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Positive thinking is such a buzzword right now and it’s more than thinking positive. This is a conscious daily choice that you need to intuitively make to literally shift your way of thinking. It takes effort and consistently reminding yourself to change your verbiage. We’ll be doing a blog post this week specifically giving alternative language to help change your philosophical point of view and way of self talk to change your life. Working mom self talk is scary and can be internally damaging, we’re now taking clients to help coach you through these times and understand that your thoughts truly shape your reality.  #workingmama  #manifestation #perspectivequotes  #mindset
❌Just because they’re doing it doesn’t mean you have to too.🚫 I was low for awhile this year because I thought I wasn’t doing enough. Not in a sense of everyday wise but in a sense the future. I have my degree 📜 and I’m working on a NASM certification, so once we move for David’s schooling, I’ll have options!  I thought I was a failure ❌ in a sense. Because most people close to me are either thinking of going back to school or doing something grad school wise. This is amazing for them but I started to feel lesser since that is not the path I care to take 😐. This is nones fault but my own because focusing on what they are all doing shouldn’t be the goal.  I finally switched my thinking after mapping out some goals and thinking about my life. The world 🌍 is full of opportunities and grad school just isn’t for everyone! I started looking at what I have done and want to do!  Those things are: •I have a degree •I have MULTIPLE minors •I am about to be a certified personal trainer 🏃🏻‍♀️ •I have an amazing family •I have a few amazing friends •I have many opportunities and just need to accept that I’m in a transition point in life right now •I want to help people with their health •I want to help people after natural disasters •I want to be happy with what I’m doing.  After looking at ALL those amazing parts of my life, I started to realize that I’m stupid for feeling lesser. I’m not lesser cause im not going to get a PhD in political science or go back to school to rack up more debt. EVERYONE has different paths and that’s not mine. Mine is getting involved with Red Cross and coaching people to be healthier and that is no less then anyone else because THAT is MY PASSION! THAT is what I want to do!😌 So next time you feel stuck, lesser than someone else, in a rut, any negative feelings about your future, REMEMBER that everyone’s journey starts somewhere and everyone’s journey is NOT the
I'm not perfect.  I refuse to be labeled as such. I am goofy and funny.  I am serious and a complete mess.  I am brave.  I am sick. Very sick. I won't get better. That's okay.  Good days mean I play, work,  jump and run. Bad days mean bed and being cared for.  I am okay with this. #fibro #autoimmunedisease #goddess #loved #queen #queensdontsettle #workingwomen #singlemom #80sbaby #loveyourself #gemini #yasqueen #bringit #phoenix #quote #newday #beauty #fighter #noncurabledisease
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Who's got rough week ahead?  It's gonna be OK👌* * * * * * #ethicallysourced #loveourplanet #getyourvoiceheard #bedone #workingwomen #workingmoms #toughenough #bethechange🌎 #changeiscoming #itsgonnabeokay
So this Monday at work, I found out that I’d been among the top 10 account managers in our region this quarter which was an absolutely shocking news because these past 3 months had been nothing short of a hell, it literally felt like a nightmare which seemed to have no end! I suffered severely emotionally and also had a major mental breakdown during the time. Along with certain negative aspects about moving to a new house plus dealing with some other issues that was beyond my control and lastly a major guilt in related to a certain life changing decision that I made for our family was eating me inside.  It was something that couldn’t have been reversed rather had to be dealt with and I was struggling really badly to come to terms with it all.  While I was in such emotional dilemma, something else happened that shook the core of the confidence in myself. This event almost broke my family but thankfully we came out of it stronger than ever. It made me feel so weak and vulnerable in the beginning but once I saw it through with conviction, it really taught me some valuable life lessons. I seriously learned to value things in my life a lot more after that.  So during these 3 months, let alone focusing at work, I rarely focused on what I ate or wore or how much I slept. I have eaten my emotions throughout and gained a lot of weight, I have neglected on working out neither did I take care of myself. I was running on an empty tank, on fumes with absolutely no sleep, 0 energy! So being one of the top performers was a pleasant surprise and a reminder of what I’m capable of! No matter what life threw at me, one thing I never did is giving up because I never had the choice to! Despite all of it, I made sure to get up every morning, go to work and did my part and prayed for the better days to come!  And finally the storm has passed, my life seems to be settling down slowly and I’m getting back to the swing of things! Moral of this post is, no matter how f*d up life
I love my home!
on a day of first’s : isn’t it ironic that the things that present themselves as challenges are often times the very things that make us better? helped produce a video shoot today and while it initially felt so outside my comfort zone, I learned so much. sitting here reflecting and the entirety of the experience left me feeling capable, confident, and so excited to spend more time in unfamiliar territory. case in point, don’t shy away from the things that intimidate you. that’s where the growth is ✨ — and as a 🍒 on top, we peeped the brand in the nov. @allure issue! p. 87 ; )
To be dedicated to making every person shine in a way that is unique to the light that lies within them is the most energizing and fulfulling of missions. It not only has the capacity to make the world better, it enriches our own life beyond measure.
Fall in love with the process and the results will come. #tacticaltuesday