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The left picture was taken the day after I was proposed to in Hawaii. Of course this is one of the MANY pictures I told my fiancé soon to be husband NOT to post . It took me over a year to finally get the motivation to want to feel comfortable and confident in my wedding dress . I set goals , I worked my butt off 6 days a week , and ate a lot healthier . Start with small smart choices and don’t give up ! You can do it ! 💪🏻 #transformation #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #gymgirls #newwardrobe #hardwork #naturalweightloss #girlswholift #girlswhorun #stronger #revengebody #healthiertogether #happier #empoweringwomen #positivethinking #goals #weightlossgoals #gymmotivation #strongertogether #shreddingforthewedding #motivation #facetoface #fitnessgirl #fitfam #gymfam #theloft #anntaylorloft #theloftoutlet
I don’t care if your dog is friendly - - While competing this weekend we ran into the same issue everyday. Off leash “friendly” dogs. This was a DOG competition, where the rules are the same. Keep your dog on a leash! - - I had to advocate for my reactive dog to keep the other dogs safe but that was never enough. I had to yell while my dog was lunging at the end of her leash trying to get to your dog that was off leash, ignoring your commands and running straight for her. - - I had to tell you to keep your dog on leash, while you waved your leash at my face and said you have a leash. - - I don’t care if your dog is friendly. I don’t want to greet it and neither does my dog. - - Marvel had another amazing weekend. With two high in class, Senior Title and three Qs towards her Senior B title 🐀
EATING HEALTHY BUT NOT LOSING⁉️ . 🔔Follow  @active_weightloss for the best healthy tips and find out how to lose weight on Instagram . This is why 🤔 . ⚠️ Are you eating much healthier (which is great) but frustrated, because you’re not losing weight? - That’s because you’re eating too much. I have 2 words for you...portion control. . 🔍 This sample 1400 calorie meal plan is great for weight loss, but it can easily become 500-1000 calories more, simply by consuming larger portions of the same exact foods. It’s adds up fast! . . 📸 @maxfit  #portioncontrol #portionsize #portion #eatinghealthy #mealplanning #healthymealplan #lowcaloriemeals #healthiertogether
Once in a lifetime and Hero was able to celebrate with me! Love him so much 😍
In this fast paced life, a working structure and an over busy multitasking life, it becomes really difficult to ascertain whether me or my family are being deprived of some basic essential nutrients required for my body.  For this, let me take you to my go-to gummies, something which I am enjoying since a few days- TastyHealth Gummies!  TastyHealth Multivitamin gummies are suitable for both adults and kids and contain 2 flavors: Lemon & Strawberry. It has about 11 essential Vitamins & Minerals at of RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) to help you fulfill your daily Vitamin requirement and overcome daily fatigue & common health woes with this 'Healthy Habit'  The second bottle, TastyHealth Calcium + Vitamin D gummies are suitable for both adults and kids and contain 2 flavors: Mango & Strawberry. It is an ideal supplement for your daily bone health & strength. While daily Calcium helps you maintain & improve your bone health, Vitamin D helps in the Calcium absorption.  The best part is that these gummies can be taken together by both Mom & children, so me and my son can both be ‘Healthier Together’ inculcating this healthy habit everyday. #healthiertogether  Let me know your reviews!  #tastyhealth #vitamin #opareviews #opagirl #dontforget_toengaged
I am finally back to exercise! I’m taking it slow but I’ve made a commitment to exercise daily! No more will I  put work ahead of my health. I’ve been working crazy hours and it just has to stop. Does anyone else out there feel this way? If so, join me on this journey of committing to a healthier lifestyle. Today is the day! Oh and also I saw this pretty house on my walk today and wanted to share it with you. I love the tonal look of the exterior of this classic beauty for sale in our neighborhood.  I’ll post weekly about my progress to keep me accountable! If you want to join along and commit to #healthierwithhappy ( my niece, Anna, nicknamed me Happy years ago) Let me know and I’ll tag you, you can tag me and we can support one another! My plan is to walk daily for 1 hr! Once I commit totally to daily walking, I’ll add in some yoga, weight training and other things! Let’s do this! . . . #exercise #motivation #walking #healthiertogether #healthierwithhappy
Is your dog scared of going to the vet? - - Taking your dog to the vet when they don’t actually have to go is probably the most important thing to do with any pet! Take your dogs meal and go train in the lobby of your veterinarians clinic. Working on properly greeting people, ignoring other dogs and practicing some tricks. - - Hawk went to the vet today just to hangout. At 4 months old he is weighing in at 20lbs! 💪🏻
Monday mornings aren’t so bad when you wake up next to him.💋 He’s now whining to get the day started or rather to get mom to make him his favorite breakfast. @nulopetfood #nulopetfood #healthiertogether #flatcoatedretriever ✨Also, my new fav summer sleeping mask! @slipsilkpillowcase✨
What is your favorite sauce to make? Tell me in the comments! . I don’t think I can really pick an ultimate favorite, but a sauce we love to make a few times per month is my creamy peanut sauce. A standardized recipe is featured in my new cookbook, Meal Prep for Two, and you can also catch it a few posts back here on IG, but truthfully I often make up this sauce on the fly with no measuring! Recipes are really just an outline and you can feel free to customize the ingredients and amounts to your liking. Want it spicier? Add more sriracha. Not into fish sauce? Leave it out! 🤗 . Just like with recipes, you can pick and choose what diet advice to follow for yourself. Just because your girlfriend is choosing to go low carb doesn’t mean you should. If friends are eating more animal protein, but you feel better having beans and crispy tofu, then go for it! There is no one size fits all diet, and certainly no one size fits all way to get cooking in the kitchen. And if you’re looking for some help to figure out what a delicious and sustainable diet could look like for yourself, turn to a registered dietitian 😉 . I’ll be over here having my peanut soba noodles with lots of cabbage and carrots and perfectly crispy tofu cubes. 😍 . Have a great week, everyone! . . #nutritiousmeals #eatwholefoods #healthyeating #balancednotclean #dietitian #nutritiousanddelicious #allfoodsfit #eatbetternotless #intuitiveeating #eatrealfood #easycooking #quickmeals #healthierchoices #quickandhealthy #foodfreedom #goodmoodfood #ditchthediets #happyandhealthy #healthylifestyle #balanceddiet #nourishyourbody #peanutsauce #noodlebowl #eatmoreplants #plantbased #healthiertogether #dinneridea #easyrecipe #todayfood
Do you look forward to breakfast in the morning or is it something you scramble to fit in? Tell me below! . I used to pitch a fit at breakfast time growing up. My mom would offer up everything under the sun and I would nibble on a graham cracker just to please her. But now, I LOVE breakfast and it’s even become one of my favorite meals to prep ahead.😍 . This morning I woke up excited to eat some of my Superfood Blender Waffles AND excited to see my cookbook, Meal Prep for Two, officially go on sale! 🥳 . I KNOW breakfast can be a struggle for many of you, which is why I’ve created quick and easy, nutritious and delicious preps to fuel your busiest days. These waffles- which are featured in the book- are conveniently made in a blender (minimal clean up!), contain whole grains and a veggie (oat flour and spinach), and keep perfectly in the fridge or freezer for when you want them. 🍴 . I have been blown away by all the supportive words, DMs, emails, and reviews for my book and I’m thrilled that it’s becoming a part of your kitchen and health journey.☺️ . For the full waffle recipe and many more DELISH breakfast recipes, grab your copy of Meal Prep for Two through the link in my bio! . . #nutritiousmeals #eatwholefoods #healthyeating #balancednotclean #dietitian #nutritiousanddelicious #allfoodsfit #eatbetternotless #intuitiveeating #eatrealfood #easycooking #quickmeals #healthierchoices #quickandhealthy #foodfreedom #ditchthediets #happyandhealthy #balanceddiet #nourishyourbody #easybreakfast #waffles #veggiesforbreakfast #superfood #mealprep #foodprep #mealplan #easyrecipe #cookbookauthor #fitfam #healthiertogether
🛑 🛑 🛑 🛑 🛑 - - Let’s smash this stereotype right now. Placing a dogs ears with tape,glue and moleskin doesn’t mean I love my dog any less than the person that “doesn’t care” what their ears do. - - I have been receiving several messages and comments regarding Hawks ears. Do I care what they turn out like? No. Am I trying to get them to stand on their own? Yes. - - Placing a dogs ears causes them zero pain, and is actually more annoying to me than anything. - - A piece of me wants his ears to stand because they remind me of Loki. If you think it’s because I love my dog less. You’re wrong. - - Run your dog, not your mouth.
Wrap me up in your love this Christmas. You’ve been at the top of my wish list. 🎄🎁 ❄️ What’s on your Christmas wish list?  _____________ #campingwithdogs #pnwonderland #pnwonderdogs #livewashington #thatpnwlife #herpnwlife #heyletsgo #neverstopexploring #optoutside #qalodogs #healthiertogether #exploremore #dogsofinstagram #dogsthathike
📚 Never Stop Learning 📚 - - Something I’ve noticed is how so many people get stuck on how things are and have trouble getting out of that box. I use to be one of those people until I started to continue my education and add more knowledge to my already stellar training methods. - - Dog sports are no different. I am so excited to have started 4 new dog sports this year and can’t wait to continue competing and learning in them. - - Never stop furthering you’re education and never stop learning.
What can I say the #ladies #loveme
Pretending to be a Pokémon 😆
Training a puppy doesn’t mean keeping them on a leash 24/7 and controlling their entire environment.. - - It means proofing the basics and training your puppy for anything. The most important thing I can tell you to work on... is focus. - - If your puppy can look at you and offer behaviors you are making progress! A motivated and focused puppy is going to grow up into a motivated and focused dog! - - Hawkeye came from @elisa4025 ( EC Border Collies ) and he has a lot of herding in his genes 🧬 First session in the pen with the goats and he not only wanted to herd them... but he was willing to give me 100% of his focus!
I never though I would be dancing at my own wedding with my best friend 🐾 - - Graduating High School, College, Living on the road with my dogs and visiting all 50 states... Crazy how life works. It’s been a wild ride and I am so excited to see what’s next! - - Thank you to @thedodo for making the best feature I have ever seen! Hero is seriously a once in a lifetime dog and It’s a true blessing to be able to share him with the world. ❤️
When it snows you have two options... Shovel or make snow angels! ❄️ - - We live in Southern California and woke up to snow!!! The pups were all very happy and little Hawkeye got to see his first snow! - - Have your dogs seen snow?
A lover will give you a kiss . A friend will give you a hug . But a dog will give you her heart! . . So happy to be home to my little fluff ball. Rasquette always can make me smile no matter what. And how could she not? Look at that fur face!! Being away for so long, I’ve missed her a lot.  Love that she has not left my side since I walked through the door. . . No love is like the love of your pet. . 📸: @barbaraannsolomon  #unconditionallove #doglove #loveher @nulopetfood #healthiertogether
Waving hello to all our new friends 👋🏻 - - Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? - 🇨🇦 ✈️ 🇺🇸
🎈 Adventure Is Out There 🎈 - - What is the coolest place you’ve ever taken your dog to?
Right now so many are silently fighting the hardest battles they have ever fought in their life. Some do it with a smile on their face while their hearts are severely broken, their mental health is suffering and they are physically exhausted. • • • When I was going through the hardest time in my life, I hid my tears, I forced smiles and laughs and I completely kept the fact that my life was falling apart a secret. • • • I want to encourage anyone who is suffering silently right now to please speak up. Speaking up saved my life, empowered me, inspired others and allowed me to be connected with the resources I needed to get to a place of peace. • • • Be kind to every single person you meet today. I truly do believe all of us are fighting some really hard battles that most know nothing about. Smile at strangers, offer your help, hold the door open always, reach out and check up on people. Your kindness could save someone's life or your anger or impatience could completely push them over the edge. • • • We all deserve to feel at peace and every single one of us can help each other get a bit closer to that feeling🥰.
“I can’t believe I can just eat a meal like this”- said by my formerly veggie-phobic hubs 😳🥳 . A few years ago I could have never made a “clean out the fridge” meal like this for myself and Danny. Dinners had to be thought out, include only certain vegetables, and meat was most definitely the protein of choice. So, what changed? . Even as adults, we can learn to like, or at least appreciate, new and different foods. It may take time, repeated exposure, preparing and presenting foods in different ways, and zeroing in on what makes your taste buds light up (is it texture, flavor, or smell?), but when you can more easily add variety into your diet, food can become so much less stressful! It’s awesome that I can throw together a tasty dinner for two that’s nutritious and delicious in very little time- and you can too! . Last night’s “we’re only home for a few days before Thanksgiving” dinner was some sauteed leftover kale and brussels, leftover spaghetti squash (mixed mine with some spiced hummus for extra protein), avocado, a steamed then griddle sweet potato, and a California veggie burger from @drpraegers. Everything was seasoned with some garlic powder, salt, and pepper. . Looking for help with adding in more nutrition in ways that are truly delicious? Send me a DM- I’d love to help! . . #nutritiousmeals #eatwholefoods #healthyeating #balancednotclean #dietitian #nutritiousanddelicious #allfoodsfit #eatbetternotless #intuitiveeating #eatrealfood #easycooking #quickmeals #healthierchoices #quickandhealthy #foodfreedom #goodmoodfood #ditchthediets #happyandhealthy #healthylifestyle #balanceddiet #nourishyourbody #plantbased #eatmoreveggies #pickyeater #easydinner #dinnerinspiration #healthiertogether #cookathome
Came across #maddieonthings and figured #brooksonthings should be a thing too. Don’t try this at home, two paws made contact with @abbeylabs face. @nulopetfood #healthiertogether
Now offering #christmas decoration services. We don’t guarantee our work and we will probably make a bigger mess than we started and you’ll have to clean up after us. There is also a good chance we will eat the poop from the kitty litter box and then lick your face and you will love every second of it. #merrychristmas
Good dog. #healthiertogether
My little nugget turned 9 today, he’s not handling the “over the hill” birthday so well. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Happy 52nd birthday Charlie! Mama loves you 😘 xo #mamaslittleangel
I am so happy to finally announce...I wrote a COOKBOOK! . Today is the day that my cookbook, Meal Prep for Two- 8 Weekly Plans & 75 Recipes to Get Healthier Together, goes on PRE-SALE! 🎉 . I still have to pinch myself that this beautiful book contains MY recipes, but I am so excited to finally share this project with you ☺️ . You all know that so much of my food inspiration and journey has been shared with my husband and so I am beyond excited to continue helping and inspiring couples, and small families, to making food easy and so incredibly delicious through meal prep. 👫🥦🥑 . Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing sneak peeks, doing a giveaway, and much more but you can get started by reserving your own copy today- find Meal Prep for Two at the link in my bio! . . #nutritiousmeals #eatwholefoods #healthyeating #dietitian #nutritiousanddelicious #allfoodsfit #eatbetternotless #eatrealfood #easycooking #quickmeals #quickandhealthy #foodfreedom #healthylifestyle #eatwelltogether #balanceddiet #nourishyourbody #mealprep #easymealprep #foodprep #mealplanning #cookbook #healthyrecipes #healthycouple #healthiertogether #cookbookauthor #healthyhusband #fitfam #recipeinspo
Question for ya. Casseroles- love ‘em or hate ‘em? Tell me in the comments! . I think casseroles deserve some respect as the OG meal prep! Seriously, what could be easier than combining vegetables, a starch, protein, and a yummy sauce into a dish, baking it until warm and crispy, and letting it feed you and your family for a few days? . With busy weeks and differing meal schedules, I have been leaning on casserole-style dishes, or what I like to call bakes, for myself and Danny. It’s something he can easily reheat on his own, and I can pack up for lunches with some extra crunchy cabbage salad on the side. . If you think this form of meal prep takes too much time and effort, think again! Let me break down how this Spicy Chicken Enchilada Bake comes together... . 🌶 Combine 5 cups of cubed butternut squash, 1 sliced red bell pepper, half a yellow onion sliced, and a drizzle of avocado oil in a baking dish. Cook in the oven until squash is tender. Remove and toss on 2 cups of frozen/fresh corn. 🍗 Top vegetable layer with 3 shredded chicken breasts (use rotisserie chicken to save even more time) and some broken up tortilla chips (I used @beanfieldssnacks ). 🧀 Pour on your favorite jar of salsa and add plenty of shredded cheese. Bake for another 20 minutes. 🍽 Eat immediately, cover with foil to self-serve portion out during the week, or divide into individual containers for easy grab and go amounts. . My cookbook, Meal Prep for Two, has a few other bakes, chilis, and casserole-style dishes that you NEED to include in the meal rotation for you and your boo. The book is on pre-sale now, so grab your copy through the link in my bio! . #nutritiousmeals #eatwholefoods #healthyeating #balancednotclean #dietitian #nutritiousanddelicious #allfoodsfit #eatbetternotless #intuitiveeating #eatrealfood #easycooking #quickmeals #healthierchoices #quickandhealthy #foodfreedom #goodmoodfood #ditchthediets #happyandhealthy #healthylifestyle #balanceddiet #mealprep
Getting into a new dog sport is also so intimidating... new rules, new people and a new environment. I think Herding is by far one of the most chill things I have ever done with my dogs. - - The people were all great, the dogs were all so friendly and the rules, well those were pretty much non existent. Herding is all about communication and the dogs instinct.. it was SO interesting to learn all about this fun activity and watch my dogs do what they were bred to do! - - Have you ever taken your dog to do an activity that requires no training?