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Leave the drama at home with this bouquet. True to its name, The Red Velvet is a stunning mix of burgundy ranunculus and mariposa carnations that will romanticize any room. // #sendhappy #ranunculus #holidaybouquet
It’s Monday!!! After a week of making wreaths during every spare moment I’m looking forward to getting my hands back in the dirt! This week that means building the low tunnels that will protect our ranunculus and anemone crop over the winter. Last year we rigged up a system that sort of worked but was an absolute pain to manage and made our yard look like a dump 😂, so this year I’m excited to be implementing some of the things I learned from the @floretflower workshop. Hopefully, within a day or two our front yard will look like actual farmers live here, and these tunnels will yield an even better crop than we had last year 🤞🏽🤗 . . . . . #flower #flowerlove #flowers #flowerharvest #ranunculus #italianranunculus #oningsusa #floretworkshopalumni #pastel #flowersofinstagram #bhgflowers #dsfloral #thatsdarling #flowerfarm #flowerfarming #flowerfarmer #petalpinkflowers #oregonflowerfarm #eugeneoregon #eugeneflorist #oregonflorist #springfieldoregon #coburgoregon #blushpink #bridalflowers #weddingflowers
All the frills 💕 #ranunculus
fluffy peach ranunculus - simple 🍑❣️🌸
AFFIRMATION 11/11 - "THE POWER YOU HAVE TO INSPIRE OTHERS SHOULD NOT BE UNDERESTIMATED." - This is the last affirmation is this series, and I actually changed it last minute tonight, after I got a really sweet message from a follower that I just couldn't stop thinking about. She said my posts "inspire [her] every day. On hard days, I know I can come to your feed for some beauty that makes me forget the world, even if just for a moment". When I started posting pictures of my flowers, I thought I was just sharing my job. These are the flowers I get to work with, so I figured I'd share the beauty with you. Never did I imagine these simple photos would have such an impact in so many lives. This follower is just one of many messages that I've gotten over the years. The point I wanted to get across to you is that growing flowers, or being a florist is probably one of the hardest jobs there will ever be. The expectations are so high, the elements are numerous and totally uncontrollable. But you know what? As flower professionals, I think part of the job is to be tasked with the duty of sharing the beauty. So many don't get to see a fraction of what we see EVERY SINGLE DAY. Be the light, bring the joy to people. Some people would give anything to put flowers in a Mason Jar, and here we are bashing that 2005 trend. Others love carnation. A little girl or a little boy could have their life path changed by you, if you just let them play with your left overs. Your community would give so much to be able to walk your farm (or the office, as I call it). Don't be surprised when your simple arranging classes sell out. People want to escape their day to day, just for a minute, and the gateway is FLOWERS! And WE HAVE THEM! Let's share more. I figured it would be fitting to share the photo that made my @instagram take off. It's still my #1 most liked photo, and how I started reaching more people to share the beauty with. Thank you all for your kind and sweet messages for the past 11
Next fri on @cityline see this cake! with @weddingbellsmag they talk minimalist weddings 🌿😍 with @alisonmcgill 🖤 . . .  #sugarcraft #sugarflowers #edibleart #gumpasteflowers #cakedecorating #bombesquad #cupcakeproject #toronto #torontoart #torontofood #torontoweddings #weddingcake #weddingideas #cakevideos #ranunculus #cakeworkshop #videotutorial
If pumpkins were flowers 🍅🍑🍊
WORKSHOP SCHOLARSHIP GIVEAWAY - Next Monday, 10/14/19 at 10AM MDT begins the Scholarship Application Period for my 3-Day Floral Design/Flower Farming Workshop, happening Summer 2020. Applications will only be accepted through Saturday, 10/19/19, so I wanted to give you a heads up. When I was starting out, I had to piece together all aspects of owning a Wedding floral design business. It was tough, I had no idea how to price my work, where to source flowers from, how to write a flower recipe, how to make a bridal bouquet, how to get featured in blogs... I knew nothing. Little by little, I picked up bits and pieces of information here and there to develop a solid business template, which is now The Flower Hat. Now that I have a formula, I'm sharing it with you during the Workshop. It truly is a road map from beginning to end, from screening weddings to delivering them. In between, we'll dive deep into Pricing, Mechanics, Marketing, Business, Farming in small spaces and so much more. You'll also get hands-on Floral Design Experience: I'll guide you through my process to make a stunning Bridal Bouquet, a beautiful centerpiece and a jaw-dropping hanging Installation that will give you the confidence to sell and set up your own for your clients. Previous floral design experience is not required to attend the worksho. If you think this is the opportunity for you, I encourage you to apply for the Scholarship through our website theflowerhat.com. The Application will be up starting on Monday, 10/14/19 at 10AM MDT. Share your flower journey, the success stories, the hurdles you're trying to overcome, why this Workshop would benefit you and your community... I want to hear from you. Share this post with a friend who you think could benefit from the opportunity too! All the details about the Workshop, including dates, Content, Investment, What's included and much more, can be found by clicking the link in my profile. DM me if you have any questions too! #flowers
Cold porcelain ranunculus ~ We should never compare our pace with others because as long as we are moving along the path, it is good enough. And we all have our own pace.  Any progress is good progress and so I should see it as an encouragement to keep going.  要再接再厉,不可以那么轻易的放弃。  Never give up. Never give up.  Never give up!!! -  #sugarflowerarrangement #sugarflowers #sugarpeony #gumpaste #gumpasteflowers #frompastetovase #a6000 #petalsbyyou #sugarflorals #sugarcraft #sugarart #sugarrose #rose #polymerclay #polymerclayflowers #coldporcelain #coldporcelainflowers #ranunculus #sugarranunculus #clayflowers
Ranunculus magic from a sunny spring morning 🖤🔮
Sunday morning frills 💕 #ranunculus
I've been quiet over here for the last couple of days... You'd think that means resting, but no! ahah I'm putting the final touches on the plans for the Farm 2020 and I'll be sharing them with our Newsletter Subscribers in the next week or so. I think Fall is a great time to plan  for the year ahead. I usually start dreaming and making notes in the summer as crops start to bloom, as weddings come to life... and then pick up all the notes and plan for improvement and changes for the following year. I have a stack of post it notes, and notes on my phone that I gone through ang organized. I also organized all my seeds, alphabetically and into Categories "Annual, Perennial, Hardy Annual and Biennial". I tend to start the last three around the same time (usually January),but still like to keep them separated so they can be planted in their respective beds, according to bloom time. I can't wait to start putting these plans into action next year. I'm really excited to see all of Foxglove planted this year. They're biennials, so they went in the ground this year and will bloom in 2020. I'm also excited about some new Scabiosas that have been introduced in the market! On the other hand, I'm letting go of so many varieties. No sunflowers, Forget me Nots, Explosion Grass, not nearly as many poppies... How about you? What are you letting go of and adding to your production? Let me know in the comments! PS.: There's ONLY ONE spot left in the July Workshop!! The others are filling up quick too, but thought I'd give you an update, in case July is a better time for you to come to our 3-Day Hands-on Floral Design and Flower Farming Classes. Click link in profile to learn more! Happy Sunday! #flowers #flowerfarmer #farmerflorist #flowerarranging #flowerarrangement #ranunculus #tfhworkshop #floraldesign #floral #floralworkshop
Remember how excited we were when Ranunculus ‘Champagne’ and ‘White Picotee’ bloomed earlier this year? SO excited because they were GORGEOUS. We’re thrilled to finally have these bare-root bulbs available online and in the nursery. Quantities limited - plant now for Spring bloom (USDA zones 8 and up)! #ranunculus #cutflowers #cutflowergarden #cuttinggarden #springbulbs #springflowers #gardening #slowgardening
There’s nothing like a good C A P P U C I N O ☕️ The burnt burgundy edging just gets me 💕
Наши ранункулюсы желают вам хорошего начала недели и замечательного настроения!  D.FLEUR with 🖤 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ♥ как сделать заказ на этот прекрасный букет из 7 ранункулюсов и незабудок и всю дополнительную информацию вы найдёте перейдя по ссылке в шапке профиля. ♥  #dfleur #gomel #flowersgomel #roses #rosesgomel #bouquetgomel #davidaustinroseswhiteohara #deliveryflowersgomel #розыгомель #цветыгомель #букетгомель #купитьрозыгомель  #доставкацветовгомель #купитьцветыгомель # #gardenroses #розыбеларусь #ranunculus  D.FLEUR
AFFIRMATION 10/11 - "THE THINGS THAT DIDN'T WORK OUT THE WAY YOU WANTED THEM TO IN THE PAST HAVE LED YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY.". I remember when I was 16y.o. There was this one specific high school that I wanted to get into so bad. It was a pre-college school, and pretty hard to get in. I tried two years in a row and failed the tests miserably. I studied so hard but didn't make cut. Two years later, I got accepted into the 4th best College in Brazil. I also got an opportunity to transfer to the US, which led me to a job in the hospitality industry that taught me more than I ever thought I would learn. It eventually led to my career in floral design, where I also encountered many dead ends: weddings I wish I had gotten, crops that I wish I could grow, employees I wish I could have hired/kept, financial decisions I wish I would have made... So much has not worked out the way I had intended for them to. It's so easy to focus on those things, but when you do take the time to look around, there's so much that has happened instead that has opened doors I could have never imagined would exist. What didn't work out paved the way for so much greatness that I am so thankful for. In the moment, it's hard to see the positive, but I'm a firm believer that life does work out the way it's supposed to. It's like the water in the river: it'll flow around the obstacles, but it will keep flowing. The worst past is that feeling of "I failed", but you should be kind to yourself. You tried your hardest, you did your best. It didn't work out because it wasn't going to. Life's trying to show you a different path, so look around, look ahead and look forward to it. Focus on what can happen, focus on the positive, focus on what you can do. You got this! :) Just a quick reminder, Registration for the Flower Farming/Floral Design Workshops opens tomorrow, Monday, 11/11 at 10AM MDT on our website! Take advantage of early bird pricing through 11/30! Click link in bio for more info.
Never dull at @academyflorist ✨
My first Hanoi ranunculus of the season. And possibly the most expensive frilly flowers I have ever bought. Thank goodness they are super pretty! 😳 . . . #prettyperfectpetals #weddingflowers #ranunculus #hanoiranunculus #blush #thatsdarling #dsfloral #fairynuffflowers
Round and round she goes. Don’t be afraid of the what if’s, focus on the present and just take each challenge as they come. Believe in yourself, you can do it! -  #sugarflowerarrangement #糖花工藝 #糖花 #sugarflowers #sugarpeony #gumpaste #gumpasteflowers #frompastetovase #a6000 #petalsbyyou #sugarflorals #sugarcraft #sugarart #sugarrose #rose #polymerclay #polymerclayflowers #coldporcelain #coldporcelainflowers #ranunculus #sugarranunculus #clayflowers
It’s a ruffly ranunculus kind of day. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend x . . . #prettyperfectpetals #ranunculus #rufflyranunculus #dsfloral #thatsdarling #fairynuffflowers
Cake #2 Next fri on @cityline ! @weddingbellsmag talks all things minimalist weddings 🌿😍 with @alisonmcgill 🖤 . . .  #sugarcraft #sugarflowers #edibleart #gumpasteflowers #cakedecorating #bombesquad #cupcakeproject #toronto #torontoart #torontofood #torontoweddings #weddingcake #weddingideas #cakevideos #ranunculus #cakeworkshop #videotutorial
@art.istic.licence  Sweet confections on the whimsy created by NATASJA SADI @cakeatelieramsterdam  #sugar #sugarflowers #petals #botanical #confectionery #cakedecorating #pink #bathing #ranunculus #bouquet #flowers #weddingflowers #cake #cakes #creative #clever #artist #creations #love
Spending the day listening to Kacey Musgraves Christmas album while creating some special everlasting wreaths for a Christmas pop up this Saturday at @oliveandrosestudio from 11-2pm or until sold out. Happy Holidays! 🎅🏼