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“I don’t think I can lift anymore tonight” ~ then lifts another 20kg 🙌😆👏 Another reason why I love what I do!  @kfitzy_  killing it in class tonight 💪 #believeinyourself #movebreatheplay
What a wicked session we had in Move~Breathe~Play class last night! . We started off with a bodyweight Tabata warm up, followed by a circuit using trx and weight plates before brushing up on some functional core work. For play time we accomplished some acro yoga and finished the class with a yin yoga stretch cool down and meditation. . I’m so unbelievably proud of these girls, every week they come and give it their best, have fun and achieve amazing things. Last night was some of the ladies first time at doing partner acro and they did an awesome job! . Thanks for making my classes so fun. My cheeks always hurt afterwards from all the smiling and laughing. Grateful ❤️
I freaking love my job, even when we unsuccessfully accomplish acro #alwaysabunchoflaughs
Maybe instead of saying to her “no excuses” you can say “YOU CAN DO IT”. . She is resilient, she is a warrior but she is human.  She is a mother and her reality is very very real.  So somewhere amongst the chaos and constant internal battle, be kind to her, encourage her & nurture her. Then watch her move more than just the mountains ⛰👌
This excited about tonight’s class! Can’t wait to get upside down with you! 🤸🏻‍♀️🙌 #movebreatheplay
5 days till spring! But who’s counting? . I’ve created a nurturing 6 week challenge to kick start & encourage positive lifestyle changes. It doesn’t involve any strict diets, crazy training regimes or restricting behaviours. It’s about nourishment, movement, mindset, self love and self care. . I believe something is better than nothing and small steps of effort and intentions make big changes and are powerful tools. I want to encourage people to drop with the all or nothing attitude and that trying to create balance is more about accepting where we are not fighting where we are not! . Looking forward to the next 6 weeks with the ladies that have chosen to support and empower eachother. ❤️
Just under 2 weeks till we kick of the next block of “Move Breathe Play”. . This one hour class is for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced. . Consisting of a functional workout, strength training, calisthenics, inversions, yoga and meditation, Move Breathe Play is a complete mind body fitness experience. . Limited spots are available due to space so please secure your spot quickly as some spots have already been filled. .  Look forward to getting upside with you! 🤸🏻‍♂️❤️
Always make time in your day to play 💖 #meandmygirl
You asked for it and it’s BACK!  My favourite class of all time.  I designed this class a few years ago and it is the perfect little one hour package for mind, body & spirit. . Move Breathe Play is a one hour class designed to build strength & flexibility, increase body awareness, self confidence and have fun! . Where fitness meets mindfulness you will complete your workout with a yoga style cool down and meditation. Incorporating play time, gymnastics and inversions, unleash your inner child and build strength whilst having fun. . With limited spots available please get in quick to book your spot. I will release dates soon!
High intensity, LOW IMPACT, full body workout ~ Battle Ropes ~ . Whether you suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction (light bladder leakage or prolapse), you have bad knees, ankles or feet or have a lower back injury you can understand the frustration of the limitations of cardio based workouts. . I used to love burpees but they are not something my body agrees with anymore along with skipping, jumping and running. Sometimes I miss that high intensity feeling. . Battle ropes have always been a fave of mine for this reason, it doesn’t take long to get that heart rate up and feel utterly exhausted within seconds. . Here is one of my workouts from the weekend which you can see by the look on my face it was bloody hard. By incorporating high quality body weight movements with good form and technique you can work harder for less time and obtain maximum results. . 30 seconds on - 5 seconds rest x 4 rounds •Battle ropes •Push-ups (toes) •Reverse lunges (with weight and knee to ground) •Wall sit •Hanging leg raises . Less than 15 minutes boom 💥
Super quick ~ low impact ~ lower body workout (swipe 👉) . Seriously, squeezed this in before getting the kids dinner and my legs felt like jelly 😆 . 10x sumo squats 12kg 10x squat pulses 12kg 10x KB swing 12kg 10x TRX pistol squats (each side)  X 3 rounds . Please remember you don’t need to smash yourself or spend ours in the gym to get results. Quality over quantity! . Love, share, save 🙌
There’s story you keep telling yourself but what you don’t seem to realise is that you’re the narrator.  You have the power to change your story at any given time. Remember that! 🙏📖💫
Always being photobombed, thanks babe 🙄 (wait for it)...
Grateful, humbled & inspired by the beautiful women we got to hold a space for this morning at our first “Finding yourself in Motherhood” workshop. Thankyou so much for showing up and being authentic and vulnerable and beautiful, it was lovely to meet each and every one of you xxxx @karina_yager  #landetehealth #coachingwithkate  #movebreatheplay #womenshealth #mumsworkshop #yoga  #meditation #mindfulness #coaching #emotionalsupport #postnatalhealth #postnataldepletion #connectiomdepletion  #morethanjustamum #selfcareisnotselfish
Mama needs play time too . I take my kids to the park for my sanity just as much as theirs. Anyone who is a stay at home parent or spends a full working day alone with a couple of kids in tow understands the constant war against the clock. Taking the kids out always makes the days go faster. After a full morning out and after several failed attempts at trying to fix website issues this afternoon, we escaped for some much needed play therapy. 🙃💖
“You act like its you against the world, but really it’s you against yourself.”
MOTHERS DAY GIVEAWAY ❤️ With our “Finding yourself in Motherhood” workshop just around the corner, Karina and I have decided to spoil one lucky mum with a gorgeous pamper package! “FINDING YOURSELF IN MOTHERHOOD” is 2 hour workshop designed to help you reconnect and find yourself again in Motherhood through mindful yoga, meditation and an interactive coaching session on losing your identity in Motherhood and finding your way back (for more event info follow this link https://www.facebook.com/events/406181823540862/?ti=icl)  Our pamper package includes - ✨Ticket to our workshop ✨Personal training session with Karina ✨Wellness coaching session with Kate ✨Essential oil roller blend ✨Body Moisturiser  To enter - head to Facebook! 👇🏻 @landetehealthmumsnbubs  and @karina_yager  We will draw a winner at random after Mother’s Day, enter as many times as you like  Good Luck! Kate & Karina  xxxxx #landetehealth #coachingwithkate  #movebreatheplay #mumsworkshop  #mothersdaygiveaway  #findingyourselfthroughmotherhood
Sometimes the best therapy is to move.  Move. Breathe. Play.  #movebreatheplay #movementismedicine #movementculture #strengthtraining #gymlife #gym
“Play is the highest form of research” ~ Albert Einstein . It is only when you engage in activity for enjoyment rather than in a serious manner that you find parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed. You will find strength, you will find courage you will find passion. Don’t get me wrong, the practical purpose will always find its way but without play does not come true discovery. . #movebreatheplay #playtime #selfdiscovery
Late night inversion therapy ✌️🙃
Had the opportunity to shoot with @z0a a few weeks bacckkkkkk! Can’t wait to show y’all some of the magic we don’t cooked up 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 press play and enjoy a lil vibe or whateva #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogis #yogisofig #yogaplayground
Join master artists & break new inner ground with Yoga + Music, Art, Writing, Movement +++ April is full of amazing creative opportunities to express your heart & spirit! Check out the lineup... . 🙏Body of Bhakti - 4 week Sacred Music & Movement Series with Adrienne Shamszad starts Wed. April 3 @aidishams @adrienneshamszadmusic . 🤹‍♀️ Spring Cleaning Playshop - Movement, Writing & Art with Debra Stuckgold, MFA & Tamalpa graduate - Sunday, April 7 . & so much more.... visit our events page for access to our calendar 🌼 #bhakti #sacredmusic #yogaofcreativity #tamalpa #expressyourself #setyourselffree #movebreatheplay #bayareayoga #wellcerrito #seeyouinthesanctuary #ojasisdeepwellness
#repost from 2 years ago today. Still so relevant. . In situations that we can't control remember that we always have control of our attitude and the breath. . A gentle reminder to myself and anyone that needs it today. 😘
This popped up from 2 years ago and still feels very relevant so I’m sharing again 💖 . Last night in my yoga class I spoke of santosha - contentment. It's when we truely accept ourself and life's situations that we can be in authentic contentment. By holding onto things we think we may need can only lead to mental and emotional suffering. Living in the present opens up doors to bliss. "Be where you are not where you think you should be" - unknown
“But my darling, there’s no such thing as the light at the end of the tunnel, you must realize that you are the light.” ~ Anonymous . It’s when we learn to enjoy the now and embrace the journey that we forget about the destination and one day realise it is our own bliss that got us there. . #embracethejourney #youarethelight #followyourbliss
Today’s play time with my teeny one . I believe it’s important to move how it feels good.  I believe there isn’t a one size fits all training regime.  I believe there isn’t just one way to train the body and there are several ways to achieve your emotional, spiritual and physical goals. I believe it’s important to incorporate play regularly. . 🤸🏻‍♀️💖🙃 .
Mindset. . I make an effort somedays to set my alarm early (whilst the family is still asleep) and drive to the beach to go for a walk at sunrise. Some days (like today) it was hard to get out of bed because I was so tired and my time was cut short. I had a choice to think my short walk was a waste of time and I also had a choice to appreciate this magnificent view whilst being with my own thoughts, alone, for 15 minutes. (Very rare moment) . Never think something is a waste of time because your initial intention didn’t go to plan. . When we do something with intention always allow yourself to adjust your mindset accordingly. . Mindset is everything
Nature therapy with a sprinkle of play 💚 . Spending time in nature has a huge positive impact on our overall wellness. Emotionally -  reducing stress and negative emotions such as anger, depression and anxiety. Physically- reducing blood pressure and heart rate. . Time spend outdoors, especially in nature is proven to promote feelings of balance and calm.  Exactly what this mama needed. . 💙🏝
Don’t ever take your fitness so seriously that you forget to enjoy yourself. #lifeisbetterupsidedown #playtime #movebreatheplay
Never underestimate the therapeutic benefits of play 🙃💗 . #lifeisbetterupsidedown #inversionjunkie  #movebreatheplay