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LOVE this idea for the home! 😍😍 + Change the message every so often to keep your family motivated for success! 👊🙌 + I love finding ways that I can spread some motivation and inspiration to my family. 💕 + What do you think?? + Follow @being_one1 + #beingone #oneness #balanced #motivationalquotes #motivation #motivated #motivatedmindset #motivatedaily #motivated2work #motivatedtogether #keepmotivated #inspire #inspired #inspiredaily #inspireothers #inspiremehomedecor #family #homedecor #familyinspiration #inspirational #inspirationaldesign #inspirstionalquotes #home #homesweethome #diyhomedecor #homedecorinspo #dream #dreamcatcher
Today I took a chance at Leadership, I gave a speech,members voted, and I was elected Secretary of the NYC HPG for 2020 woot woot!!!😁💃🏿🌍 In addition to that great news: To further promote PrEP awareness and use, the New York State Department of Health has declared October 20 to 26 as PrEP Aware Week.  Expanding the use of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a pillar of the efforts to End the Epidemic of HIV in New York City and New York State. To further promote PrEP awareness and use, the New York State Department of Health has declared October 20 to 26 as PrEP Aware Week.  We want to make sure that all New Yorkers know that: ·  PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV during sex by about 99% for cisgender men (and over 90% for cisgender women) and does not interfere with hormone therapy or birth control. ·  Medical clinics throughout New York City have experience providing PrEP. ·  Financial support – including the State’s PrEP-AP program – can make PrEP affordable for everyone, including undocumented immigrants and people who are uninsured or underinsured. #prepawareness #prep #educate #nychpg2019  #sheready #nychpg #2020 #hiv #communityorganizing #communitybuilding #nychealthy #healthysexuality #healthysexual #communitysupport #healthandwellness #prep #pep #linkagetocare #treatment #jointhefight #educate #advocate #motivatedaily
Podcast coming soon Knowledge Seekers!!!
Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all.  Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones. ----- Follow 👉 @mastermindculture Follow 👉 @mastermindculture Follow 👉 @mastermindculture . For your daily dose of business motivation! ✅✅✅ #investinginmyfuture #bestquotesforyou #motivatedaily #inspirationalqoute #investingforwealth #affiliatemarketer #cryptotrading #quoteforher #motivationalsong #millionairemindest #5amcrew #danlok #incomeopportunities #businessmindset101 #addictedtosuccess #clickfunnels #businessmindedpeople #brainyquotes
Stop making excuses.  Stop letting that inner critic, those limiting beliefs and the voice that says you can’t, take over your life.  Stop sabotaging and telling yourself you’re not worth it because you ARE.✨ ✨  How different could your life be if you stopped letting fear get in the way of your dreams?  Would you start to see all of the opportunities that arise and forget all of the reasons that tell you you can’t, you shouldn’t or you’re not good enough to succeed. ✨  I want to remind you that you’re no different than anyone else.  You have those thoughts creep into your head that tell you why bother?  They tell you you’re a fraud, you’re too old or you’re just not cut out for it. ✨  What separates the successful from the ones that stand on the sidelines is buying into those thoughts.  How different could your life be if you STOPPED buying into those negative thoughts? ✨  #stopit
Have you caught yourself wishing for rain to go away?! If so watch this.  #rainydays #bettertomorrow #motivatedaily #findyourhappy #workingmom #changeyourthoughts #positivevibesonly
💥🙌💥🙌💥🙌So true.  Your competition is yourself, your struggles,  your mindset,  your procrastination,  your creativity and everything you surround yourself with.  How are you competing against that today?
It’s so easy to say- and we hear it all the time. But when you have a goal that you are so seriously motivated and inspired about- you can’t wait to wake up and conquer the day!  Look around you. Find inspiration. Find your purpose. Life is SO amazing & we only get one. -Alicia Arlene . . . . . . . . . .  #bossbabe #bloomyellow #entrepreneurlifestyle #instagramforbusiness #womenwithambition #womenwholead #femaleceo #hustle101 #smallbusinessmarketing #marketingsavvy #oneofthebunch #caffeinateandconquer #selflove #selfcare #loveyourlife #instadaily #igers #blogaboutlife #selfloveblogger #secrettohappiness #determinationquotes #beautiful #wakeupearly #motivatedaily
Do you agree? 🤔🤔 ————————————————— 👉Follow @digital_entrepreneur_life 👉Follow @digital_entrepreneur_life 👉Follow @digital_entrepreneur_life ————————————————— 📸 @peoplewithbluetick ————————————————— #entrepreneurinspiration #successdiaries #business101 #entrepreneurtrip #motivationapp #millionares #youngentrepreneurs #onlinesuccess #motivatedaily #investinyourself #lifestyler #startupideas #entrepreneurship #financegoals #entrepreneurgoals #investingtips #successfully #workhardorgohome #passions #dreamlifestyle #financialadvisor
They say you’ve gotta give the people what they want, right? And one of the questions I am most frequently asked is “Are you going to sing?’ Seriously, that’s my most FAQ lol. Not are you going to talk about hashtags, or how do I get more clients… it’s all about the singing.  The irony is, that I’m not a great singer by any stretch of the imagination. Randy Jackson is constantly in my mind saying, “Yo, you’re pitchy Dog,” but apparently my audience doesn’t care. They want to have fun when they learn, so I sing and dance and rap old school Slick Rick and it’s a good time!  I wonder, if I should introduce some of that “EduTainment”  into my social media videos. What do you think? Would you watch a FB live or a YouTube video with me teaching you about Social Media to the tune of Meghan Trainor’s All About the Bass? ‘Cause Dog, I’ll do it!
👊💆 How to handle client drama like a BOSS . If you’re a VA, OBM or SMM then you’re going to experience conflict with your clients at some point. . (Cause let’s be frank. If you’re a HUMAN, then you’re going to experience conflict with other HUMANS.) . This is no big deal because it’s just how life works. . The thing is… there’s a way to handle client conflict that gets you the results you WANT. There’s a way to make sure you salvage your client relationship rather than burn a bridge. . → You gotta acknowledge the story you’re creating from the situation. . Let’s say you get an email from a client asking why a certain task has yet to be completed. You’re super confused because you told this client it would get done by end of day and it’s only 5 PM. You’re thinking you have 3 more hours since your end of day is 8 PM. . (You see where I’m going here??) . Before you respond, acknowledge the stories you’re creating about this client and her email. Acknowledge that you might be thinking this client is super disrespectful, rude, asking too much or being pushy. . Then, instead of letting yourself take hold of these shitty stories, take 👏 a 👏 step 👏 back and acknowledge what’s TRUE. . Like… maybe 5 PM is your *client’s* end of day. Maybe she’s not realizing your end of day is different because she’s a human who has a lot on her brain. . You could be super reactive and respond feeling upset that your client is interrupting your day like this. Or you could say, “Hey, sister friend! I am totally committed to getting this done by the end of the day. My end of the day is 8 PM since I work a little bit after my kids go to bed. I will be sure to get it to you by end of day as committed.” . Easy peasy, right? . This is TOTALLY different than responding from ego or frustration and will COMPLETELY change how you feel about your clients! . I’d love to know: How do you step back to figure out what’s TRUE? Give us an
❓ARE YOU GOING TO LET FEAR STOP YOU❓ . . Sometimes we are so excited to do something but we get lost in our  thoughts . We talk ourselves out of it because we are afraid of trying and failing . Take it from one of the greats . YOU WILL FAIL BUT WHO CARES . Learn from it and keep moving forward . . . . . #hustleandheart #hustleandflow #hustleandmotivate #motivats #motivateandmindset #motivateothers #motivater #motivatedaily #motivateyou #motivated #motivateeachother #motivatebylove #hussleandmotivate
You ever just eat a spoonful of something & instantly feel tradition ? Culture? Home? We’ll black eyed peas (made well) is it for me!  I had the honor of taking myself out for date night in Harlem. I could see so many people watching my table waiting for my date to come eat. I made up stories in my head about what they were saying with their eyes peering at me like something was wrong. But nope! No shady husband or late boyfriend it was just me😂 And as I sat there enjoying my meal while people gawked all I could think was how good the peas were & how much it made me feel at home even though I’d never lived in NY.  Never mind the beautiful historical pictures & throwback decor. The food had me right at home. Good meals will connect you to something beyond the plate - every food vendor or restaurant owner knows the food has to do more than just feed the belly it needs to feed something else inside the patron as well.  @sylviasrestaurant knows that culture foods have a root in the community and that a plated experience can be calming or even healing - good food does that.  And as I finished and got ready to leave I saw faces of onlookers turn from confused to content. I saw some of the women uncover expressions of approval or pride in seeing another woman content in her own presence. Being true to yourself will do that too.  If there’s 2 things we all like it’s genuineness & memorable experiences. These are a couple of the most necessary and often forgotten business strategies. No matter what your industry may be just being you and creating something people will remember is the key to being and staying successful... all the other stuff will add itself. Just keep living & mind your grind! • • • • • • #startup #smallbusiness #datenight #lifecoach #biztips #successtip #entrepreneur #onlinestrategies #speaktriece #beyourownversionofamazing #creativebusiness #soulpreneur #bosslady #thegetyourlifecoach #theinspiredlifepodcast #legendary
Been very obsessed with my latest purchase, from a friend a PRS McCartney custom wine red guitar with an ebony fretboard, and the push and pull option to split the coils, the thing sounds good. So here’s a little loop and by the end of the solo I was finally able to harness that “jimmy herring” rip!  #alwaysprogressing #motivatedaily #wisconsin #frozentundra #guitarplayers #prsguitars #mxrpedals #ghsstrings #rock #guitardaily #madisonwisconsin #goodvibes #dontgiveup #dontbeadick #inthetimeofnick💚💛❤️🙏💯🌞
Relax y’all😂 It’s coconut milk! But the real highlight is the random notes of kindness☀️ This little @starbucks (really was tiny) in Maryland had the entire counter covered with random notes that people wrote to unknown visitors as a way of passing along a simple but kind word to whomever visits the store.  I think this is one of the easiest ways to give back to the community: sharing business spaces for the benefit of the people. This small gesture really is valuable.  I was tired as all get out when I landed... but this nifty idea gave me a much needed boost! I’m definitely going back when I return to Maryland for a family visit.  One of the best investments we can make as small biz owners is connecting to the people we say we want to serve. That kind of relationship building outlasts economic downturns & slow sales days.  I strongly suggest creating a layer of business that serves the local community & lends itself to being of use to the people at no charge. Small business success is largely based on how people connect to the company & the owner. Business nowadays is not just about products. People need to feel connected to or in touch with who they give their money to. This idea is an easy way to nail it! • • • • • #biztips #smallbusiness #goaldriven #lifecoach #startupbusiness #onlinestrategies #entrepreneur #community #speaktriece #beyourownversionofamazing #hustle #soulpreneur #bosslady #thegetyourlifecoach #theinspiredlifepodcast #onlinestrategy #theinspiredlife #advocatefortheunderdogs #businesscoaching #motivatedaily #starbucks #drinkup #thebusinessofyou #abetteryou #thegetyourliferightcompany #embracethejourney #shopsmall
Not gonna lie.... it feels kinda weird to celebrate MYSELF on Boss’s Day but here goes... Happy boss day to the best boss ever! 🤘🏼😝 To all the self-employed business owners and CEO’s of the world... you are changing things for generations to come.