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Anxiety grounding tip:  Allow yourself to focus on your breathing, then identify: .  1 thing you can taste 2 things you can smell  3 things you can hear  4 things you can touch  5 things you can see . . Photo: @jonschoonover . #tuesdaytips #anxiety #houseofself #mentalhealth #tuesday #socialanxiety #perinatalanxiety #healthanxiety #panicdisorder #gad #panicattacks #wellness #mindfulness #5senses #fivesenses #groundingtechniques #counselling #hackneyhealing #bame #bamecounsellor #hackneycounselling #contempoarycounselling
Dealing with anxiety/panic attacks recently  #remedy #helpwithpanicattacks #panicattacks #anxietyattack #thoughts #help
Sorry everyone for the hiatus. I've been going through a lot lately with my bulimia and my body dysmorphia. On a positive note, I finally found a psychologist I could really express my feelings to and not feel ashamed❤️❤️❤️🌸🌸. I am receiving treatment but healing isn't an easy process. I met a new friend, he is the sweetest person ever and he's been really supportive. _________________________________________  #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth#anxiety #anxious #overthinking #mentalhealthquotes #mentalhealthdisorder #mentalhealthisapriority #mentalillness #depressed #depression #sadness #sad #personalitydisorders #bpd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder  #paranoidpersonalitydisorder #ppd #selfharm #selfharmawareness #suicide #suicideprevention #suicideawareness #bipolar #bipolardisorderawareness #bipolardisorder #panicattack #panicattacks #ocd #adhd
You will find it difficult to accept and allow anxiety if you still believe it is something that is harmful, something to be feared, going to send you crazy, going to stop you breathing etc. Whatever negative belief you have and focus on will continue to keep anxiety present. ⁣ ⁣ I REALISED that anxiety would always feel distressing and uncomfortable as that’s what it is designed to do.  To get our attention, shock us into getting⁣ out of harm’s way QUICKLY with no time to think about it!  Back in the day you would be grateful that you didn’t have time to think about it if the threat was a BIG VICIOUS TIGER snapping at your heels!⁣ ⁣ Understanding and knowing what ANXIETY actually is – A fear response, warning, urgent message – like a HUGE ALARM Screaming through your body or a smoke detector sprinkling adrenalin to get you prepared for the ‘WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN.’ ⁣ ⁣ Start to acknowledge and dismantle your beliefs around anxiety and your fear of it.  Work towards reaching a place where you know those beliefs are false and are what’s keeping the anxiety alive in you, but also that they may be deeply ingrained and so it will take time to change them. ⁣ ⁣ Allow yourself to:⁣ ⁣ Start recognising how your thoughts, feelings & behaviour are keeping you trapped.  Your mind is simply following your instructions – it senses your fear (your belief in your thoughts about anxiety), and responds accordingly.  The more you focus on the negatives about anxiety – symptoms, what if’s etc. The more the mind will continue to react a way you don’t want it too!⁣ ⁣ This is the anxiety LOOP, this is what needs breaking in order to recover - this is what trips us all up when we are desperate to heal! 💜
You are the only one who can tunnel out of your anxiety. . The self-help books are great. . The apps are awesome. . The meditation music is beautiful. . The (insert whatever you use) are amazing . But none of this means anything... . If you're not actively trying to cancel your anxiety. . It's your mind. . Your body . Your life. . You live here. . It's up to you to at the end of the day to break free. . Yes. We know. It's easier said than done. . But welcome to life. . Nobody said it wouldn't be hard. . #appxiety #appxietysociety #appxietyhero #anxiety #anxious #mentalhealth #panicattacks #anxietyisanasshole
wut do u kno abt angst when u find urself in the middle of an episode in the street far fom home trying to pop out the pill with freezin fingers that barely move and rhubarb is playing in ur headphones and u mad and can't breathe properly damn this is so so bad im so done rn LIKE.DONE // Можайского  #тверь #типичнаятверь #золотаяосень #ебеня #эстетикаебеней #романтикагородскихокраин #anxiety #angst #panicattacks #imreallysad
What a difference time, rest & kindness can make. 19 days ago I was at rock bottom. .. I thought this breakdown would mirror my first in 2013, which took months to truly come back from. .. However, knowledge & experience has made me more resilient. .. I was ashamed that a so-called mental health expert had essentially gone bonkers (again)! Yet, we're all allowed to fall down on occasion. .. I live with mental illness & although it might knock me on my arse now & again, I ALWAYS get up. .. Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart for your support these past weeks. I read every message, & each one gave me a boost. .. Remember - WE'RE ALL MAD HERE! 🧠
Honestly I really would love to hear from you. I also speak French so can translate if you don't speak English!  #anorexia #bulimia #eatingdisorders #mentalillness #mentalhealth #bipolar #ptsd #anxiety #panicattacks #ukblogger
Tip van de week ❗ Mensen aan kijken... Ok het is wel netjes als je een gesprek voert om iemand aan te kijken maar wanneer ik op straat loop doe ik het ook, soms een knikje erbij en soms een lach zo van hey ik zie jou, hallo 🙋 maar dat vreet energie!!! Iemand gaf me de tip om dat bewust niet te doen, kijk maar naar bloemetjes, etalages, de lucht... Je voeten, anything 😉 en het werkt... Ik loop zoveel rustiger op straat alleen soms schrik ik me wel helemaal de pleuris omdat iemand dan ineens m'n naam zegt 😂 maar goed, dan heb ik het zinnetje van geen tijd klaar staan 💪
А знаете ли Вы, что по оценкам Всемирной организации здравоохранения, к 2020 году депрессия станет второй по значимости проблемой в сфере медицины во всем мире. #depressionhelp #depression #anxiety #panicattacks #psychology #psychologyfacts #mindfulness
#panicattacks Which is here just a blurry picture was sometimes my optical vision during peak times of my burnout. Sometimes I went to the supermarket and suddenly forgot what I wanted there and it took me ages to find a few items before leaving the place with my heart pumping due to hardcore anxiety. I couldn’t focus because all I saw was a weird mash of colors and my brain felt like glue or bubblegum. I felt SO incredibly stupid, wow. Due to this, often times I had food to go - just to avoid going shopping. I was not only afraid of not being able to find what I wanted but also by standing in the queue. I was so sure that people would stare at me and judge me, because I was weird. It felt basically like a bad trip while being 100% sober. I mean..Wtf 🤷🏻‍♀️ Not longing for pity. #awareness
One of my most traumatic (I use that word as the recent dyslexia parliamentry report uses it to describe negative experiences relating to school) experiences at school was when my 6th form history teacher pulled me up to the front of the class and told me that I "would never go to university if I couldn't spell parliment", at which point another girl in the class started teasing me with the teacher! It was around this time I started to have panic attacks... I am reflecting on this today as I not only went to uni, but passed it, then got a job as a Speech and Language Therapist in a dyslexia school and finally became Head of Therapy at that school and yesterday I attended the APPG Dyslexia group at the Houses of Parliment. I still can't spell parliment but thankfully that doesn't stop me entering it. I don't think that Year 12 Claire would have ever believed she would be able to do all of the above. I sometimes wonder what life would have turned out like if teachers believed in me and looked beyond my dyslexia. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with the way my life has turned out now but imagine what I could have achieved if I hadn't have had the anxiety and panic attacks school left me with... . . . #dyslexia #mentalhealth #anxiety  #panicattacks #neurodiversity #housesofparliament #dyslexic #madebydyslexia
Anxiety fix
WEIGH DAY.... Absolutely knackered had the worst night sleep in ages, woke for the loo at 1230am was still awake at 230am... doses off then woke a 345am having a panic attack and the couldn't settle again 😴 so home after group and nanny nap it is...for now a very very strong coffee #tiredmum #coffee #nannynaplater #anxiety #panicattacks #swfamily #swfriends #swsupport #swuk #slimmingworld #myweightlossjourney #weighday
“Anxiety was born in the very same moment as mankind. And since we will never be able to master it, we will have to learn to live with it—just as we have learned to live with storms.” – Paulo Coelho  Yesterday was World Mental Health Day - Ed Sheeran @teddysphotos and Prince Harry @sussexroyal teamed up for this day as well. We all should remember that every day, we must look after ourselves, our friends and everyone around us. It’s important! VERY!🙏 Vakar bija Pasaules Garīgās Veselības diena, kuru tā pa īstam pamanīju pirmo reizi mūžā, jo tas pa tiešo skar mani, manus draugus un arī manu ģimeni. Vakar neko neuzrakstīju, bet daudz runāju ar draugiem, ar saviem tuvākajiem, jo, manuprāt, tā bija pareizākā izvēle kā pavadīt šo dienu. Esmu pārliecināta, ka par šo tēmu ir jārunā krietni biežāk nekā 1x gadā un tas ir daudz svarīgāks jautājums nekā ikgadējā valsts budžeta pieņemšana - jo būsim godīgi, tā ir viena liela papīru birokrātija, kas izdevīga ir tikai svarīgājām iesaistītajām personām. Depresiju, trauksmi, nemieru un panikas lēkmes VAR atrisināt arī bez medikamentiem un bez miljoniem. Vai man tas ir izdevies? Vēl nē, bet esmu iemācījusies sadzīvot, nepadoties un cīnīties. Manī ir dzimušas milzīgas atklāsmes, esmu kļuvusi daudz stiprāka, apņēmīgāka, jaudīgāka, pateicīgāka un gudrāka. Inčīgi ne?🤦‍♀️Cilvēks saiet tūtē un pēkšņi dzīve kļūst kvalitatīvāka.Jep, nav ļaunuma, bez labuma! Lai arī cik siekalaini banāli tas neskanētu - viss notiek tā, kā tam ir jānotiek.🤷‍♀️