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😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 omg!!! I’m 0.00000000004336643 percent Patti Smith...!!! I knew it!! Make your interactions with people transformational, not just transactional. True that table sister ✊🏻 #happymonday btw. Have met her twice. Once in 2011 in Berlin at the #shootingstars awards ceremony. Where she gave us young actors an advice “WORK HARD”. And then at the opening of #ghostintheshell In #newyork #2017 Michael Pitt asked if I had an extra ticket to one of his friend. I said “sure, but your friend have to sit next to me...cool?” He was like “yeah yeah cool man” That friend was Patti. 🀯 Spend the following two hours looking at her in stead of the big screen. #bonus #information She even looks cool with 3D glasses πŸ‘“! #legend #theguysittingnexttolegend