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Happiness blooms from within 🌻💛. Bali has the cutest cafes missing Canggu like crazy 😋
Winter is around the corner, but I still have some autumn photos that I need to post it. 👀✨ Taken with @panasonic_adriatic @lumix #s1r + 16-35mm f/4 #panasonic #panasonichrvatska #lumix #changingphotography
Sunday’s made sweeter in Alpha Chi 🌟/ We’re wishing you all good luck on your final exams! Tag a sister whose your study buddy 🤓 ↡ ↡ ↡
Tag your travel buddy! 🐶 @wat.ki Follow 💙 @travelplanet.mt
Twirling my way through all my new Black Friday purchases. Yesterday I opened a package that I honestly don’t even remember ordering 💸 Who got some good stuff over the weekend??
Pink paradise 🌺 Been to Japan? 🤔 Follow @travelmarvel.mt for more daily travel! 📸: @number_shiiix - ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴏᴜʀ ᴛʀᴀᴠᴇʟ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ: 👉 @travelmarvel.mt 🌎 👉 @travelmarvel.mt 🌍
Kedarkantha Trek 🏔 . . "Yes, I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can find his way by moonlight, and see the dawn before the rest of the world." . . Featuring #trekkersofindia : @ankitraj09  Book Kedarkantha Trek (6Days/5Nights)🏔🌌🏕, Daily Batches in December & January.  Itinerary/Date Schedule : WhatsApp us on +91 9999-779-236 or visit www.trekkersofindia.in  #kedarkantha #kedarkanthatrek
Deep blue but she painted me gold.
Finding the perfect angle for the perfect shot is the most harder thing for every photographer. But when you have a perfect camera and lens everything is easy. ✨🤘🏻 Taken with @panasonic_adriatic @lumix #s1r + 16-35mm f/4 #lumix #panasonichrvatska #changingphotography
That moment when the light turns everything it touches into gold.. ✨ #croatiafulloflife
View from the room  Spa Pool ____________________________________
PÁTZCUARO, MICHOACÁN. @saul_g_g • • • • • Su lago y sus paisajes combinados con la arquitectura de su centro hacen de Pátzcuaro, desde hace mucho tiempo, uno de los destinos clásicos de Michoacán, considerado además un Pueblo Mágico.  La gente purépecha, sus artesanos, te sorprenderán con su lengua musical y sus artesanías hechas en madera, hierro, cestería, textiles y alfarería que, sobre todo en día de muertos, se ven con todo su esplendor.  Es un encantador poblado con mercados llenos de color, rodeado de verdes montañas con pinos y abetos; puedes admirar sus casas hechas de adobe erigidas sobre las tranquilas calles mientras escuchas la música folclórica michoacana; sus paisajes conviven con las calles cuando se colman de cempasúchil junto al tranquilo lago que el primero de noviembre se llena de luz con los cirios que los pobladores encienden para recordar a sus muertos y logran que se ilumine toda la isla al grado de verla desde la otra orilla. Es un espectáculo que no te puedes perder.  Vive una experiencia única en los Pueblos Mágicos de México, visita Pátzcuaro. • • • • • #pátzcuaro #méxico #pueblosmágicos #méxicoenunafoto #visitmexico #visit_beautiful_mexico_ #mexicolove #mexicolors #mexico_tour_ #natgeotravel #ig_world_colors #colors_of_day #travel_photography #beautifuldestinations #traveltheworld #worldcaptures #wonderlful_places #just_features #ig_color #hello_worldpics #travelawesome #travelstroke #iamatraveler #ig_travel #wonderfuldestinations #travel #travellife #travelgram #travelblog
📍Chalkie’s Beach , Haslewood Island 🏖
Транзит через Нью-Йорк: Как всё успеть? 😱 ⠀⠀ ⠀ ❓Для начала рекомендую определиться с приоритетами: какие места вам хочется посетить в первую очередь? Сколько свободного времени у вас есть? Очень важно понимать, что НЙ - огромный #мегаполис, и добраться с аэропорта до центра займёт немало времени. В прошлый раз я рассказывала о стоимости билетов на общественный транспорт из аэропорта JFK. В этот раз хотелось бы уточнить по ценам на такси: по нашей информации такси до Манхэттена обойдётся примерно в 60$. Передвигаться по городу на арендованном авто, скорее всего, будет невыгодно - дорогие парковки, платные дороги, пробки... ⠀ ⠀ Немаловажным аспектом является финансовый вопрос 💸. Посетив несколько довольно крупных городов Америки, могу с уверенностью сказать, что Нью-Йорк - место совсем не из дешёвых 😏. Один только проезд обойдётся вам в немалую сумму (о ценах на общественный транспорт я писала ранее - см. хэштег 👉 #ЧемМеняЗацепилаАмерика). ⠀ Рекомендую перед поездкой заранее изучить вопрос цен, чтобы не попасть впросак уже на месте 😉. ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ Хочу ли я снова посетить этот огромный
When was the last time you replaced your bra? I have to admit that I am the worst at this! I’ve had the same bra since highschool (aka 5+ years)! But luckily for me, I found @harperwilde ! Harper Wilde makes everyday bras that are both extremely comfortable & affordable! My favorite bra they have is The Base bra! It is lightly lined which makes it soooo comfortable, I can lounge in it at home! Check out my stories to learn more and use code HANNAH15 for 15% off!
I‘d rather be the girl who smiled than the girl who didn’t smile back
Thinking about: autumn road trips and cool mountain air ⛰🍂🍁 #croatiafulloflife
I needed this reminder after my flight home from Austin was delayed 10 hours ❤️💙
Would you like to have a Teepee like this?  自己做可愛的印地安帳篷 六角帳剛好可以用IKEA的單人被套 就可完成 有興趣可以看我的部落格喔 😊   [寶石貓] 女兒:假裝我是一隻寶石貓,我的身上有很多漂亮的寶石,我的心臟上面有一顆很大的寶石,過一陣子這個寶石會掉下來,然後會長出新的寶石......  [魔法貓] 假裝我是一隻魔法貓,我會變出各種好吃的食物, 我還會變出很多華麗的餐具,這些餐具你吃完飯他自己會洗好,我會變出各種各種漂亮的衣服, 這些衣服穿完也會自己洗好晾好自己收到櫃子裡, 自己會把地板擦乾淨的布...... (哈哈 媽媽真的好需要XD)  [魔法貓上學版] 假裝我是一隻魔法貓, 你是我的同學,要吃午餐的時候, 你就看我拍拍手,就有水在我前面自己流出來讓我洗手, 我不用去洗手台排隊洗手,我洗完手的水它就會自己不見。 然後我也不用去裝營養午餐, 因為我會變出很多好吃的東西在我的桌上, 你看到我吃的午餐,覺得很奇怪, 為什麼會有這麼多好吃的東西...... (看來學校的營養午餐真的是不太好吃...... XD)   #travel_captures  #weekendvibes #thehappynow #familytrip #子供 #親子 #travelwithkids #mommyandme #lovetotravel #traveldiary #smartphonephotography #travelandlife #tlpicks #travelstroke #livetravelchannel #travelphotography #明亮晨曦色調 #teepee #diy #野餐 #帳篷 #2019旅行的意義 #travelerluxe  See more @dimensions.colors
I can’t imagine anywhere as beautiful as the Canadian Rockies, between the blue lakes and the gorgeous mountains there’s nowhere like it. The next place on my bucket list? New Zealand. I can’t wait to see how the mountains compare 💕🏔. — Can you believe a few years ago I used to travel without travel insurance? I realized the importance of it a couple of years ago and now I make sure to buy it every time I leave the country. No matter your destination, @travelersinsurance and @travelinsured can help YOU protect your journey from the unexpected. My experiences are SO important to me and I want to protect them and my budget 🤒. - @travelersinsurance #ad
I learnt recently that the only innate fears we are born with are the fear of falling and loud noises. That was interesting to me because I’ve always said I don’t have a fear of heights, I’m scared of falling. If I feel secure, the height doesn’t bother me.  Angel’s Landing was definitely outside my comfort zone and I’m so glad we hiked it. This has to be one of the most exhilarating trails we’ve ever done and felt so rewarding when it was done. Have you pushed past any fears lately? 🏞  #visitutah #wowutah #utahunique #beautahful #mighty5 #mighty5utah #zionnationalpark #traveladdicted #travelinspiration #traveljunkies #hiker #travelingtheworld #travelstroke #travellercollective #travelogue #takemethere #athomeintheworld #keepuptheadventure #hiking #globewanderer #naturetravel #angelslanding #zionnationalpark