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I get asked all the time what are the best educational apps for the iPad. Short answer: depends on how you use them. You might think an app is completely just for play, but I bet I could add a key learning area to it. But that takes time and expertise and something that is important for your child’s teacher to do. So whilst I am providing a list and have linked them to key learning areas, remember with learning, you want children to be able to create, problem-solve, multi-task, and have an opportunity to work on their strengths and weaknesses.⁣ ⁣ My go-to educational apps is now live on the blog with a free downloadable.⁣ ⁣ When I was teaching I loved technology as a form of engagement and to assess and enhance learning. All my students had their own digital portfolios and websites. I created all programs incorporating technology effectively. I then created training for educators and demonstrated how to implement it into the classroom.⁣ ⁣ Kids are the digital native, their brains are wired differently as they have been exposed to technology a lot earlier then their parents have been. They think differently and comprehend differently too. Most understand technology better than most adults. Not only has technology helped them learn better, be more engaged, provided more accessibility but also teaches problem-solving and multi-tasking skills.⁣ ⁣ My top 5 reasons WHY technology is imperative learning: ⁣ ⁣ ▫︎ ENGAGEMENT⁣ ⁣ ▫︎PERSONALISED LEARNING⁣ ⁣ ▫︎WITH TECHNOLOGY, THERE ARE NO LIMITATIONS ⁣ ⁣ ▫︎CREATIVE FLOW⁣ ⁣ ▫︎STRONGER TEACHER/STUDENT / PARENT/CHILD RELATIONSHIPS⁣ ⁣ If you want to find out more, head to my blog and have a read of “my go-to educational apps”. You can click the link in my bio for your FREE downloadable app sheet which has been categorized into key learning areas.⁣ ⁣ Share this post so other parents can utilise this free resource. ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #hunterarchieevie #educationalapps
Last chance to enter, head over to @mfbpromotions and see original post for how to enter.
Newborn Goodness. Sleep to Play 👼🏼 . . @dustydaisywears_ Soleil Romper & our Atlas gown & beanie bundle.
ПРО РОДЫ💝 ВЫ часто спрашиваете про роды! Все роды были естественным путём, без каких либо анестезий. ✅Самые длительные были первые, как и у всех наверное☺ Ризатик родился в ночь со 2 на 3 февраля, хорошо помню как мы с Ринатом слушали «джаз», местами даже танцевали, и акушер гинеколог помню сказала: - «как у вас все тихо, спокойно и красиво» Эти слова сопровождали меня при всех родах и добавляли мне уверенности в себе и в том что я могу больше, ведь родить это только первый шаг в воспитание деток 🤗  Лайфхаки от меня 🤗: ✅правильное дыхание, основной момент, при родах ✅при схватках помогает ползание на четвереньках, и покачивание таза ✅спокойствие и ещё раз спокойствие ✅если хотите родить быстрее, нужно не лежать, а потихоньку ходить, конечно если вы не измотаны схватками ✅Ринат был на всех родах со мной, и это очень большой стимул и радость когда твой любимый рядом с тобой и полностью поддерживает и оберегает тебя, именно тогда когда тебе это больше всего необходимо  ЗАПОМНИТЕ при родах ваш малыш преодолевает не менее сложный путь и только вы можете его облегчить, слушая при этом
A sleeping baby equals a happy mama!⁣ ⁣ We recently moved Jack from the carrycot part of his pushchair into the main pushchair as he’s simply too long ( he’s also super nosey and constantly checking that he’s not missing out 😂) ⁣ ⁣ Our Ocarro new moon is perfect as we can lay it flat for a nap or tilt him up slightly to have a look around whilst keeping snug with the footmuff on! ⁣
I cant believe how fast Jude is growing! 2 weeks ago this bunny suit from @purebornofficial was so big on him and now he is long enough for it and fills it out pretty well 😭 he is super comfy it was hard to wake him up once he was napping! Just in time for halloween too hehe so cute I love these floppy ears 🐰 #gifted
Recent work for @little_beacon
Best Of Friends ☀️💛 . . . #instakid#momtog#momtogs#letthekids#instamom#pixel_kids#runwildmychild#myhonestmotherhood#motherhoodthroughig#wildandfreechildren#readtoyourkids#mumsofinstagram#mumlife#momlife#motherhoodlens#momcommunity#momentsinmotherhood#watchthemgrow#momlifeisthebestlife#moments_of_mom#justmomlife#messy_motherhood#featuremama#memoirsofmotherhood#clubmomme#slowmotherhood#lovingtheordinarymoments#magicofmotherhood#inspiremothers#instamommy
Warm weather means walks in the gardens with mumma and sissy! ☀️ . . #instakid#momtog#momtogs#letthekids#instamom#pixel_kids#runwildmychild#myhonestmotherhood#motherhoodthroughig#wildandfreechildren#readtoyourkids#mumsofinstagram#mumlife#momlife#motherhoodlens#momcommunity#momentsinmotherhood#watchthemgrow#momlifeisthebestlife#moments_of_mom#justmomlife#messy_motherhood#featuremama#memoirsofmotherhood#clubmomme#slowmotherhood#lovingtheordinarymoments#magicofmotherhood#inspiremothers#instamommy
Finally some beautiful weather ☀️ . . . #instakid#momtog#momtogs#letthekids#instamom#pixel_kids#runwildmychild#myhonestmotherhood#motherhoodthroughig#wildandfreechildren#readtoyourkids#mumsofinstagram#mumlife#momlife#motherhoodlens#momcommunity#momentsinmotherhood#watchthemgrow#momlifeisthebestlife#moments_of_mom#justmomlife#messy_motherhood#featuremama#memoirsofmotherhood#clubmomme#slowmotherhood#lovingtheordinarymoments#magicofmotherhood#inspiremothers#instamommy
Current situation:hiding from my kids💛 One is in her room supposedly doing school work on the computer (likely on you tube🙄) and the other two are supposedly washing dishes and cleaning up from dinner (likely a splash pad in our kitchen😱). Can you guess which kid is doing what? And please tell me I’m not the only one that escapes for a mental break once in a while! #mellowyellow #notreally #mellowish
I always try to me as honest + transparent as possible, especially when it’s so easy to just post a highlight reel of your life. So here goes: I seriously feel like such a failure right now. We have an important funeral to go to tonight, so we drop Noah off at Tommy’s parent’s house. Once we get there I start making his bottle and suddenly realize that I have everything except this bottle parts... aka I have JUST HIS BOTTLE + milk. No nipple. No collar. Nothing. So I panic. We tried to feed him via straw. Didn’t work. We tried using a cup and he started CHOKING. I’m so wrecked with guilt at this point but try to hide it because Noah’s already crying and fucking coughing up milk. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I end up having to go to a room in the back and nurse him because I’m wearing a high collared dress. Also, we’re late to the funeral. I just feel dumb and embarrassed but I guess the most important thing is that he’s fed. Bleh. So that’s that.
Is #mcm still a thing? If so, these 3 🥰
One month old! 🥳 It’s true what they say, it goes so fast. I remember being pregnant and just wanting to hurry up and get this baby out. It felt like I was going to be pregnant forever. Then all of a sudden, she’s here, and now she’s a month old. I have a theory tho. It goes fast because during pregnancy it’s just you and your “normal” routine. Then when you have your baby, your “normal” routine is garbage and you’re just trying to keep this human alive and figure out what the heck to do with her every minute of the day. It hasn’t been easy but those little fingers and toes and the way she snuggles into you, I’ll hold on to that forever. 🥰 I think Presley would agree with that too.
Hot tips for today: 1: You’ve heard this one before but I’ve finally got it into my pre-frontal cortex & it’s 💯% true - doing SOMETHING is better than nothing. EVEN THOUGH •something• is not as good as doing •everything• or doing it perfectly. E.g: 1 push-up is better than zero. (I don’t do push-ups (ew) but you get the idea.) Doing some work is better than NO work. Etc. ⠀ 2. Divorce can be a self esteem destroyer. BUT a history of terrible relationships doesn’t actually mean you suck at relationships. For me, it’s been because I just really sucked at knowing my worth. Because the thing is people say ‘oh well next time you’ll know better.’ Really? Because I made the same BIG FAT MISTAKE TWICE. Why? Because my worth-o-meter was friggin’ broken. GET THAT THING FIXED or it won’t matter how much experience you have to “know better” you’ll stay on a bad relationship hamster wheel of hell. Too harsh? ⠀ 3. It’s ok to love premium, high-end design & yet also enjoy wearing Yoshi slippers. Or bunny slippers. Or unicorns. You are free, babe. Wear the slippers. The more ridiculous the better. And then send me pics. ⠀ 👏🏻💕
Because even skeleton kitties need safe body wash ❤️💛💙 I’m stoked I’m raising an ingredient conscious kid 😆
After a failed trip to DMV, a trip to Sam’s Club, steam cleaning the floors, 2 workouts, a hair wash, tutoring and soccer.. there was 15 minutes to cook dinner. Cajun seasoned tilapia 4 minutes each side... dump the contents of frozen cauli rice and frozen broccli bags into a skillet and season... on the fly garlic, mustard, cheese, cream sauce lol #motherhoodintheraw #mamasgotthis #momcommunity #inspiremothers #motherhoodinspired #mombod #stopdropandmom #honestlymothering #unitedinmotherhood #fatigue #momentsinmotherhood #womeninuniform #messy_motherhood #motherhoodrising #momlifestyle #invisibleillness #instamommy #veteran #motherhoodsimplified #mytinytribe #instamom #myhonestmotherhood #fitmom #honestlyparents #noexcuses #mommalife #balance #fiteating #fitnessjourney #prednisone
Little man has officially grown out of his baby bath hes so long 😫 is it crazy that this made me cry? Hes growing so fast its making me cry 😅
💕Christmas Dove Packs have EVERYTHING you need to balance Faith and Fun during the holiday season!💕 ✅Christmas Act of Kindness for each day leading up to Christmas ✅Dove that helps engage your kids in seeing the vulnerable in your community ✅Parent Guide and Supply List for maximizing the acts of kindness projects ✅Devotional tying each Act of Kindness back to our need for Jesus  christmas-dove.com
Abbie girl had so much fun cheering on her big cousin today ⚽️ 🥅 #abbieanne
Cant handle this cuteness!
My love ♡
I’ve been trying really hard to hand over the camera more and ASK for photos. Because no one is going to ask me. And I want to be IN the photo every now and then. The trick is letting go of any expectations and looking past the imperfections. I don’t care that it’s not in focus or that my hair is a mess. It’s me and her smiling, enjoying each other’s company. A moment I wanted to remember so I gave my camera to my 12 year old. The only direction is gave her was to keep the sun behind us because the light was pretty. ❤️ Sometimes we have to ask for the things we want mamas. And while that seems so basic and simple, it can be really hard sometimes. Do it anyway!