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Let’s talk about excuses. • There is a fine line between logic and excuse when it comes to training. The hardest part of 2019 for me was justifying the reason for a workout. Was I running because I thought I had to? Or because I wanted to? Through 5 seasons of racing nearly 20 races per year-my love for the sport had never faded, but my body and mind grew a bit exhausted-and it showed. • Over this past year I realized that forcing myself to do something I didn’t enjoy at the time had no physical gain. If my head and heart weren’t in it, it seemed to make the result nonexistent. Each bad run made the next one doomed from the start. It was frustrating and my body fought me every inch of the way. What I needed was to rest, to relax and get back to doing what I love, simply because I love it... not because I thought I had to and not because of the pressure I put on myself to perform. • I remember my coach @dylanmiraglia asked me in November of 2018 if I was ready to take 6 weeks off training... and I thought he was insane. I was so fearful of losing all that I had built that I only took two weeks off running and picked up right where I left off. And let me tell you, I paid for it for a good 8 months lol. My body was tired, my mind was lost under the pressure of continuing to perform at a level that I never had before. My expectations were high and my confidence low and let me tell you, that is a BAD mental combination for an athlete! • I might be late to the party, but I get it now. Being a competitive athlete is still new to me, although I am a quasi-veteran to @spartanrace going into my 6th season, this is where I started my journey. Not in high school or college-this was the beginning for me. I am completely a rookie when placed side by side with my friends and competitors- which is great because I can learn so much from them! • Moral of my story is that we all learn through our struggles, and I am lucky enough to have some amazing people who stand
Who's on fire for Nationals ?! 🔥 🔸 Feeling so ready after this first 3 months of work and 10 days of recovery 🔥 🔸 See you on Thursday !! 😁 🔸 #spartan #arenawaterinstinct #athlete #swimming #improvement #work 🔸 📸 @arenafrance @lp_lapresse
🚨 Breaking 🚨  Who’s ready to earn their trifecta in Ontario? 😎 🇨🇦 - #spartanontario #spartan2020 #spartanrace #spartan
At the top of the vertical cargo net! This pic shows just how much I like racing in the mud! #spartan #ocr #fitmom #adventureracer
💥🔥💫🐒 power ranger🙅🏼‍♀️ . . . #nina #spartan #obstacles #me #love #fit #fitgirl #girl  #fitness #likeforlike #followforfollow #crosstraining #workout #training
@johnnylunalima is known in Spartan as the runner who’s as fast as lightening on the descents! “I grew up playing soccer and began doing Spartan Races and trail running 4 years ago. This past year I have been focusing mainly on Spartan Races but I am super excited to push myself on what seems to be a fast course with some fast road and trail runners!” - @johnnylunalima  Who will be challenging him this Sunday in the 21K Spartan Trail US Championship? 😏  It’s going to be a show down. 🔥#spartantrailusc2019 #spartantrail
It's 57° in NJ. That is all. Opting Outside today!  What are some big goals you are after this Winter ?  I'm stepping up my training with some @yancycampofficial (link in bio to see why so many RockStar OCR athletes trust his programs) !  I'm also challenging myself to @hyroxworld & @strongnewyork NYC next Sunday, which should REALLY shake things up in the fitness world!! (you can join me and save 10% with code OCR10) . ...As well as finding every CrossFit Competition I can until my next Spartan Race (in April, I think 😭) .  Have a FABULOUS week getting after it!! ! . . . . . #monday #mondaymotivation #motivation #mondaymotivation #medalmonday #spartan #spartanrace #teamyancycamp #fitgirl #fitgirls #strongwomen
Drip too hard. 🥶#SpartanWinter2020
Spartan racing is even more fun with a team! 🙌🏼 Give a shout out to three friends you want to race with next. 💪🏼 #spartanwomen
2019 season: Five @spartan AG podiums, multiple top-10 finishes, two really awful races, a few recovery events after a terribly sprained ankle, top-10 elite finish in one of the last #warriordash events, a wonderful new wife and new and continued friendships in the OCR community. Can’t forget about that @bestfoodsmayonnaise sponsorship! Excited for 2020, hoping @ruggedmaniac keeps up its A+ shirt game.
I race for the challenge..and the memory of that challenge and the story it shares .  Not the pictures. But the pictures come with the experience .  Yep, sometimes it's a podium because I worked hard for that .  My story. My book .  And no has to understand WHY you choose to challenge in the way you do .  You don't have to justify your reasoning or choices to ANYONE, for ANYTHING you want to do, at ANYTIME you want to do it .  Or don't want to do it .  Sometimes, when people are in a different "place" than you in their lives, they will mask their judgement of you, and disappointment in themselves, by saying things like "I just don't understand why you think that way. It makes me SAD" in a tone that resembles "empathy", "concern", "care" or "perspective"..like they're trying to help YOU, but the truth is, they're trying to hurt you because they're hurting .  Oh, really? My choices make you sad ?  How sad for you .  It's a weird little game they play where they would really like if you didn't see through their condescending bullshit but, at the same time, want to see you react to the put- downs because it brings them a sick sense of joy and satisfaction .  News flash: WE'VE ALL BEEN THROUGH SOME SHIT. SORT YOURSELF OUT .  Sure, we feel badly for these people because we see what they don't see...that they need help...and how this behavior is keeping them in a vicious cycle of negativity and alienation.... .  But, we also don't have to put up with it. No matter what their story .  Make whatever memories you want .  Spend your time on this Earth in whatever way makes you happy .  Don't try to "understand" other people's choices. Their reasons are good enough .  I've already spent too long on this subject, probably giving such a person a sense of gratification that this post is about them, and they know it, but if they really knew ME, they'd know that the shit I leave here? Stays here.. and they/it will never be a thought it my mind again .  Other people's problems
L’importanza della stabilità del core nella corsa, soprattutto nelle lunghe distanze viene spesso sottovalutata ma è un elemento importantissimo per ottenere maggiore efficienza e performance. Non avere un core stabile e forte è uno degli elementi che rischia di esporci a fastidiosi infortuni, considerando che quando si corre, il corpo è soggetto a forze tre o quattro volte superiori al peso del corpo stesso, dovuti ai ripetuti impatti al suolo.__ ^^^^^ • • •  #spartan #spartanrace #spartanman #mindfulness #strongmind #ultrarunning #igerssardinia #sportfitness  #trailrunning #ultrarunning #endurancerunning #determination #enduranceathlete #bodyendurance #mobilitytraining #mobilityflow #core #coreabdominal #instatraining #nutrixam #nutrixamforza #garminfenix5 #fagnaninutrition
Spartans come vi state preparando al Natale?  Taggateci postando alberi di Natale a tema Spartan! #spartantree 📷 @carmomella  #spartan #spartanraceitaly #christmastree #christmas
Yesterday I had one of the best track sessions I’ve had in prob like 3 years. I was hitting splits I haven’t been able to hit and I felt so smooth and relaxed while doing it. What’s most astonishing is that it came after about a 4 week Hyrox strength specific training block where I was doing A LOT less running. I don’t really know why I always get so surprised by this, because if I look back at some of my best results in races over the years, a good percentage of those have come after strength blocks. The older and more experienced I get, the more I seem to drift away from the stereotypical philosophy that running more = better results. Simply not the case. . If you guys would like to jump start your 2020 season then I invite you click the 🔗 in my bio. For just $29 a month you’ll get 3 of my workouts a week + bonus work AND unlimited motivation from the one and only @yancyculp. Give it a try for a month. And if for some reason you don’t like it you can cancel at anytime. The reality is that most ppl fall off the tracks this time of year, but if you want a solid foundation for next season that work starts NOW 👊🏼 . #spartanpro #spartanrace #spartan #yancycamp @yancycampofficial
Medal Monday.. 314 Spartans &  65 Trifectas in 6 years.. #spartanrace #spartan #trifecta #trifectatribe #oldmenrule #spartan300 #harleydavidson #ageisjustanumber
My future running partner 🐾 • • • #asics #asicseurope #asicsfrance #asicsfrontrunner #fujitrabucopro
Dame alas para volar y motivos para quedarme 🦁 . 🔜Cuenta regresiva... Corrientes ☑️ . . #alasparavolar #alasparavolarymotivosparaquedarme #damealas #alas #girl #curlyhair #curlyhairstyles #rulos #libertad #pasion #coraje #leona #lion #spartan #freedom #look #lookoftheday
Running is just in our blood 🙌🏼😏 #spartantrail
What Wall? ​__ ​Athlete @life.of.spartan in Sparte, Lakonia, Greece. Where is your dream race? ​__ ​#spartan #ocr #endurance #train #obstacleedge #obstacleracing  #athlete #training #ocrathlete #race #strength #ocrathlete #ocrtraining #speed #spartanrace #running #trailrunning
Alpharun 2020. Even if don't look like, I was very focused on each obstacles. And that made the biggest difference with the others. Only one obstacle missed on the 15km. Road to 2020! . Beaucoup de satisfaction sur cette course où j'ai su rester concentré en permanence et ne pas faire d'erreur. Les axes de travail pour l'année prochaine ne vont pas changer. Juste un peu plus ! 😉😎 . #spartanrace  #spartanracefrance #keepfocused #thinkgreenstayfit #spartanpro #spartan #noplacetoofar #tr1beocrteam #uglowsport .  @uglowsport @scarpafrance @blizeyewear @organicoach @talondachillerunning @tr1beocrteam
Tú dudando de ti misma, y otros asustados por tu potencial... 🦗 . . A disfrutar de las mini vacaciones, ¿aprovechas para entrenar o solo fiesta? 🏋️‍♀️🎉 . . . 📸 @kayah_j
Who’s #sleighing” a workout today?  Tell me what you did. 💪🏼 @junkbrands headbands - every possible design you could ask for🙌🏼 I’m excited to be a JUNK athlete again for 2020!
As the year comes to a close, Share with us where you earned your trifecta and where you plan to next year! 👇 📸:@munoz_90 #trifectatuesday #spartankids
The face you make when you realize you Made a HUGE (little) mistake haha !  Prepare for another Episode of "Stupid/Silly Storytime with Perri"! that also has a Happy Ending !  So, I finally got myself a Garmin Fitness Instinct watch, right? All excited to use it at my first race and in the heat of moment, all the curfluffle of the start line ...set it to 'Stair Climber' (not entirely untrue 😂) so NO Gps, no pace & I didn't get any of the cool data analysis from Oracle Park on Saturday .  BUT, the Good News is, this photo is from Sunday...where I came with a vengeance for what (might not be) my last race until April, and took 2:10 off my time?!? (As proven by the look of iminent death on my face) And got that Podium I wanted on Saturday, too. And alllllll the data.  The moral of the story is... It IS true..the more you know, the more you can do. I used to run without a watch becuase I felt looking at it would be a distraction .  But now, I'm informed and know what to look for. Garmin Connect is also really cool and helps me make sense of all the data, how to improve, etc. I've never had that before !  If I can see my Pace, Cadence and HR/Zones, my brain can't tell me I'm pushing hard enough because the data doesn't lie. I obvisouly wasn't on Saturday, the watch proved it, showed me where I really was, so I pushed harder. Clearly, there was more in the tank! No more excuses !  This @garmin device is still $100 off for the Holidays, if you were thinking of picking one up for yourself or someone you love (links in the bio) .  And it was great to meet so many of YOU old and new West Coast friends ! . . . . . #spartan #spartanrace #ocr #spartanoraclepark #garmin #giftofgarmininstinct #wbw #ad #waybackwednesday #fitgirl #fitgirls #strongwomen #wcw #womencrushwednesday #oraclepark @garminfitness @garminoutdoor
When the fam decides the best time to take the Christmas photo is when you’re slaving away, cutting down the tree with a handsaw.....thanks fam.  Also get in the holiday spirit with my schedule below!  Ps I know what you’re thinking, “what a fitness related photo to sneak your schedule onto!” I couldn’t agree more.  SCHEDULE!  BARRYS Sat Dec 14th 3:15pm Park Ave South- BARRYS squad!  Way to come through last week!  Let’s do that again, shall we?  SOUL Wed Dec 11th 6am e 83rd 5:30pm e 63rd 7:30pm union square-here a bunch this week and loving the union square vibes!  Let’s get after it again.  I may or may no wear Christmas socks again.  Thurs Dec 12th  5:30pm union square-....told you...here a bunch  Fri Dec 13th  6am/5pm e 83rd  Sat Dec 14th 8am/11am e 83rd- double the fun, sorry for all of you that didn’t get in, off the waitlist for the 11am last week. You now get two chances to sign up early and not be on the waitlist...I believe in you, you can do this.  Go signup now, so we can laugh at all the people who didn’t get in, together.  Sun Dec 15th ...you already know what it is 12pm W92nd-im back and it’s party time W92nd fam.... let’s do this.  #caption2long #jimmystoptyping  #barrysbootcamp #barrys #fitfam #barrysnyc #sweatlife #fitlife #fitness #nycfitness #stillbuiltfordtough #iteachsoultoo #soul #soulcycle #soulcyclenyc #spartan #spartanrace #spartanbeast
It’s time to hit the course with the squad in 2020. Shoutout 3 🔥 teammates below 😎 - Learn how to build your team through the #linkinbio. #spartan #spartanrace #spartanteam
WINTER IS COMING ❄️ Décrocheras-tu ta médaille et ton t-shirt finisher Winter à Valmorel ?  #spartan #spartanfrance #spartanvalmorel #spartanwinter #spartan2020
Have you heard of ashwagandha? Could it help you reach your biomarker goals? . . . There have been many recent studies on this herbal supplement. We've dug into the scientific literature on ashwagandha and here is what we've found: ▪️It can indeed decrease serum cortisol by up to 27% [1] ▪️It also has contributed to a 17% increase in total testosterone [2] ▪️It displays increases in raw strength, muscle size and VO2 max [3-5] ▪️It helps to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, blood glucose, triglycerides and hsCRP [6]▪️It can increase HDL (good) cholesterol and DHEAS [6] . . . For full references information, click link in our bio or copy and paste this link into your browser: http://blog.insidetracker.com/ashwagandha-effects-muscle-growth-recovery . . References: [1] Chandrasekhar K, Kapoor J, Anishetty S. (2012) [2] Lopresti AL, Smith SJ, Malvi H, Kodgule R. (2019) [3] Wankhede S, Langade D, Joshi K, Sinha SR, Bhattacharyya S (2015) [4] Shweta Shenoy, Udesh Chaskar, Jaspal S. Sandhu, Madan Mohan Paadhi. (2012) [5] Ziegenfuss TN, Kedia AW, Sandrock JE, Raub BJ, Kerksick CM, Lopez HL. (2018) [6] Auddy, Biswajit et al. (2008). . . . #ashwagandha #herbs #testosterone #sciencefacts #totaltestosterone #insidetracker #biomarkers #biohacking #lifehacking #freetestosterone #menshealth #cortisol #vo2max #strength #endurance #spartan #spartantraining #ocr #triathlon #ironmantriathlon #running #strengthtraining #crossfit #lifting #liftingweights #cortisolcontrol #testosteronebooster
MONDAY WORKOUT 🎿 Ho imparato a muovermi con gli sci di fondo grazie al mio maestro @eugenioleowhite che mi ha insegnato meticolosamente dicendomi : 'questi sono gli sci, queste sono le bacchette, ora vai che io devo allenarmi'... Così mi buttò in mezzo alla pista! 😂 Così oggi alla prima uscita sono riuscita a fare un bell'allenamento per i miei canoni.  14 km con 270 d+ a 1700 metri... È bello saper fare tante cose per non rendere gli allenamenti monotoni, corsa, nuoto, bici, sci di fondo sono ottimi allenamenti per L'endurance. La mia preparazione è così varia che ogni allenamento è divertente e stimolante 😁. WORKOUT @ocr_leowhiteacademy ~ ~ ~ #snow #white #crosscountryskiing #crosscountryski #mountain #firstpost #firstphoto #ski #happy #motivation #mondaymotivation #spartanrace #spartan #life #enjoy #tbt #picoftheday #sport #endurance #ocr