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Favourite small hatch in the last decade? The Abarth 500 would be highly placed on our list! Editor Pat’s was an absolute blast!
There is way too much detail to capture in this Vette! Perfect sunset cruiser.
Favourite modern day ultimate drivers car? A manual GT3 would definitely be high up on our list (well for some of us!)
We’re still in love with the Bentayga and you should be too, just look at that attention to detail! Cannot thank @bentleyperth enough for the opportunity to get our hands on this rolling art work!
They might weigh as much as an island, but my god they look good doing it.
Just how berserk did the French go with the Renault Sport Clio V6? Just the right amount if you ask us, the Clio V6 is a complete marvel and one we’re sadly not likely to see again.
Convertible Continental GT, straight from the showroom to a sunset treated cruise. Easy steps to making anyone’s weekend.
World famous and with good reason, everyone loves a Mini. Whether you first laid eyes on it in Mr Bean or in your neighbours garage, there’s no denying they’re one of the elite classics.
Good enough for Bond, good enough for me. There’s no denying that the Vanquish S is one of the most handsome creations to come out of the land of Teabags and Yorkshire puddings.
A 1973 Corolla, Nardi and some Watanabe wheels, guaranteed to be an outstanding combination.
What’s better than the original hot hatch? Not much I can tell you that. Tonight’s visual treat is coming in the form of an all factory 1983 Mk1 Golf GTI.
Starting the week off with a Australian hero car, a 1988 VL Walkinshaw Group A SS.
Sunday sunset with a Testarossa, perfect way to round out a weekend.
A night with at R34 GT-R is a night well spent.
Today’s visual treat comes in the form of a stunning Aston Martin DB6. Happy Friday.
We are really pleased with our recent shoot of the world’s latest @rwb_rauhweltbegriff car, that’s been built right here in WA by our friends at @ktec_autohaus, so pleased that we’ve decided to release a super limited edition print! The print will arrive free of shipping charge (Australia wide), complete and ready to mount. —— Follow the link in our bio to purchase! Get in quick to make sure you secure your favour number!
Taking it back a decade (or 3) for today’s feature. Enjoy an enticingly ear-gasmic dual carburettor equiped Lancia Fulvia HF for your hump day.
Tuesdays require a switch up, today’s feature vehicle is an angry serpent hailing from land of freedom and cheeseburgers. This shoot is courtesy of @diamond_detailing_perth, huge thank you to Paul and his slightly too short short-shorts.