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"When you come to a fork in the road, take it" - Yogi Berra.  Don't let self doubt and indecisiveness stop you from moving forward. When faced with multiple roads to travel and a pinch of uncertainty, taking some road is better than taking no road at all. Progression not perfection is key. Trust your gut and take that step. Keep on moving forward. #yougotthis
Imagine life without fear. . I know it’s easy to say, to think but when the time comes...well... fear is like a spilled liquid. We have no idea when it will appear; we can only try to control it and that’s like nailing jello to a tree.  Fear once dictated my life. I used to look at new situations and pull back if fear entered the picture. . What I learned... Fear and move forward. Fear and leap. Fear and learn. Fear and believe. Fear and trust yourself. Fear and do it anyway. . Get in the habit of saying yes. . Make it a habit to try new things. . Create habits that force you to grow. . Fearless!
I went to post a pic, and noticed a common theme 🙈 ((👉🏼swipe)) • Salmon, salmon, salmon 😍 I have been gravitating towards salmon a lot, without necessarily noticing. It just sounds good so I eat it 🤷🏻‍♀️ • Which makes sense, bc Vitamin D production from the sun is pretty much non-existent this time of year for us Pacific Northwesterners, even when the sun actually shows! • As always, nature finds ways to provide. What we are lacking in vitamin D from the sun in the PNW, we make up for in our abundance of fatty fish 🐟 • Fatty fish like salmon are a great source of vitamin D & omega-3s, and when seasonal affective disorder is on the rise, this duo does wonders for brain health and preventing seasonally-induced depression & other mood disorders. Both also play roles in reducing inflammation and increasing immunity, which is vital this time of year when immunity takes a hit. • A cool little example of how our bodies truly know best! 😉 what food have you been drawn to recently? What might your body be telling you? Tell me in the comments!
These kids were asked what being brave🦸 meant to them. Here is some of the wisdom that flowed from them…. . Do something that you are really scared of. . Doing something out of your comfort zone. . Being resilient and helping others when they need help. . I try and try and try and I don’t give up. . Don’t listen to what others say if they say you can’t do something. . Drop in the comments below 👇what it means to be brave to you? . I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on this and not just scroll through IG. Where are you bring brave in your life and where in your life can you bring more courage and step out of your comfort zone? . . . Video came from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJQYSN3PPXw&feature=youtu.be . . . . #selfinquiry #highvibetribe #soulwisdom #positiveliving #bemindful #trustyourgut #youhavethepower #empoweryourself #selfwork #createyourreality #ownyourlife #soulmission #spiritualguidance #lightworkers #selfreflect #changeyourperspective #selfreflection #findingyourself #selfawarenessjourney #personaldevelopmentjunkie  #personaltransformation #inspirationeveryday #empowermentcoach #selfempowerment #spiritualevolution #lovelifealways #personalgrowthjourney #consciouscommunity #fullfreefearless
Want to know really someone? Watch what they do. Not what they have to be told to do. Not what they have to be guided and encouraged to do. That's not who they are - that's who YOU want them to be.  #provemewrong #dontsettle #chooseyourcirclewisely #trustyourgut
“If something doesn’t sit right, don’t waste your time with it. Trust your instincts.” - @thepattern  I kept trying to figure out why I was struggling to do even the simplest of tasks this week. Writers block, couldn’t focus when studying for the GMAT, the list goes on. Then I realized what was the issue: I WAS EXHAUSTED. I decided to take the week off from my editorial calendar and I went on a staycation at the @sawyerhotel in Sacramento. At first I struggled with the idea of doing nothing. Like I was being “lazy”. Nah sis. You’re one of the hardest working people I know. I slept in, ordered room service, and even met up with some old coworkers from my corporate finance life for lunch. It was just what I needed🙌🏾
Wow very testy 😋  #trustyourgut  #cocozhi  #public  #instagood
Minimalism is removing the excess from your life so that the things that you have in your life are all high quality, highly valuable things. . The things that you think about, the things that you focus on, the stuff that surrounds you are all the most important stuff. All the stuff that you love the most. .  I highly recommend this in your life. . I find that excess stuff in our lives weighs us down. Living a conscious life means you really decide what you want your life to be. . There's nothing in your life that you say to yourself, "I don't know why that's there." . Listen in to episode 128 of the podcast where I explain the concept of minimalism. (LINK IN BIO) . . #positiveenergy #positiveattitude #energyboost #thinkdifferently #trustyourgut #soulfulpreneur #spiritualbadass #woowoo #trusttheuniverse #livewithintention #raiseyourvibrations #soultribe #spiritualgangster #spiritjunkie #positivethinking #positivevibes #heartcentered
When you know it’s a mistake, don’t keep trying to make it work... especially if you know in your gut the result is going to still be the same (Take it from me!)🤦🏻‍♂️ Whether it’s out of fear or out of pride, you still only prolong the damage you are inflicting on yourself by delaying the inevitable. 🤔 Let it go Elsa! ♈️ #happiestgaydivorcedmaninamerica #purplememes #davidmorningshow #winningthed #letitgo #lettinggo #movingon #trustyourgut #dontholdyourselfback #leavethepastbehind #mistakes #changes #growth #progress #saveyourself #forgiveyourself #loveyourselfmore  #neversettle #striveforgreatness #aimhigh #positivevibes #forwardmovement #nextphase #workinprogress #notestomyself  #morningmeditation #wisewords #wordstoliveby
Trust my gut. • @peopleiveloved
And it takes time to develop. So... take things at an appropriate speed so that the relationship can organically develop. #bechrooflife
I believe of all the moms in the world your kid chose YOU! 😘  Maybe because you needed them -  uniquely able to hold up a mirror and show you areas you have left to grow and improve. 🤷‍♀️Maybe because they needed your unique viewpoint to raise them to enter adulthood with confidence and capability to complete their own life's work. 🤔 "Why" isn't ours to know most of the time. But we can honor their choice by leaning in. By listening to that sometimes small, sometimes booming, voice that nudges us in the right direction, our intuition.🤩 Because we are linked on a cellular level, (science has shown), we really do know our kids better than anyone else! We are uniquely equipped to decide how best to help them, nurture them, and support them.🙌 If I believe that, then why do I mentor?  Because everyone deserves guides 🧭in their lives. A mentor isn't there to lecture you or demand you do things their way - a mentor walks WITH you, guides you on the path you want to be on. 👣Many of us have old stories that are blocking out our intuition and the fresh prospective offered by a mentor enables you to release those harmful beliefs and lean into your inner voice instead.🧘‍♀️ Mentors provide ideas and alternatives and strategies you might use. Then, as the mother, you feel out each idea and let your heart decide if it is a good fit for your specific child. You reject the ones that aren't and use the ones that are. Mentoring is a 2-part system!🤝 Everyone also has gifts and mine are 1) seeing the world through your child's eyes (sometimes even feeling what they feel in my own body) and 2) ideas - hundreds of ideas! Ask anyone whose ever spoken on the phone with me and they can tell you it isn't just 1 or 2 ideas, it's dozens that come up. Mentoring just makes sense for me! 😊  So ask yourself if you need an ear to hear your worries, 👂a shoulder to help carry the burden, and a mind 🧠with fresh perspective and ideas to give you the
Now taking orders get your cleansing candles to keep the energy in your home at bay 🧘🏾‍♀️ . . These usually run out quickly so please order early to avoid disappointment 💕 @bianca_awakens @eyeamthelight . . . . #sage #cleansingenergy #candleshop  #consciousness #awakening #thirdeyeopen #alignment #soulconnection #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening #awareness #conscioussoultribe #cosmicconsciousnesstribe #consciousliving #intuition #intuitionstrong #empath #higherself #intuitive #vibesdontlie #trustyourgut #trustyourintuition #meditation #highervibrations #higherself #higherbeing #spiritualvibetribe
Some of you are choosing men you wouldn’t want your daughters to date and wonder why you don’t respect them.  When we become reactive, yes it is often in response to being triggered and not having he emotional language to manage our response.  However the other side of this is that we choose men we can control with our anger. If we’re angry then we don’t have to be vulnerable and that warrants keeping up our emotional walls leaving us emotionally unavailable.  So we choose men we don’t respect and instead force us into the role of mothering them.  Or forcing us to show up as the wounded child waiting for daddy to get his life together. . . Meaning they don’t have their stuff together and don’t understand the basic mechanics of a long term relationship. You then make them your project which leads to frustration akin to the mom of a teen boy or that of an angry little girl. . . The wounding and soothing keeps you locked in a pattern that doesn’t allow for romance, passion or intimacy.  The more this continues to happen, the more we know you’re committed unconsciously to recreating this via the men you choose. . . Think about how graceful you become when in the presence of a man you truly RESPECT. Not lust after but respect.  That’s the energy you want.  The masculine energy that makes you want to step your game up because you know he plays NO games if a woman becomes reactive. He walks. Choose men you actually respect.  Let’s grow in grace this year so that we can attract men who are worthy of our love. Men we can respect and want our daughters to look up to and our sons to emulate.  Let’s stop picking up crumbs from men who don’t have the ingredients for the whole cake.  Then you won’t be so love starved and ready to cuss him out. Let’s choose men who honor the queen within.  But we have to find her first. . . ✔️Join my new Facebook group "Loving Me After We" to learn about this and more in the new Loving Me After We challenge -
Intuition? Instinct? Gut feeling? Do not ignore whatever it is you call “that feeling” when something’s not right!  That’s your soul warning you. Don’t go through their stuff searching for things when you already have the inside scoop, literally.  #repost @bossladiesmindset #thankyou #knowyourworth #trusttheprocess #trustyourgut #loveyourself #believeinyourself #moveon #bestlife #newmantra #gutinstinct #soul #energy #positivevibes #selflove #selfcare #innerpeace #boss #queen
Look good, feel good, be good. Don't ever let someone's Petty bullshit affect you or your life. Karma will come and bite them right in the ass! Stand your ground, stand up for yourself, and stand up for what you believe in. . . . . #lookgood #feelgood #begood #standupforyourself #trustyourgut #ketolifestyle #keto #losingweight #feelinggreat #businessadministrationmajor #businesscasual #tunnelvision #influencer #educated #lifepath5 #chasesuccessnotmoney #justbeyou #earlymornings #earlybirdgetstheworm
Don’t wait until you’re 100% ready. Trust your gut and go for it. . Ps: lf you wait for the right time to take action, you risk staying in the same place or prolong achieving your goals. . . . . . #trustyourself #confidence #careergoals #careerchange #trust #resume #interviewprep #trustyourgut #goforit #newgrads #jobhunting #jobsearch
This is one of the super practical, everyday ways I use intuition & oracle cards, even in difficult situations.  This morning Ms 14 had a dental procedure. Last time we attempted this procedure, things took an unexpected turn and I thought we weren't going to get out of the office without an ambulance. Fortunately, it ended up okay but this time around we were both on the upside of nervous, anxious that she might have another reaction. Understandably.  As we waited for the bus to take us to the appointment I asked her 3 things: 1. Was there an animal that was showing up to guide her today? 2. Did she want me to pull an oracle card? 3. What would feel like a celebration for her that we could do after the procedure was over today?  I asked these questions intuitively. On any other day or with any other person, the questions would have likely been different. The way I knew these were the questions to ask her was because I know the language of my intuition and am able to translate the messages it sends into verbal language that is actually useful for others. 🙂  My daughter has had years of practice learning the language of her own intuition so she could answer these questions immediately.  1. Hummingbird. 2. Yes I want a card. 3. Buying a pair of pants that she saw last week & loves.  We were both surprised that the hummingbird showed up because the last time while she was having the reaction to the procedure the Lion King had showed up.  She then pulled a card and got the card: Access your gentle courage.  When she pulled the card she said it immediately felt like a calm card. And while she knew the words, she didn’t quite get how they translated into this situation for her, in a real and practical, I-can-do-something-with-these-words kind of way.  I translated what I saw: “What I see it meaning is that....” 👇🏻...Continued in comments below...👇🏻
The overwhelm was REAL for me today. And THAT'S OKAY.  It is.  Try putting those 2 short words at the end of whatever shit you're feeling next time. Because you are allowed to feel your feelings and beating yourself up about it isn't gonna help!  When your friend falls down you don't kick her again and say "stupid, what did you do that for?!" So let's quit doing it to ourselves.  Some days are bad days, and that's okay. Some days the to do list only gets longer not shorter, and that's okay.  What matters is that you get up and try again tomorrow!  Drop me an emoji if you need a little more self care in you life! 👻😻🧜‍♀️ #innergrowth #mindbodybalance #gratitudeistheattitude #gratitudedaily #successformula #vibrationalenergy #raiseyourfrequency #youarepowerful #gowithin #manifestingmagic #mindsetiskey #inspirationalthoughts #trustyourpath #trustyourgut #progressisprogress #moveeveryday #mindbodysoulspirit #inspirationalthoughts #healing  #soulmission #icanchangeyourlife
"I GET TO LIVE LIFE. I get to live this precious human life and experience the challenges and experience joys and trust that they’re all leading me to my highest purpose if I just let go and allow it to be." -Susy Schieffelin. . @thecoppervessel @theyogiyachtie . . #soberoctober #sobriety #igetto
SOUL WHISPERS - It’s kinda weird how we learn to distrust and even feel ashamed about everything outside the scientifically proven bubble. In my opinion it’s human arrogance too. And it’s definitely blindfolding us for any BIGGER REALITY!  EVERY soul driven passionate human being KNOWS what I’m talking about!  And - BIG TRUTH is - this blindfolding experience has been occupying me for many, many years too. Out of FEAR and limiting beliefs. Simply because I’ve been judged by my dearest ones and by society for as long as I can remember. I was told that I’m a dreamer, that I don’t see life as it truly is. It was even written on my school reports! And it took me many, many years to find out (or should I say: before I learned to embrace & trust): “I know better!” Sooo... to me it’s definitely time to wake up the world 🌎 To travel new directions. And to support those who are awake yet don’t know how to harmoniously implement this in daily life reality and/or in their business.  RECOGNIZABLE? Then let me invite you to embrace your soul’s wisdom. To realign with your intuition. And to reconnect with the powerful wisdom of your inner voice. ARE YOU IN?  AFRAID TO LET YOUR INTUITION RULE? Then let me ask you: “How many times in your life did you have to make a difficult choice, feeling totally torn apart by the Classical Dilemma between the Head and the Heart?” And how many times did you regretfully conclude AFTERWARDS that you should have followed your heart and intuition in the first place?  BE WISER It’s time to embrace your fullest soul’s wisdom. ARE YOU READY?! - With love, xM  #soulwisdom #alignment #trustyoursenses #trustyourself #trustyourpath #trustyourheart #trustyourintuition #quantumphysics #quantumfield #quantumhealing  #trustyourgut #trustyourprocess #trustyoursoul #trustyourspiritguides #soulwhispers #soulwhisper #soulwhisperer #soulfood #soulgrowth #margot_rarumangkay_rantong  #soulpurpose #soulpreneur #soulpreneurs #hsp
Never seem to have time to work ON your business and get down to the nitty-gritty that will actually grow your business faster? ⠀ ⠀ There just never seems to be enough time and space in your week to get it all done! What you're craving and what you need is a break from the everyday tasks in your business. ⠀ ✨A day with other amazing business owners who understands what it's like to be in the trenches of running a business. ⠀ ✨A day where you can reflect and review your business vision, gain clarity on your unique action plan to increase your profits while working less, and how to harness your CEO Super Power. ⠀ ⠀ What you need is The Savvy Business Retreat - join us for a day filled with space, breakthroughs, and connection to help you up-level like a savvy CEO. Register at the link in profile before November 15th and save $250! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #retreat #bostonbusinessretreate #savvybusinessshow #savvybusiness #womenatwork #beyourbestself #inspiringwomen #womenwithambition #goalgetter #womenpreneur #sayyestosuccess #buildyourbrand #marketingtools #buildinganempire #womeninleadership #daydesigner #trustyourgut #ladybosslifestyle #valueyourself #lifestylecoach #followyourbliss #selfemployedlife #instagramforbusiness #girlbosstribe #dreamersanddoers
If you forget everything else, remember this.  People do not jeopardize anything that means something to them.  If he’s risking losing you, he does not care. Don’t overthink it, it is what you think it is. Move on, my friends.  #value #respect #jeopardize #nationaldomesticviolenceawarenessmonth #october #risk #itiswhatyouthinkitis #trustyourgut #dontmakeexcuses #heknowswhathesdoing #hedoesnotcare #disposable #realizeit #getout#instagram #insta #igdaily #igers #dedication #healingroad #thehealingroad
Thanks to my anxiety I have a hard time telling the difference between instinct and true intuition… and my instinct goes into overdrive. ⁣🙈⁣ ⁣⁣ I’ve noticed that when I operate from instinct I tend to get myself into more trouble. ⁣⁣ ⁣ Although the two words are commonly used interchangeably, they’re totally different. ⁣ ⁣⁣ Volume up 🔊👂🏼to find out why.