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Countertime oh Countertime, how do I love you let me count the ways! I love you in the morning where my skin is ready for the day. I love you in the evening when there’s no time left to play. My 11’s are gone and kept at bay, oh Countertime you make my day!  @beautycounter ... . . . . . #saferbeauty #makeup #cleanbeauty #raleighlocal #houston #shopsmallwakeforest #shoplocal #mywhy #beautycounter  #saferbeautyforeveryone  #nogunknojunk  #beautycounterforthewin  #raleigh #nogunknojunk
We’ve all been there.... we start for a couple of weeks, we get results and then we take our foot off the gas ⛽️. Identifying why you stopped being consistent is something that we don’t do as well, but truth be your “WHY” is not big enough. “it didn’t work” is the #1 excuse, when truly, you weren’t ready to be that person. • • • Being consistent is a lifestyle, you have to be ready to do whatever it takes.  Repeat after me “How you do any thing, is how you do everything.” Now THINK 🤔  Say it again! THINK 🤔  Louder!  Now, phuck what happened yesterday and go SHOW UP today, someone is counting on you to. • • • #morningmotivation #beconsistent #showupforyourself #showupeveryday #keepgoing #bigger #mywhy #mychildren #mycountry #mylegacy #myfamily #1000families #impact100 #project100 #goals❤️ #miraclemorning #consistencyiskey #showup
I’d rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion! -Thoreau . . There is room here for you because it is anything and everything you make it! In seasons of change it can be hard to let go. But, that’s the beauty of change...it helps you grow by letting go! Sometimes you have to sit in the pumpkin alone away from the crowd to find yourself. It’s not always comfortable but that’s ok darling! Get comfortable with the uncomfortable because that is where you will grow the most! . . Fall is my absolute favorite season. Not just because of the letting go but more because of the growing in this season. It’s busy, chaotic, and in these times death is never more beautiful! The falling leaves have beauty in them. Autumn shows us all just how beautiful it is to let things go... so let go and let yourself grow! . . Sit on your pumpkin princess!! #sitdown #joinme #letgo #grow #changeisgood #getuncomfortable #beautiful #mompreneur #boymom #mywhy
Mama, I made it!  That's how I felt the day I purchased my BMW. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before I realized this car did not bring me joy. Two years later and 20K down the drain, I decided to get rid of her.  It’s funny how we define our success with material things. As a result of that mentality, I was left unfulfilled. Trust me, it was a nice vehicle but it wasn’t for me. Once I made the decision to let this vehicle go, I had a more satisfying feeling within. This was my dreamed car as a child. Unfortunately, the adult me no longer had a desire for this car.  Over the next couple of days, I will be sharing car buying tips. I will also tell you how you can save on the MSRP.  Taking the time to match your car with your needs is imperative when buying a car. Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself? Can you pay cash for the vehicle? Can you afford a down payment? Are you financing for a long term or short term? Just remember, the average car payment is $530 for a new vehicle. That's ridiculously insane. . . . . #carpayments #bmw #dreamcar #nodebt #mywhy #freedom #dream #trusttheprocess #financialliteracy #financialplan #generationalwealth #generationalwealthbuilding #organized #financialcoach #wealth #debtmanagement #cash #creditcards #debt #ncblogger #personalfinancetips #personalfinancebywomen #blackinvestors #womeninbusiness #womeninvestors #moneynerd #firemovement #moneymotivation #moneymonday
"Someday Mindset".... . Someday I'll own a house on the beach. Someday I'll feel confident in that pair of jeans. Someday I won't be tired anymore. Someday I'll have the time/money to invest in my health. Someday I'll leave the job that's not serving me. Someday I'll travel the world. . The idea that our goals/dreams will "SOMEDAY" just miraculously work themselves out???? . How’s that working for you?  It has NOT served me I know that! . "Someday" is not a plan.  It's just an IDEA....with ZERO action. . So you screwed up in the past.  So you got off the path you were on.  So you let the nay-sayers get to.  So you sat with a BIG bowl of ice cream watching sappy movies & feeling sorry for yourself. . Okay! . SO this might have been my story HA!  BUT...if it's yours too this MINDSET HAS to stop. . Someday is NEVER going to happen unless we decide to switch the "Someday" with "I will....." & then go ALL in & decide to take MASSIVE action. . We have to leave the past behind, get back on the path, screw the nay-sayers, replace the ice-cream with grapes, & turn the sappy CRAP off & tune into some kick-butt podcast that fires you up! INSERT: Kacia Fitzgerald's podcast! . You guys....It's MONDAY!!! It's a NEW DAY, a NEW WEEK.... . I WILL....own a house on the beach. I WILL....feel confident in that pair of jeans. I WILL....have energy again. I WILL....find the time/money to invest in my health I WILL.... prepare to leave the job that's not serving me. I WILL.....travel the world. . Let's do this ALREADY!  Where you at?? . What is one of your "I WILL....." statements?? . #positiveaffirmations #iwill
Why do I bother sharing and putting it all on the line....these are my reasons: - I do it because I care about my families wellness and what their little body are exposed to it today’s world. -I do it because my family and my kiddies especially need me. They need me home and to be the constant. This year has been a hard one for me with more and more struggles with the kids and them needing extra help than the average it really has required all of me. (Any other extra needs mummas🙋🏽‍♀️) -I do it because I care about other families and giving them the knowledge and power to choose better. I care about the health of them and their kids. -I do this because it has brought people into my life who will ever change the direction of it. People who believe in me, people who cheer me on and encourage me. People who listen to my crazy ideas and help me pull them off.  As I write this I cry.... why because the reality is that next month I need to go back to work..... you know the regular type. Despite everything I believe in sadly I need to head back there, I hope it’s only temporary that one day I can make helping families like mine on their wellness journey a business that supports my family  Want to know more... DM me but note I am passionate!! 💛  Anyone else struggle as a mumma to know how to navigate the mum life and business life??? Or is it only me in tears over this.  #mumboss #lifechoicesarehard #mumofextraneeds #stayathomemum #homemumboss #wellnessjourney #wellnesslifestyle #healthanswellness #mywhy
PANAWAY - seriously means PAIN AWAY!! : : I call this one the big guns.  Been using this on my hip lately & it is soooooo good.  Instant relief - came in handy after our hike Saturday.  I’ve also use peppermint, deep relief, lavender, copiaba, wintergreen & of course Valor for pain, stiffness & post workout but when I’m really in pain PanAway is the one I reach for. : : A blend for muscles and joints and all things achy.  You want this delicious smelling oil in your life!! You can dilute in a roller but I choose to drop 1-2 drops right on my area of pain & instant relief...much better than anything I’ve tried before. : : I love that this high end blend is included in the Premium Starter Kit.  Btw, a 5ml retails for $60 & wholesales for $45.50 so having this (plus 10 more oils) in the kit is fabulous. : : #naturalpainrelief #postworkoutrelief #painrelief #lifestyechange #oilymomma #holistic #moreformyfamily #beyourbestself #cleanliving #mamalife #beyourownboss #authenticlife #knowbetterchoosebetter #chemicalfreeliving #chemicalfreehome
As a brand new mom, I used to complain that I was tired all the time.  I  didn't have the energy to do my hair or my make-up let alone get up and exercise or meal prep.  Then someone told me, "the days are long but the years are short." At the time, I thought...ok, sure, I don't really want to here that because well, I'm tired.  Six months after my second child was born, I was tired of being tired.  I was tired of being cranky, tired of yelling at my son because he didn't brush his teeth fast enough 🤦, tired of hiding behind the maternity clothes that I had been wearing for almost three years!  These two beauties pictures with me are my why.  I don't care about fitting into a certain size dress or six pack abs.  I just don't feel to be tired and unhealthy.  You see, I'm a 43 year old mom of a 7 and a 4 year old. I can't afford to be tired or else I'll miss out on days like these⬆️⬆️ #mondaymotivation  #mywhy  #momoftwo #fortysomethingmom  #takecharge  #nyc #weekendgetaway #thelionking
Good morning my friends! Happy Monday to you on this dark day right now in East Haven...but I am hoping for a little sun. We are awake but probably lying in bed wondering where the weekend went...but it's a new week, so let's get going. It's time to move our body to keep it healthy and fuel it with something that's going to give us extra energy to start the week off right.  I was listening to some audio this morning  and it was about not taking the simple things for granted. It touched me and I feel like I need to share. There are so many people who are not able to do things that we do everyday...get out of bed, shower, eat by themselves, scratch an itch, walk, drive, work, go out to dinner, pick an apple from a tree...breathe on their own! So many of us look out the window and complain that its cloudy, but instead we should be thanking God that we can see!  So let's all get out there and do the things that we do, and never really take the time to be thankful for. So many festivals, and fairs going on to enjoy this beautiful season of the year, one which is the favorite time for so many people. Have a wonderful day my friends, and let's all be the best we can be!!❤
🔥🔥Motivation Monday🔥🔥 Nothing is more motivating than your WHY‼️‼️ Everything I do and every decision I make is with you in mind, son‼️ Your mama is going to make you proud and give you the BEST example of what you should look for in a wife‼️❤️❤️ Single moms - You got this‼️‼️ Don’t ever get discouraged‼️ Walk in your purpose and watch God open doors that you never even thought about‼️The only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself‼️ Step out on faith and fight for the lives and dreams of your family‼️ It’s coming‼️❤️🙏🔥🙌 #truestory #dreambig #mywhy #neversettle #nevergiveup #inspire #motivated #empower #singlemom #diannaforsberg #wellness #workfromhome #purpose #j #love #pinktober #courageouswoman #mind #body #soul #boymom #ifbbpro #ifbbprobikini #levelup 📷 Kory D. Williams 💄 Kimber Mua Lee
👧🏻 My why! . . . Love you beautiful girl. You and all your strong characteristics! It’s a pleasure being your mumma ! . . . #babygirl #isabellaraeann #mumma #daughter #love #sasqueen #shopping #appreciationpost #mywhy #positivity #familytime #missindependent
Protein oat doughts! (They are definitely not a doughnut! 😂😂) @myproteinuk chocolate peanut shake (2) and 30g (3)of blitzed oats and natural yoghurt made 10 little doughts, mixed 5g of icing sugar (1)very watery to dip them in for a "glazed" effect and then a dust of icing sugar (1) totally felt inspired after seeing the post about filling up food... And I'm not a fan of oats or baked oats.. but this I could get on board with... 10 doughts are 6sp.. 2 are 1.2sp so I'd count as 1 and for 5 is 3sp which is what I'm having as a mid morning snack! ❤️ #committedtome #mywhy #results #foodchoices #weightwatchers #wellnesswins #weightwatchersuk #wwuk #wwsupport #wwukfamilymeals #wwmealprep #wwapp #wwbluedot #weightwatchersuk #wwfamilyuk #wwfamily #wwmaguk #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightlossuk #weightlossgoal #wwsnacks #wwbreakfast #wwlunch #wwdinner #wwfood #wwfooduk #ukfood #wwhighwycombe #wwuk #highwycombeweightwatchers
What's your "Why?" With the growth of social media and the need to research a company’s website before hiring them, our culture has become more image-dependent than ever. Not only are potential customers looking for a person to build a relationship with, they’re also seeking out the “why” behind the company and its products and services. . . #mywhy #wsncsmallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #wsnc #wsncphotographer
Bring on SUMMER!! Anyone else getting RIDICULOUSLY excited about this sun?? .  The warmth, the bare skin, the fun times, the longer days....a renewed passion for life, adventure and goals. .  Summer gives me energy, clarity and focus! .  I know that every thing I do, all the decisions I make, I make them because I have a STRONG connection to my WHY! .  Or should I say 'WHYs' plural.  They are: . -To show mums that they can be strong, sexy, confident women in their own right AS WELL AS being one hell of a mum! . - To NEVER have to make decisions based on how much money we have in our bank account or how much time we can get off work - life's too damn short ladies! (And in the process, build a tribe of freaking EPIC individuals who I LOVE to work with - already well on my way with this one!) .  Anyone else have a strong connection with their 'why' that they'd love to share? Because let me tell you, if you have goals you want to achieve but no strong connection....You might want to back up a little and start there ❤ . . . . . #why #mywhy #summer #summerinadelaide #health #fitness #healthylifestyle #mumlife #sahm #wahm #goals #adventure #energy #exciting #weightloss #transformation #bewell #livelife #havefun #redheads #redheadshavemorefun
Your thoughts on this Amazing Transformation? 😱 Tag a Friend To Show What's Possible! . I have explained everything in the past but so many people ask me how I did it so I think ill do it again. My name is Madison, im 5'10 and ive lost 70 pounds. I went from 205 pounds to 135, and here is how I did it. I started out purely with keto. Which is a high fat low carb diet and around 1200 calories a day. Without working out and just doing keto I lost 50 pounds. But I didn't feel strong. I got a personal trainer and began working out every other day for an hour, 30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of weights. This is still my routine. From this I lost fat, and got a lower body fat %. But while work in out I had to add in more protein and reduce fat for it to be more safe. My new food routine is 50-100g of protein, 1300-1500 calories a day, 30-60carbs, and 10-30sugars, and I try to keep fat as low as possible 20-60. ♥♥♥ hope this helps, feel free to ask anything below. • • • Credit: @madison.rose.castle
Das wars mit #mywhy. Jedenfalls bis zum nächsten Jahr, wenn wir wieder neue Führungstalente fördern und Erwachsene zu Held*innen machen.  Heute starten die #lernferien in Dortmund mit insgesamt über 80 Kindern und knapp 20 ehrenamtlichen. #sternenmomente gibts hier, bleibt gespannt.
Das wars mit #mywhy. Jedenfalls bis zum nächsten Jahr, wenn wir wieder neue Führungstalente fördern und Erwachsene zu Held*innen machen.  Heute starten die #lernferien in Dortmund mit insgesamt über 80 Kindern und knapp 20 ehrenamtlichen. #sternenmomente gibts hier, bleibt gespannt.
Das wars mit #mywhy. Jedenfalls bis zum nächsten Jahr, wenn wir wieder neue Führungstalente fördern und Erwachsene zu Held*innen machen.  Heute starten die #lernferien in Dortmund mit insgesamt über 80 Kindern und knapp 20 ehrenamtlichen. #sternenmomente gibts hier, bleibt gespannt.
Felix leitet als Lokalkoordination seit 2017 den Standort Dortmund. Er ist seit dem allerersten climb in Dortmund dabei und hat in den fünf Jahren einiges erlebt: Lehrer, PLA, PL, Bereichsleitung, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und und und. Verantwortung spielt für ihn eine übergeordnete Rolle, er übernimmt gerne und steuert zukunftsorientiert das Dortmunder Büro. #mywhy  #lernferien #climblernferien #climbwirkt #sternenmoment #spaß #motivation #welovethesekids #grundschule  #teachertobe #teacherslife #teachersgonnateach #teach #ferien #schule #blogger #bloggerstyle #education #educationblogger #instalehrer #instalehrerzimmer #blog #blogger #love #like #photography #instagood #bloggers #bloggerstyle #instalehrerzimmer #blog #blogger #love #like #photograph #instagood #bloggers #bloggerstyle  #grundschule #grundschulliebe #grundschulwahnsinn
If you have been looking for what God can do, take a good look at me.(lol) I am that evidence you seek! .  I didn't just wished for it, I prayed YES, but the prayer was that God should increase my CAPACITY TO GROW. Guess what? He didn't give me money rather he showed me an opportunity through a guy called BEST EDWARD, the business didn't make sense to me at first but I was angry, hungry and tired of my situation as at then, I gradually started seeing a better picture of what the opportunity could do to me and my family and I was ignited with a burning desire, God  gave me the capacity that I was literally talking/sharing the business opportunity to 21 persons every day to join my network marketing company. .  Yes there were days that came tougher challenges to give up because it seemed no one could see what I had in mind but the dream kept me pushing even the more. .  And in the fullness of time(lol) this was after 1 year 6 months, the results came in like a flood, it didn't just end up with me alone, my team members were outstanding as well  that till date i could not comprehend how it happened. .  This is surely what only God and consistency to the mental pictures I had in mind of the kind of life I envisaged (#MyWhy) can do and today the rest is a history. .  I am taking the bar(dream) up, higher and forward with IMMERI BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY .  YES God is involved, work is required as well. I am building a fresh team of 10 smart men and women who are ready to join Immeri irrespective of your location through my mentorship assistance for the next 1 year. .  Message me, Registrations N59,200 or N295,930 naira. +2348065697422. .  You will make money with the plan when you work most importantly everything about you will change for GOOD. .  www.immeri.global .  #inspired  #mystory  #networkmarketing #changinglives  #immeri  #immeriglobal  #joinme #teamcoderedeyes  #shafere
Natascha hat in diesem Jahr den Schritt ins Leitungsteam gewagt. Als PLA ist sie verantwortlich für den reibungslosen Ablauf der Lernferien in der Schule. Von Ausflug bis Material hat sie alles auf dem Schirm und verliert dabei nicht den Kontakt zu den SuS. #funfact: bei climb hat Natascha bemerkt, dass Grundschullehramt genau das richtige für sie ist. Deshalb studiert sie nun an der TU Dortmund mit dem Ziel möglichst bald im Klassenzimmer zu stehen und Kindern dabei zu helfen, über dich hinauszuwachsen. #mywhy  #lernferien #climblernferien #climbwirkt #sternenmoment #spaß #motivation #welovethesekids #grundschule  #teachertobe #teacherslife #teachersgonnateach #teach #ferien #schule #blogger #bloggerstyle #education #educationblogger #instalehrer #instalehrerzimmer #blog #blogger #love #like #photography #instagood #bloggers #bloggerstyle #instalehrerzimmer
#morningmood he steals my cup I use for my coffee and gives the same face I make to him when he’s on his ish too early in the morning 😂 he’ll learn we have a certain coffee level we have to get to before he can start in on his madness but yesterday was not that day 🤦🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #tinyhuman #mylittlelove #logan #babylo #myboy #boymom #coffeelevelone #onhisbullshit #ilovehim #ketomama #sundayfunday #myfavorite #mywhy #myreasonforliving #hesavedme
Anna-Lena ist seit dem Herbst 2015 bei den Lernferien dabei. Zuerst als Lehrerin, später in allen rollen im Leitungsteam. Sie hat sich sogar mehrfach in Hamburg für Kinder stark gemacht und ihr Wissen mit den Ehrenamtlichen geteilt. Seit Anfang des Jahres ergänzt Anna-Lena das Dortmunder Büro Team im Bereich Erwachsenenbildung und betreut die Dortmunder Projektleitungen in der Vorbereitung auf die Lernferien. #stärkenorientierung ist dabei #thekeytosuccess und wir freuen uns sehr, dass sie den #anspruch hochschraubt! #mywhy  #lernferien #climblernferien #climbwirkt #sternenmoment #spaß #motivation #welovethesekids #grundschule  #teachertobe #teacherslife #teachersgonnateach
Last week was difficult for me and I took a little step back from things to allow myself the time and space to feel what I was feeling and sit with my emotions for a while.  Yesterday was 2 years since my brother died unexpectedly and anniversaries and birthdays are particularly difficult.  I have learned so much since that day and allowing myself to feel whatever emotions I need to, is definitely one of them.  I have learned to allow the emotion to come so that it can leave. Grief is an emotion that I have to deal with for the rest of my life, but it's not a place that I want to stay and set up camp in.  After his sudden passing, I made a promise that I would live for both of us and that's a promise that fuels my fire when I feel scared, unworthy or want to remain in my comfort zone.  I'm not just living for me now, I'm making my life count for the both of us.  Dont wait until something like this happens to you before you wake up to life's blessings and beauty.  Live a full life now like your life depends on it, because it does 💙