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Empty* I love bleach tablets. Saves a lot of single use plastic. Use as they are or you can make up a thin bleach. 40 in a bottle so very cost effective too. I prefer the Waitrose ones, purely because they dissolve the quickest in cold water. All bleach tablets can be used in hot or cold water. Usually around £2 a pot. I wouldn't & couldn't be without them 😍 #deepclean #germsbegone #sainsburys #bleachtablets #reduceplasticwaste #nomoregerms #notanad #notsponsored #justmyhumbleopinion #bleachallthethings  #bleachbath  #bleachtablets  #cleaningtips  #cleaningmotivation #cleaningcommunity #cleaningaccount #cleanhomehappyhome #cleanhome  #scruballthethings #cleanallthethings #cleaningtherapy #cleaningtips #cleaning #cleaninghacks #cleanhousecleanmind #cleanhousehappyhouse #lovecleaning 🤛🏻
Materials: they are resources which may or may not have a function. Stop over valuing them. Value your materials for their function. You are not your belongings. Your belongings are yours. Stop overvaluing the most of what you have. One never knows when that most can become a part of your past. Only existing as a ghost of something that was.  Objects are there to help make your life easier, more functional and more enjoyable. Regardless, life can be the same or maybe even better with or without them. The only way to find out is by assessing their value to you, for you, by you; to better understand why you believe it is of value.  A lot of what I have observed has led me to believe we value the most invaluable; yet give ourselves the slightest of value.  We take better care of our clothes, our watches, our shoes, our cars, our image; more than the image we have of ourselves. That (false) image we may portray is what we desire people to see; instead of showing our true selves for what we are and what we desire. We are not what we portray. We portray our desires, preferences and beliefs. Those are but a snapshot of our essence.  Stop valuing earthly things, value you, and your aspirations for what you can create, give and leave behind (non-material). All of those material things will be left behind in the end, what value will those material things be to your family and loved ones when you are no longer around? Virtually none without you.  Take care, love, and respect yourself above all. Then pass on that care, love and respect to those you believe deserve it most. Do the most with what you have (internal potential) to become the most of what you are.  #justmyhumbleopinion #whatsyouropinion #growinterallyrich #grow #develop #materials #possessions #beliefs
“Firme como la montaña” Be a tour guide not the motor running the excursion of your mind. The motor unnecessarily ‘explains’ and overexerts energy. The motor and the guide are both on the same trip. One arrives drained and in need of maintenance and fuel. While the other leaps off eager for more. When one explains, one is explaining something ‘to’ someone. You are giving something to them other than your knowledge. Your energy. The motor moves at the speed that is demanded of it. Whatever they don’t understand you must try to explain. When one ‘guides’ someone, they are all on the same boat experiencing the same moment. Guide someone through your experience or perspective; instead of explaining it to them. Don’t give your energy away, experience it with them and let that energy flow through you (both). Growing up as a Chicano I found it difficult explaining myself, my circumstances and my beliefs in both English and Spanish. Now as a 26 year old adult, I see I have been living well but not as well as I could be. I was tired of explaining myself: to my family, my friends and loved ones. It can be draining on the mind, body and spirit to feel misunderstood. Through mentorship and guidance, I came to understand we must first “Observe, Describe (internally), then Participate.” One naturally observes, one must stay there, and must not react. Stay observant until you can (internally) describe what is occurring. Participate/respond accordingly. When one explains, he is initially reacting instead of responding. In order to be more efficient, effective, and impactful one must read. Read the environment, the scene, the room, the people, body languages, and listen to what others are saying and feeling.  All of this is easier said than done. I still struggle with a lot of these issues but am more aware. That’s what matters! Practice makes perfect. Theory is always easier than application. But through your own application, you will experience your
T R U S T  Y O U R  J O U R N E Y 💚  Trusting the universe in every sign its shown me this week & have felt a huge shift in energy... Feeling huge amounts of gratitude of how intensely my life has changed positively in such a short space of time.  When people or situations reveal their true colours, ignoring them probably won’t do you any favours in the long run. Except situations for what they are & trust that what will be, will be.  Be brave enough to spread your wings, stay true to yourself & never get too big for your boots. If something isn’t really your vibe, trying to force it, just to please others, will only creative negative headspace.  Ain’t nobody got time for that... ✌🏼 #justmyhumbleopinion #newmoonfuckingshitup #energy #vibrations #loa #trustyourjourney #theuniversehasyourback #knowyourworth #learntosayno #stayhumble #alwaysthestudent #personaltrainer #stottpilatesinstructor #movementismedicine #trustyourinstincts #turnup #sorrynotsorry #mentalhealthmatter #loveyourselfmore #health #fitness #wellbeing #trainyourmind
💯‼️Being independent is one of the things I’m proudest of. 🙏🏼 To not have to rely on anyone else, or ask a man for help or money should be a must ladies.  To control your own life, to come and go and do whatever you please is freeing! 🙌🏽. Of course it’s nice to have a partner and to have someone buy you nice things or do nice things for you, but it should be by THEIR  choice and not by you asking.👌🏽. Be strong. 👊🏾 And it’s so nice to be able to do things for your man too!!! Be proud. Be independent. Be successful. 👸🏽 This is certainly not to say your man is off the hook, ☝🏽if you don’t have a kind, loving, giving man....that should be an issue.  But imagine if BOTH of you are paid!! 🤑. The life you could have together!!! #justmyhumbleopinion #grateful #gratitude #independentwoman #strongertogether #mymamaraisedmeright #educateyourself #bosslady #slay #yougogirl #live #travel #love #powercouple #workhardplayhard #pride #dontbeathot #getagoodjob #getagoodman #beyonce #beproud #myopinion #waitforagoodone
Came across this last night🤔 Although I agree with the sentiment within the message,I have one question for whoever wrote this "Why would you feel the need to include the words NOT AS PRETTY" Surely parents may  teach  their kids to see what lies beneath a face!!!Or am  I just being silly!?! ✌🧡💙🧡 @christiegoodwin @annemarie @staceysolomon @kategarraway  #seethebeautyineverychild #bekind #justmyhumbleopinion #iworkwithkids #teachthemwell #usewordscarefully #correctmeifimwrong #justannoyedme
I graduated from PT today 🥳 I still have to do my exercises, but after five months of very dedicated effort, I’ve made a lot of progress with this pesky shoulder impingement.  In the process, i’ve become kinda obsessed with learning about shoulder and thoracic anatomy and mobility and have a waaayy better understanding of how to use my body.  I’ve got a bunch of brand new tricks for my students too 😉  My belief that sitting hunched in front of a screen all day hasn’t changed 👩‍💻. I’m still certain that shit is against nature 👎👎. Yoga helps a lot with that, but sitting too much is the 👹👹👹 Real talk.  #justmyhumbleopinion #situpstraight #donthunch
F..k it... I got the cutest cat in the world!!! #justmyhumbleopinion
Как там пишут блогеры? "В черно-белом правда"  Не согласна. Правда - это реальное отображение мира, если мы видим его цветным, значит, истина в красках... #justmyhumbleopinion
Totally not worth the 17€ to get into the village. But totally worth the bus ride and short hike for this view.  #justmyhumbleopinion #throwbacktolastsummer #malta #popeyevillage #landscapephotography #travelphotography
Who else over complicates all the things? I know I can’t be the only one!  The best way to make a decision, take action and follow through - based on my own experience with indecisiveness is to cut out all the clutter and outside influences. I find that when I start going to other people to hear their opinions or advice or look to media to see what everyone else is doing, I become more overwhelmed and that leads to never making a decision.  Usually if you have an idea or  something you want to do or try, there is an underlying reason why you want to do that thing so why not just listen to yourself? You are smart and know what is best for you deep down, so trust in that and make a plan and then do the plan. Some practical advice if you are anything like me:  1) journal about it- because again if you are like me, you need an excuse to buy another notebook  2) do a social media detox - I know, I must be crazy but this is super refreshing. You don’t have to delete all your accounts or not use it for a month but maybe try a weekend or a week and delete the apps from your phone or it could be with just starting by turning off your notifications. I have turned off my notifications and didn’t use Instagram it Facebook for a full seven days and it was just as refreshing as it sounds 3) if you must talk to someone - choose carefully who you talk to and set the expectations of the conversation that you are not looking for feedback or advice, you are just looking to get it off your chest but this should be a last ditch effort  Hope this helps #justmyhumbleopinion #speakingfromexperience #weareallinthistogether #shitgetsreal
My PEOPLE let me remind you that then "reparations" argument has been addressed vehemently in the past by some our most powerful and prominent attorneys. This happened right at the climax of contraversy in the OJ trial. He openly admitted that he would use his victory and new found success with the acquittal of OJ to usher in his case against the United States for reparations and that he and his team of super lawyers had traced back just about all the nation's corporate slave earnings as far back as the 1700s..it was in the trillions obviously. Funny how now his efforts are used as a "trigger" phrase and political agenda bait to make our people believe that would ever be allowed by the very same.people we are subjects under their power. What we need is full decontamination and our own body politic with those funds going directly to fund our new economy. #wisdomscorner #justmyhumbleopinion
First time using this Ecover bathroom spray. Picked this up in Waitrose for £2.30. Bottle is made from recycled plastic. Leaping Bunny certified (of course) naturally derived from plants. Good strong trigger/spray. Really foamy. Not to keen on the smell though. I don't know what it is meant to be but I don't like it. Much prefer a fresher smelling. I would buy again though 7/10 #notanad #justmyhumbleopinion #ecover #bathroomcleaner  #plantpowered #naturalcleaning #ecofriendly  #bathroomcleaning #toiletcleaning #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks  #organisation #organisedhome #minimalist #minimalism #minimalisthome #scruballthethings #cleanallthethings #cleaningtherapy #cleaningtips #cleaning #cleaninghacks #cleanhousecleanmind #cleanhousehappyhouse #lovecleaning 🤛🏻
One of my all time favourite products has to be this one. I use every day (more or less) for the tiles in our shower/bathroom. You can spray & leave (how fab!) or clean/buff (which is what I do) Lovely clean, shiny tiles with no water marks whatsoever. I also use on glass sometimes, taps & even my kitchen tiles. 1 bottle lasts ages & at £1? What could be better? Of course being @astonishcleaners is it vegan & leaping bunny certified 😍 #notanad #justmyhumbleopinion  #bathroomcleaner  #bathroomclean #shinytiles  #bathroom #chemicalfree  #cleaning #vegan #crueltyfree #astonish #dailyshowershine #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks  #organisation #organisedhome #minimalist #minimalism #minimalisthome #scruballthethings #cleanallthethings #cleaningtherapy #cleaningtips #cleaning #cleaninghacks #cleanhousecleanmind #cleanhousehappyhouse #lovecleaning 🤛🏻