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Today was reallllly long. I spent most of the day beating myself up over anything I could possibly think of. Ugh. When I got home, late, my husband had built a fire and was tucking our son into bed. ❤️ I hopped on the treadmill for 3 miles, ran out all of my demons, and then spent the rest of the evening snuggled up with my hubby. ❤️ Pretty awesome ending to a pretty meh day 😊😊 . . . #halfmarathontraining #training #strengthtraining #strength #strong #motherrunner #momswhorun #marathonmom #fitmom #fitness #run #runhappy #runhealthy #runstrong #runner #instarunners #runnersofinstagram #womensrunningcommunity 💕
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Train the quit out of you.
The best things I did in the last 2 years to feel and run strong: •• 1️⃣Strength train and mobility! My bf is a big gym go-er. So when I moved to TN I started going with him. I used to lift 5lb weights and call it a day. Now I lift heavy and intentional. &&& I can’t tell you how much this has changed my running!!! . •• 2️⃣Blood tests!! Y’all, these last 2 years were hard & I can’t tell you how many doctors I had to see because I was so inflamed, because I couldn’t stop throwing up randomly, etc. Never give up on your health, you know your body BETTER THAN ANYONE, and get blood tests done to see what foods you’re allergic to, deficiencies, etc! . •• 3️⃣Run less!! This isn’t for everyone but I had to start all over. I had overtrained sooo far down I couldn’t run anymore. I had to retrain my body to use the right sources on the run. I had to SLOW DOWN my easy runs. . •• 4️⃣Sleep more!! My body was in complete overdrive of stress and wasn’t working on 7 hours of sleep. I know I sleep more than an average person but damn I can’t tell you how much your body needs sleep & rest days! •• 5️⃣Nutrition!!! This one was big for me. One I’m still working through daily. It’s the hardest piece for me. I do count my macros but one big thing I’ve learned (for my body bc I’m sure I was like 70% carbs) is that we (runners) need a solid balance of food - whatever that looks like for YOU. . •• 6️⃣The right group of people!! I’ve lost friends over this “lifestyle” but I’ve gained so much more. Hire a coach you trust, train with people who “get it”, hang out with people who support and not ones who use you or constantly compete with you, and ask questions & LEARN from friends, coach’s, people you look up to, etc!! All these people around you - love on them, learn from them, and encourage them! . •• I hope you see that this journey we’re on isn’ t an “overnight” thing - especially for me.
PB!!!! 🌟🌟🌟 im so happy, I really wasn’t expecting that! I never thought I’d get to 1.52!!!!!! • My last PB was in October and I really didn’t think I did much between then and now. I started off my day in the worst mood, everything went wrong and when I was still in traffic 10 mins before the start I nearly drove home. • I told myself to use the negative energy to talk myself around the course and it worked 😂 I was having a good battle with myself and I won! • Sub 1.49 I am coming for you next year!!!!! • #miltonkeyneshalf #mkwinterhalf #running #marathon #fitness #runnersofinstagram #ukrunchat #health #parkrun #sundayrunday #pb #mkrunners #garmin #thisgirlcan
I couldn’t resist making this one. Our house is pretty obsessed with Baby Yoda. Plus I feel like it’s a pretty accurate depiction of what Marathon runners go through. 😂 #runnersofinstagram #babyyoda #runnerproblems
always keep those eyes on the prize 👀 It's so much easier to work hard when you know where you want to go or what you want. Make sure to use these goals/targets as your source of fuel, on your hard training days as well as the easy relaxed ones. And when the obstacle arrives just keep repeating and reminding yourself to keep moving forward, Over and Over Again. Suddenly the tough times start becoming easier than you'd thought it would ✨ @runnersofindia @garminindia @bombayrunning  #runhappy #runfree #runlong #runplanet #runnersofindia #mumbairunners #runningterritory #runnersofinstagram #focusahead #keepgoing #garminindia #univedathlete #unsanctioned10k #worldrunners
Morning,  family! 😍 Today, I ran at 9.6mph for 20 seconds on a treadmill!! 😬 My fastest speed! DANG,  it was scary because I was terrified that I'll fall! Running on a treadmill with 2 prosthetic legs isn't the easiest and especially if I am attempting to sprint! 💨  Also, I got to try @fitfones (headband with headphones)! Omg! @fitfones are cute and very convenient to use!😅💕 Perfection! Have a wonderful day,  everyone! Make the best of it!😘 #fitmom #runnermom #morningrun #runnersofinstagram
Track Tuesday! ✅ Felt good getting a speedier workout done - Indoor season is right around the corner!  Double Threshold Tuesday has been moved to Thursday this week 🤪 • Morning run: 7.5km easy Evening run: 2x10x(200+200) @ 2:40/3:45-pace • 📸: @mstjernlof • #run #friidrott #älskalöpning #running #nike #flotrack #instarunners #worlderunners #runningterritory #runnersofinstagram #trackandfield #runplanet #runner #nikerunning #garmin #löpning #löpare #runnersworld
#medalmonday 🏅 Volví a la montaña, esta vez para lograr el segundo objetivo del 2019: @elcruce_ok 🏁 . Recuperación del tobillo en tiempo récord y 100k de trail adentro 🏔🏃🏼‍♂️ . Los sueños tienen fecha de vencimiento 🤩 . . . ⌚️ @garminargentina 🏃🏼‍♂️ @alquimia_deportiva 👟 @salomon.argentina 🥗 @ndanutricionenaccion . . . . . . . . . . #beatyesterday #instarun #instarunners #instarunnersarg #instarunning #letsmove #runforfun #runforlife #runner #runnerscommunity #runnerslife #runnersofinstagram #runnersworld #running #runstagram
It’s simple for me: I refuse to go out for anything less than what I want in order to spend 26.2 miles being comfortable. I don’t do any of this so that I can be comfortable. I went out for the time I wanted and trained for even tho I knew the humidity and temps were not where I perform well. First half felt good and 6:45 pace didn’t feel like I was pushing... and then, well, everything went to shit and I SUFFERED for the last 12 miles. That’s how it goes. RACE DAY OWES YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Ya just owe it to yourself to have some guts, be true to you, and take the defeats along with the wins. I’m mad as hell and if you know me, you know that defeat just makes me want to work even harder. PS: I’m glad this photo captured the moment that I’ve never been so happy to press stop on my watch and go find my ❤️ @whydoirun who is always there for me at the finish for the good and the bad. #gritnotquit #coyote #fuelforthefire #relentless #cim #marathon #ateshit #likeactuallydied #cuzofthepizzapin #nopukethistime #youarewelcomeneil
Easy 45 minutes to start the week off right. I was able to squeeze my run in between calls and scheduling as I work from my home office on Monday.  It's always nice to knock the run out early, get ahead of my work, and then I can relax and spend time with my family after I'm done with work for the evening.  I'm going to need to focus on finding creative ways to get my training in this week. In the back half of the week, I'm going to be traveling from Dallas to Shreveport, LA and back, and I'll be super busy. Like my career, training is important to me, and I'll make it happen because when you want something bad enough - you'll find a way make it work.  #runstrong #findingstrong #runitfast #wearetherunners #runnersofinstagram #runnerscommunity #igrunners #runnerslife #runningmotivation #runningaddict #runshots #springtribe #runtoinspire #trainharderthanme #runchat #fitspiration #marathontraining #marathonrunner #lovetorun
Bref j’ai fais une SL de 30km 👊🏼 🔹 2h20’57’’ 4’42/km Objectif ➡️ accélérer un peu et sortir de sa zone de confort pour évaluer un peu le cardio. 4km d’échauffement 5’25/km 4*5000 avec 1000 de récup [ Moyenne >> 4’37 - 4’33 - 4’17 - 4’24] 3 derniers kms en 4’45 de moyenne. Sortie de malade ! Pas d’essoufflement, pas de problème musculaire, 1 bouteille de 50 cl et 2 sucre pris sur la sortie 👌🏼 Maintenant je vais bien pouvoir me préparer pour les 32km avec les 900 D+ du @cheptaintrail en binôme avec Mr @loic_run 💪🏼 📸 Marathon Varsovie 2018
RACE ALERT! Happy to announce that I’ll be racing the San Silvestre 10K race in Madrid the 31st of December! And be celebrating new year (and hopefully celebrating a new 10K PB 😜) there!  Anyone else racing on New Years Eve? 👊🏽 • Two easy runs today. Track workout coming up tomorrow! • Morning run: 8km Evening run: 12km • • #run #friidrott #älskalöpning #running #nike #canon #instarunners #worlderunners #runningterritory #runnersofinstagram #trackandfield #runner #nikerunning #löpning #löpare #runnersworld #runningtechnique #winter #runnerspace
3 MOODS this semester... ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 1️⃣Excited for a fresh start and ready for the next chapter of life to be unraveled. 2️⃣Realizing it won’t happen overnight and that not everything goes as planned. 3️⃣Laughing because my life is a joke sometimes but so is physics. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ CHEERS TO A BREAK FROM SCHOOL but OF COURSE not from running 😋 #studentathletegrind #studies #student #collegelife #university #universitylife #studentathlete #athlete #school #finalsweek #endofthesemester #runnersofinstagram #runnergirl #learning #photography #photoshoot #mood
Taking a break from packing ... to prepare and publish the latest podcast for tomorrow 7pm, whilst in my pyjamas, #sneakpeak #podcastpics⁣ ⁣ Some of you have told me already you are eagerly awaiting @shoulder_runner ‘s stories of hilarity 😝 I too 🙋🏼‍♀️ can’t wait to listen, and I was a part of the chat. [please see my story for a sneak peak 💩!] This chat was initially scheduled for the summer, we postponed mainly due to injury, it was re-scheduled but due to the crazy time it fell upon (my house saga) it was postponed again, third time lucky and we had our Skype date 💕⁣ ⁣ Life isn’t always plain sailing, but how you approach the storms makes all the difference ✨⁣A lesson I forever remind myself! ⁣ ⁣ This is a much needed break from packing and organising. Two more days in work before a long weekend off: a weekend of unpacking in the new home 🥰  getting settled, fixing the cooker, auntie duties 👶🏼 to help nanny, and a catch up with good friends it’s going to be another busy one ✨ ⁣ Just as time came around quickly to mid December - (from our initially planned chat in the summer) so too has the time for moving 🏡 I thought the time would never come and now these past few weeks have literally flown by in a blink of an eye! 💫 ⁣ ⁣ * anyone else forget what they did two days ago? Last week...? Unless I’ve written it down I’d struggle to tell you 🤣 #gettingolder 👵🏻⁣ ⁣ #notanotherrunnerpodcast #runningpodcast #notanotherrunpost #ukrunchat #ukrunners #packing #newhouse ⁣ ⁣
I don't know what the hell just happened, but this morning was straight magic. I shaved almost 70 minutes off my marathon time and set a huge PR that I was too scared to dream for. I love this city. I deeply respect this distance. And I appreciate each and every of you for your endless support. #whoruntheworld #girls #thisiswhatstrengthlookslike #shecanandshedid #pr #badassladygang #marathoners #runnersofinstagram #runsra_cim #runlikeagirl #beatyesterday #keepshowingup #womensrunningcommunity #runnersofinstagram #beatyesterday #mindovermiles #marathon #imtired
👟Shoe Giveaway! 👟 @361usa just dropped a new update to their awesome Spire 4 and I’m excited to offer up a pair for you to WIN! A perfect holiday gift to yourself. 😉 . The new Spire 4 features that I love: *New QU!K Spring+ foam designed to provide more rebound & propel you forward faster. More Spring in your step! *Premium, lightweight cushioning. *High-Performance/High-Mileage Trainer. *Very responsive and comfy fit. —————————————— One lucky winner (male or female) will win a pair of the new #361spire4 You can choose your color too! . HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: (1) LIKE this post. . (2) MUST FOLLOW both me (@runner_blogger_az) AND @361usa. . (3)TAG a running buddy to share the love. Each new tag is a NEW Entry! . (Bonus) SHARE this post in your stories, tagging me and @361usa for extra entries! . . Random winner will be selected on Tuesday, December 17th and notified via IG. GOOD LUCK! 👍🏻😃👍🏻 *Open to US Residents Only. *This giveaway is in no way associated with nor sponsored by Instagram/Facebook. . ——————————————- #361usa #onedegreebeyond #instarunners #runnersofinstagram #running #runningshoes #giveaway #runner #instagood #sensation4 #werunsocial #giveaway #run #fitness #igdaily . 📸: @nickgoeswest
STAY FOCUS ! Sur l’objectif du 10k début janvier, malgré la prépa qui va être grandement entrecoupée entre les fêtes, et le @raidlasaharienne pour lequel je m’envole jeudi ! M’en conjure je ne suis pas en train de me plaindre je sais qu’on va bouffer des kilomètres en tout genre là bas avec @isabelle.fabre 🙊💪🏻 En attendant la séance du soir, et l’une des plus coriace, est validée bébé ! ➡️ 13km dont 3 x 2000m allure chien mourant sur la piste que les gens ils me regardaient bizarre wesh 🤷🏻‍♀️ Jolie soirée les ptits culs 🌸 . . #mesenviesrunning #semaineprojeressorslebidou
Let’s run !!! @marathonteamgreecemariapolyzou @marathonrunners_com #runnersofinstagram #marathonteamgreece
This almost never happens but I was kind of dreading this run. All day long I was trying to decide between running outside or getting on the treadmill tonight. I didn’t think I had it in me to run in the cold, windy rain and dark tonight, but the thought of the treadmill was unbearable.  Luckily, my friend Zoe was down to head out with me, and the rain cleared until just as we finished, so these 5 miles flew by. And as it always goes, it was a beautiful run and I felt so so much better after.  Sometimes we just need a good running buddy, a reframe, and a bit of an attitude adjustment and then we’re back on track ✌️
Ran my ✋🏼 race this past Saturday night on the Long Beach boardwalk . . Wasn’t my best, wasn’t my worst, so I’m satisfied even though there was no PR to be had! . . It was interesting running in the dark and in the cold. I also wonder if running a race at night after being up and eating all day, made a difference, compared to getting up and running in the morning on an almost empty stomach 🤔 . . Needless to say, I’m curious to see what races and physical adventures and challenges 2020 has in store for me! . . #run #running #runner #longbeachjinglebell5k #5k #5krun #fit #fitness #workout #exercise #wwactivity #fitpoints #runnersofinstagram #runnergirl #runcommunity #fitpoints #ww #wwcommunity #wwmotivation
Had a nice lil tempo run in 15° weather this morning (hence the ninja-looking attire). There was no wind this morning which makes ALL the difference and 15° really didn't feel bad😂 I also got to try out my new goggles which protect my eyes from the cold. I have very sensitive eyes and the winter air really dries them out. So yes, I am wearing these monstrous things outside and no I don't care. My watch was covered in all my layers, so I went by feel and for the 2  tempo miles I did, I felt like they were around an 8 min pace and was really mad that they were feeling like a tempo pace. But after my run I realized those miles were 7:38 and 7:32 and was super happy! Also realized that I am really not good at judging pace without looking at my watch😂 . . #tempo #runitfast #runlikeagirl #runnersofinstagram #instarunner #iowarunner
“It’s the little details that are vital.  Little things make big things happen.” ⭐️ Doing my part by adding some miles to that running bank 💰 in hopes that big things will happen in Boston.  Just over 7 miles in the pouring rain yesterday, and an unplanned 5 mile progression run today that happened because I was short on time.  The little things. ✨ Happy Tuesday, friends! ☺️ #training #marathontraining #bostonmarathon #littlethings #bigresults
Michael Jones, top ultra runner and organiser of Ultra-Trail Snowdonia and Snowdon Skyline,. ⠀ 📷 Tom Bailey.⠀ ⠀ @ultra-trail-snowdonia⠀ ⠀ #trailrunning #instarunners #instarun #runnersofinstagram #running #run1000miles #run #runnersofig
Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music.  Forever finding the light in the moments of pain.  #trailrunning #running #fitness #trailrun #ultrarunning #runnersofinstagram