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Попробовали) понравилось) совместить бабуле и дочке - это круто 🔥 . . . #mamma_mia_desserts #cake #teddybear #teddycake #кривойрог #тедди #тортыназаказкривойрог #тортыкривойрог
B₳ҠE ͲĤE W✪☈LD ₳ BEͲͲE☈ PL₳☇E  #cakedreams #teddybear #teddycake #birthday #birthdaycake
Brand new online Christmas cake painting course now available to sign up for see link in bio #teddycake #cakepainting #cakepaintingclass #cakedecorating #cake #christmascakes #
👶👑💖 #cake#babycake#babyshower#babyshowercake#girlycake#itsagirl#teddycake#stars#fondant#fondantcake#cakedecorating#cakedesign#instacake#cakegram#foodporn#cakeporn#pinkcake#tedddy#tortenliebe#konditor
l e t t e r  c o o k i e s . These are actually super simple to make but look a little fancy. . h o w : . • Choose your cutter (mine was a teddy shaped cutter from @spotlightstores) . • Make an easy vanilla snap biscuit mix (I’ll place the link to the recipe I use on the blog) and cut out your shapes. This mixture won’t spread/lose shape when baking 👌🏻 . • Add your chosen food colouring to @queenfinefoods Ready To Roll Icing (white). I wanted a soft yellow and used about 5 drops of @queenfinefoods yellow colour from their Rainbow pack. . • Knead the icing and roll out between two sheets of baking paper. I also dust the sheets very lightly with icing sugar to stop the fondant sticking. Work fast, especially if it’s a hot day. Roll to about 2-3mm thickness. . • Cut your shapes out of the fondant. . •  Create a sugar syrup using 1 Tbsp of caster sugar and a small splash (about 1 tsp) of boiling hot water. Store until dissolved. . • Spread your sugar syrup on the back of the fondant shape and carefully place onto the completely cooled cookie. Press gently. . •  Using @wiltshireau letter stamps (I bought mine from @spotlightstores), align your letters into words and carefully press into the fondant, one line at a time. Don’t forget to place the letters backwards in the letter press tool, otherwise your words will come out in reverse. . Easy + tasty 🙏🏻
b e a r y cute party bags 🧸 . h o w: •  @kmartaus DIY Craft Paper Bag ($3 for 20 pack) • @spotlightstores brown craft cardstock cut into ear shapes and white cardstock cut into snout • Eyes and nose drawn on with a black texta . • Load with lollies (I put a bunch of bear themed stuff inside like Tiny Teddies, Gummy Bears, Caramello Koalas - yes I know they’re technically not bears 🙄) . t i p : Don’t make these bags too early or leave them out on the table unless you want to feel like you’re being watched by a bunch of creeps
p i c n i c  s p r e a d  2 / 2 . Home-made pizza scrolls recipe on the blog 🔜
p i c n i c  s p r e a d - 1 / 2 . Don’t mind me while I throw back to 1995 with some old party food faves (recipe links in the blog 🔜) . • ‘Ice-cream’ cupcakes (how-to on the blog 🔜) • Rice Bubble marshmallow slice • Ted iced sugar cookies • Home-made pizza scrolls
🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 . • Ants: @ebayau (50 pack for $10.88) • Chocolate bees: eBay (‘The Chocolatarium’) • Gingham table cloth @templeandwebster • Artificial grass table runner: @kmartaus
🎶 Today’s the day that Teddy Bear has his piiiiiicnic 🎶 . • Letterboard: @kmartaus • Artifical grass: @kmartaus • Gingham table cloth: @templeandwebster
s w i p e  for more 👉🏻 . I swore I wouldn’t kill myself with another cake after making The T-Rex Cake That Nearly Broke Me for my 4 year old earlier this year. . Apparently - pretty much like child birth - I  completely forgot about the pain, high cortisol levels, screaming abuse at anyone within a 5m radius of me and desperate pleas for pain relief during the delivery of this cake. . So I bring you ‘The Teddy Bear Cake That Was A Bit Like Childbirth’. Long and painful, but eventually worth it. . My 1 year old (Ted) was as impressed as a 1 year old can be 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ . m a d e  w i t h : • 4 x @colessupermarkets sponge cakes • Homemade buttercream icing with cocoa powder for colouring - Toasted shredded coconut for hair • Black Designer Icing from  @queenfinefoods and @droetkerbakingaunz for hair and face details • Chocolate Decorating Icing @wiltoncakes for hair detail (bought from @spotlightstores) . I liked the teddy bear pattern on my baby’s @targetaus sheets so used that as the inspiration 🧸 . Ted will probably appreciate this in 30 years’ time.
T E D turns one 🧸🎈 . A little over a year ago we welcomed another little ray of sunshine into our family, baby Ted. Do I go a little over the top with 1st birthdays? Probably. Definitely. But I think the 1-year milestone is important as much for the babe as it is for us as parents. “Hey! We survived! The baby survived! We may have aged another 10 years in the process but we WILL EAT CAKE and celebrate!” (*eye twitch*) . So this year we had a Teddy Bear Picnic Party. Someone asked if we named him Teddy just so I could theme events around his name for the next 20 years. Although that definitely sounds like something I would do, that’s not the case for Ted. He was actually named after a family member’s dog - we just loved the name 🤷🏼‍♀️🙊🤣 . Pics to follow ✌🏻
Half birthday cake 🧸🎈
Teddy cake created with @mollys_creature_creator thank you! This is the best mould I ever used. For my very first teddy bear I am happy with this. 😁  #teddybear #bearcake #teddycake #teddybearcake #madeiracake #homabaking #makkafelondon
#pinkorblue? #heorshe #babyshowercakesahmedabad #bestbabyshowercakes #edibleart #instacakes #happinessishomemade #egglesscakes #cakesfromscratch #customcupcakes #babyshowercupcakes #homebakerahmedabad #customcakes #themecakesahmedabad #customisedcakes #homebakergandhinagar #hotairballooncake #teddycake #pinkorblueweloveyou Yay! One more ticked off my bucket list! I have been wanting to do such baby shower cute cuppies for long but never got chance in 3 long years! Finally got to do a baby shower cake and matching cupcakes for a lovely client Sameeksha. The cake is a whipped cream chocochip cake with fondant ascents. Sameeksha had sent me  a few  reference pics, main cake ref pic  was my cake only☺️☺️. She only wanted me not to put any living being edible character ( I mean no baby, animals etc) and was given a free hand .She told me what she DID NOT want and I already had the pic of the cake n cupcakes in my mind!! She had placed order almost a month back and  that's why I was able to order those cute cutters for cupcakes.  Earlier you book your order, more options you have as I always say to my clients! Although 70 percent bof them are last moment 😅😅😅. All the best Sameeksha and thanku for the trust! Thanks for looking guys!