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#oregon WR Brenden Schooler has entered the transfer portal. Schooler missed 4 games with a broken foot, he will be a graduate transfer. - #cfb150 #oregonducks #scoducks #goducks #brotherhood #wintheday #oregonfootball #explorepage #cfbnews #transferportal #pac12 #cfp #xtremecfb #espn #espncfb #collegegameday #collegefootball #cfb #nikefb #nike
10k!💛 Thank you to those who have stuck with me. Made my comeback possible and worth it!
#fitness #daily #wintheday #fitdad #fitdads.  Day 523  The journey is amazing  Take it one moment at a time  And watch the success you achieve  #wethefew
Let’s just spell out the day for you:  Youngest daughter has been sick with croup Hubby wakes me at 3:00am to find her medicine, and I  thought it was like time to wake up and get the day started…so couldn’t fall back asleep Meeting at 9:30 for a pretty awesome opportunity coming up Ran out of diapers for nap!  Take daughter dressed in nightgown and Peppa Pig rain boots to store for diapers…don’t worry I wiped down cart before and after with anti-bacterial wipes Take daughter to urgent care after 4 days of her being sick Once at the doctor’s office she has to go to the bathroom and I spill water all over the floor and in my purse Of course, nothing a physician can do, just keep doing what we’re doing Get home and cram lunch down my throat while working on my computer for my upcoming #yomosasforbc event Realize my PT cert has lapsed so hop online to get registered for a course and exam….oh wait!  There’s one I  could take online right then…DONE AND DONE Son gets home so I work with him on homework and reading Try to get more work done on event…not happening Run to store again for missing ingredients for dinner Get dinner made Time to do a live video for a giveaway for the first $1000 raised for our event I get it all set and give my daughter a popsicle so she’ll be good while I record…I hit start…she has to potty…all while live video is rolling Time for a glass of wine  My point?  I survived the day!  Was it an awful day?  Not at all!  Was it hectic?  For me, yes.  We are ALL survivors in our own right…some of us are in the process of surviving a disease, some have survived toxic home life, some have survived financial distress, some have survived unemployment, some have survived health scares with their children, some have survived the loss of a loved one…some have just survived the freaking day!!! So cheers to you! Whatever YOU have survived…because every survival is a victory!  Check out the latest blog post up with the
Bearkat Madness was a success!! #becommitted #wintheday #eatemupkats
MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THE SHOWDOWN OF THE YEAR!!! Your Cards are facing off against the current D1-AA National Champions, Bowling Green State University,  in what will be THE game of the season. There is a reason this Conference is one of the best in the country and this Saturday will be a showcase not to be missed!  Will a young and hungry team be able to match up against the best? Will years, months and weeks worth of preparation pay off? Will BGSU's dominance in this Conference be tested?  These are all questions that will be answered this Saturday at 2pm in Seneca Park.  Come on out and support your Cardinal Rugby Team!! #paintemporary #pridepermanent #uofl #uoflrugby #gocards #wintheday #usarugby #collegerugby
New week, new workout. . It was time for a change, on a lot of different fronts. . So, why not switch up my leg routine too? . The order changed, the sets and rep ranges changed, couple old moments went away, couple new moments added. . Including these beauties... front squats. . This is a completely unfamiliar exercise to me. My squat game is not strong by any means, so it's kind of fun to try new things... new challenges. . How often do you switch up your routines? . If yours is getting stale, shoot me a message and I'd be happy to share this one. . #frontsquat  #legday  #icantwalk
PLAYMAKER ALERT 🚨 🚨 please help me welcome our next commit Damian Plauszta  5’9” 150Lbs slot/DB/K @damian.plauszta . Plauszta was part of the OPFL Bantam Lions team that made it to the east finals. Damian played both sides of the ball and led the OPFL in touchdown receptions with  9 on the season with 13 receptions for 314 yards. No only can he run great routes, Damian carried the rock 15 times  for 124 yards. Damian plays for RCSS in high school. In his first year Plauszta is leading D8 in touchdowns scored. Look for Damian fight for a starting position in 2020  Favourite food: Pancakes 🥞 or steaks🥩  Favourite restaurant: Moose Winooskis Favourite movie: Dumb and dumber  Favourite football team: Seattle Seahawks Favourite subject: Math Goal university: OSU, Western Future job: NFL OR CFL  #cambridgelions #family #wintheday #opfl #519sportsonline #liveinthemoment #ohiostatefootball  #westernmustangsfootball @rcssfootball
SUCCESS IN THE NUMBERS. Thankful @drdib for his recent procedure and reinforcement that you never know what’s in your body. Testing helps reinforce the results and the journey. Grateful for every day and the partners that help make me better to inspire others!#199guynever2late #dignityhealth #drdib #nucleartest #bettervsbitter #wintheday
Repost from @afrobrutality 🔥THE STRUGGLE YOU’RE FACING🔥 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬. .. . Dues paid Day 56/75 #75hard .2.. . . .  #75hard #100to0 #mentaltoughness #mfceoproject #mindset #mastermind #instamachinist #becomingsupernatural #selfhealers #newmedicine #wintheday #projectcoherence #changingtheworld #instamachinist #iamarete #imagineer #happiness #youareoryouarent  #mfceoproject #mfceomachinists #quantopia .
Facing a risk isn’t an obstacle for greatness . It’s an opportunity for greatness . It’s now what happens if I step out of my comfort zone . It’s why happens if I DON’T . Great words by @andyfrisella . Don’t hold back!  #grind #takerisk #seperateyourself #challenge #hwpo #wintheday
Today got me. I was feeling so much stress this afternoon it was physically painful. But tonight at prayers with these two little soccer babes, they prayed for their mama and I lost it. All day I felt like I just couldn’t win. And in about two seconds flat, out of the mouths of my little babes, I felt on top of the world again. • I’m so thankful to be the mama to these boys of mine. And also *very* thankful soccer season is officially over as of today 🙌🏽 This little love (and his crazy brother) played their hearts out every week (felt like we were living at the YMCA there for a while...) and while I love what playing sports is teaching our boys, I am READY to have my nights and weekends back at home as a family ♥️
Coach Schmotzer, thank you for the wisdom that you shared with our team today, greatly appreciated Coach!! @dan.schmotzer  #cokerpride  #wintheday
How do you assess value? Price alone isn’t enough when evaluating stocks. It’s tempting to think a stock is undervalued when the price falls, but there’s other things that are important to think about. For example: How’s the P/E ratio? How does the P/E ratio compare to other companies in the same industry?  Check out manageyourtomorrow.com for articles about motivation, growth, and change. The link is in my bio! The change you’re seeking is just around the corner! Go get it! . . . . . . #happinessquotes #motivation💪 #motivationnation #successquotes #saveandinvest #wintheday #wintheday🏆 #successisachoice #choosetobehappy😊 #motivationalquotesdaily #dailyquoteforyou #youcandothis #powerofchoice #inspirationalquotefortheday #teammotivationnation #manageyourtomorrow #winnerscircle #entrepreneurgoals #successgoals #beyourbestself #motivationmonday💪 #motivateyourself #selflovequotes #quotesforwinners #striveforgreatness💯
🔋 up .. >>Squats 90%x3 (SMOKED💨) - ‼️Accepting new Personal Training Clients — Use link in bio to apply! ———— 📍MI | Personal Trainer/Nutritionist Define yourself. Create it. #alphalete #apeman #squats #michiganfit #getfit #befit #leggains #squatbooty #personaltrainer #michiganfitness #vans #getbettertoday #teammihaly
I couldn’t be more proud of how I mentally approched 20.2 ✨ ______________________________ #wintheday #thrusters #trustyourself #strongershoulder #strongermind #mindovermatter #makeithappen #crossfitopen #competition #twentypointtwo  #goodvibesonly #grateful  _____________________________ @levlysa  @vero.thib  @yano008  @chiropluscampbellton  @reason.thibault_caro  @ntl_novative_lab  @strngcoffeeco  @filt50
Just because you have a shit day (yesterday), doesn’t mean today has to be the same.  I got home from work yesterday and all I had done was take my progress photos and drink half of my water. BY 5.30PM! I had opted for a sleep in after my busy weekend and late flight back home the night before and it threw my whole day off.  Fast forward to this morning (after a good nights sleep) and I had read 10+ pages, taken my progress photo, finished an inside workout AND an outside work out (back to back) and drunk 1L of water, all before I got to work at 9AM!  Don’t just win the day. Make the day your bitch. Get some!  #livehard #75hard #mountain #climb #hike #walk #newzealand #mentaltoughness #fitness #challenge #wintheday #getsome
Today, I have been paralyzed with fear... ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ Fear of not being good enough.⁣ Fear of feeling like an imposter. ⁣ Fear of not being enough. ⁣ Fear that my journey is a lie that only I believe. ⁣ .⁣ FUCK THAT SHIT DUDE!⁣ .⁣ It’s perfectly normal to have fear in certain situations but to stay there is totally a choice. ⁣ .⁣ The only way I know how to get out of my fearful place is to be grateful and to do something for someone else. ⁣ .⁣ I finally recorded the first successful life podcast. ⁣ .⁣ Hold the fuck on! I literally just recorded it. Unscripted and with no notes. My intention with the podcast is to provide help and provide knowledge of the things I’ve been through and to tell you a little bit about me and my journey. ⁣ .⁣ You may ask yourself well what do I care about his journey?  My journey has helped countless people with countless obstacles, I hope this touches your heart and soul. .⁣ .⁣ I am working on publishing the podcast so be patient...or don’t it’s up to you.
That first year sure flew by, didn’t it? Let’s hear it for Senior Marketing Manager Hillary Theriault and her inspired efforts during her first year with our team! 🙌 #workanniversary