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Dedicate this to your loving parents.♥️ Our parents took care of us when we couldn’t take care of ourselves. Showing them love and respect is showing love and respect to ourselves. Because without our loving parents we would have never even existed. Never forget the sacrifices they made for us so that we could have the best life possible.
Dedicate this to the person you want to make happy in your life.♥️ When we truly love someone, their happiness becomes our happiness. Because true love is unselfish love, where we don’t just think about our own needs, but we think about the needs of the ones we love. The happiest relationships are where both people are desirous to please each other and make each other happy.
Surround yourself with people who love you for you.♥️ Remember to a great extent we control our environment. In order to have a healthy love for ourselves we need to surround ourselves with people who truly love us and value us for who we are. We also need to protect ourselves by removing or deleting any negative influence from our lives that can rob us of our peace and self worth.
Dedicate this to the love of your life.♥️ Who makes you feel like home sweet home. Sometimes we meet a person in our life that the moment we hold their hand and kiss their lips it feels like home. It's a unique special feeling, a feeling of completeness, a feeling of content, peace and deep love. Always be loyal to the person who makes you feel like home sweet home, because you may never find another home like the one you love now. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To learn more about love and relationships listen to my Talk Show Episode 6 Falling In Love And Staying In Love where I go into more detail on how to have a happy lasting relationship. The love link is on my page.
A lot of you are replaying scenarios of what has happened lately at gatherings with friends + family. You have been doing the work + may feel that you have failed yourself or your children when put on the spot. I want to remind you that this work isn’t about passing or failing. It’s a practice. It’s a journey of valleys + peaks.  _____ Every opportunity is a chance at expansion. You are learning, growing, and becoming more aware of what you need + what you will no longer allow. Putting those feelings into words out into the world for the first time takes a lot of courage. Doing so without anger or extremes or expectations takes a lot of patience + practice.  _____ Today, I want you to know that you aren’t a failure. You are in it and are so much further along then the old you. It’s about progress, not perfection.  _____ You can’t go back and say what you wish you would have in that moment. But you can choose to forgive yourself + look ahead instead. You have come a long way... beating yourself up right now won’t do anything but derail your focus + steal the joy of this moment.  _____ You will always get another chance. Life works that way. It’s very cyclical. Take what you have learned and apply it next time. Not from a state of defense. But from a place of awareness, humility + humanness. As always, I am rooting for you. ♥️ _____ Can you share with me how you are doing? I’d love to hear from you 👇🏼 _____ #forgive #practice #humility #grace #holidays #family #boundaries
Me: I'm pretty humble.  St. Faustina: A humble soul does not trust itself, but places all its confidence in God.  Me: Oh. 😳 Pray for me. • • • • • #trustingod #trustexercise #humility #humble #stfaustina #saintfaustina #catholic #catholicchurch #catholicism #catolico #romancatholic #christian #catholics #christianity #rosary #saint #catholicfaith #maria #mary #saints #jesus #christ #romancatholicchurch #church #jmj #eucharist #totustuus #prolife
Within us exists a Light that is so bright. The soul. Let’s realise that light in this life. How? By Meditating on Vaheguru (God). Listening to Katha (divine discourse). Let’s listen to Katha everyday. Check out our YouTube channel, Basics of Sikhi The channel has changed many lives through spreading Katha of the Divine. Arm yourself with knowledge and let’s take time to learn about who we truly are inside. 😊  #japjisahib #katha #within #innerpeace #divine #discourse #armyourselfwithknowledge #learn #gurunanak550 #550years #pathoflove #humility #meditation #satnam #vaheguru #sikhi #mantra #sikh #oneness #growth #positiveenergy  @amandeep_singh_east_london -- Support us: www.basicsofsikhi.com/donate Contact us: www.basicsofsikhi.com/contact-us
Take control of your life by the choices you make.♥️ Each second, each minute, each hour and each day we are given the opportunity to make the right choices in our life. Choices that can lead us closer to the life we want and deserve. No one can make these choices for us. We must make them ourselves and decide what kind of life we want and then do everything in our power to attain it.
My second revelation at the Date with Destiny.  Tony comes from the heart, that’s how he gets people to be authentic around him. He talks through love and opens hearts of others. That’s how he makes it. That’s how there is no shame, judgment or failure. Because the deepest pains of human beings aren’t judged nor ashamed, they are what makes us a human and Tony goes right into the core of who you are and shifts pain into love by being real with you. He cries with you, he laughs with you, he shows you there are also tears of joy. Tony Robbins is the most vulnerable person I’ve ever seen. He truly changes lives. You become your truth and that is how he raises consciousness, perhaps consciousness is in the heart.  Answer this question 3 times whenever you’re in pain.  My soul knows that...? My soul knows that...? My soul knows that...? These are mine:  My soul knows I am enough. My soul knows how to love. My soul knows the way.  The courage to be real is so freaking worth it.  The first I’ll share later. . . . . . #authenticity #bebolder #alwaysfindaway #vulnerability #love #connection #weareallconnected #soul #destiny #heart #loveheart #tony #robbins #kindness #compassion #humility #believeinlove #loveeachother #hugs #datewithdestiny #tonyrobbins #beyou #itsintheheart
It's important to take the initiative in our life.♥️ Meaning if we see something that needs to be done then we should do it. The most successful people in the world are self  starters and self motivators. Find something in life that you are passionate about and let that motivate you and jumpstart you everyday.
We are in control of our own minds and our own hearts.♥️ If someone is unkind to us, we do not have to be unkind back. If someone says something rude to us, we don't have to be rude back. Do not give someone power over you. Do not change the loving person you are because someone is not loving to you.
Dedicate this to the fire and desire in your life.♥️ When you’re with the right person the flames of love never die out. It’s the passion, the communication, the sacrifices, the loyalty that keeps love burning brighter over time.
Dedicate this to the person you want to create lasting love with.♥️ If you have to convince someone to love you then they are not the right one for you. Never give your heart, your mind or your body to someone just because you love them, give it to them only if they love you the same way too. Because when you're with the right person you will never have to convince them to stay with you or to love you.
The whole universe is in your head, between your ears – the most valuable six inches of your universe.  So when things go right or go wrong, look between your ears, look self-reflectively, and listen when you continually hear the same response from others, see the same things, feel the same way, or think the same thoughts.  It’s much easier to point the finger at everything else for WHY things did/didn’t happen, it takes much more #humility and #accountability to look within and ask “what did I do to attract this to myself and what am I supposed to learn?”
Pride is concerned with Who is right. Humility is concerned with What is right. #humility #humble #lifestyle #lbloggers #indianblogger #instagramindia #tiktokindia #tiktokers #tiktokgirls #whpcommunity #grungeaesthetics
“Like” your favorite quotes and follow this page. #wordsofaprophet #lds #comeuntochrist #churchofjesuschrist #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #laiglesiadejesucristodelossantosdelosultimosdias #latterdaysaints #sharegoodness #ldschurch #lighttheworld #ldsprophet #ldsliving #ldsconf #choosetheright #prophets #ldsprophet #ldsquote #jesuschrist #jesucristo @comeuntochrist.org #humility #service #dieterfuchtdorf
Transform yourself into the best version of yourself.♥️ We want to love who we are, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve who we are. All of us should want to improve and become better in our lives. We can live in a better world, we can have a better life and we can become the best version of ourselves, only if we want to.
A meaningful life is not about being Perfect ,it is about being Real, being Strong, being Honest and being able to touch the lives of others. Never limit your Vision and live the life u have imagined 😍❤️🌹 #life #vision #humanity #humility #behumble #behappy #love #care #share #bethankful #bestrong #bereal #behonest #valuepeople #gratitude #thankyougod 🙏🏻
Strength comes from within.♥️ Wake up everyday with the eyes of a tiger. Be determined, be strong, be wise. Because the world is your jungle and you can roam free in it. Become who you were meant to be and never let anyone tame you or detain you from reaching your dreams. Amazing photo by @zenzdesign
Embrace the wonderful you.♥️ Because there is no one like you. Don’t try to be like other people, just try to be the wonderful you.
Be as strong as an elephant, but as gentle and kind as a butterfly.♥️ Life is not always easy and things do not always go our way. We can feel like our life is in a drought and then begin to have our doubts. But do not let hard times weaken you, because through determination and willpower we can continue to become stronger and wiser in our life.
Sometimes we have to kneel before we can stand. #humility
Never stop working towards your dreams.♥️ Visualize yourself already living the life you want and then do everything in your power to make your dreams come true. Because every success story started with a dream and became a reality through hard work.
Dedicate this to the good friends in your life who support you, defend you, love you and make you laugh.♥️ Because good friends are vital in our life and sometimes can be closer than our own family members. We all need support in our life and we all need good friends. So make sure you let your good friends know how much they mean to you.