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Tanti Auguri a Me! 🥳🎂🥰 #happybirthdaytome #birthdaygirl👑 #mybirthday #bologna
Look! The happiest girl on earth is at the happiest place on earth. Thank you so much to my friends and family for making this past year so memorable!! And a special thank you to my boyfriend for making my 24th birthday so ✨MAGICAL✨ and for surprising me with an annual pass for Disneyland!!!! #24 #happybirthdaytome  #blessed
it’s my birthday 🥰
Я -6 лет назад и Я -сегодня . . Шесть лет назад я вижу себя -не маленькой ,но наивной. С множеством «набитых шишек» , в слегка треснувших розовых очках. Бунтарь по натуре , но большой секрет для окружающих людей-кот в мешке. Друзья знали меня как вечную молчунью , не особо многословна , особенно если рядом незнакомые люди . . Я-сегодня, взрослый человек с холодной головой. Не кидаюсь из крайности в крайность . Долго взвешиваю все за и против. Человек , который долго шёл к своей мечте по карьерной лестнице и в итоге выбравший  Семью , а не карьеру. И не секунды не пожалевший об этом.Ведь семья это главная радость и богатство . С Днём Рождения Меня !🥳 My sweet 26🍬
Happy Birthday To Me ❤️🥂 Thank you everyone for your wishes ❤️🥂 @ashnoorkaur Thank you for your wish loveyou ❤️🥂 #ashnoor #ashnoorkaur #ashnoorian #fanartforashnoor #happybirthdaytome  #mybeautiful #iloveyou #keepsmiling #keepshining #lotsoflove #❤️
Êêêê 25 anos! Parabéns pra mim! 🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩#meuaniversario #happybirthdaytome 🎂🎂🎂
25 was a year that was filled with lots of highs and lows, yummy vegan food, too much coffee, injuries (lol), six new states visited, six national parks, a new @taylorswift album, weekly yoga classes (thank you for whipping my butt into shape @yogistephnoyes), 27 books read and lots of new memories made with @coreythebagel and friends. Wishing for 26 to be even better🌻 #happybirthdaytome
Sot unë festoj datën e lindjës së 10 🎂, Faleminderit të gjithë përkrahësve të mi 🙌. #happybirthdaytome
My Mylo... My love... Today you are one! They weren’t wrong when they said the days are long but the years fly by. I didn’t know I had the capacity to love the way you have shown me, but you’ve somehow managed to thaw my once cold dead heart. I’m so lucky you chose me to be your mom. I love you, My Love! 📸 @calliejoyphoto
Only fitting I wear a lipstick called “Sagittarius” on my birthday ♐️. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes everyone! Today was wonderful 🥰💜🎂
#transformationtuesday 🎉🎂🎈 Birthday in Portland 2016 vs 2019! It was an absolutely amazing year with a ton of adventures & filled with endless amounts of love and laughter! I spent lots of quality time with my family. I have a newfound confidence that I never had before. I’ve excelled at work more in this past year than I did in the previous 7 there. I’ve always valued the power of friendships but I hold those dear to me even more now than ever. I struggled a lot internally this year. That’s something I don’t talk about much, but I’m going to make it an effort to be more open. A lot of people experience emotional changes pretty early on in their #wlsjourney, for me i really just experienced a lot of it this past year. It’s hard to wrap my head around the way people view or treat me now vs then. I had to hurt someone I really love because I realized I needed to make myself happy first & foremost. We grow & we learn... it can only get better from here! I would say 37 was probably the best year of my life so far... I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year has to offer. To my amazing family & friends and IG family - thank you! Thank you for your endless love & support. You’ll never know how much your connections mean to me. 💕  #gettingbetterwithage #happybirthdaytome #livingmybestlife #duodenalswitch #duodenalswitchsurgery #duodenalswitchcommunity #dssurgery #wls #transformation #extremeweightloss #over200lbslost #bariatricbabes #wlstransformation #workinprogress  #cheryldsjourney #mypcoslife
I’m not gettin older, I’m gettin better 😉 #happybirthdaytome #26 #sagittarius #thisgirlisonfire
FINE • WINE • LIVING ‼️ ___ Beyond grateful to see another year of life. I’m grateful for my wife, my loved ones and my Prince. I’m grateful for the position God has placed me in even though I was stubborn, he guided me to this time and place. God has placed me in a position that allows me to impact people of various ages, gender, ethnicities and class. This year has been a year of stress, confusion, growth, adaptation, joy and  MAJOR BLESSINGS.🙏🏾 ___ I went through a lot this year, but one thing I definitely learned is that, it’s great to have solid goals and it’s great to aim and focus on your target, but don’t focus so hard on the singular target that you strain your vision, and miss the blessing that’s right there in plain sight. Sometimes God positions us to focus on something else, sometimes God has a different plan for us, but we’re so focused on our OWN plans and goals that we miss the signs and blessings he has placed in our paths. Have your eyes on your target, but allow yourself to see the whole canvas. ___ Some say I’m getting old, I say I’m getting closer to my potential. 🍷 ___ #happybirthdaytome #blessed #thankyougod #finewine #wisdom #growth #grateful #birthday #faith #sagittarius #sagittariusseason
This is 28. Wrangling a busy 1.5 year old and snuggling a stage 🖐🏼 clinger 3 month old. I wouldn’t want it any other way. ✨ Side note: my children aren’t as miserable as they look 🙄 (but Arlo’s chin IS as chunky as it looks)
No existe mejor regalo que aprovechar cada instante de tu vida con una sonrisa💫. happy Birthday to me🎉🎈. #happybirthdaytome #likes #instagram #fashion #likeforfollow #photo #vsco #coment #lovers #me
#تولدم_مبارک 💙🎂💙 می توان هر چیزی را تولد نامید مثله تولد یک ستاره و شروع نور افشانی مثله تولد یک شکوفه و دادن زیبایی به درخت مثله تولد یک پروانه و پرواز بر گلها مثله تولد یک صدا، صدایی که دوباره خدا را بخواند مثله تولد یک امید در دل دنیایی از ناامیدی مثله تولد یک فوق انسان که برای خانوده اش مثله یک ستاره، یک شکوفه یک پروانه یک صدای خدایی و مثله یک امید باشد در روز تولدم عهد می بندم، بهترین خودم باشم🎂🎂🎂🎂 #tehranparty #tehranluxury #tehranmaserati #tehranfashion #tehranstyle #happybirthday #happybirthdaytome #musician #band #deej #dj
“I don’t know about you, but i’m feeling 22!”🥳 #happybirthdaytome
Ну вот и наступил мой день, сегодня я именинница!!! . Хотела писать длинный философский пост про свой возраст, про то чего я достигла за этот год, а потом проснулась утром и поняла, что я счастлива! А когда ты счастлив, то никакие слова не могут это передать! . С Днём Рождения меня!!!
🕊❤️ Mr & Mrs P ❤️🕊 #wedding#justmerried#mrandmrs#love#happy#happybirthdaytome#forevertogether#withyou#ourwedding#ourweddingday#weddingphotography#❤️#
Cadoul meu intarzie...dar nu stiu daca ar putea fi mai fain decat o pizza 🍕  Love ya @iulicel 🥰  #bananathepug #4yearsold #happybirthdaytome #pug #birthdaygirl #pizzatime #anniversary #puglife #pug #pugsofinstagram #doggo
Took ya heart from out her hands and still ain’t saying shit🤫❤️ #happybirthdaytome #sagszn ♐️
Я дочь сильного мужчины и огненной женщины, поэтому я родилась 🦚#happybirthdaytome
Awwww shelemet Babe mabuti naman nag level up ka na at hindi na taon taon Black Forest ng Red Ribbon 🤣 naka halata ka na rin no nung oagtabi tabihin ko pictures natin ng birthday ko 🤭  Next year talaga papa Jollibee party tayo complete with party hats and games 🎉🎉🎉🎉 #121119 #happybirthdaytome
Oddajcie mi moją 1 z przodu 🙄😁