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This is my sister.  Instagram is such a fun space for me. I get to share photos of things I love, enjoy and cherish. I share with you often. The laughs, the fun, the smiles of joy, but I left this part of this past year out. Although I wanted to share this with you all, it wasn’t my story to share. My sister Jade is a beauty. She hasn’t had an easy go, she’s made mistakes but she’s been given a gift from God. In her 1st trimester of this surprising and miraculous pregnancy, she discovered a lump in her breast. After Insisting to have it biopsied and advocating for herself, the biopsy revealed her worst fears. Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She was told the baby she was carrying was too young to survive treatments. Carefully weighing options she found #lomalindacancercenter and their wonderful doctors were able to save both of them. Bradley was born and survived cancer and chemotherapy with mom. He is healthy and beautiful. He is her miracle. Without the pregnancy and instinctively advocating for her health and that of Bradley’s, the cancer may have gone unchecked and they both may not be here. I’m proud of her, not just because she survived cancer but the positive perspective she has gained. Her heart is so full of gratitude and humility from the compassion she was shown through out her journey. I’m also proud of the community that has shown her love and compassion. She is incredibly moved by all of it and is being shown a new direction and wants to help others with similar stories. Scans have shown this aggressive cancer did not spread, but we want to give her extra time before returning to work full time. She needs time to heal and recover from the whirlwind year but also to start a new chapter and journey with her baby. Please share her story with someone you may know who needs a little encouragement to keep fighting.  We have set her up with a GoFundMe (link in bio) in hopes she can get that extra needed time bonding with him. Please
5 random facts about me... well 4 facts and one lie. Can’t you guess which one isn’t true? . . . 1) I worked at an early morning radio show. 2) I have a degree in Communication Studies. 3) My husband and both sons all share a birthday week.  4) I live on a golf course but can’t golf. 5) I can dance 15+ styles of ballroom/Latin dancing. . . . So can you spot the lie? Find the answer in my stories!
Circa 2014 with @tionetrice It’s all moving too fast. But I am proud to say.... I’ve been paying attention. Championing for my son. Advocating for his narrative. And clearing all obstacles so he will have agency over his mind and body. This is only possible because he allows me to. Because Cassius was born capable of doing all of those things on his own. I’m so grateful to have this assignment in raising him while unapologetically rockin #vintage @chanelofficial combat boots. Cuz if I have to kick some arse, I might has well do it in #couture. #motherwarrior #dontcomeforme #protector #mothersandsons #thecuriouslifeofcassius
{it's hot out there}  So, it's been about 100° here and I am sweating to death. 🥵🥵 Please send help.  On a serious note, I want to talk about leaving kids in hot cars. A mom in a city nearby left her 3 kids in the car while she ran into the store just a few days ago.  I'm not here to pass judgement, I just want to urge you to come up with a system to ensure you never leave your kids in the car.  Obviously, no one thinks to themselves, "hey let's leave the kids in the hot car". But the fact that it does happen means it could happen to anyone.  Maybe you leave your keys with one of your kiddos so that you won't be able to lock the car with them in there. Or train yourself to always open your back door as soon as you get out - even when the kids aren't with you, just do a quick scan.  Other tips I've read: ✔️ Keep a stuffed animal in your passenger seat to remind you to check the back ✔️ Put something you'll need (keys, phone, wallet) under your child's seat ✔️ If you take your kid to daycare, ask them to call you if your child doesn't arrive. ✔️ If other people ever drive with your child, talk to them about taking precautions, as well.  Just FYI, it only takes a 57-degree outside temperature to cause heatstroke in a car. On an 80-degree day, temperatures inside a vehicle can reach deadly peaks in 10 minutes.  Let's make this summer the safest one yet. ❤️
LOVE at first sight, because I have loved her ever since I opened my eyes! #happybirthday Mama mia ❤🎂🎁👑 . . #felizcumpleaños #motherwarrior #birthdaygirl #motherdaughter #mum #myqueen #family #loveher #motherslife #strongwomen
She makes broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. 🙌❤🙏 Jeremiah 30:17 #motherwarrior 💪#mymom #strength #faith #🙏
Thank you @m.miznin for your  wonderful art from one of my favorite videos What It Is... in the OG days of @bep I am always humbled by how much we meant to so many people around the globe because my focus is on the work of parenting. But reminders like this... expressions of love through art remind me of my gifts and the platforms they’ve afforded me. I am always grateful. I am always pinching myself. And I am always Kim. Hill. #always #blackeyedpeasforluck #singer #songwriter #motherwarrior with @iamwill @taboo @apldeap @brianbeletic @fratantuno @mryoshiaki
You can’t argue with the truth💯 Thank you for speaking out, #senatorflowers🙏🏾 I fear for my son as well.  #senatorstephanieflowers #motherwarrior #woman #mother #speakeroftruth #guncontrol #politician #protector #travonmartin #speakingforblackchildren #dontshoot #blacklivesmatter #savelives #stopthehate #stoptheracism #speakup #blackmothersfearfortheirblacksons
Everyday I think I love this tiny human a little bit more. As hard as it is being a momma sometimes,it’s all worth it when we look at the magic we created , and we also need to remind ourselves - mothers are fucking magical too!!! #mommabear #rockinfitmomma #yoga #mothersarepowerful #motherwarrior #blessed #lennon #mygirl #minime #love #family #miniyogi #kidsofinstagram #yogisofinstagram #mylittlewarrior
How much do you speak this saying? I speak it to my kids and my husband all of the time. I even speak it to myself but I also catch myself in the comparison trap more often then I’d like. 2019 I’m fighting for different, I’m choosing joy and I’m intentionally cheering others on that I see are doing better then myself!!! Cheers to happiness babes😘
Friendly reminder the tee of the month is still only $18 until March 1st using code Hippie at checkout✨ Ps I have never felt so majestic in a picture before🤣 It’s definitely those mountains behind me! What’s one place you have been that just makes you feel so peaceful and grounded? Outdoor sporadic trips always do that for me!!
my favorite piece of clothing lately; not just because it’s perfect rainy day attire but because sometimes I need a reminder of who I truly am & not who my mind likes to make me feel that I am.  thank you @coveredhands for making this sweatshirt; in this season I feel like it’s very fitting for what I’m walking through & my constant reminder that I truly am a mother warrior.  p.s. to those of you that watched my stories earlier, I apologize for them being whack a doodle all day - I never realized that they uploaded like that; so if you care, feel free to rewatch. or if not that’s okay too. - - - #motherwarrior #honestmotherhood #mamalife #momlife #dontbelievethelies #iamenough #iambrave #iambruised #yaytumors #notreally #jesustakethewheel #motherhood #lifeiscrazy
So little and perfect✨
Since my old drummer @thundercat_music is quite busy these days, Cassius is making it clear he’s got me covered. #tourlife #drummers #rockstarkids #kimhill #hiphop #thecuriouslifeofcassius #motherwarrior
ALWAYS REMEMBER WHAT MATTERS MOST is your loved ones. The ones who have your back 100%. The ones who want nothing more than to spend time with you. Who believe in you. Who accept you. Who LOVE you!  This could be your family, your friends, your coworkers, ...your dog! It’s different for everyone.  It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and our dreams and our goals. I have lost myself many times in life reaching for too much, focusing on the wrong people, realizing what was happening and bringing myself back to center.  I am a photographer, a writer, a makeup artist, a Crossfit girl, a dreamer, and a lover of serving others, bringing people together, and a deep, meaningful conversation. These things bring me happiness and add fulfillment to my daily life and identity.  But most important of all the things that I am is a wife and mother. A daughter, a sister, a friend. The people in my life, MY PEOPLE, are what bring me the most joy. They are what I am most grateful for.  As we charge into Thanksgiving next week, let’s really focus on what matters. Who are you grateful for right now? Are you actively showing them you love them?  Aside from my family, I am grateful for the great friends who have lifted me up during the really hard times I’ve been through in my life (and yes I have been through some really rough, traumatizing stuff!). The ones who thought of me when I needed to feel thought of. Who forgave me for my shortcomings and mistakes. Who listened to me rant, stress, and cry when I needed to. Who believe in me, support me, and encourage me. I love you all so much . 📸: @rebekahsampsonphoto_portraits  #itsadaumgoodlife #thankful
Cassius turned 9 on 2.17 and life has been going non stop with so many blessings it’s been hard to keep up. BUT this moment of going from 9 years with a frohawk to the dope #gumby inspired by his love for @kingbobbybrown Made me stop. Drop. And Roll. Our boy knows who he is. He’s very clear and has a strong grasp on his black boy magic. I just stay out of his way and clear his path like mother wolf with blood on my teeth. May GOD keep and protect you sweet son. What a gift. #thecuriouslifeofcassius #motherwarrior #kimpossible #kim #mothersandsons hair by @lifeontheedgeofficial only rockin kicks by @nike
Today I’m feeling extremely grateful for how far this little brand has come that I wanted to share with you guys how each and every purchase you make directly helps me and my family. - I am able to pay my student loans every month - I am able to buy groceries for my family - I was able to buy Christmas presents this year for my kids and hubby - I am able to contribute to our savings for our down payment on a house - I am able to pay for the gas for my car - I am able to relieve some financial stress off of my husband - I am able to stay home and homeschool my kids - I am able to sign my kids up for sports and take them to and from practices + games  The list goes on and on so I want to once again say THANK YOU for supporting me and for being a part of this journey with me. You all are amazing😭❤️ Kids launch  happened yesterday...if you haven’t stopped by the website to check them out please do so! Each kids tee comes in sizes newborn through 6Y✨plus code: Launchday is still good through the weekend!!
do big things⚡️⚡️⚡️New design that pairs with our new black Do Hard Things for mama’s⚡️⚡️⚡️Launch Day has been so fun and exciting thus far!!
Having 5 kids I tend to beat myself up a lot worrying at the end of the day if I’ve given them the best version of myself. With twins our new life has been VERY chaotic. I came across @coveredhands page and I LOVED their tee’s and sweatshirt.  I am a mother warrior taking it a day at a time! #momof5 #4boys #1girl #deafdaughter #twins #motherwarrior #ibarratwins  #twinmom #teamnosleep #longbeach #kindwords #breastfeedingtwins #love #asl #family
Last sneak peek before tomorrow’s kids launch and I promise you will want to be there! I will be closing the website tonight to prepare and then I will reopen it tomorrow morning at 9am so set your alarms now, turn your notifications on and let’s get ready to parrrrtayyyy⚡️⚡️⚡️If you haven’t joined the Coveredhands VIP group on Facebook go do so now...there will be a code given tonight in there ONLY!! Eeekkkk!!!
Today and everyday’s mantra🌻✨All smiles today bb’s❤️
Fun fact I have scoliosis so when wearing shirts they never really read straight as one of my shoulders sits higher then the other🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ - - We all have something different and what I want to do is share them and highlight them! We are all beautiful in our own unique way!!!! What’s one thing that’s different about you? Share it and encourage others along the way🌻🌈✨#kindness #encouragement #love
✨🌻🐝💫30% off store wide is going on through today! I won’t be having another sale for a while so take advantage of this long weekend using code: weekender at checkout! Tons of restocks just happened and you can use the discount on the new tee’s🙌🏻 Tap the pic to go directly to the website! 📷: @theradiantoils_
⚡️💫⚡️Flash Sale⚡️💫⚡️ Whole website is 30% off now through tomorrow using code: weekender - - Cheers to warmer weather ahead🌻🌈❤️
This week we were busy doulas, between multiple consults and a handful of births. Two particular births stood out during this reflection. The first being an induction for a serious medical condition, this mother went through ups and downs and pushed through like a warrior. The second was an equally determined mother who studied & practiced her hypnobirthing to prepare for an at home water birth. These two experiences are so very different, yet they have so many similarities as well.  As doulas we are fond of reminding parents that each birth is different, one experience does not necessarily mean your next birth will be the same. But in these journeys there is always a strength that is incredible. The strength to venture through a threshold into the unknown, to dig deep and find all of your strength, to make decisions not just for yourself but for your baby as well. As doulas we get to witness your most vulnerable moments and your most powerful moments all within a few hours.  On reflection the yin and yang of the Universe once again pops up to prove to us that even though two experiences can be so widely varied they are both equally valued, and equally important. ALL birth matters. The experiences of ALL birthing mothers matter!  The incredible artwork by @chloe_trayhurn_art 🙏💜 #empoweredbirth #waterbirth #birthmatters #motherwarrior #therealwonderwoman #womensupportingwomen #njdoulas #wisebirthchoices
SHOUT OUT of absolute love and appreciation to our mama village pulling together. Thank you @giacablayan for scrambling together all of these beautiful clothes for this little baby boy and his brother. 👶🏽🙌🏽💙🙌🏽👶🏽 #motherwarrior #tribe #alllove #skidrow #losangeles #anythingforthechildren #ifweaintgotit #wewillgetit #hustleandflow #brownbaglady
Two neutral beauties just went live in the shop! I know there are several of you that were waiting for these! Tell me tell me tell me which one your grabbing⚡️They are here babes and I know you are going to rock them🌻🌈✨Happy Friday loves!! Click the pic to grab one now❤️
Those spring fav’s coming atcha💫🌈🌻✨This is secretly me hoping for warmer weather in my near future🙌🏻
Saturday morning coffee. . . . . If you know me then you are aware that foxes are my jam & so are coffee mugs. Thanks husband for always nailing it in the gift department 👊🏼👍🏼
14K you guyssssss!!!!❤️💫🌈✨🌻🥰 I had shared about a month ago that I almost felt like I was at a stand still. That I wanted to be very open about my business and it’s ups, downs and in betweens. Well here I am celebrating with my girlfriends another victory, another goal, another milestone! I kept going!!! THANK YOU all for sticking around and supporting me. If you haven’t viewed my stories then here is the great news for you....buy one tee get a surprise tee thrown in your order free from me! 24 hours.....GO😘 www.Coveredhands.co or click on the pic✨