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Wow just wow. Today I broke the ice with my body while swimming. Unbelievable. Couldn't stop laughing afterwards 💚 #wildwoman #wildswimming #thestoics #icewater #sharetheswimlove #coldwaterexposure #peakdistrict #sheffield #theoutdoorcity #adventure #reset #mentalhealth #wellbeing #outdoorwomen #nature
I'LL DO SOMETHING BUT nothing to do with productivity. Only joy, interesting, helpful to me & my home, my family, my connections, anything that will make my life better, meaningful, well. 😍 . 🎨@instachaaz ✒@anxiety_wellbeing . Where's  my day of rest gone? Where's the time for fun? Where do I get to enjoy something? Enjoy connecting with others! Even enjoy doing nothing! . Well I'm taking it today.  THERE is the time but we get swept up in our daily lives, our minds focused on other things, until you stop, ask yourself, do I need to be thinking about this? Could I put that down today? Yes I can.  What else could I do? . I leave that up to you. 👍👍👍 . #selfhelpers #anxiety #anxietycoach #copingskills #thrive #wellbeing #prevention #resilience
Christmas grazing goals 🙌 @glassofwaterpapi had a Christmas party today so as co-host I made a charcuterie board - I find it so therapeutic putting things like this together and I think it turned out pretty good! Now so full of mince pies and mulled wine and lying on the couch fighting the urge to nap 💤. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend x
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The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.  I’ve learnt it’s not just green juice, healthy food and meditation. It’s spending time in places you love, with people you love and continuing to learn how to accept and give love. ❄️🧡 #themindfulblonde #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear
GOALS | checking my battery to | Have more meaningful connections with myself & others | Awareness of self so that I can keep learning, have healthy boundaries & grow | Be part of a change in this world, kindness, humans above money. 👇 the value of framing your goals in a postive way. 👇 Is priceless. . 🎨@blessingmanifesting ✒@anxiety_wellbeing . Life-changing technique I learned 20 + years ago. . FRAMING YOUR GOALS . If your goal is checking your battery to check how you are feeling so you can label yourself as, anxious or not anxious, then that's what you'll get for your day. . 'Am i anxious?' 'I might be' 'Feel ok now but could feel anxious at anytime' 'Now I'm focused on how I feel' 'I'm starting to worry' 'I feel anxious' 'I knew It' . If I focus on being anxious or not, I'll get anxious. 100% Ny goal has become framed in a negative way. 'I don't want to be anxious' . This becomes an anxiety circle and you are living a life labelling yourself anxious of not anxious, you've boxed yourself in to this way of life. Is that what you want for a goal? . THE power of reframing this in a postive way👇 . 'I'm checking my battery because I have these goals for connection, learning, growth, kindness etc. I'm human I have needs, I'm going to regularly check In with myself to see if I am in need, to check I haven't forgotten my needs today so that I make sure I am able and well. X' . Not focused on anxiety, focused on my well being & my long term purpose goals. . 'Ok I'm a bit tired today' 'I need water & maybe an early night' 'Ill make myself a meal tonight and get to bed early' 'I may have not been focused on my needs but I'm on this now' 'Some self care & I'll be ready for the next wonderful day I have to experience'. 'What will this present moment bring me?' 'What is my lesson to learn?' . Reframe goals Change focus Still excersing self care Not blaming self Helping the cause of symptoms Allowing recovery Not overwhelmed Looking forward with intreage .
Social media is not a diary, it's a photo album in which people broadcast the things they are proud of or makes them happy. Their travels, their successes, their friends, their relationships, their "wisdom" or anything that makes them feel like they're "giving" something to the community.  There's no place for intimate thoughts, insecurities, fears, challenges, and efforts into what makes someone who he is.  Even if someone believes they are sharing insecurities and fears, efforts and struggles, those forms of expressions are filtered to appeal an audience. You can't turn this filter off. No matter what you do, you brain knows the thing you're going to post will be seen by many and it will alter it.  We all do it and it's okay! It's normal. By no means you should treat social media as your personal therapist. It will ruin you.  However, you should remind yourself of this every day, and when you see people's posts - smile, be happy for them, try to learn from their story, let them inspire you, but never forget it's not their life you're witnessing - it's their presentation skills of a story about the things they like!  My photo album is documenting parts of my journey in my yoga practice. Because that makes me feel good. Like this photo here - I'm so happy and proud of the things I've achieved.  If I inspired you - great! I love that. But if somehow you feel a little bad about yourself (not just from my profile, but in general while scrolling) remember that we're more alike than you think. We probably share so many things in common, and if we met, I would have so much to learn from you 🙏. . . . #yogapractice #armbalance #yogalove #asanapractice #balance #socialmedia #mentalhealth #wellbeing
AN ANXIETY CAUSE | Not realising there is space to push pause, or that pause even exists. Pause is👇 . 🎨@aolanow 😊 ✒@anxiety_wellbeing . ⏸PAUSE . SPACE ⏸to make a helpful decision ⏸between a thought & a reaction ⏸to breathe & release the tension ⏸to decide if this crosses your boundaries. ⏸to question, is this thought true? ⏸to question, am I assuming I know & that I can read minds? ⏸to question, could I be taking this personally when it's nothing to do with me? ⏸to question, am I worrying this will take more time when I don't know until I try? ⏸to question, am I stopping myself through assuming I cannot do This? . Ect. . 🌱THERE IS SPACE . It's not easy when we have not been educated in how the mind works and if we have never tried you'll never know. . We grow up thinking that something happens & then we feel, angry, anxious, etc. . Example. . 👉At work, your boss says, I'd like to have a chat about your work. 'They made me feel worried, anxious' But that's not exactly how we function. . What really happens is👇 . At work your boss says, I'd like to have a chat about your work. . 💡you believe that this is because, he thinks your not working Well, assuming it will be about that because. 1. It's happened before. 2. You've assumed the worst. . Therefore you have decided the outcome, & are apprehensive & upset about this. They upset you. . HERE'S THE SPACE . 👉When your boss says, I'd like to have a chat about your work. . Stop, notice the belief,  Where did it come from? Is it true? Just because it's happened before doesn't mean it will happen again. You can't read minds  This could be good news  Or constructive information. This could be a learning curve that will help your growth. . Now how would you feel? Anxious or exited? Worried or intreaged? Angry or interested? . Use the⏸in all situations. Question, Challenge, Change the belief  Therefore change the feeling from unhelpful to helpful & learning. . You do not have to
What’s your favourite festive tipple? Our spiced apple and Earl Grey gimlet is one you must try. Plus (as if you needed any excuse!) Earl Grey is packed full of antioxidants, which help to mop up harmful molecules that can damage our cells. Wow your party guests with this showstopping drink – be warned though, they may come back for more! Click lizearlewellbeing above then follow the linktr.ee url to read our Christmas cocktail recipe with spiced apple and Earl Grey⁠ and download more festive inspiration in our Christmas e-book, A Happy, Healthy Christmas⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #christmas #festive #cocktail #merry #lizearle #lizearlewellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #botanical #healthy #health #livewell #eatwell #recipe #homemade #fresh #cooking
HAPPY THANKSGIVING TRIBE 🦃🍽🥧🍁 . I try to stay humble and be thankful for all my blessings every day  of the year. . But today I give thanks for the biggest blessing of them all - my baby boy, who I can’t wait to meet in just a few more weeks 🥰 . I hope you all get to enjoy this day together with your loved ones and eat some delicious thanksgiving treats! . WHAT ARE YOU MOST THANKFUL FOR TODAY?👇🏼 .......................................................................... . #lifestyleinspiration #thanksgiving2019 #fitmom #fitspiration #fitspo #fitnesscoach #fitmominspo #workoutinspo #pregnancylook #pregnancy #fitnessgirlsmotivation #girlswholift #fitnesscoaching #healthylifestyle #fitnessjourney #fitspiration #girlswithmuscle #healthypregnancy #healthydiet #wellbeing #strongmom #thanksgiving
Meeting someone who lifts you, supports you and pushes you to become the best version of yourself - @jackmclarenstewart ❣  Mat: @yogi.bare Clothing: @lululemon and @ohmme  #yogagirl #yogacouple #tribeyoga #edinburgh #connection #stretch #travel #yogalifestyle #yogi #soulconnection #yogateacher #teacher #tribeyoga #yogalove #acroyoga #photography #health #wellbeing #meditation #couple
ad | I’ve teamed up with the @buyapuppysafely campaign being run by the Scottish Government. This is something that I am EXTREMELY passionate about, because as a veterinary nurse I see situations like this far too frequently. We are trying to raise awareness to prospective owners looking to buy a puppy, and the warning signs to look for with illegally bred puppies. . Only 27% of Scots bought their puppy from a registered breeder, with many buying from online ads and social media where a large majority of illegally bred puppies are sold. Many people aren’t aware of this and years ago we bought both Agnes and Martha online and neither of them came with any paperwork. It was naive, but we had no idea. . Shockingly, 1 in 4 dogs will die before their fifth birthday with many of them getting seriously sick within the first year of life. Irresponsible breeding and overcrowding can cause spread of disease, with many puppies arriving to their new home burdened with parasites, which poses a zoonotic risk - I have seen this first hand where sick puppies have infected owners. . The ‘Pup Checks’ you need to do when looking to buy a puppy are: . 1- Make sure you see the mum. She should be interacting with her puppies and appear to be fit and healthy. . 2- Check paperwork. Any microchip, worming and vaccination paperwork should be provided, otherwise assume this hasn’t been carried out. Any responsible breeder will have had the puppy microchipped if they are 8 weeks or older (this is the law) and vet checked at a minimum before selling the puppies. You are entitled to all medical records. . 3- And finally, Look Beyond Cute. If you get a bad feeling it’s probably correct. . #lookbeyondcute #buyapuppysafely
Iceland is making well-being as big a priority as economic growth. Good health matters more than anything else. #iceland #wellbeing #mentalhealth #health #society
The old me would have been so anxious in this setting, eating at a restaurant and not knowing every ingredient that went into my meal, even just the fact of someone else making my meal would have sent my anxiety through the roof. I would have opted for a plain salad and worried about how the food was going to affect me for hours even days later. I would punish myself if I did try anything that wasn’t in my “protocol.” I’ve come so far because I know the truth now, it was never about the food. Food was the thing I could control and how I felt I could control my anxiety around any and all health issues. I thought the “perfect” diet meant “perfect health”.. when in reality perfectionism doesn’t exist and setting out to find it leads to the exact opposite. Unwell and unhappy.  Now I have the resources when I notice old patterns/ thoughts creeping in. No more living in the past or thinking about the future. I’m here to enjoy these moments and these meals that I’m so lucky to have.  This is just a simple reminder to release some of that pressure.. we aren’t here to live and eat perfectly.  Perfection doesn’t exist but food freedom does. It begins when you start listening to you and what you truly want, on and off your plate. You are so much more than the food you eat! #themindfulblonde #mindfuleeeeeats #selfawareness
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Aumenta la longevità, riduce lo stress, rafforza il sistema immunitario, migliora la produttività e stimola la concentrazione. Stando a questo, dovrei morire a 120 anni, rilassatissima, esente da patologie di origine virale e ancora perfettamente performante nel lavoro. Perché? Ma perché stiamo a parlà del sorriso! Quindi datemi retta...ridete. Ridete tanto. Avrete qualche ruga in più forse, ma fa bene e lo dice la scienza, mica Flaminia!  _______________________________________ #smile #science #health #wellbeing #benefit #research #prevention #positivemood #positivemind #positivemindset
Do you experience the other side to life? There’s darkness but there is also light 💫 Make sure to spend some time experiencing the lightness and beauty that life has to offer... And if you’re not there... just remember... you may just be a few steps away ❤️ There’s a rainbow always after the rain 🌈  Do you agree? Comment below 👇🏼🙏🏼
In the dunes, this time last year. I didn't travel abroad this year. I didn't feel the need to, and with the house being in final stage of build, we wanted to stay close to home.  I love travelling. I love the creative inspiration it brings me, the spontaneity, the cultural immersion - all of it. But on the other hand, I feel like continuous travel can be a distraction from real life. I feel like you miss out on the seasonal changes, nature's rhythm and the beauty of it all. In the quest to escape winter, escape work, escape responsibility, escape real life, you miss the opportunity to just be. To follow nature's rhythm is a beautiful process. It allows for a greater appreciation of the wonder of your own surroundings. It allows for an integration of local seasonal produce, which I think is so special. And by embracing your life, here and now, you are connected to your real life and your real life problems. This allows for a shift in your focus, to you, your inner processes. After years of travel and travel plans, I feel good at home. I appreciate what I have and look forward to travelling when I really miss it. And when I do, I'm so keen to explore more places like this. Soulful destinations. Places I can rest and reflect and fully immerse myself in 🧡 We are planning a mini break this week, somewhere local. Really looking forward to some REST 🙏🏽
Our DMN (default mode network) 🧠 is active when we are mind-wandering, not doing something cognitively demanding, or when we think about things that relate to ourself 🧐 Studies using fMRI machines, where we can see where blood is flowing & activity is happening, show that people who meditate have less DMN activity 📊 #maketime
Our Pleasantville community is struggling from the events that took place last week. Please go to our profile page to read “Our Thoughts...” 💜 • • #breakthehold #resilience #wellness #wellbeing #suicideprevention #youthmentalhealth #youthmentalhealthawareness #stopstigma #keepgoing
The perfect atmosphere for the perfect meal.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ >> Restaurant Reservations: +351 265 112 395 ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #quintadacomporta #comporta #portugal #miguelcanciomartins #wellnessresort #wellbeing #wellness #smallluxuryhotels #luxuryresort #authenticmemories #luxurytravel #restaurants #gastronomia #foodie #foodies #gastronomy #
New personal blog post is live... bitterness after baby loss 💔 In the UK, per 1000 pregnancies, 6 are stillborn and 140 are miscarried. Yet, we are not talking about the emotional and physical pain this leaves so many of us women in?! If you can spare 2 minutes, please read- it’s a short post 🖋 LINK IN BIO 🔗 {All blog post adsense revenue made from this blog post (money I make from you clicking on my blog) between now and January 31st 2019 will be donated to @sheffield_hospitals_charity (who helped me massively over the past few years) and @tommys_thebabycharity who do incredible fertility research 💕} Pic by @tamzinlena 📸 . . . . . #babylossawareness #babylosssupport #think #thinkpiece #writing #writingcommunity #wellbeing #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #support #advice #female #fertility #pregnancy #instagood #instagram #insta #instadaily #talk #community
It’s a different kinda happy when your glowing from the inside out ✨💕
FOCUS : not on how I feel, but on my purpose, be one of the humans that male a small difference in someone's world. . 🎨@artsyaffirmations ✒@anxiety_wellbeing . ANXIETY  After  acquiring knowledge of anxiety Understanding  Self kindness  Learning ways to calm . I had to help myself with the thoughts that had become a habit. One of the best ways I did this was to replace them with go to thoughts, like how could I make a change?  Being kind, being the one that holds the door open, gives someone in need all my change, saying good morning to my elderly neighbours whom probubly had lost faith in humans. Smiling as people walk by. . I've always remembered small acts of kindness & they have always uplifted me. . Give it a try. 🤗 . #anxiety #anxietycoach #positive #wellness #recovery #help #cbt #support #panic #gad #yoga #meditation #copingskills #thrive #wellbeing #prevention #resilience
You can't pour from an empty cup - remember to take some time to care for yourself!⁠ ⁠ 📷: @abbiepaulhus⁠ ⁠ #wellness #love #health #mindfulness #meditation #loveyourself #mentalhealth #naturalbeauty #motivation #lifestyle #inspiration #healthyliving #happy #wellbeing #gratitude
Tonight our town is heartbroken. Talking about loss to children is never easy. Here are some resources to help you support your children. We also have great counselors on our website if you need to speak to someone. Https://BTHbreakthehold.org 💜 • • “We are all heartbroken in Pleasantville tonight. Please reach out for support, you don’t have to struggle alone.  If you are trying to figure out how to explain or what to say to your children, I’ve posted a few resources on my Facebook page. Loss is hard, sudden and tragic loss is even harder to explain. Please look for the support wherever you can find it.” • IG Link to @heartful_expressions_therapy .  Posted @withrepost • @heartful_expressions_therapy #breakthehold #resilience #suicideprevention #youthmentalhealth #youthmentalhealthawareness #stopthestigma #wellbeing #keepgoing