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New campaign for @hardybrothers @iblamejordan
My forever muses @lorealmakeup
I’m very down to earth, just not this earth. @lorealmakeup x @karllagerfeld Life gave me many gifts, and one of them is to be able to create along side incredible talents and legendary masterminds. Once again, thank you team!  We all have a touch of Karl.
How can we dance when our earth is turning ?  How do we sleep when our beds are burning ? - - - (These photos were taken on my film camera in January of 2018 in the middle of the Brazilian Amazon rain forest where I spend time with one of the local indigenous community)  The only place where I felt like the earth stood still and nothing else mattered, but that place.  Humans, Mother Earth doesn’t need us. But we need Mother Earth.  Mother Earth, I hope someday we will deserve your forgiveness.
We did it. 6 weeks summer intensive program at the Acting school of William esper!  I’m part of the meisner legacy and this is just the beginning. Meisner is such a fascinating technique, and the amount of wisdom that travels through the corridors of this school is absolutely insane.  Thank you Barbara Marchant, for opening me up and guiding me through this journey, and to all my other teachers who taught me how to find my voice, how to move, and to speak and so on.  And my acting partners, who gave me so many amazing moments full of laughter, or sadness and most of all, craziness!  This was the best summer romance a girl like me could ask for.
Like a poem, with no words
New cover out now 💋 @woman_es
Part of evolving as a human being .. 🤣
Yesterday, I saw a lion kiss a deer.
@vanityfairspain 🤘🏼out now
Olympea for Elle Middle East 🔥
I HAVE NO APOLOGIES - the first time I said it, sounded almost like a whisper. Then I said it again, and again, and again until my voice was so loud it echoed through the corridors.  Ps.: I actually did that!