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Faith in God changes everything. . . . . #faith #god #hope #trust #inspiration #understanding #grace #love #inspiration #encouragement #truth
Our hope is in you, Jesus. . . . #jesus #hope #faith #jesuschrist #nameofjesus #love #inspiration #encouragement #truth #encouragement
When a man installed a security camera outside his house, he checked the video feature to ensure that the system was working. He was alarmed to see a broad-shouldered figure in dark clothing wandering around his yard. He watched intently to see what the man would do. The interloper seemed familiar, however. Finally he realized he wasn’t watching a stranger roam his property, but a recording of himself in his own backyard!  What might we see if we could step out of our skin and observe ourselves in certain situations? When David’s heart was hardened and he needed an outside perspective—a godly perspective—on his involvement with Bathsheba, God sent Nathan to the rescue (2 Samuel 12). Nathan told David a story about a rich man who robbed a poor man of his only lamb. Though the rich man owned herds of animals, he slaughtered the poor man’s lone sheep and made it into a meal. When Nathan revealed that the story illustrated David’s actions, David saw how he had harmed Uriah. Nathan explained the consequences, but more important he assured David, “The Lord has taken away your sin” (v. 13). If God reveals sin in our lives, His ultimate purpose isn’t to condemn us, but to restore us and to help us reconcile with those we’ve hurt. Repentance clears the way for renewed closeness with God through the power of His forgiveness and grace. From odb.org
An understanding of the natural world and our relationship with nature is found in indigenous cultures across the globe. Those spiritually in tune who knew about herbs, plants and used their abilities to heal were respected for their wisdom. In today's society such people are associated with 'witchcraft'. Seek truth beyond the labels that have been designed to keep you away... .  ANCESTRAL VOICES LEARNING RESOURCES FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SEE LINK IN PROFILE BIO  www.ancestralvoices.co.uk/filmsbooks  #ancestralvoices #her #witch #witchcraft #obeahwoman #obeah #healersofinstagram #healing #herbs #herbal #plants #prayers #nature #feminine #power #shaman #shamanism #magic #magik #negative #goddess #supress  #positive #truth #indigenous #society #witchesofinstagram #bruja #brujasofinstagram #world
The meaning of growing up is you know what you want in your life, you know from whom you want to stay away, what are your Life goal....
Amen to that! 💖 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” –Jeremiah 29:13
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Who agrees? #truth 🔥👉🏽 @_highonpot
Dedicate this to your loving parents.♥️ Our parents took care of us when we couldn’t take care of ourselves. Showing them love and respect is showing love and respect to ourselves. Because without our loving parents we would have never even existed. Never forget the sacrifices they made for us so that we could have the best life possible.
Women: DM me if you would like to join my private/secret group on facebook for more support and empowerment. . . . . #narcissist #narcissists #sociopath #psychopath #narcissisticabuse #domesticabuse #truth #staywoke #awakening #spiritualawakenin #unmaskingmovement #empath
It’s easy to drown in self-doubt, it’s easy to look at your face in the mirror with the voice at the back of your head telling you that this person doesn’t have the potential to be someone, or to change or make an impact - no matter how big or small - in the lives of others. Because giving up is often the route that appears straightforward and clear-cut and the route to your dreams, to happiness and to a meaningful life is often tangled up in difficulties and struggles, in insecurities and the thought ‘What if I don’t make it? What if I fail in this, just like I have in everything else?’ And that’s what we need to change.  It’s easy to see failure as something that tarnishes your timeline, as something that makes you seem ‘less’ than others, but it’s hard to see failure as a lesson, as a red flag that needed to flash before our eyes for us to step away from that path and head towards what was right for us. It’s hard to look at the things that haven’t worked out in our lives as blessings in disguise rather than things that have resulted from our own volition and we wish we could go back and change. Yes, you tried and it didn’t work out. Whether it was a job, a project, a relationship, an attempt at something new or an adventure, the point is - you tried.  And that’s what truly matters. I need you to absorb the truth, no matter how bitter, that we will make mistakes, fall down and stay there for a while, we will give up on things that once gave us life and have regrets that pile up in a corner of our mind in the compartment of things that we don’t want to think about. But life doesn’t stop, we keep living and learning, and that’s what’s important, that’s what matters more than anything, that’s what pushes us forward into new experiences and adventures that bring with them losses and gains, as well as mistakes and more regrets.  We’re human and involuntarily imperfect. There are things we can change and there are
The hardest decisions we have to make are the most important ones. People come and go like the seasons and years. As we grow and develop, some people who were a good fit for us years ago might not be right for us today. Be smart about who you surround yourself with, how long you are in touch with them and when to let them go. It’s not easy but it’s critical if you want to free up space for other people who are a better fit for who you are now and want to become in the future.
Learn to trust yourself in your current situation. . . Via: @kshamicamd . . Hold the vision, trust the process . 👥TAG-SAVE-SHARE with those that would agree . . 📷 : @bokifide . .  #consciousness #higherconsciousness #truth #knowledge #information #unity #plant #health #abundance #connection #spiritual #strength #chakras #spirit #love #vibetribe #goodvibes #sacred #magic #sacredgeometry #pinealgland #thirdeye #human #observer #experience #emotion #holographic #reality #plantconsciousenergy
Go for it. 🤘😎
We lie to ourselves. . . . Drop a '❤️' if you can relate. . . . . Follow @wordlust_7 for more.🌹
Be happy now ❤️
Notice the difference. *KNOW the difference. If people make you overthink or add to your anxiety pay close attention.  It’s one of the tell tale signs that they are probably not good for you. Pay attention to how they make you feel, the answers are all there. self luv baby