hemp different routes of administration may be used, with clever design to aid absorption.  Aqueous Drops, by @vitaglobalbrands glycosylates phytocannabinoids, or adds a sugar molecule to the cannabinoid, improving water solubility, converting a normally fat-soluble/water-insolube, into an improved vehicle for consumption with improved  bioavailability and  faster distribution to the endocannabinoid system. πŸ‘¨‍πŸ”¬πŸ‘©‍πŸ”¬Developed by compounding pharmacists, our Meriva infused formula targets inflammation, for the ultimate in versatile dosing, and CO-Q10 optimizing the binding of Cannabidiol to receptors.  Aqueous Drops - Water Soluble Whole Plant Hemp Concentrate -  Coming Soon!  Read more about Absorption here :  https://www.merckmanuals.com/home/drugs/administration-and-kinetics-of-drugs/drug-absorption  #absorption #vitaglobal #aqueous #drops #watersoluble #water #drinks #quadtested #diffuse #solubility #cbd #hemp #cbdoil
Bioavailability is a subcategory of absorption, and is the proportion of substance entering systemic circulation having an active effect, also assessed by determining #auc (area under the plasma concentration time curve). Drug design and factors specific to the patient influence how an administered dose is absorbed, affecting the clinical/therapeutic effect and onset time.  Orally administered drugs must pass through the intestinal wall, and then the portal circulation to the liver - both sites of 1st-pass metabolism. Thus, many substances may be metabolized before adequate plasma concentrations are reached.  To overcome poor bioavailability, a higher dose can be administered, drug #design & #formulation optimized, or a different route of administration utilized.  Route of administration influences time until effect, with  IV (30-60s), Inhalation (2-3m) Sublingual (3-5m), Intramuscular (10-20m), Rectal (5-30m), Oral (30-90m). @VitaGlobalBrands #sublingual #troche is a dissolving lozenge placed under the tongue, utilizing a fatty acid base (pharmaceutical lipid excipient) for quick onset and superior absorption.  #vitaglobal Troches skip 1st-pass metabolism optimizing bioavailability, with targeted formulations developed by compounding pharmacists.  More on Bioavailability, Found Here -  https://www.merckmanuals.com/professional/clinical-pharmacology/pharmacokinetics/drug-bioavailability  #bioavailability #vitaglobalbrands #troches #optimize #sublingual #pharmacistapproved #active #effect
Developed by compounding pharmacists, VitaGlobal Brands delivers on the promise of manufacturing targeted and effective wellness products pushing the boundaries in optimized drug bioavailability.  #vitaglobal #troches #drops #capsules #topicals #treats #relief #sleep #energy #focus #compassion #care #health #heal #hemp #cbd #quadtested
Developed by compounding pharmacists, consultants to Stanford University’s Clinical Drug Trials Team and UCSF, VitaTroche blends validated pharmaceutical methods innovating the next wave in delivery systems.  VitaTroches patent-pending sublingual troches contain a blocker to mask the bitter flavor of hemp, while micronized ingredients increase surface area driving superior ingredient absorption.  Our compounding pharmacists are able to blend all natural, non habit forming ingredients in a composition providing effective and targeted support.  #vitatroche is cGMP + Produced in a FDA Registered Facility.  #vitatroche #troche #energy #focus #relief #sleep #relax #athlete #performance #recovery #natural #hemp
Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) is essential for DNA synthesis and for cellular energy production. Combined with folate, Vitamin B12 is necessary for the formation and maturation of red blood cells, and maintenance of normal nerve function.  Vitamin B12 is bound to protein in food, and is available for absorption after it has been cleaved from protein by HCL found in the gastric mucosa.  Vitamin B12 deficiency is common from a limited diet in animal foods, or malabsorption of the vitamin commonly found in the elderly or vegetarians.  Inadequate or malabsorption, is common in cases where overgrowth of bacteria occurs in part of the small intestine. Conditions such as IBS, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, pancreatic disorders, AIDS, anti-acids and metformin, exposure to nitrous oxide (laughing gas), lack of Intrinsic Factor, and decreased stomach acid can contribute to malabsorption of the vitamin.  Often, prolonged deficiency whether from inadequate absorption or deficiency through diet may lead to anemia, nerve damage, and changes in mood leading to confusion, irritability, and depression. Advanced vitamin B12 deficiency may lead to delirium, paranoia, and impaired mental function including dementia.  #vitatroche #energy troche combines a proprietary #micronized formulation with 6mg Vitamin B12, 50mg low dose caffeine (half a cup of coffee), and hemp extract, in a rapid dissolve sublingual delivery system, offering superior absorption, and quick onset mechanics delivering its ingredients into the bloodstream quickly - skipping the GI tract for an immediate boost in energy and increase in mood. ⚑️ Energy Boost, by VitaTroche.  #live, enhanced.  #vitatroche #energy #boost #vitaminb12 #caffeine #focus #relief #sleep #performance #recovery
Sleep pathology can be split into two categories, sleep onset latency, and sleep deprivation.  Onset refers to the ability to drift into sleep, and deprivation, the inability to stay asleep.  Sleep deprivation creates a sleep debt that must be repaid, resulting in compensatory heightened pressure to sleep with increased intensity and duration.  Younger generations tend to suffer with sleep onset, and the elderly, with sleep maintenance. With age, as the brain matures and degenerates, there is decline in the percentage of sleep that is deep, with more frequent awakenings, and sleep fragmentation.  The lack of sleep can cause interference with normal physical, mental, social, and emotional functioning. Disruptions in healthy sleep cycles leads to short term and long term effects.  Short term, lack of sleep can affect judgement, mood, ability to learn and retain information. Long term chronic sleep deprivation may lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, immune system fatigue, and shortened life expectancy.  Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education - Sleep Disorders. Li Ling Lim, MD., Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, DO, MS (11.2012). #vitatroche. 😴  VitaTroche Sleep Support blends 3mg melatonin to induce and address sleep onset, while L-Theanine and CBD relaxes and promote a full sleep cycle without disruptions.  Vita = Life  #vitatroche #hemp #troche #recovery #performance #athlete #natural #boost #relief #relax
CBDs oral bioavailability is ~ 6% often proving difficult to survive beyond first pass metabolism (gi). Troches skip the GI tract to deliver ingredients quickly into the blood stream. VitaTroches are formulated with triglycerides offering a rapid dissolve time in under 3 -4 min with full onset in 10min. For those with trouble swallowing pills, Troches offer another route.  Nanoblended micro-emulsified ingredients promote maximal absorption in the oral mucosa, decreasing the physical size of the compounds. This allows easier permeation into cell walls. The graph compares the absorption rates of CBD, micronized CBD, and when aided with enhancers.  VitaTroches are made without PEG, or glycerin. Long dissolve times are a thing of the past.  Our use of a proprietary blocker masks the taste of hemp, traditionally acrid and sour in taste, infused with natural fruit flavors.  Tailored states are formulated by an award winning compounding pharmacist and team, in creating CBD solutions that work quickly and effectively.  VitaTroche solves the problem of CBD absorption.  Quick onset. Rapid dissolve.  FDA Registered Facility + cGMP.  Energy Boost | Focus | Relief | Sleep | Performance | Recovery - European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 109(2017)21-30.  #vitatroche #hemp #troche #recovery #performance #athlete #dogs #boost #relief #relax
Developed by compounding pharmacists, VitaTroche merges the best of pharmaceutical science with hemp, tackling 6 cases to ensure maximum quality of life and support.  Energy Boost | Focus | Relief (Pain Support) | Relax (Sleep Support) & Performance | Recovery.  Coming Q3.  Life. Enhanced.  #vitatroche #recovery #performance #athlete #boost #relief #relax #focus #energy #hemp