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find your tribe ✨  love them hard 💖
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Have you ever felt like such a horrible human for doing this?! • You ate all the things on vacation & then you started having these thoughts creep in like, “did I just ruin everything I worked so hard to achieve or did I just eat my body weight in ice cream?” • I used to have thoughts like that all the time because I didn’t understand the balance of a healthy lifestyle. I honestly thought that I had to eat 100% clean all the time or I wasn’t doing it right. • But that’s not the lifestyle I want to live. I want to eat healthy the majority of the time and still be able to enjoy treats. • So the last 2 weeks before my wedding I really dialed in my nutrition and worked my butt off to stay on my meal plan. And I was super happy with how I looked and felt for my wedding. • But I also knew that my honeymoon was a time to enjoy myself and I did just that! I had pizza, burgers, fries, and a ton of ice cream! 😊 • And I don’t have those thoughts creep in anymore because I know how to have those treats and all the good things without overdoing it! I know how to balance it with the meal plan that I have and I can still enjoy myself! • If you struggle with your relationship with food, I know that all too well because I’m an emotional eater at heart and I have to work on my self every single day to combat those emotions. • If you need a friend or someone to hold you accountable in situations like this then I would love to be that person for you! Having the other women in this community to hold me accountable has helped me tremendously! If you struggle with this you’re not alone & I’d love to be in your corner! • And honestly there’s no better feeling than coming back from my honeymoon with #noregrets 😆
camp squad ✨
That feeling when you FINALLY get around to completing another Reno 💜 . Shiplap on our bedroom wall is almost complete! . 📸 Photo from Saturday night after a full day installing 👏
B&T UNTERWEGS l {Ad/Anzeige} Sehr oft kommen die Jeans zu uns - von Privatpersonen oder einem unserer tollen Materialpartner. Damit wir Ihnen ein zweites Leben als Designprodukt schenken und die Ressource Denim länger im Kreislauf halten können. Manchmal ist für diese Wiedergeburt aber auch ein wenig Geburtshilfe nötig. Dann holen wir die Jeans zu uns. Wie gut dann ein Auto an unserer Seite zu wissen, dass so tickt wie wir. Mehr zu unserem neuen Freund - dem @toyota_de Hybrid - mit dem wir mobil und trotzdem nachhaltig unterwegs sind, findet ihr in diesem Film: 👉toyota.de/iamhybrid/bridgeandtunnel
Do you want to make the world a better place? Here are a few ways The New Happy members have been creating happiness for others lately: ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 👂🏼”Listening”⁣⁣ 📞 “Calling out of the blue to catch up”⁣⁣ 💕 “Being more understanding towards myself, and then turning that same love towards others” ⁣ 💌 “Sending a text message of encouragement”⁣⁣ 🎉 “Planning a birthday brunch for my roommate at her favorite restaurant”⁣⁣ 👭”Made time and space for a spontaneous walking and sharing session”⁣⁣ 👁 “Making eye contact with random people I walk past and smile. We’re all in this together!”⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference, as these heroes remind us. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ How are you creating happiness for others today? Comment below 👇🏻 so we can add to our list!
🌸 Choose to make the rest of your life, the best of your life... 💫 ✅😇🙏🏽🌸👠💋💵👛🗝👩🏽‍💻 [Follow @smartgirlceo ]
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As entrepreneurs, sometimes we need a wakeup call...👋🏽 ...a virtual slap in the face that forces us to step back and take a look at the big picture. ⠀⠀ After all, we are a very focused and driven species -- sometimes too focused, causing us to lose touch with one very simple fact: we lose time every single day. 😱 ⠀⠀ Time doesn’t stop for anyone or anything.⌚️ ⠀⠀ Nobody, regardless of social status and wealth, can press pause on time.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the founder of a unicorn startup with a $20 billion dollar valuation or a retail employee making minimum wage.  We all have 24-hours each day and the clock ticks non-stop from birth until death.👶🏼☠️ ⠀⠀ You will make better-calculated decisions once you realize that time is our most valuable asset. 💎 ⠀⠀ I promise that once this sets in you will be quick to eliminate the BS from your life -- professional and personal -- and make decisions that allow you to take full control over your time, just like I’ve done.  Time is priceless; respect the fact that none of us have the ability to hit the pause button. ⠀⠀ Make the most of what you have here and now and create the life you’ve dreamed of. The clock is ticking... what are you waiting for?? ⏰ . . . 📸 @tigghi_ 10/7/19💕 #boldbarelife #italy #genoa #time #tictoc #liveinthepresentmoment #lifestyle #mindset #motivation #goodvibes #professionaloptimist #optimism #positivevibes #positivemindpositivelife #leadbyexample #lawofattraction #inspiration #dedication #dreambig #thinkbigger #success #believe #healthymindset #raiseyourvibration #powerofthemind #selfgrowth #abundancemindset #positiveenergy
Are you taking your time very serious? Is your lifestyle pushing you to become better? Are you investing in yourself?  If the answer is NO, then take a moment and watch this video. I will explain here using a metaphor of a car and hopefully I can help and teach you something that will definitely make you a better person overall :) Thank you so much for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day, if you have any question about this video or any other on my page, please don’t hesitate and comment below or dm here 😉 • More content at @BelicoMMA 7 • • • 🇻🇪🇵🇪🇺🇸 #drive #positivenergy #miami🌴 #miamiflorida #miamilifestyle #miamiart ##martialarts #belicomma #positive_vibes #positively #positivethought #positivewords #positivemindpositivelife #positivepsychology #positiveday #positivelifestyle #positivechanges #fightlife #teamffa #metaphor #freestylefightingacademy #ffastyle #metaphors