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Damn this hit me hard. This was my brothers best friend throughout highschool. Unfortunately my brother passed away 16 years ago and he just passed away yesterday Louis Viorato or as I knew him by little Lou or Lou Lou. It had been years since we had last seen each other. About 2 years ago almost as if by fate we met each other again and once I realized who he was there was this familiarity about him some kind of unspoken bond we had amongst each other. He also had an ery resemblance to my brother.It was all kind of surreal as if I could see a bit of my brother in him or vice versa.I truly hope you're in a better place now! I hope my brother greets you at the gate.#riplittlelou #gonebutneverforgotten­čÖĆ
Our newest family member.......RUBY!!!! #chocolatelab #puppies #riplittlelou
My favorite story I've ever reported on: FRIENDS Horse Rescue, and Little Lou nibbling on my audio cables lol. I fell in love with this gentle giant. @stephrgreco #tbt #2012notlongago #riplittlelou #19hands