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Happy Friday y’all!!! I’m finally home to my boys after a week away — all the feels (even though it’s cold and rainy) 🌧 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What are your weekend plans?!
This December, I am marvelling at time-how it passes, always. How it cannot be captured, really. We try-with words, pictures, drawings, feeds-we try, almost desperately, to capture the uncaptureable. Yet, time passes & babies grow & change is the only constant. || I have spent my days at home, with my babies, for almost 5 years. In less than 10 days, that will change. So here I am, crawling into my 4 year-old’s bed at 5am to hold him in my arms. Here I am, breathing in my 16 month-old’s hair, skin, breath, trying to memorize the smell-feel-joy of him. Here I am, reading an extra bedtime story, because I can. Here I am, dancing with my baby in the kitchen at midnight, because I can. Here I am, crying in my tea, because all-of-the-feelings need somewhere to go & the mug seems be saying, “let them fall here.” || I feel beaten up by motherhood. Also, built up by motherhood. Also, broken in the most painful way. Also, healed. || Some moments sing. And this is one of those moments. This noticing of how blessed I am. This noticing of how sad I am. This noticing of how changed I am. This eyes-wide-open noticing of time passing... it is exquisite in its tenderness. Exquisite in its ability to rattle me to my core & remind me that I HAVE A CORE-a strong, rooted, unshakeable core-made of one thing only: Love. I was wrong before-change isn’t the only constant. Love is constant, too. So here I am, knowing that. Trusting that. Crying in my tea. ♥️ || Words from #bravenewmama (page 86) || #somemomentssing
Baby it’s cold outside!!! ❄️ #collab thank you @ffinery for gifting me this amazing cashmere scarf and hat! It’s so soft and keeps me extra warm! #cozyincashmere #fishersfinery
🤩✨ The first wrapped gifts & this year is extra special! For years we have been purchasing wrapping paper through @curbsideokc’s Wrap Up Homelessness campaign & this year I’m completely humbled to have contributed a design!! 😭🥳 100% of the proceeds from each package of wrapping paper purchased goes to support @curbsideokc & their mission to employ & empower men & women transitioning out of homelessness in OKC. If you are local, you can grab some from a Curbside Vendor (they often have booths at various holiday fairs & events too)! Not local? Just visit wrapuphomelessness.com & you can have it shipped to you!! I would be so honored if you would join me in this mission to empower our fellow OKC citizens & give gifts to your loved ones that give back. 💝Each design is contributed by local OKC artists & they are all incredible— I’m still pinching myself that my work is among them!! I’ll share some more details about the design in my stories— the paper is so luxe 🤤, like pure (plant-based 😉) butter. 🥳 #wrapuphomelessness Thank you @curbsideokc for including me in your efforts!!
Had to share this photo my husband took tonight of our son catching a drum under a double rainbow!  Wow! Not sure if my son or Matt was more excited🎣 🌈 📸 @mattlusk • • • #outerbanks  #outerbanksnc  #obx #obxrealestate  #coldwellbankerseasiderealty  #buythebeachhouse  #coldwellbanker  #momlife #workingmom #ladyboss
I have decided to focus more and more on SELFCARE (an overall WELLNESS of my mind and body) in 2020 and it will all start with me being MINDFUL. I want to be Mindful about what I eat, what I watch, who I spend time with, how I spend that time and more importantly be mindful about how I’m feeling physically, mentally and emotionally and address the concerns accordingly. . . I started my wellness journey back in summer 2019 due to suffering from some physical issues (carpal tunnel syndrome and mild arthritis) which led me to start physical activities, meditation, etc. But I experienced some life altering events at the later part of the year, which shifted my focus from all of it. But I’m refocusing all my energy to my wellness journey again but this time the emphasis will be on MINDFULLNESS and everything somehow branches off of it and I’ll slowly explain how. . . I’m not a book reader at least I haven’t been in the longest time but I do occasionally pick up a self help book that seems interesting and one of the book I’m reading right now is THE HAPPINESS TRACK by Emma Seppala. So far, this book has been a tremendous source of reassurance! I’ve mentioned several times how I chose a mediocre degree over a Medical and Engineering degree after being admitted to both. Also how I chose to live in a small town with scarce job opportunities and settled for a mediocre job (according to my mom and society’s standards) and explained how that makes me HAPPY. My mom had high hopes for me and still tries to convince me to go back to school to study some high income yielding degree but I assure her each time saying that “Mom, I am happy with my modest income and modest life, it’s enough for me, is it for you?” and each time it brings a satisfactory smile to her face, I can tell even over the phone. . . The book, THE HAPPINESS TRACK assured me that I’ve been on the right track according to my needs. What we want from life is so different for everyone but is
I’m not gonna lie, being able to dress cute everyday was one of the reasons I got into Real Estate 🙈 no more yoga pants please !. #realestateagent #soontobe #studygram #courtierimmobilier #mtlrealestate #mtl #workingmom #love #ootd
I allow abundance and creativity to flow freely through my being & into being.  When I move away from scarcity consciousness & into abundance consciousness, my mind & heart align to my soul. The law of attraction is very real to me(refer back to my last post). When I allow my mind, heart, & soul to basque in gratitude then more abundance flows to me. When I am feeling like I am not complete & don’t have enough then I attract scarcity into my life.  My soul & your soul do not know anything but wholeness, abundance, & creativity. Our souls are complete. It is our minds that create this idea of scarcity & then that belief is projected into our reality & takes form.  This takes a constant & conscious effort in my life. There are days I forget this mantra or choose not live by it & therefore wallow in the “scarcity”. I’m excited to say that those days are becoming less & less as I commit to feeling complete in my existence.  When I am living with this commitment opportunities come into my life, & creativity flows through me with ease.  This brings me to share with you some of my recent celebrations...  The song I released in October is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, & Soundcloud. (spotify link in my bio)  The stunning coffee table book “She Rises” that I produced with @freebirthsociety earlier this year is flying off the shelves & would be a beautiful holiday gift for your loved ones! (link in bio)  Photo taken be my friend & business partner @rosiyogi  Koa’s adorable wool boots by @wildling.shoes My favorite ethically made high quality barefoot shoes for every season.  #wildmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #entrepreneur #breakawaymovement #musician #songrelease #singersongwriter #sherises #shopsmall #workonline #stayathomemom #workingmom #snowday
We are heading into what is most likely our last weekend together.  I LOVE their parents, I'm one of their biggest cheerleaders.  I am so proud of what these last 6 months have held, the change that has happened, the attachment formed, the love, and the co-parenting.  But boy, it's tough counting down days trying to make every moment count. • These girls have changed me, toughened me up, have brought so much joy in my home.  It took quite awhile to bond with both of them, I thought for at least a month it wasn't going to work out.  But then something changed and I fell in love with them, and then their parents, and I am left feeling so thankful and proud yet heartbroken and sad. I don't know how to walk this part out, I'm new to the foster parent grieving. For now, I'm just soaking up every minute left 💙
Let go of anything that disturbs your peace ☮️ I’ve gotten really good at this the last 2 years. You really don’t know how bad for you certain things can be that are in your life. One of the biggest changes I’ve made is on social media. I went on an unfollowing spree. If you make me uncomfortable I’m any kind of way, I will unfollow without hesitation. If I find myself comparing myself, I will unfollow them. If I see nothing but negativity, I will unfollow. If I see you bashing something I believe in, I will unfollow. If you’re someone that’s done me wrong in the past, there’s no reason for us to be friends on social media so I unfollow. Literally anytime I’m scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, whatever. If I see something that triggers me, gives me any kind of bad thoughts, makes me mad, literally uncomfortable in any kind of way. I remove it from my space. Why harm your inner peace in that way? I can’t even tell you how much better I feel after doing this and committing to it. I try to friend and follow those who show truths but mostly P O S I T I V I T Y. Positivity spreads like wild fire 🔥 and I want more of it in my life 💓 ⠀ • #girlmom #momoftwo #toddlermom #lifestyle #wannabefashionblogger #blondehairdontcare #sahm #workingmom #workfromhome #momsofinsta #motherhood #lookoftheday #ootd #fallfashion #affordablefashion #fashionablemom #morethanamom #imacoolmom #casual #everydaystyle #outfitinspo #forever21xme #oldnavystyle #madisonbraids #ardelllashes #jeanjacketweather #scarfseason
That moment when a wave comes up from behind you and tries to take you down (literally what happened in this picture)🤣⁣ ⁣ This happens in life. This happens in business. ⁣ ⁣ In the middle of peace and calmness...waves like to come in and crush things. Those waves could be setbacks, failures, loss and so much more. ⁣ ⁣ My tip - expect it. Roll with it. ⁣ ⁣ Enjoy the calmness....⁣ ⁣ Take on the waves.....⁣ ⁣ Stay strong.........⁣ ⁣ and before you know it, that wave will pass. ⁣ ⁣ That’s life 😊⁣ ⁣
[**New blog post linked in bio] The place is lit like it’s 2012 again. Except...⠀ ⠀ we gotta get home in 3 hours to relieve the babysitter.⠀ ⠀ But, we might not even last 3 hours because we’re tired.⠀ ⠀ And cautious that we might be woken up at night because of a bad dream, sleep regression or upset tummy.⠀ ⠀ Oh wait, I’ll probably be tired because I’ll have to get up and pee at least 2 times at night. #8monthspregnant⠀ ⠀ I guess it’s not like 2012. ⠀ ⠀ But at least I’ve got a partner in crime to be sleep deprived with. ⠀ ⠀ There’s no place I’d rather be.⠀ ⠀ Don’t forget to like and 👋🏽follow me @moonstruckmom if this resonates! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #hallmarkmoment #relationshipgoals #parents #relationshipgoals😍 #parentsnightout #vacation #pregnant #pregnancy #realtalk #workingmom #sahm #momtime #speaktruth #momconfessional #momtruths #datenight #livingmybestlife #pregnancy101 #8months #coupletime ⠀ ⠀
Brrrr bei uns ist es ganz schön kalt geworden ☃️💨.... . . Unsere Röcke Annabell ganz einfach mit dicker Wollstrumpfhose dickem Pulli und unseren neuen Twist Stirnbändern kombinieren und das ist Outfit ist perfekt 👌☺️🧡 . . . -> Rock Annabell und Twist Stirnband in verschiedenen Farben erhältlich! Schreibt mir einfach eine PN - ich freu mich ! . . . ❗️Vergiss unsere Weihnachtsaktion nicht ❗️ . . . . . . #austria #winterliebe  #itscoldoutside #winteroutfit #winterwonderland #mommyblogger #motherofboy  #kidsfashion #romper #lebenmitkindern #kinderliebe #mommysboy #youngmom #workingmom #outsideisfree #mumlife #photooftheday #nikolаustаg #mommyblogger #waldkindergarten #waldkind #naturkind
צילום תדמית למעצבת פנים  @michalmaislishid  איפור: @dana_k_makeup  סטיילינג: @sivanberliner  שיער: @sivi_care . . . . . #צילוםתדמיתלנשים #צילום #תדמית #מיתוג #מיתוגעסקים #שיווק #שיווקדיגיטלי #עסקיםקטנים #עסקיםלעסקים #נשיםעצמאיות #מעצבתפנים #עיצובפנים #עיצוב #womanempowerment #womanpower #interiordesigner #workingmom #womanphotographer #ig_israel #israeli #ig_lady #brassia_ii #ok0512
Posted @withrepost • @burtsbeesbaby All they want is you. All they need is you. Exactly as you are. 💛 Quote: @catandnat #burtsbeesbaby #workingmom
H A P P Y  N I K O L A U S I 🎅🏽 . #ohwhataday Das erste Mal seitdem ich Mutter bin konnte ich den Nikolausmorgen nicht mit meinen Kindern verbringen. Ich konnte die Stiefel nicht packen und strahlende Kinderaugen sehen 😭 . Die Arbeit hatte mich gestern und heute fest im Griff. Aber jetzt ist Wochenende #hochdiehändewochenende . Was war in eurem Stiefel? . . . #nikolaus #nikolausstiefel #heuteinhamburg #heuteaufmeinemteller #workingmom #müde #freitag #friyay #frеitаgchilltаg
The one thing I love about the holidays most is being able to give back to our community. #ad So the @99centsonly and I have partnered this holiday season to bring some joy to a family in our community! The girls got to pick some fun toys for the kids and I got mom and dad some goodies they can use to decorate their home for the holidays. The feeling of giving back is like no other and I am just happy to be able to show my girls ways to be kind to others during this time of year. Make sure to head over to the @99centsonly and spread the holiday spirit! #tisthe99 #dothe99 #99centsonly
When I work, I work intensively and when I’m with my daughter there’s nothing else in my world 💓💓💓. I’m mindful as a parent keeping things in balance is no easy task😅 I know you moms feel me. Today I got to go to my boo boo’s jingle bell ball at her school & I can’t believe she’s 4. I honestly don’t know where the time goes??... she’s now teaching me dance moves 😂 and keeps me looking at the world through her pristine child’s eyes, with presence & Joy as often as I can.  @st.augustines.priory thank you to everyone who organised it, it was truly fab. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend
38 Weeks! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Baby is the size of a 🍉. His movements feel more like nudges and rolls. I love feeling his little foot push me. I push it—and he pushes it back. Our little game that brings me a lot of joy.  After 36 weeks, I started getting the usual end of pregnancy ailments. Getting comfortable in a sleeping position is tougher. My feet and legs are constantly swollen, he “lightened” so I have constant pressure on my pelvis, bladder, and colon. And I definitely have the pregnancy waddle down.  Needless to say I am physically exhausted. There’s nothing better than coming home and elevating my legs.  At work, the most common question I get asked is “Wow. You are still working?!” In all honesty, I would love to rest before becoming a mother, but the reality is—the maternity leave policy in this country is not optimal and I made the choice to work up until my due-date to maximize time with my son when he is born.  I get 12 weeks of maternity leave. It is FMLA, so it is essentially not paid (I will get a portion covered through short-term disability). My job will be guaranteed to me when I come back. I will use all my leftover sick days for 2019 towards my maternity leave. In 2020, I will have to use all of my sick days for the year towards my leave and be allowed to leave all but four days of vacation. So for 9 months of 2020, I will have four vacation days and no sick days with an almost 12-week old at home.  The maternity leave policy in America is awful. How can we support women and children with a policy like this? I went through a very tough time when I realized this policy and had to finally accept it. Am I okay with it? Absolutely not. Am I dealing with it? Yes. Because it is my reality. I am grateful to even get 12 weeks and I know so many who don’t even get ANY time off.  To all my working mommas who felt like they had to go back to work too soon, know I am right there with you. I’m disappointed, but finding peace in
DAS, WAS WIR HEUTE SIND, FOLGT AUS DEN GEDANKEN DENEN WIR GESTERN NACHGINGEN & UNSER GEGENWÄRTIGES DENKEN BESTIMMT UNSER LEBEN, WIE ES MORGEN SEIN WIRD..... . . . . . . . #austria #winterliebe #nachdenklich #meinleben❤ #unserlebenistbunt #wirdrei  #itscoldoutside #winteroutfit #winterwonderland #mommyblogger #motherofboy  #kidsfashion #romper #lebenmitkindern #kinderliebe #lifestyleonefleek #mommysboy #youngmom #workingmom #outsideisfree #mumlife #photooftheday #mommyblogger #waldkindergarten #waldkind #naturkind
Time for Dinner in Hanoi 🍜🧉 #smile#alleinerziehend#fashion#alleinerziehendundglücklich#singlemom#singleparenting#workingmom#workingmomstyle#workingmomlife#frau##ü30#0711#ü35#likeforlikes#likeorfollow#adeingermany#camera#likeforlove##elegantstyle#beautifulskin#instadaily#fashion#femininestyle#feminine#happy#dinnertime
Nykissä meneillään ensimmäinen täysi työviikko äippäloman jälkeen ja onhan nämä 9h päivät pidempiä kuin ne 4h... 😅 .  Tähän hetkeen kaipaisi @beautyanniina hoitoa mihin pääsin Suomessa pari viikkoa sitten. Kasvohoito, tuplakuorinta, johon sisältyi käsihieronta. 🤤 .  Anniina näki mun naamasta että nukun oikealla kyljellä öisin! 😱 Lapsen saannin jälkeen nukunkin meidän perhepedissä tasan yhdessä asennossa. .  Tässä pari vinkkiä, mitä lähti mukaan: 🍬 Puhdistus on tärkein vaihe 🍬 Tyynyliinan vaihto jopa 3 päivän välein 🍬 Kuoria kannattaa viikoittain  Oli muuten niin rentouttavaa, että piti oikeen pinnistellä että pysyn hereillä. Suosittelen 👍🏻 .  My first full time week after coming back fully from maternity leave. And I have to say these 9h days are MUCH longer than the 4h 😅 NEED a relaxing weekend with maybe a massage or wine. Or both 🤷🏼‍♀️ .  #beautyanniina #kasvohoito #äitiys #äiti #workingmom #mommylife #vauva #nycmom
#ad Sous-chef holiday helper for the win!👩🏼‍🍳💕This little lady went to the grocery store with me, put our cooking supplies in the shopping basket, and even carried it around the store for me. She clearly wants to be just like Mama! If she’s going to be just like me, though, then there are some important lessons she needs to know—like how to pick the very best Extra Virgin Olive Oil made by Carbonell for our family’s spaghetti recipe! 😉 This oil is made of 100% Cordobesa olives that are sourced from the world’s home of olive oil, the Andalusia region of Spain. Carbonell’s Extra Virgin Cordobesa Oil is our favorite because it has a bold and fruity taste that makes you want to drizzle it on absolutely everything! The region’s soil, climate, terrain, and cultivation techniques lend themselves to the unique taste. Even more, the special care shown by the Andalusian farmer’s makes this oil 100% traceable. From your holiday turkey to pasta to bread dip, Carbonell’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives a burst of flavor that you and your family need to experience. Look for it at your local Kroger (selected stores in Texas) to try it in your own holiday cooking this season! 🙌🏻 #carbonell #loveishomemade
Recovery looks a lot different these days 💙 Thank you @forge_body_therapy for taking care of us! 💪🏽
Muka tegang... karena liat mamih & abah pelukan 😆🤪⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Ntah knp kalau ortunya sayang2an, anak2 ini langsung alergi & memicu ketegangan yg kemudian diikuti oleh tangisan & rengekan yg berkepanjangan 😅😂⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #kesayangan #motherhood #workingmom #momoftwo #instamom #momproblems #workingmomandproud #instaworkingmom #clozetteid #familyfirst #family #sister #sisterhood #clozetteid #loveofmylife #daughters
#excited #happy girl in #london sending #love after a good day with a #lovely team.#modellife #workingmom #luckylady
Is there a presidential candidate promising to make all workplaces shut down for the month of December? Because they can have my vote. I’m just trying to cuddle up with these 2 on the couch and watch Christmas movies for the rest of the year🎄🎅🏼🎁