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CO BYCH NA SOBĚ ZMĚNILA ? Nedávno jsem si jen tak scrollovala instagramem a přistihla jsem se u toho, jak projíždím profil jedný mega hezký holky a říkala jsem si: “Bože ta je tak nádherná! Chtěla bych vypadat jako ona.. Mít obličej jako ona, postavu, vlasy, oči.. No prostě všechno!” Pak jsem se podívala na sebe a hned mi hlavou lítaly myšlenky typu: “Tak změnila bych na sobě svoje nohy, oči, vlasy, břicho, nos...” No a dostala jsem se k tomu, že bych na sobě ve výsledku změnila úplně vsechno. Pak mi ale došla jedna věc. Co když si i mně myslí někdo to samé, jako já o té holce ?  Nikdy nebudu vypadat jako ona. Nikdy nebudu mít stejnou postavu, vlasy ani oči. Ale je to vlastně strašně dobře! Vím, že to je mega klišé, ale NO ONE IS YOU AND THAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER . Kdybychom byli všichni stejní, nebyla by to nuda ? Každý má nějaké svoje insecurities, je ale jenom na nás, jestli se budeme soustředit jen na ně a nebo se budeme snažit vyzdvihnout to pozitivní💫 #positivity#positive#mindset#positivemindset#selflove#loveyourself#motivationquotes#vegangirl#czechgirl#motivation#selfdevelopment#fitnessmotivation#edrecovery#anarecovery#selfcare#fitgirl#fitnessgirl#veganfitness#pozitivnesmaky#jsemvprogresu#žítlépe#seberozvoj#sebelaska#pozitivnimysleni#mojevize#kdejevuletamjecesta#makamnasobe#tohlejsemja#silacky#ukazcestuostatnim
🆘Is FoRcEd positivity actually making you more negative ?! 🆘 ⏬⏬ 🙊🙈 💫 • 🌞 • 🌼 • With our lives on a highlight reel, it’s extremely easy to only see the good people are going through.... absolutely 🙅🏼‍♀️ NO one and I mean NO ONE 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️ is 💯% honest with their struggles on here, it’s all made to seem as if “it’s not that bad” but shiii guys, that’s not real, nor should we think that, sometimes shii gets bad  and it’s gets hard, not saying that you have to blast it over social media but seriously guys... remember you’re allowed to feel those negative feels but deal with those negative feels, don’t let them absorb you, don’t avoid these uncomfortable emotions, embrace them and find out why they’re coming to the surface. ✨ • Thanks for dropping by 😋👋🏻 Leave me your thoughts below
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⚡️⚡️You can choose your why, but you can’t always choose your how ⚡️⚡️ you can decide that you want to start a business, be a Doctor, or create your dream life, but when it comes to the how, you don’t always get to choose. The how is the growing process. You may have a plan for yourself, but life usually gets in the way. It pulls you to places you didn’t think you would have to go. If you remain focused on your desired outcome and you push through whatever life throws at you, you’ll get there. So here is your reminder that your dreams are worth the unknowing how’s, so don’t give up on yourself 💛💛 • • Xoxo Bri
Say it with me: I love myself fully so I can love others freely😍⁣ -⁣ I spent so many years looking at myself with disdain and some level of self loathing. Have you ever felt this?⁣ -⁣ That was all just a learning experience to come into fully seeing the masterpiece that I am, so I can see the masterpiece that you are.🌟⁣ -⁣ Look in the mirror each day morning, evening and if you want through out the say and say: "I love you". At first it may seem awkward, but after about 20 times, you will start feeling and believing it. Think about how we look at baby or puppy 👶❤️🐶 ...why would we ever see ourselves differently?⁣ -⁣ Tag someone who you want to see this and let me know how the mirror I love you's go.❤️
One of the most important things to be disciplined is to have control over your emotions - because there will be moments where it will be emotionally tough and in those moments you will have to be on top of your emotions.  So make sure to develop your emotional intelligence, because it is much more important than your IQ - with high IQ and low emotional intelligence you will make wrong decisions, and making correct decisions is what will put you on the right track in your life.  I want to add that controlling emotions is not suppressing them - that's not what you want, because that will come back to haunt you in the future. Controlling emotions is successfully managing them, so you can make the right choices.  Follow @successaddictives Via @mindset.therapy #successaddictives
Slow progress is still progress! The person that is taking small, consistent action is getting a lot more done than the person that is sitting their ass on the couch all day.
Another Sunday rolls around which means new weekly goals and new daily affirmations. I feel like I totally fell off with my goals since thanksgiving and I’m ready to work hard the next two weeks so I can play hard during Christmas. Wishing you the best, productive week ahead 🖤
A powerful question we often fail to ask ourselves is “what do I need most right now?” . We get so caught up living busy lives, with an endless amount of tasks to do and responsibilities that must be kept. We start focusing on what’s happening around us and to us, but we neglect what’s happening inside of us. In this process we start overthinking, worrying and anxiety creeps in about everything that’s happening externally. . Our thinking patterns turn to problem solving, and stress creeps in because we feel we can’t control everything we want to have happen. This becomes a loop and can lead to helplessness and a heavy burden feeling. . Sometimes, we need to sit back and ask ourselves a simple question: . - What do I personally need most right now? . This allows us to look inwards and find out what’s most important for us to address right in this moment, in order for us to FEEL GOOD. . Because, when we change our state from stressed to feeling good, we become aligned once again with our best self. Then we can make much better decisions, have greater clarity and be able to handle whatever comes our way with confidence. . For me, it’s as simple as time in nature, listening to crickets as I fall asleep and the melodies of the birds chirping as I wake. Walking barefoot through grass, and feeling the energy from the earth and all the surrounding magnificence that nature provides. This allows me to re-calibrate to my best self once again and take on whatever I need with greater clarity, purpose and feeling much lighter! . What do you personally need most right now, so you can get back to feeling your best?
❤️IF YOU SEE THIS, KEEP READING......❤️. . There’s a reason you’re reading this today and it’s not by chance. Everyone has good days and everyone has bad days... TRUST ME. Everyone has their struggles and not everyone flaunts them on social media. So maybe this post came at a perfect time for you. We are all striving for one thing... happiness. Whatever that means to you. . You’re reading this because it’s a simple reminder that you are an amazing human being with great inner strength. Greater than you think. You are strong, courageous, smart, and you deserve everything your heart desires. This is a reminder to take this moment to smile. . Are you doing it yet ? ☺️. . I’ll give you some more time.... . Are you smiling now!?☺️.. . If you are, hold onto that energy and keep it there. This is the moment you’re living in. Not the past. Not the present. The NOW!. . Be unfuckable with. You got this!. Happy Monday! . Comment ☺️ if you got this!
So what's gonna be your choice? Are you going to invest for a better future or for a worse one?  Because your daily little choices affect what's gonna happen in your future.  Maybe you think that today choosing to watch TV instead of reading a good book or upgrading your skill in any other way is nothing, but if you make that choice every day, over time that everyday choice will reflect in your life, and it won't be what you want.  So make sure to take the right choice, so you have the future that you wish to have!  Follow @successaddictives #successaddictives
Too many people set goals for themselves but never actually map out how they are going to get there. Take the time this week to sit down and ask yourself what you truly want, and figure out what it will take to get there.
💭S L I P S [part 4] [@themindgeek] ———— ✏️While we’re over here breaking cycles, healing trauma + becoming our authentic selves [need this on a tee], an experience many of us [if not all] have had on this journey, are slips into old patterns + familiar ways of thinking ✏️As human beings, we’re wired to take the path of least resistance- which is why changing patterns, no matter what pattern it is, challenges us to the core. Creating new neural pathways is difficult, confusing + an energy exchange. So we’ll slip. Part of the healing is not berating ourselves when we stumble, but catching + caring for ourselves after the fall ✏️Looking above, we can see just some questions that can help us navigate moments when our codependency patterning becomes triggered. Giving ourselves time to pause + consider enables us to acknowledge our old patterns, realign + continue forward in a way we wish to 💡What do you remind yourself of when your codependency pattern is triggered? —— #innerstrength #innerwork #selfhealing #healingjourney #selfdevelopment #consciousness
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Setiap orang punya standar bahagianya sendiri, jangan ukur mereka dengan standarmu ya #careerdevelopment #career #karir #selfdevelopment #selflove
This post is for those that are currently having analysis paralysis and not taking any action. Start where you are with what you have and take the first step! It’s not about the resources you have, but how resourceful you can be with what you have. Get it done!
It’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference.
. A melhor sensação do mundo é quando paramos por 1 minuto para respirar fundo, olhamos à nossa volta e nos sentimos plenamente felizes e gratos pelo momento presente. . .  Muitas pessoas tentam procurar no exterior aquilo que não conseguem dar a si próprias. . .  É por isso que devemos trabalhar mais em nós do que em qualquer outra coisa. Mais do que teres redes sociais atrativas é teres o teu espaço interior arrumado. 🙏🏼 . .  O amor é das frequências mais elevadas que existe. Ama(-te) mais! . . O amor vence sempre. 💫 . . #oamorvencesempre #growth #thetahealing #selfdevelopment #youcanbemore #wecanbemore #womenpower #magicplaces #love #enjoyinglife . 🦋🦋🦋