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We would actually be in the relegation zone if it wasn’t for this man this season. We have conceded 82 shots in three games against Watford, Southampton and Brighton. In the same games we have had just 31 shots ourselves. #afc
• The best goals of Ex Arsenal players pt.11 😐
Alright, here’s my thoughts on what is happening at Arsenal at the moment... We replaced Arsene Wenger after him being here for 22 years, replacing him was never going to be easy. I get that. We saw what happened to United after Fergie left, who are still struggling just as much as us 6 years on. However saying that, some of the decisions the people at the top have made in the last 2 years are baffling to say the least. I respect Unai Emery for his commitment and dedication to the club, but honestly he was never the right man for Arsenal and never should have been given the job. Now, because of that appointment and many other baffling decisions, this club is in free fall and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. We have a squad that is capable of so much better than what we’re currently seeing, we just need a manager that is capable of getting the best out of them. The team I would play: Leno, Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Tierney, Torreira, Xhaka, Ozil, Pepe, Martinelli, Aubameyang. Play players in the right position, get the transition sorted, get the balance right and we will start winning games, but we need the right manager in first for all of this to happen. You could argue Lacazette should be in there, but again to get that balance between attack and defence right, you can’t have Aubameyang and Lacazette both starting, in my opinion. The question is who’s the right man to get the best out of this team? The board have to get this appointment right, otherwise we might never see Arsenal back at the top again. For the board, I haven’t mentioned them for the simple reason that there’s no changing the men at the top. We’re stuck with the Kroenke’s whether we like it or not. Now it’s up to them to get this next managerial appointment right otherwise the Arsenal that we all want back could never return. #afc
• Bernd Leno’s amazing save yesterday 🤯 Most underrated goalkeeper in PL ? 🤔
Gabriel Martinelli has to be close to starting in the PL. If he isn’t, he should be. Always looks like making something happen when he comes on. Lacazette was well below par again yesterday. It would take a big call to drop him in favour of a teenager, but the way things are going right now Martinelli deserves a chance in my opinion. Plus, playing Aubameyang through the middle is where he’s at his best. #afc
Francis Coquelin - one of the most under appreciated players that has ever played for Arsenal. He was half the reason Santi Cazorla was so good. Them two in the middle against Man City away... If you remember!
• The last time we met Brighton, they upset us and did not allow us to enter the Champions League 😴 What predictions for tomorrow? 🤔 The first victory for Freddie ? 🙌🏼
Lacazette’s reaction to Sokratis’ disallowed goal on Sunday. One man who actually understands what it means to play for this club. @lacazettealex!❤️👊🏼 #afc
It’s time to let him shine, just give him a chance. Thursday night under the lights at the Emirates, it’s the Nicolas Pepe show.  Unleash him Freddie... #afc
Only three teams with 19 points after 15 games have ever been relegated in a 38-game Premier League season. We should be ok. #afc
Pochettino on @m10_official 🔥
‪This is why Lucas Torreira should be playing in midfield, in front of the defence. It seems like the only person that doesn’t see it that way is the one person that matters, Unai Emery.‬ #afc
Training done, we’re ready. Call me mad but I just have a weird feeling we’re going to turn up tomorrow. Don’t ask me why, but it would be such an Arsenal thing to do, if we get a result tomorrow against Leicester after our recent abysmal performances. How you feeling for tomorrow’s game? Comment below... afc
Alex with the Junior Gunner mascot Billy at the Arsenal vs Norwich game. 🤫 to the haters. Don’t assume something off a 6 second video. Support our players. ❤️
• This is why Mesut Özil is a genius 🤲🏻
There is no progress, the performances aren’t good enough and Emery’s time at Arsenal is up. Agree? #afc Photo credit: @afc.talk🔥
Freddie Ljungberg on changing the atmosphere at Emirates: "At the Emirates, fans want us to play good football and that’s the only way to get them (the fans) going.” We’re all right behind Freddie!🔴⚪️ #afc
Positive vibes in training. 🤩👑
Alexis Sanchez was a monster at Arsenal!🔥 Do you miss him Gooners...? #afc
• The best goals of Ex Arsenal players pt.4 😅
• The best goals of Ex Arsenal players pt.10 😌
Granit Xhaka could quite easily sit on the sidelines, run his contract down & eventually leave. Instead, it seems he’s ready to fight for the shirt again and attempt to rebuild a relationship with the Arsenal fans. This deserves a lot of respect in my opinion. It would take a lot of guts to face the fans again. Need to support him. #afc
I just want to see these two play together consistently. #afc
❗️LIKE THIS POST IF YOU’RE EMERY OUT❗️ Times up, enough is enough. Unai Emery is simply out of his depth at Arsenal and it’s time to go. #afc
I understood why fans got on to Emery because quite frankly he wasn’t very good & had no relationship with the fans. But to see people laying in to Freddie after just one game is disappointing to say the least. He’s had one game & one training session to try and implement his ideas, he needs time. It’s not miraculously going to get better overnight. Stay positive Arsenal fans.
• Eddie’s winner against Norwich in Carabao Cup 17/18 😌 Predictions for today ? 🤔
• Will we see magic from Mesut today ? ⛅️
• The best goals of Ex Arsenal players pt.7 🤔
Arsenal academy manager Per Mertesacker will be supporting interim head coach Freddie Ljungberg in the short-term and will be in the dugout at Carrow Road tomorrow. The BFG is back & so is the Arsenal DNA! #afc