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Best celebration this year🤔 comment down below if it is or isn’t! - Follow @sports_content0 for more - -  #nfl #nfldraft #nflnation #nflnews #nfltrades #touchdown #catch #nflfootball #football #nflseason #nflrumors #nflhistory #nflmemes #nfledit #footballedit #seahawks #49ers #cowboys #madden #madden20 #footballmemes #nflmemes
Here are some BOLD predictions for the today’s Games!!! -  Follow @sportsalertdaily for 🔥 sports posts! Follow @sportsalertdaily for 🔥 sports posts!  Follow @sportsalertdaily for 🔥 sports posts! - If you see me on the explore page why not follow! - If you want more great sports news and memes follow @sportsalertdaily! - - Comment your thoughts down below! - - - #nflcombine #nfl #nflmemes #nfldraft #nflcheerleaders #nflfreeagency #nflhonors #nflbrasil #nflnews #nfledits #footballmemes #footballculture #rannfl #nflplayoffs #nflrumors #nflpicks #nfldeutschland #nflstyle #nflboycott #nfljersey #nfltrainingcamp #fansnfl
Antonio Brown has recently been reposting calls for the Eagles to sign him on his Instagram story. Despite saying otherwise, it looks like AB wants to make a return in the right situation.
Mr.kraft I apologize sincerely to you and your organization! All I wanted be was an asset to the organization: sorry for the bad media and drama! Thank you sincerely AB.  @ab_backup0 for more! - - - - #nfl #nflmemes #nflplayoffs #nflhighlights #nflcheerleaders #nflnews #nflpicks #nflfantasy #nfltrainingcamp #nfltop100 #nflteams #nflbrasil #nflsunday #rannfl #klkjk #nflfans #nflshop #nflrumors #nfluk #nfljersey #nflmemeb #nflnow  #obj #antoniobrown #superbowl #jamfam🍓 #jellyfam🍇
Following a brutal loss to Miami, there has been a lot of talk about whether the Eagles should just tank the rest of the way or not. I believe that they should and here’s why:⠀ ⠀ Coming into this week, the Eagles has the easiest schedule for the rest of the season. With the a Cowboys struggling it was looking like the Eagles could win the division, but then this happened. We are still one game back from the Cowboys, and we still do have a decent chance at the division, but it is time to hit the reset button and rebuild. There’s no reason to risk falling short of the playoffs in which you would probably get blow in our in the first round while also giving up your high first round pick.⠀ ⠀ We need to give JJAW, Andre Dillard, Vaitai, and Miles Sanders as many snaps as possible, develop the young players we already have on both sides of the ball and let them do what they can for the remainder of the year. With JJAW, we need to see if he can perform, because if not that could indicate the amount of receivers we should draft/add in free agency. ⠀ ⠀ Speaking of the draft, I think the Eagles should tank the rest of the season, landing the highest pick they possibly can, then trading that pick along with others to get Jerry Jeudy or CeeDee Lamb. I really like these guys. I would rather attack the receiver position through the draft because I want guys who fit Carson’s timeline and have young legs. Free agency can be for corners and other positions. You could also try and trade up for Okudah, who will be your franchise CB, then go with a receiver such as DeVonta Smith, Tyler Johnson, or Jalen Reagor in the second round. I would rather attack receiver in the first though then corner in the second. ⠀ ⠀ I will be talking more about the draft as we hopefully begin to start tanking. Let me know what you guys think about all of this- should the Eagles start tanking and if so, who do want in the draft?
Jared Goff has been reportedly “drinking and partying” much more this season after securing his huge $134 million extension this offseason. Now this is just a rumour, but it could help explain his huge dropoff.
Denver would reportedly be interested in pursuing Tom Brady this offseason.
Jackson vs Wilson, Who ya got? -  Follow @sportsalertdaily for 🔥 sports posts! Follow @sportsalertdaily for 🔥 sports posts!  Follow @sportsalertdaily for 🔥 sports posts! - If you see me on the explore page why not follow! - If you want more great sports news and memes follow @sportsalertdaily! - - Comment your thoughts down below! - - - #nflcombine #nfl #nflmemes #nfldraft #nflcheerleaders #nflfreeagency #nflhonors #nflbrasil #nflnews #nfledits #footballmemes #footballculture #rannfl #nflplayoffs #nflrumors #nflpicks #nfldeutschland #nflstyle #nflboycott #nfljersey #nfltrainingcamp #fansnfl
INJURY: DT Antwaun Woods will not play Thursday against Buffalo after injuring his knee in the Patriots loss. #cowboysnow
RUMORS: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones views Patriots OC Josh McDaniels and former Ohio State HC Urban Meyer as top candidates to replace Jason Garrett after the season, per Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report. According to Freeman, the only way Garrett returns in 2020 is if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl. #cowboysnow
UPDATE: According to Jerry Jones “this is not the time” to make a coaching change. Jones believes changing coaches now would give the team zero chance to make the playoffs. #cowboysnow
Colin Kaepernick’s workout today reportedly went “very well”. Per @adamschefter, one NFL executive said Kaep has “elite arm talent” and “is the same as he was coming out of college”.
UPDATE: LG Connor Williams suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his right knee Thursday against Buffalo and is out for the rest of the season. #nowalmartcowboyshere
Sources around the NFL believe that Sean McVay is “struggling massively” and Jared Goff is “playing scared” this season, leading to the Rams not being as good as they were last season.
UPDATE: The Cowboys will not be making a change at kicker, and there are no plans to work out any other kickers. #cowboysnow
UPDATE: After undergoing an MRI on Friday, Amari Cooper did not suffer any structural damage to his left knee. #cowboysnow
Rob Gronkowshi shot down the possibility of a return to the NFL today. He said that he “retired for a reason” and “it would be a no” if someone asked him to come out of retirement.
A 25-year-old 🐐
Final. #chivsdal
REPORT: The Cowboys will bring in kickers Kai Forbath and Tristan Vizcaino for workouts on Monday. #cowboysnow
New England has reportedly had discussions about bringing back Antonio Brown.
Antonio Brown appears to be done with the NFL. He put up an Instagram post saying “f**k @NFL” and claimed nobody will “make money of my blood and sweat” and that there’s “no control of my name my body”. He also told all the “fantasy f**ks” to “let it go”.
Josh Gordon’s release from the Patriots lead to reports coming out of New England that the WR was “not displaying the kind of work ethic Bill Belichick commands”. Reportedly, Gordon just wasn’t a good fit with New England’s culture.
We're just re-living that insane comeback... The #vikings did what no one else has done in the past five years! 👀
Mitch Trubisky will continue to be the starter for the Bears, head coach Matt Nagy announced today. Chicago’s coach said that he feels “there’s enough time left in the season to get Trubisky where he needs to be”.